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Mihyo Yoo

"The word confident sounds so much more resume-worthy than condescending."

0 · 420 views · located in The Vigilante Village, Tennessee

a character in “The Vigilante Village”, originally authored by bingubingu, as played by RolePlayGateway




{"Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.”}


|Full name:|
ImageMihyo Yoo (유미효)

Mimi - Mihyo uses this for the people that are too afraid of having her name mispronounced and Mihyo getting angry, even though she won't.

Yumi - Mihyo's surname and first syllable of her first name for the same people that are afraid to mispronounce her name. Miyu is also a viable alternative to this nickname.

Chronos - A reference to her power.


Mihyo was born in the town of Naeil in the Miryang province of South Korea.

Changmoon Yoo (유창문) - Father - Alive
Daja Yeon (연다자) - Mother - Alive

Mihyo is Korean, obviously. She has shoulder length black hair, almond shaped eyes that are brown, slim nose, and a small face. Mihyo is also 177cm/5'8 feet and weighs 63kg/138 pounds with a curvy build.

  • Time Magic - Mihyo has always known she's had a strange ability to control time. It wasn't anything crazy like freezing time completely or sending herself forward and backwards in time, they were small translucent spheres that affected the time continuum in the area of the sphere. As she grew older and her power expanded, the spheres grew bigger and could affect the area even more effectively. She was able to see into the past for a minute or so until the bubble popped and it returned back to what is looked like in the present. Although her magic can't bring people back to like permanently, she can maintain it long enough so that they can get their last few words in. She can also manipulate the time on objects as long as they aren't too significant in the infinite timeline.

  • Space Magic - Coupled with her ability to somewhat control time, Mihyo can also control space. Her space magic works similarly to her time magic, they both have spheres and within in the spheres they can manipulate whatever's inside of it. Her space magic allows and object to gain more mass or lose it. Since her space magic has no affect on destiny itself, her space spheres can grow as big as her power will let her-this would be about half the size of your average bus. Along with the manipulation of mass, she can resize and stretch object as she sees fit. Although this power can only make things a certain size, it's still pretty useful. And she can materialize the most common of items since she isn't powerful enough for creating anything more than toilet paper when she runs out.

|Hobbies || Talents:|
  • Time Watching - In Mihyo's free time she likes to place a time sphere in a random place to see what events went on in the past. It's really cool to see how events really took place and then compare it to how humans had twisted it over time; her favorite was Humpty Dumpty. Unlike the story, he wasn't actually an egg. This was a horrid yet fascinating experience.

  • Gardening - Even though it's not really gardening because Mihyo cheats using time magic, she likes planting flowers and vegetables in her free time. She'd be better at it if she actually put in the effot but she didn't have the patience for something like that.

  • Heavy Lifting Again, this isn't much of a talent because it also involves the use of her powers, Mihyo likes to call it a talent because it makes her seem active and sporty. It's also a good trick to make some quick cash off of by making people bet on her to see if she could lift more than the bodybuilder on the pier.
|Fears || Weaknesses:|
  • Combat Other than picking up an object and making it heavier, Mihyo doesn't really have much of utility in the form of combat, she's more of the support you'd find in the back of the lines of war. Although she does have a few theories on bending the space time continuum to her will, but thatll have to wait a few decades before she can even have the right amount of skill to preform them.

  • The Dark - Mihyo is kind of a scaredy cat when it comes to certain things, she's not the bravest thing to ever exist. She hates dark places, hates them. It's not necessarily the dark itself, it's what could be lurking the dark that scares her. I mean, she has the power to manipulate time and space, there could be some creepy monster waiting at the end of corridor that can manipulate or even drink blood! Scary stories being told to her when she was young definitely influenced this.

  • Control - Okay, time and space manipulation is much harder than it looks. It may look pretty easy since it just involves spheres that seem to do their own thing but it's a lot harder than it looks. You have to visual the size of your sphere, hold it until it forms into the exact size you need, then you have to channel the correct amount of spatial or temporal energy or it'll be too strong a blow up or too small and break apart like glass. And Mihyo still gets it wrong sometimes despite having her powers for a good 10+ years.



Mihyo likes to think she's pretty flawless, but that's a lie and lying frequently, and being horribly bad at it is one of her many-many-bad traits. But we'll start off with the good. Mihyo is pretty social. She likes talking and you need friends to listen or people will dismiss you as annoying or a psychopath if you start randomly complaining about how hard your power is and how you don't deserve the struggle the gods have given you. Mihyo makes friends easily because of the fact that she just kind of forces herself onto you until you just unconsciously accept that she's your friend. She's also pretty good at jokes!(Citation needed) And coupled with all the non-stop talking she does is intent listening? Got a problem? Vent to Mihyo and she'll definitely listen. But she might not help if the task at hand seems a little too Herculean. And being able to listen also means you be able to know certain things to console the person correctly, right? Well that's what Mihyo thinks and she can't help be a little bit nosy because of the abilities her magic givers her.

Nosiness may have been a bad trait she got from time manipulation but with the bad comes a good and vice versa. Because Mihyo just sits and watches events happen on a small scale in her free time, she's become quite intellectual. You might know the and location the Declaration of Independence was signed, but Mihyo can point to the exact spot and can tell you the exact moment in time. But this is cheating, yet again-cheating also seems to be another negative trait Mihyo has acquired due to the utility of her powers. But it’s not like Mihyo cheats all the time, she does do it occasionally though because if there's a shortcut might as well use it. She doesn't get away with cheating all the time though since she's not the most careful person in the world and can get a bit clumsy since she also doesn't have the patience for most things that would take over 25 minutes, which is probably another reason why she uses her powers to cheat so much.

Because of the fact that Mihyo can cheat most everyday tasks and this has had an affect on her productivity levels. She procrastinates a lot because a Dimension With(This is a work in progress title she's given herself)like herself shouldn't be subjected to such labor. Her pretentious and condescending attitude have also been on a rise because of her powers being increased by the day, it only shows when she's too lazy to do menial task though. And because she can be so condescending at times, she thinks her jokes are comedy gold and rival modern comedians. Even though most of them are bad puns and are only funny when the joke is unintentional or inappropriate for the current situation. But it usually make the situation better while adding the much needed comedy relief that she thinks she should get thanks for.

Unlike most heroes that were born with a dark, depressing, melancholic background, Mihyo was born on the summer of June 13th in 1996 in the small town of Naeil in the province of Miryang of South Korea. She's an only child because two kids with supernatural powers would be too much for Mr. Yoo and Mrs. Yeon to handle. Mihyo didn't discover she had powers until she was about seven.She was in class making a painting for her mom that she'd give to her on mother's day, when her elbow accidentally knocked over the jar of water that was full of paint brushes that needed to be clean; as you can see, she's been a klutz since it stems back to 12 years ago. Her first instinct was to try to catch the brushes that were falling down, it wasn't like an X-men movie where she completely froze time. One of the time spheres surrounded the paintbrush jar and stopped it mid air. Since Mihyo was smaller and her power was less developed, she couldn't actually see the brushes since time and light work in conjunction with each other and freezing time means you won't be able to see whats frozen. She poked her finger inside the sphere at first to see if the brushes were still there, and they were. So she swiped the paintbrush jar out of the sphere and watched it as it floated then pop a few seconds later because she couldn't hold the bubble for so long. Obviously this was just a random burst of power since now she actually has to visualize spheres now. But as soon as she found out she had some alien abilities she rushed home to tell her parents all about it.

Mihyo's father was surprised that his daughter had inherited magic since she was the product of a Necromancer and an Arcanist. Changmoon had given up necromancy long ago and hoped that it wouldn't run through the bloodline since his "mongrelization", as his parents called it, with someone who dabbled in the Arcane would most likely stop since those two types of magic don't really mix too much. But obviously there was still some magic in the bloodline since Mihyo had someone gotten time manipulation. Changmoon and Daja would try to see if they could find another Chronomagician to train before they would send her off to a camp a decade or so later.

When Mihyo was 15, eight years later after the discovery of her awesome power, she was in kind of a sticky situation. Somehow on a camping trip with her parents she had literally got herself in between a rock and a hard place. A rock in front of her was blocking her path. Behind and beside her stood unclimbable walls that she couldn't climb on. She couldn't surround the boulder with temporal energy then reverse time enough to when the boulder was relatively at the top of the mountain because then it would crush her flat. So she perched in an owl position and stared directly at the boulder, wishing it could be lighter. And just as she asked the boulder was surrounded with spatial energy that made it lighter. Surprised by her second new power, Mihyo pushed the boulder forward and watched it tumble down the mountainous path-which wasn't the best idea because someone could've been at the base of the mountain.

After the acquiring of spatial magic, Mihyo went to tell her mom and dad the good news. It's not everyday you can manipulate the fabric of space and time itself. Changmoon and Daja were both surprised by the news of a second power. They've heard of Chronomagic but not Spatial. They didn't know any spatial magicians, they were lucky to even find someone that had temporal magic. So, they decided that when she turned 19, they would send her to camp.


|Face Claim;
Song Dahye
Character Dialogue || #FB69F4

So begins...

Mihyo Yoo's Story

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{ Day 1 ~ Orientation }



The silver car decreased its speed once it came to the sandy, decrepit parking lot of the campsite. A rustic country fence separated the far-off cabins from the clearing, and the rolling Smoky Mountains of Tennessee were looming overhead like watchtowers. The sky was blue, cloudless, and welcoming. Everything was calm and quiet.

The golden-haired girl turned off the radio as she leaned towards the side window next to the passenger’s seat. She placed a hand on the glass, her eyelashes flitting faster than the wings of dragonflies as she processed the colors, the textures, and the sounds.
Joel stopped the car in front of the fence and turned off the engine.

“Well this is it,” he said after a few moments of silence. “You’re finally here. You made it.”

She gazed out the front window, her hands tugging at the bottom of her simple white v-neck. Her eyes darted around in their sockets, taking in the last of the scenery.

“There’s no one here,” she muttered.

“That’s because I had to get here early in order to help with the orientation,” he replied. “Just wait a couple of minutes, and this entire camp is going to be packed. Trust me.”

She shifted in her seat a little, uncrossing her legs and tightening her grip upon the pink crystal in her hands. It was her good luck charm, but he didn’t know that.

He placed a hand on her knee. “You nervous, Perry?”

She sucked on her lower lip. “A little, yeah,” she said with stiffened breath.

“Don’t be. You’ll get along just fine here,” he reassured her for the tenth time. “You’ll make friends and as soon as you know it, this place will become your second home. That’s what happened to me. That’s what’s happened to every single person who’s come here. You think I’m crazy now, but just you wait, Little Miss Perriwinkle.”

Giggling a bit, she turned her head to face his beaming visage. For a moment, he almost looked her age.

Jumping out of her seat, she wrapped her arms around him, and he did the same. In those few seconds, they were as inseparable as conjoined twins. They shared the same blood, the same heart, and the same mind, and although they were seven years apart, they practically shared a soul.

“Thank you, Joel Stone,” she muttered, almost feeling tears behind her eyes. “Thank you for everything.”

Their arms still around each other, he patted her on the back, his eyes gently closed. “No problem,” he said. “I figured you needed this. I’m sure you need this…”

Finally, they both released their grips on one another, and began to gather their things. She put the pink gemstone in her pocket, while he popped out the Led Zeppelin album from the CD player and put it back in its case.

She opened the door, and could feel the intensity of the fresh country air waft into her nose and beat against her alabaster skin. Joel opened the trunk, and quickly, the two of them grabbed their suitcases. Once they had everything, he locked the car, and led her through the gateway; two wooden planks with a sign on top that read VIGILANTE VILLAGE – EST. 1986. The letters were composed of white hemp cords that looked as though they would never fade away despite their years in the rotting summer sun.

Cabins and wooden huts that looked as though the Cherokee had built them circled around the man and girl as though they were in the middle of some ancient European square. He led her to a bulletin board near a large flagpole. There were two banners waving at the top. The first, obviously, was the American flag. The second was colored a light blue and contained a decorative crest composed of steel, seven stars, and a shield.

“That’s the flag for the W.A.O.H.: the World Association of Official Heroes,” Joel said once he noticed that her head was trained upwards. “They’re the ones who provide the funding for this place.”

He pointed to a paper on the bulletin board, which was green and had a bunch of slots for people to write their names in.

“When you find a place you want to room in, just remember to come back here and write the number of your cabin, and then your full name.”

“Okay,” she said. “Don’t know if I’ll remember that, but I’ll do it.”

He nodded, and their eyes locked. The caramel highlights within Joel’s dark hair glinted like gunmetal in the shimmering sun.

“Alright, Perriwinkle…this is where I leave you. Unfortunately, I have important matters to attend to.”

She snorted. “Important my ass!” she teased. “It’s not like you’re in the Bronx chasing after crooks and shooting up drug lords. You can unwind, y’know. We’re in the South now.”

She had said her last sentence in a drawl that partially mimicked his. He laughed and placed both of his hands on her shoulders.

“You’ll understand someday…when you’re in the same position as me and mentoring some little spunky girl with wind powers.”

She snorted again. “That’s a stupid thing to do! Why would I ever do that!”

They hugged again, although not as tightly as before.

“I’ll see you later, Perriwinkle,” he said before quickly disappearing into the dust.

The girl tightened her grip on her suitcase, twirled her lucky stone around in her denim pocket, and without delay, chose a path.

Every so often, she would look left and right, making sure that nobody was following her or that there were no ghosts around to haunt her or anything. Eventually, she found a cozy-looking cabin situated just underneath a large basswood tree. There was a small plaque on the door that had the number ’12’ nailed upon it with wooden planks. Since ‘12’ was a lucky number of hers, she took it as a sign to go in.

The creaky door slammed behind her, and the smell of pine wafted into her nose. The temperature was surprisingly cool and comfortable, and there was quite a lot of light. She smiled at the sights of the sofa, coffee table, and full-size refrigerator behind the island counter near the backmost wall. This wasn’t your regular, crappy, mosquito-infested cabin that she had read about in children’s books.

She groaned when she saw the sight of the ladder leading upstairs to the beds. Still, it wasn’t a skin off her back. Tightly grabbing onto the handle of her rolling suitcase, she propelled herself into the air with a large blast of wind, and gently floated down like a dandelion seed until her feet reached the second floor. With all her strength, she lifted her suitcase up upon the edge of the farthest bed, and curled her body onto the remaining part of the mattress.

This was it. This was the first time she would be in a place of social interaction with kids her age. It was tragic to think about, but it was happening and she was scared and excited and at the same time, contemplating why she was alive.

It would be an adventure far more entertaining than the ones she had created on the streets of New York.

Hearing sounds coming from outside, Perry lifted herself off the bed and scurried to the nearest window. She watched the teens her age pass by with wide eyes. She wanted to greet them, but at the same time, felt like a queen safe inside her castle tower. So in that moment, she decided to stay inside. Perhaps she didn’t need to go up to them. Perhaps they would come to her…



After leaving Perdita, Joel put both of his hands inside his jean pockets and sauntered towards the staff cabin. He had important matters on his mind, but at the same time, hoped he would be able to fool around with old friends and meet some of the new staff that had been hired during the spring.

Once he came to the large cabin that almost looked three-stories high in length, he produced a pair of silver keys, twisted them through the lock, and walked inside.

It was dark, meaning that no other staff members besides him had been inside the building yet. However, that still didn’t mean that Clover Collins, the lascivious woman in charge of the Vigilante Village, wasn’t inside her office.

He came to her quarters and knocked on the door, which was about a quarter of the way open.

“Clover?” he called. “It’s me, Joel. Are you in here?”

He pushed upon the knob a bit and realized that there was nobody home despite the fact that the lights were turned on.

Right away, he noticed the envelope upon her desk that had his name written on it in bright red letters. He strode into the room, which smelled heavily of lipstick and jade incense, took the envelope between his hands, tore it open, and read the letter inside…

Dear Joel (or if you’re not Joel, which I doubt you are, whoever may be reading this),

I am currently away in Georgia dealing with some important, confidential matters that are of no importance to you or anyone else. While I am gone, I ask that you take care of the camp for me in my absence. God knows how little I do for this godforsaken place anyways. You folks practically keep the site in one piece. Make the kiddies happy and entertain them as best you can. I’ll be back in a day or less. (Hopefully…)

XOXO and a lick or two,

Clover Collins

He folded it and placed the letter, as well as the envelope, back upon her desk. He raised a brow. Important matters? The vagueness of it all planted a seed of suspicion inside his head. Clover Collins was not a woman to trust easily. It was no secret that she had been a cold-blooded killer in her past life; working with a band of deadly assassins who had occasionally affiliated themselves with the mafia. Yet, somehow, she was let off the hook and eventually elected the leader of the Vigilante Village. She was charming, headstrong, and down-to-earth, but certainly not clear. Her motives were unreadable. Her true opinions, well…those were things that only the good gods above knew.

And yet she depended on him. She let him know what was going on, despite the fact that they hardly ever talked. Still, there was a tone she used whenever she talked to him that never failed to place tension in the air. She used charismatic words and gestures whenever she saw him, yet at the same time, her cat-eyes always glared at his with malicious irises that just screamed distrust. She didn’t like him. He knew it. He didn’t care why she didn’t like him, but at the same time, he wanted to know why…

Snapping out of his thoughts, Joel searched through the drawers of her desk until he found a green clipboard and a ballpoint pen. He grabbed a couple of the papers from inside the filing cabinet in the back of the room, and headed back outside, where he sat upon the front porch steps of the staff cabin.

The papers he had attained from Clover’s office had the names of the campers on them, their powers, ages, hometowns, and physical descriptions. There were even a few pictures next to the names of teenagers who had attended the camp in previous years. Relaxed and sturdy, Joel clicked the pen and languidly watched the kids enter the Village. As he checked off the names of the young adults who arrived, he finally had the feeling that this summer would be a great one.

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Sara watched as the trees whisked past. Majestic boughs stretched over her, casting dappled shadows that fell behind her as she ran. The battleaxe and twin hammers strapped to her back and thighs, respectively, gave her incredible stamina. She smiled and leapt agilely over a fallen log, the knives inside her robotic leg lending her speed and and adding height to her jumps. Sara slowed and her power core hummed and glowed as she caught her breath.

Feeling her semi-machine lungs expand to accommodate more oxygen, she sighed contentedly as she gazed at the wooden signs with the familiar words emblazoned in white- VIGILANTE VILLAGE – EST. 1986. Smiling and readjusting the bag on her back, Sara walked into camp.

She wandered around, weaving contentedly between the cabins she remembered so fondly. She briefly contemplated how many of her old friends would be gone.

Sara sighed and headed towards her favorite place in the entire camp- the arena. She couldn't wait to train, and with her new armory of this year, she was well prepared to kick some serious butt. She walked into the ring, drawing a scimitar and throwing down a small doubloon-looking coin. The coin shimmered and started to billow out in gold clouds that looked quite a bit like cotton candy. Sara tapped into her machine, enabling her aimbot and damage meters. The golden pirate that had emerged from the tiny coin lit up in colors, much like a heat detector.

Sara grinned- she'd been training with this small device almost all year, and it knew her style. A real challenger to her battle skills. She watched her opponent's color readings closely for indication of an opening. They circled, and with a quick feint and roll to the side from the cyborg, the battle was on.

The golden warrior leapt back, his agility and ability matching hers. Sara held her scimitar towards the pirate, and as expected, he attempted to disarm her by slicing at her wrists. She drew up the blade almost instantaneously, deflecting her opponent's blade and flicking it to the ground, immediately seizing his openings and stabbing down where his unguarded arms were.

He leapt backwards into the air, his agility enhanced as he did a flip. "Just like something I'd do," Sara muttered to herself. "I'm such a show-off." She swept as his ankles as he landed, slicing his left foot clean off and the right severely maimed. The pirate hobbled towards her, his speed and agility decreased but still retaining his brute strength. She exchanged a flurry of parries and thrusts with the warrior, eventually chipping off his fingers and a large chunk of his abdomen. He seemed to be behind today.

Landing a few more lucky hits, the pirate eventually sputtered to a stop, and Sara drew a small handgun and shot him in between the eyes. The pirate shattered into golden shards of glass, which shivered and flew up into the air, meshing and landing in Sara's palm as a coin once again. She exited the arena, her adrenaline and excitement for the new year pumping. She rubbed her warm power core in between her shoulder blades, and meandered towards a large tree where she leapt vertically into its welcoming boughs. She sat, dangling her feet- one metal and one flesh- over the edge of the thick limb. She watched the entrance, noticing campers begin to wander in.

Feeling her power core finally cooling down, she set her path in a beeline to her cabin of last year- Cabin Twelve, under the basswood tree. She pushed the door open hesitantly, listening for sounds and emotion. She sensed a feeling of brief wonder from upstairs.

Shrugging, Sara walked into the huge living room, swiftly scaling the ladder with silent footsteps. Slinging her bag down again onto a bed with no regard to the assorted deadly weapons and bombs contained inside, she quietly approached the girl.

"Hello! I'm Sara. Second year here at the Village. What's your name?" She offered a friendly hand to the girl, who had a seemingly innocent face and wide, doe-like eyes. Sara smiled- this girl was a whirlwind of emotion that she had no care to decipher.

The cyborg girl only knew that this new camper held adventure and memories-to-be in store, along with everyone new this year.

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|{ American Authors | Hit It }|
"I say if you don't know, then you go slow."

Nike had been drawing for the past two hours in the back seat of her moms mini van right before she got sick and well- barfed. Now she was listening to music now, already passed the American border an hour ago, she knew driving to the camp took awhile, but this year felt like forever. She looked around outside, and saw trees, crops, small farm houses. Nike found that oddly comforting as her mom and dad talked in the front seat, unaware of their daughter staring out the window like a teenaged hipster. Nike always thought her parents were so cute together, both of them smiling- laughing at each other. They always had time to make fun of each other, and Nike smiled at the fact that they both pointed out flaws but accepted them. Nike shuddered when she remember that one memory of them arguing, right when she was a new born, over the fact when the doctor told them about Nike's power.

Nike turned on some Twenty One Pilots as she tried knocking that memory out. She tried thinking of camp as she did, and let out a happy sigh, all those happy thoughts flooding in made her feel warm, and then she remembered Matt. Yeah Matt. Nike had developed just a small crush on him last year, but being separated from him over the school year made her want to cry. He was like her other half. He really understood her in a way no one else did. His bleach blonde hair, and gorgeous smile flooded into her mind as she shook her head and blushed. Hopefully she'll be able to meet him today. The one thing she remembers most about camp is cliff jumping. And yeah into water. Her and Peter would always jump in, and Nike would always have to pull Peter out of the water when he froze up. She chuckled at the thought, and then watched her dad turn around. "Hey Kiddo." He said, while Nike turned her music off, and took off her headphones.

"Yeah Dad?" Nike mumbled, her voice happy, but a slight darkness hidden within it. "Me and your mom want you to enjoy your summer here ok? We'll miss you, but promise us one thing-" As he stopped he looked at Nike's mom exchanged a look, then placed his hand within hers and while fingers joined together. "Don't do anything.. Dangerous. You remember how scared we were last time you pulled.. Something like that off." He said, while tears formed in Nike's eye. "Nike he had to say it.. Were sorry ok?" Her mom said, without taking her eyes off the road. "Yeah.. It's ok. Just don't bring it up again." Nike muttered, a lump in her throat.

Soon they pulled up to the camp and Nike stepped out of the car, staring at the flag for a second and smiling. She looked at her mom, and dad and they got out and hugged her. In unison they both said "love you" and hugged and kissed her. Nike nodded and grabbed her bags and backpack while she walked away, watching her mom and dad drive away. She got registered, and hiked up and away to her cabin, hearing chatting inside already. She stumbled in and threw her bags on a bottom bunk, far enough away from all the other girls. She was now situated in cabin 12. This was her home now.