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Iseul Lim

"Love all around you, and all around will love you."

0 · 220 views · located in The Vigilante Village, Tennessee

a character in “The Vigilante Village”, as played by ladygeekiness




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{"May love last the test of time.โ€}

|{Full Name}|
Korean Name:
Isuel Lim
์ด์Šฌ ๋ฆผ
American/English Name:
Isabel Lim

Isuel prefers to be called by her Korean name.
Izzie, Bella


Panromantic - Demisexual

Baltimore, Maryland


Isuel is considered to be a very pretty young woman by many. She has blonde hair (dyed) and enchanting brown eyes. She is 5'2" (160 cm), a pretty decent height. Her hair is usually some degree of wavy, and she does little to style it. Her fashion sense could be described as street fashion, though she usually aims for a cutesy, casual look. She loves wearing pastel colours and clothes she feels comfortable in. Isuel is very light, and could be picked up easily. (Which, by the way, she loves. She considers being bridal carried the most romantic thing ever.) She wears natural makeup, with usually peachy tones of lipstick. She doesn't need much makeup as her skin is naturally clear and smooth, thanks to a dutiful skincare routine. An interesting thing about Isuel's appearance is that if she has been using her powers recently, her eyes will turn from brown to a shade of blue. The more she has used her powers, the more intense the blue is. Her expression is usually relaxed, with a slightly glazed look to her eyes and a Mona Lisa smile.

Love Manipulation - Isuel is able to sense, channel, and manipulate all aspects of love. She can increase, decrease, and manifest the power of love in herself and in others. Though she is able to change someone's romantic or platonic love towards someone or something, it is strictly against her moral code to do so. She believes that if someone loves something, she should just let them love it and vice versa. Very rarely would she interfere with someone else's love.

Love Constructs- A subpower of Love Manipulation, Isuel can manifest the emotional energy inside of her into physical tools, weapons or items. This is her preferred use of her power.



|{Hobbies || Talents}|
Gardening - Isuel loves to garden, and especially likes tending to flowers.
Matchmaking - Though Isuel doesn't like using her powers to influence other's emotions, she does make a very good matchmaker, with or without her powers.
Painting - Isuel enjoys painting from time to time. She uses acrylics or oil paints, and specializes in landscapes and still life.
Hiking/Walking - Isuel enjoys going on hikes or walks through natural scenery.
Trance/Deep House Music - Isuel's favourite genre of music is deep house and trance music. It is very calming for her.

|{Fears || Weaknesses}|
Trains - Ever since she was little, Isuel has been afraid of trains. She doesn't like travelling by train or hearing them go by on railways. Such big, fast moving machines? It's only reasonable to be paranoid of them.
Death - It's the end all for everything, and she's terrified of the concept. Her life. Her loved ones. Over.
Selflessness - Isuel's fatal flaw will always be her selflessness. She always cares for others more than she cares for herself, and puts other people's needs before her own.
Naive - Isuel always sees nothing but the best in humanity, and rarely thinks that someone may have bad intentions. If she didn't have her powers to tell her when someone's levels of love and empathy are off, she would get in trouble often.
Lightweight Drinker: Isuel gets very drunk, very easily, and avoids alcohol when she can.



The first and major thing about Isuel is that she is a highly empathetic (super)human being. She always understands how others are feeling, and her powers help her understand others even better. She always cares about other people's opinions and feelings, and puts other people before herself, no matter who they are. This is, however, one of her flaws. Due to her empathetic nature and her belief that every human being deserves some kindness, she has been known to be a bit of a doormat, or someone a person has manipulated to their uses. She is forgiving and loving, but this makes her very naive.
Isuel is also quite an airhead. She often daydreams the day away, relaxing on some grass and looking at the clouds. She speaks in a quiet voice and has a slightly glazed look about her. She has been nicknamed Cloud for a reason. Isuel could be classified as a hippie, as she is very much in favour of peace and love and flower power. She is generally more independent, and though she gets along well with others, she can be nomadic. She wants to travel the world and take a thousand pictures in every country she goes to. Though she is unsure whether it is because of her powers or just a coincidence, Isuel is a hopeless romantic in every sense of the term. She loves romantic everything, from movies to books to poetry. She loves idyllic scenery and other such things. Though Isuel has a very gentle personality, she is typically extroverted, and greatly enjoys other people's company.
A flaw of Isuel's is that she avoids conflict to the point where it becomes a whole new conflict. She can be seen as a peacekeeper by some, but a coward by others. She tries to break up fights, but backs away as soon as she can see that the problem cannot resolved through diplomacy. Isuel is definitely an optimist, and always sees the brighter side of things, not letting herself think about the negatives.

Isuel had as normal a life as a (super) human can have. She was raised by her Momma, a masseur, and her Ma, a musician who then became a manager for other musicians. Isuel was adopted at a very young age, she was 11 months old when she actually got to live with the women who adopted her, her Momma and Ma. Her mothers raised her under the golden rule, treat others how you would like to be treated. Isuel must of had it ingrained into her very soul the amount of times her mothers reminded her. When her Momma came home from a long day at work, her Ma would give her a kiss, and Isuel would wrap herself around her Momma's leg. Momma would collapse on their couch, sigh, and complain that the stress was turning her hair grey too soon. Ma always joked about the irony of a masseur being stressed. Momma would kiss Isuel's forehead and say something along the lines of; "That won't stop you and me being nice to others though, will it pumpkin?" Later in life, other adults would always talk about her saying "her Mother raised her right". Isuel would always thank them and then remind them that it was Mothers, plural. Maybe it was something about the way her mothers raised her, or maybe it came from her birth parents, either way, Isuel has no clue where her powers came from. She first started using her powers in her later years of elementary school, when she was about 11. First, it was just being able to tell when her friends had crushes, but Isuel had always had a gift for that, so she assumed it wasn't anything abnormal. Then, she would match make and it would work. Every. Time. And by work, I mean the two people would fall in love with each other despite being polar opposites and disliking each other. After a few weeks of soul searching and experimentation (including scouring comic books and researching real life superheroes) she figured out her powers and approached her moms. They accepted her, just as they had taught her, and her Ma cracked a couple of jokes, but Isuel learnt from the moment she got her powers that she had a safe place to go to.

Isuel figured out how to reverse her forced match making and then BECAME A HERO OF THE NIGHT, WATCHING OUT FOR THE WEAK AND LOWLY, GUARDIAN OF THE CITY, ITS UNKNOWN HERO.
Just kidding.
Instead of doing anything with her powers, she just kept it a secret, practicing at home and living a regular life, feeling no urge or rush to use her powers for anything special. Living her life as normal as possible was entirely her own choice, she just wanted to cruise. In middle school she hung out with everyone, and nearly everyone thought she was at least kind of decent. In high school, she was again on friendly terms with many, but hung out mainly with the gardening club and the stoners. (She didn't smoke many blunts, but she did have a phase where she smoked regularly. She still will occasionally get high when she feels like it.) Isuel excelled in Art and Biology, but doesn't plan to go to college for either subject. She kept in tune with her powers, but didn't really use them. Last year, her Ma encouraged her to do something about her powers, "at least set up a dating agency, Pumpkin." So Isuel snooped around and discovered Vigilante Village. So now she's here to do something about her powers for once.

Please feel free to contact me about relationships, romantic attraction is purely optional but highly recommended. (romantic drama/love triangles = me, happy and screaming internally)
Her favourite food is hokey pokey ice cream.

|{Face Claim}
Son Seung-wan
Character Dialogue || #ffda66

So begins...

Iseul Lim's Story