Eric Vincent

"Fire may look beautiful, but get too close and it burns."

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- Personal information & appearance -


Full name: Eric Alexander Vincent

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Face claim: Penn Badgley

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Nationality: British, with some American mixed in.

Occupation: High school student (Held back because of constant moving around).

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 150 lbs

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Black

Complexion: Caucasian

- Personality & details -

Relationship status: Single

Likes: Drawing, Stories, Conversations

Dislikes: Jerks, Cold, Disrespect

Habits: Eric fidgets his fingers when he is deep in thought. He also bounces on his toes when he is energized.

Flaws: Though few things can anger him, Eric can be quick to anger, and can be explosively so. He is also quite irritable in the cold.

Quirks: Eric has a notebook that he draws on when he is bored.

Hobbies: Eric enjoys practicing mixed martial arts and is quite good at it. However, this comes second to his other two loves: drawing and practicing pyromancy.

General personality: Eric can be described above all else as a conversationalist. He is very charismatic, and enjoys any conversation. However, he is also quite compassionate, and tries to use his charisma to help other people. He is loyal to anyone he has known for a while, but becuase of his constant travel, that narrows down to his family. Eric is secretly indecicive about whether to choose the human world or the world of magic, but he doesn't tell anyone this.

- Other -

Power: Eric is a very talented pyromancer. He manifested his first spells when he was a young child. These powers were only enhanced when his grandmother, a powerful pyromancer herself, taught Eric a number of tricks before she died.

Eric inherited a journal from his grandmother when she died that details her experiments with more powerful pyromancy spells, including some she invented herself. Eric has dedicated himself to mastering her lost knowledge and continuing her work once he does. The book also contains a "forbidden" pyromancy spell that Eric has yet to discover what it does.


One Year Ago:

Eric ran down the street, following Rachel. His entire family was under attack by one of the resident vampire clans. His parents had scared off their attacker with wards, and Rachel, who he still didn't trust, had come to Elliot's rescue at the last moment. However, only Eric had managed to actually kill his assailant, blowing up a nearby car to do so. Eric had gone off with Rachel, and his parents went with Elliot to look for Jeremy and Jayson.

Coming round the corner, Rachel stopped and yelled, "I found him!" before gasping with shock. Eric followed behind and caught sight of his brother. The sight of his condition caused Eric to double over as though he had been punched in the gut, gasping out, "Oh, Christ!" Rachel checked his pulse and responsiveness, before stating, "He's in shock. Any longer here and he will bleed out. We have to get him out of here!" Eric flipped out his phone and called up his dad.

Feeling relieved when his dad answered, Eric said, "Dad, we found Jeremy. He's in shock, with a knife wound in his back. Not sure who did it, but I have a feeling." His dad responded "Good, we just found Jayson. There is a bite wound on her. Eric, its the vampires." Eric swore under his breath at this. "We'll get him back asap. We're on the way." He turned back to Rachel, who was now sniffing the air for some reason. "Eric," she said, "This was a vampire attack." "I know," Eric responded. Rachel still seemed anxious. "No, Eric, the scent is still too strong. Whoever did this must be.... Behind you!!!"

Eric turned just as the assailant vampire tackled him to the floor, knife in hand. However, it took both of his arms, and the vampire was trying to land a bite on his neck. Eric quickly thought about his grandmother's spells, and remembered one particular one that, though unpleasant, was just what he needed. Flame Tongue. Eric summoned up his energy into his throat, and let loose a torrent of fire out of his mouth. The vampire stumbled off of him, clutching his face in agony, rolling over to beat out the fire, while Eric grabbed his throat in pain, coughing out smoke. In a quick motion, Rachel tripped the other vampire, and then pinned his throat with her foot.

Climbing back off of the ground, Eric approached the vampire, and bent down next to him. "Where is your hideout?" Eric said with a snarl. The vampire merely snarled back, only with far more ferocity. Annoyed, Eric responded, "Wrong answer," grabbed the vampires burns on its face, and generated a steady heat from his hands. The vampire screamed, but Eric only said "Where is your hideout? I'm not asking again." The vampire screamed, "Stop! Please! It's behind the train yard, now let me go!" Eric stood up and said, "Get off of him, Rachel." Rachel looked astonished, and said "We're letting this a**hole go?!" "Just do it, Rachel," Eric said calmly.

Unhappy, Rachel got off of the vampire, who took off like he had seen a ghost. However, Eric was staring intently at the car right in the vampires path, and thinking of his grandmother's spell, Spontaneous Combustion. He focused on the car, specifically where the engine was, and snapped his fingers. The car promptly exploded just as the vampire reached it, killing him instantly. Eric turned back to Rachel and said, "No, we aren't letting him go."

So begins...

Eric Vincent's Story


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(All right...might as well try and start)

Jeremy looked at it from across the street. He knew what was coming, and he knew he would hate it. It was school. The first day of school, for him and all his family. He held is grandfather's coin, and then walked across the street. Every time, I have had to deal with the damage. Maybe this school will be nicer? I rather doubt it.

He looked at everyone, all the new students. Some already seemed to know his face. He could see his family at least. His siblings. But the crowd of students engulfed him. Eventually, he managed his way to math. As they did attendance, the teacher said his name with a hint of disdain. Great. Just perfect. I am going to fail math.

History was at least better. The teacher didn't say his name with disdain, and even made a comment during a lesson about how you should not judge people on their race, the history of their race, or just because they are not like you. At least the history teacher seemed friendly, even if she did not show it directly. And she understood, which probably came from history itself.

Then, he got to science. The science teacher, after reading his name, mentioned something about how "Magic is just hidden science", and Jeremy could not tell if that was an insult or a way to connect. He continued to make fun of magic and Jeremy when he passed, but Jeremy had no clue if he was trying to be mean, funny, or understanding.

The bell finally rang, and he went to his locker, switching out binders and books, before taking out his gym clothes. He had Gym next, and they had football practice (Not American Football, to be clear) and tryouts for the team. It was the plan he had last time, and the time before that. Academically, he might not be as good (not horrible or bad though) as his siblings, but he was skilled at something they were not.

Football. And he had a plan this time. If he got on the team, and he managed to stand out, he figured they would accept him. This school has had a lot more losses then wins, and if he could turn it around without magic, they might just accept them.

(as far as I could tell all the characters were students, so everyone gets a tag! Hopefully the GM does come back. She was literally only here for a week, and she has almost been gone as long now. It's not hopeful, not from what I have seen, but it's possible! Like, maybe there was a power failure or family emergency or something. But, in the mean time, let's at least start this off. Show that we are loyal, and won't abbandoned her when she leaves! We won't give up! :D)