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''Don't worry, He's always with me.''

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{"The less you care,the happier you'll be”}

{Joseph Malcom Craven}

|{Nick names:
Got the name Joe off he's old pal,Then there's Josephine which his sister use to call him.}

21 considerably older then most people in the camp, sometimes he feels as if he looks after them.}

{A big healthy 6'ft 2, Considerably bulky on that note}

{Definitely heterosexual, just ask the all the women he slept with.}

{Joe has lived in many places in many countries, but the place where he's family had settled down was London,Uk}

Joe is (as i say again) a tall adolescent man he's 6 ft' 2 in size which you can catch him boasting about, then there' s he's chestnut naturally curled to the left hair believe me he tried to get rid of it but the combo never works on it it simply reverts back. He's eyes oh he's eyes some say they change from green to blue but all say it's the eyes of a angel he's always admired his eyes they were his one thing he loved. He's cheekbones are sharp like a razor, and often he swipes his hair back into a quiff. Joseph usually likes polo tees along with leather jackets, but he's no eyesore without clothes either as the man has a six pack going down his chest. Joe has numerous beauty spots on his chest, but his athletes body make up for that. Along his left arm Joe has a flowered type of tattoo on him, to remember his mothers innocence in the form of a flower.}

Image{Shadow manipulation:Image
Joe had this ability since he could remember, he has always lived with it sometimes he's own shadow would whisper to him, sometimes he would even whisper to it they were brothers in a way. Shadow manipulation allows Joe to to control his own shadow in various different ways: He can turn it into different shapes and attack people, he can become the shadow itself if he wishes but this is not the max ability of his powers which is why he has came to join the camp to nurture it and train it. Show wishes to train until he can manipulate shadows of other beings and also pull other beings into his own shadow.}

|{Despite his physique, Joe doesn't do that much activities he visits the gym regularly, goes to his martial arts classes and plays bit of sport now and then. But he has a strange habit of knitting which he's mother taught him he's knitted many things for himself including: scarfs socks and even jumpers. But he's too embarrassed to tell anyone else if someone found out that would be the end of him.}

|{He never liked scorpions no no, once on a journey to a zoo he had been stung by one and nearly had to get his leg amputated, luckily they got to him in time but no he has a large fear of scorpions. He also has a fear of ghost towns, the feeling to be all alone in such a vast space terrifies him. He's last and biggest fear would be death, he's killed some people many times but is too afraid to move on himself, maybe he'd be better as a ghost. The thought of death petrifies him.}


|{Joe's personality usually a quiet man, proven to be shady at times, but still quite active for a boy his age. He often goes to party's and intoxicates himself to gain bit more self confidence, it's not that his hasn't got confidence it's just that drinking makes him relaxed. Joe can be quite point blank to people sometimes and can be disliked because of it he speaks his mind and it often lands him into trouble. He also has a thing for Asian women, he finds them irresistible and if he ever finds out he will always go for them no matter how many times they turn him down. Despite his deep personality Joe always like to find a best friend and will usually stick with them until the bitter end he's had many but just hasn't found that right one yet he always look for loyalty in a friend, if they don't have loyal they might as well be dead to him. Joe can be quite boasting sometimes of his size and strength which causes fights for him and even his friends. }

{Ah young Josephs history...where to start. Joe didn't have a good start to life, he lived in slums, had 1 friend and lived in total poverty. He's stepfather was a drunk (He's biological father had died after being beaten to death) who often beat him and his mother, but he never took it to heart as he thought that they deserved it for angering him. Until a certain night like any other he came back drunk and got ticked off at his mother but this time was different he had brought a knife out on her and had killed her all Joe could hear was ''HELP ME NO PLEASE!'' and then a gurgle of blood, Joe had rushed downstairs to his mothers aid and then saw her lifeless body and the stepfather holding a knife. That had enraged him to the point where he's shadow had taken over his body and had killed the man himself and the next thing Joe knew where 2 dead body's lying around him.
The police eventually had came and had taken Joe to a orphanage. He didn't spend much time there he was often outside hustling money, word about his powers had gone far and before he knew it he was invited to a murdering gang. He had done many things he had regretted and decided to leave the gang. The wouldn't let him leave so he was forced to leave the Town and find shelter in another City. Eventually after Jacking enough money Joe had flew himself to London and went to a orphanage where he spend his years till he was 18 It was at this point that he started taking up lessons of self defense and going to the gym at the age of 19 he had flown the cook and went to the camp to train himself better using this mysterious power. And that's that.)}

I' can post like 3 times a week if necessary

]{Diego Burreco}

So begins...

Joseph Craven's Story

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{ Day 1 ~ Orientation }



The silver car decreased its speed once it came to the sandy, decrepit parking lot of the campsite. A rustic country fence separated the far-off cabins from the clearing, and the rolling Smoky Mountains of Tennessee were looming overhead like watchtowers. The sky was blue, cloudless, and welcoming. Everything was calm and quiet.

The golden-haired girl turned off the radio as she leaned towards the side window next to the passenger’s seat. She placed a hand on the glass, her eyelashes flitting faster than the wings of dragonflies as she processed the colors, the textures, and the sounds.
Joel stopped the car in front of the fence and turned off the engine.

“Well this is it,” he said after a few moments of silence. “You’re finally here. You made it.”

She gazed out the front window, her hands tugging at the bottom of her simple white v-neck. Her eyes darted around in their sockets, taking in the last of the scenery.

“There’s no one here,” she muttered.

“That’s because I had to get here early in order to help with the orientation,” he replied. “Just wait a couple of minutes, and this entire camp is going to be packed. Trust me.”

She shifted in her seat a little, uncrossing her legs and tightening her grip upon the pink crystal in her hands. It was her good luck charm, but he didn’t know that.

He placed a hand on her knee. “You nervous, Perry?”

She sucked on her lower lip. “A little, yeah,” she said with stiffened breath.

“Don’t be. You’ll get along just fine here,” he reassured her for the tenth time. “You’ll make friends and as soon as you know it, this place will become your second home. That’s what happened to me. That’s what’s happened to every single person who’s come here. You think I’m crazy now, but just you wait, Little Miss Perriwinkle.”

Giggling a bit, she turned her head to face his beaming visage. For a moment, he almost looked her age.

Jumping out of her seat, she wrapped her arms around him, and he did the same. In those few seconds, they were as inseparable as conjoined twins. They shared the same blood, the same heart, and the same mind, and although they were seven years apart, they practically shared a soul.

“Thank you, Joel Stone,” she muttered, almost feeling tears behind her eyes. “Thank you for everything.”

Their arms still around each other, he patted her on the back, his eyes gently closed. “No problem,” he said. “I figured you needed this. I’m sure you need this…”

Finally, they both released their grips on one another, and began to gather their things. She put the pink gemstone in her pocket, while he popped out the Led Zeppelin album from the CD player and put it back in its case.

She opened the door, and could feel the intensity of the fresh country air waft into her nose and beat against her alabaster skin. Joel opened the trunk, and quickly, the two of them grabbed their suitcases. Once they had everything, he locked the car, and led her through the gateway; two wooden planks with a sign on top that read VIGILANTE VILLAGE – EST. 1986. The letters were composed of white hemp cords that looked as though they would never fade away despite their years in the rotting summer sun.

Cabins and wooden huts that looked as though the Cherokee had built them circled around the man and girl as though they were in the middle of some ancient European square. He led her to a bulletin board near a large flagpole. There were two banners waving at the top. The first, obviously, was the American flag. The second was colored a light blue and contained a decorative crest composed of steel, seven stars, and a shield.

“That’s the flag for the W.A.O.H.: the World Association of Official Heroes,” Joel said once he noticed that her head was trained upwards. “They’re the ones who provide the funding for this place.”

He pointed to a paper on the bulletin board, which was green and had a bunch of slots for people to write their names in.

“When you find a place you want to room in, just remember to come back here and write the number of your cabin, and then your full name.”

“Okay,” she said. “Don’t know if I’ll remember that, but I’ll do it.”

He nodded, and their eyes locked. The caramel highlights within Joel’s dark hair glinted like gunmetal in the shimmering sun.

“Alright, Perriwinkle…this is where I leave you. Unfortunately, I have important matters to attend to.”

She snorted. “Important my ass!” she teased. “It’s not like you’re in the Bronx chasing after crooks and shooting up drug lords. You can unwind, y’know. We’re in the South now.”

She had said her last sentence in a drawl that partially mimicked his. He laughed and placed both of his hands on her shoulders.

“You’ll understand someday…when you’re in the same position as me and mentoring some little spunky girl with wind powers.”

She snorted again. “That’s a stupid thing to do! Why would I ever do that!”

They hugged again, although not as tightly as before.

“I’ll see you later, Perriwinkle,” he said before quickly disappearing into the dust.

The girl tightened her grip on her suitcase, twirled her lucky stone around in her denim pocket, and without delay, chose a path.

Every so often, she would look left and right, making sure that nobody was following her or that there were no ghosts around to haunt her or anything. Eventually, she found a cozy-looking cabin situated just underneath a large basswood tree. There was a small plaque on the door that had the number ’12’ nailed upon it with wooden planks. Since ‘12’ was a lucky number of hers, she took it as a sign to go in.

The creaky door slammed behind her, and the smell of pine wafted into her nose. The temperature was surprisingly cool and comfortable, and there was quite a lot of light. She smiled at the sights of the sofa, coffee table, and full-size refrigerator behind the island counter near the backmost wall. This wasn’t your regular, crappy, mosquito-infested cabin that she had read about in children’s books.

She groaned when she saw the sight of the ladder leading upstairs to the beds. Still, it wasn’t a skin off her back. Tightly grabbing onto the handle of her rolling suitcase, she propelled herself into the air with a large blast of wind, and gently floated down like a dandelion seed until her feet reached the second floor. With all her strength, she lifted her suitcase up upon the edge of the farthest bed, and curled her body onto the remaining part of the mattress.

This was it. This was the first time she would be in a place of social interaction with kids her age. It was tragic to think about, but it was happening and she was scared and excited and at the same time, contemplating why she was alive.

It would be an adventure far more entertaining than the ones she had created on the streets of New York.

Hearing sounds coming from outside, Perry lifted herself off the bed and scurried to the nearest window. She watched the teens her age pass by with wide eyes. She wanted to greet them, but at the same time, felt like a queen safe inside her castle tower. So in that moment, she decided to stay inside. Perhaps she didn’t need to go up to them. Perhaps they would come to her…



After leaving Perdita, Joel put both of his hands inside his jean pockets and sauntered towards the staff cabin. He had important matters on his mind, but at the same time, hoped he would be able to fool around with old friends and meet some of the new staff that had been hired during the spring.

Once he came to the large cabin that almost looked three-stories high in length, he produced a pair of silver keys, twisted them through the lock, and walked inside.

It was dark, meaning that no other staff members besides him had been inside the building yet. However, that still didn’t mean that Clover Collins, the lascivious woman in charge of the Vigilante Village, wasn’t inside her office.

He came to her quarters and knocked on the door, which was about a quarter of the way open.

“Clover?” he called. “It’s me, Joel. Are you in here?”

He pushed upon the knob a bit and realized that there was nobody home despite the fact that the lights were turned on.

Right away, he noticed the envelope upon her desk that had his name written on it in bright red letters. He strode into the room, which smelled heavily of lipstick and jade incense, took the envelope between his hands, tore it open, and read the letter inside…

Dear Joel (or if you’re not Joel, which I doubt you are, whoever may be reading this),

I am currently away in Georgia dealing with some important, confidential matters that are of no importance to you or anyone else. While I am gone, I ask that you take care of the camp for me in my absence. God knows how little I do for this godforsaken place anyways. You folks practically keep the site in one piece. Make the kiddies happy and entertain them as best you can. I’ll be back in a day or less. (Hopefully…)

XOXO and a lick or two,

Clover Collins

He folded it and placed the letter, as well as the envelope, back upon her desk. He raised a brow. Important matters? The vagueness of it all planted a seed of suspicion inside his head. Clover Collins was not a woman to trust easily. It was no secret that she had been a cold-blooded killer in her past life; working with a band of deadly assassins who had occasionally affiliated themselves with the mafia. Yet, somehow, she was let off the hook and eventually elected the leader of the Vigilante Village. She was charming, headstrong, and down-to-earth, but certainly not clear. Her motives were unreadable. Her true opinions, well…those were things that only the good gods above knew.

And yet she depended on him. She let him know what was going on, despite the fact that they hardly ever talked. Still, there was a tone she used whenever she talked to him that never failed to place tension in the air. She used charismatic words and gestures whenever she saw him, yet at the same time, her cat-eyes always glared at his with malicious irises that just screamed distrust. She didn’t like him. He knew it. He didn’t care why she didn’t like him, but at the same time, he wanted to know why…

Snapping out of his thoughts, Joel searched through the drawers of her desk until he found a green clipboard and a ballpoint pen. He grabbed a couple of the papers from inside the filing cabinet in the back of the room, and headed back outside, where he sat upon the front porch steps of the staff cabin.

The papers he had attained from Clover’s office had the names of the campers on them, their powers, ages, hometowns, and physical descriptions. There were even a few pictures next to the names of teenagers who had attended the camp in previous years. Relaxed and sturdy, Joel clicked the pen and languidly watched the kids enter the Village. As he checked off the names of the young adults who arrived, he finally had the feeling that this summer would be a great one.

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Sara watched as the trees whisked past. Majestic boughs stretched over her, casting dappled shadows that fell behind her as she ran. The battleaxe and twin hammers strapped to her back and thighs, respectively, gave her incredible stamina. She smiled and leapt agilely over a fallen log, the knives inside her robotic leg lending her speed and and adding height to her jumps. Sara slowed and her power core hummed and glowed as she caught her breath.

Feeling her semi-machine lungs expand to accommodate more oxygen, she sighed contentedly as she gazed at the wooden signs with the familiar words emblazoned in white- VIGILANTE VILLAGE – EST. 1986. Smiling and readjusting the bag on her back, Sara walked into camp.

She wandered around, weaving contentedly between the cabins she remembered so fondly. She briefly contemplated how many of her old friends would be gone.

Sara sighed and headed towards her favorite place in the entire camp- the arena. She couldn't wait to train, and with her new armory of this year, she was well prepared to kick some serious butt. She walked into the ring, drawing a scimitar and throwing down a small doubloon-looking coin. The coin shimmered and started to billow out in gold clouds that looked quite a bit like cotton candy. Sara tapped into her machine, enabling her aimbot and damage meters. The golden pirate that had emerged from the tiny coin lit up in colors, much like a heat detector.

Sara grinned- she'd been training with this small device almost all year, and it knew her style. A real challenger to her battle skills. She watched her opponent's color readings closely for indication of an opening. They circled, and with a quick feint and roll to the side from the cyborg, the battle was on.

The golden warrior leapt back, his agility and ability matching hers. Sara held her scimitar towards the pirate, and as expected, he attempted to disarm her by slicing at her wrists. She drew up the blade almost instantaneously, deflecting her opponent's blade and flicking it to the ground, immediately seizing his openings and stabbing down where his unguarded arms were.

He leapt backwards into the air, his agility enhanced as he did a flip. "Just like something I'd do," Sara muttered to herself. "I'm such a show-off." She swept as his ankles as he landed, slicing his left foot clean off and the right severely maimed. The pirate hobbled towards her, his speed and agility decreased but still retaining his brute strength. She exchanged a flurry of parries and thrusts with the warrior, eventually chipping off his fingers and a large chunk of his abdomen. He seemed to be behind today.

Landing a few more lucky hits, the pirate eventually sputtered to a stop, and Sara drew a small handgun and shot him in between the eyes. The pirate shattered into golden shards of glass, which shivered and flew up into the air, meshing and landing in Sara's palm as a coin once again. She exited the arena, her adrenaline and excitement for the new year pumping. She rubbed her warm power core in between her shoulder blades, and meandered towards a large tree where she leapt vertically into its welcoming boughs. She sat, dangling her feet- one metal and one flesh- over the edge of the thick limb. She watched the entrance, noticing campers begin to wander in.

Feeling her power core finally cooling down, she set her path in a beeline to her cabin of last year- Cabin Twelve, under the basswood tree. She pushed the door open hesitantly, listening for sounds and emotion. She sensed a feeling of brief wonder from upstairs.

Shrugging, Sara walked into the huge living room, swiftly scaling the ladder with silent footsteps. Slinging her bag down again onto a bed with no regard to the assorted deadly weapons and bombs contained inside, she quietly approached the girl.

"Hello! I'm Sara. Second year here at the Village. What's your name?" She offered a friendly hand to the girl, who had a seemingly innocent face and wide, doe-like eyes. Sara smiled- this girl was a whirlwind of emotion that she had no care to decipher.

The cyborg girl only knew that this new camper held adventure and memories-to-be in store, along with everyone new this year.

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Razzing. Joe was speeding it down the countryside at a incredible 120 mph, he had stol-accquired a new motorbike, this one he liked very dearly besides it always got the impressed the chicks. The BMW S1000XR 2015, aka Reus. That was he's name and impressing was he's game. Joe sped past all the unnecessary countryside bull shit he wasen't a fan of all this ''Oh were at peace bro, oh yeah it's so clean.'' kind of hippie thing. He thought it was kinda dumb. Joe had worked himself up over these past few days, about meeting some girls making some new bros. He thought it was great. He got himself so worked up even started to catch up to a car on the same destination, as he drove up to the window he stuck out his tongue, and gave them a clean finger then driving away as soon as possible to avoid a ole' rumble tumble.

When he had arrived at the old sign that said-VIGILANTE VILLAGE – EST. 1986 he simply pulled out his pen marker, and drew a ''Shit!'' next to the Vigilante thus making it ''ShitVigilante.'' He's done this numerous times, probably every time he's come. Do they ever notice, or do they just don't care.. He'd sigh to himself.

He'd go to the center of the camp, directly to the bullet point. When he got there, he noticed that the campers had free will of there cabins. Joe would start tutting, he'd mumble to himself ''Don't they know this could cause confusion for the newcomers....Oh well i might as well fuck around with them.'' As one pulled up Joe would point him in the direction to Clovers office,

The boy had thanked him and Joe said it had been no problem as if he had done something righteous. ''What to do what to do..'' He'd pick his nose and flick a booger, the booger would land on the bulletin board. Joe started to walk off to find some rusty ole' cabins. He never was a fan of this ''camp.'' like feeling, it annoyed him it's as if they were on a hiking trip could they have not made it a little less presentable..This had been Joes 4th or 5th year at the cabin. It's as it he was a veteran! of this rusted shack.. Joe had got his pencil out, and put his name on the registering sheet, and he had not even bothered to look for a shack because he knew exactly which one he was going for number 4. The place of the party, the most electronic one the best one!

Joe had picked up his grey suitcase, and he's grey rucksack. What had he packed..it felt as though he was carrying the universe on his back, no for a strong boy like him this shouldn't be a sweat no of course. He started to speed it down, to cabin 4 all ready to wake up to some hot chicks and cool boys! He kicked the door open in his excitement, this was it no going back to the dull life time to take it eas- where the hell is everyone... ''HELLO!'' Joe had shouted, bah no point might as well check out the rooms he thought. He went up to the sleeping posts, and say the two engaging in a chatter, well time to introduce myself he walked over to them with confidence determined to make friends with them, they could be his best friends for the year until he fell over on a creaking floor board, he's baggage falling on Nate, Joes face planting the floorboards it had all gone in slowmotion, he had smashed through with his head making a small hole through the boards. He then looked up with a bloody nose and gave them a weak wave ''Hello-,fellow campers...''

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This was the third and final time the van stopped. The first time she was hungry after a few hours of sitting in the back of the large van, alone in the back left corner. Agent Malcolm went through the drive through of a Burger King for them, ordering a Double Whopper with cheese and a large fry with a Dr. Pepper. The prisoner at it with great fervor and was sated, her mood lifted to its normal upbeat self. They then played the old car game punch buggy, until she spied a corner store that advertised liquor was for sale. Agent Malcom waited in the car while she walked into the store. While she was gone the FBI Agent simply stared forward, making no movement with a blank stare on his face.

Inside the store Alexa Toretti walked directly to the older gentleman behind the register. She leaned forward, her lucky jacket open in the front and her loose purple blouse fell just forward enough that the cashier could see her white and navy blue polka dotted bra. “Hey pops, I’ll take a flask, a few nips of Jameson and a couple of Fireball.” Lexi smiled at the man, hoping Plan A would work.

"Alright little miss, gonna need to see some ID.” The man seemed firm in this, her first tactic obviously a dismal failure.

“Yeah sure thing.” She reached into her bag, grabbing her wallet, and leisurely pulled out her ID. As she reached out to hand it to the man and his hand drew near it she made sure that ever so slightly their hands would need to touch to transfer the ID. In that moment she felt her power envelop her, her mental consciousness flowing into his own. She saw some images of the man’s life , long days working in his small corner store, and a wife and two children that he cherished dearly. She quickly pushed those down and mentally spoke to him,“Everything is fine with my ID, you’re going to give me the items I requested free of charge and then I’m going to leave and you’ll forget anything happened.”She pulled her hand away from his.

“Thank you young lady. Here is your whiskey and flask. On the house today, come on back soon!” The man handed her back her ID and the booze and flask.

“Thanks dude!”With that she bopped him playfully on the nose and turned on her heels and returned to Agent Malcolm, waiting patiently behind the wheel of the van. The side of the van read, “Ryker’s Island Juvenile Detention Transport.” She smiled at the sight of it. Any normal prisoner would scowl at the sight of their captors’ logo, but Alexa was so happy she was being released today that nothing could dampen her spirits.

But now that she was at the gates of the Vigilante Village, Alexa was starting to feel sick. She couldn’t figure out why. It was like she was in a haze, or had an extremely terrible hangover. Instinctively, she took a swallow of fireball whiskey from her flask. It relaxed her a bit, but she still had a feeling of suffocation coming over her, and she was fighting for breath.

“See ya later Malcolm. We had a good uneventful drive and I was a perfect angel. You’ll only remember that I kept you laughing the whole time and you’re gonna miss me. Peace out.” She tapped him lightly on the shoulder and the milky, clouded eyes of Malcolm lifted and he said a small goodbye to her. She grabbed her one bag with her belongings in it and moved into the camp.

Students everywhere were socializing with one another. Lexi yelled a few woohoo’s and acted super excited to everyone she saw. But inside, her mind and body were screaming for relief. The closer these teens got to her, the worse it got. She could feel power emanating from them and her mind pushing and pulling these energies back and forth from her body. The energy felt palpable to her, permeating every cell in her body. She heard murmuring and chatter all around and her. And she picked up from the crowd that the party house this summer was probably going to be Cabin 4. Lexi felt that was as good a place as any to get away from the throng of people.

When she arrived at the door she barged right in – or rather fell in as she was already a little tipsy- and landed right on her butt in the doorway. She simply giggled out loud to herself and turned her head around to see three overly chiseled boys in the room. “Yoooooooo men. I hear this is where the party people are at!”