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The Vilmorian weather was hotter than what Freya was normally used to. They were closer to the sea, and attracted something more of a summer-y feel. Ciel was something more of a winter wonderland than anything, and it was something that Freya missed dearly. Still, she had something to do, a title to acquire. A little homesickness wasn't something she would let deter her from her goal. She stepped out of the Pokemon Center, gathering the attention lf a few onlookers. "Wow, isn't that Freya? The Ciel Pokemon League Champion?" "Yeah, you're right. She's here. That's amazing!" "She's going to win, it's obvious." She couldn't help the smirk that made its way to her lips. She had a reputation and she loved it.

A sudden heavyness atop her head alerted her to the presence of her newly acquired Pokemon. She looked up and saw the tip of the Snivy's nose and bumped it with her finger. The Pokemon released a small mewl of happines in response. "Where shall we go, Wynn?" She looked around and spotted one Trainer and his Pokemon practicing some moves. She reached up to grab the perched Pokemon on her head and held it in front of her, looking straight into its eyes. "Well? Do you want to train? Shall we start becomming the best team ever?" She received a very excited response and nodded to herself. With Wynn by her side, this League would be a snap.