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Odette "Odi" Crest

"I'm sorry, I can't hear anything. I've got water in my ears."

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a character in “The Viren Return”, as played by HOLYCRAPAGHOST


Name: Odette "Odi" Crest
Age: 17

Appearance: Image

Odi has light brown, shoulder length hair, although she usually keeps it up in a messy bun. Several strands tend to fall from the loose tie up, but she likes it better that way. She has light green eyes and fuller lips and a rounded chin. She is shorter in stature, only coming to "5'5", but she has used it to her advantage. She is rather toned in muscle, thanks to years of swimming, but it isn't excessive. She doesn't look like those crazy body builders on TV.

Her outfits don't change much. She tends to stick to jeans and plain t-shirts, with some sort of top over it. Usually a cardigan, or a simple coat. Her favorite top is an old camouflage jacket she found in her dad's closet when she was younger. She adapted it, turning it into a vest, and taking it in in the waist, to fit her better. She is almost always wearing it.

Element: Water

Likes: Swimming, eating, hot showers, television, video games, and complete silence.

Dislikes: Soy foods of any kind, the cold, ignorance,

Personality: Odi would be described as bubbly, although she is a bit quiet. She quite enjoys the company of her friends, but tends to remain to herself. She is often wearing a smile, or laughing about something, which people often say is her best feature. She is very strange in the fact that she can be quite active one minute, but be very lazy the next. She tends to spend five hours training or at swim practice, but then spends the rest of her day lounging around on the couch watching bad TV shows. She is very intelligent and catches onto things rather quickly.

Life thus far: Odi was born from a woman, obviously, but her birth mother was only 15 when she found out she was pregnant, and opted to give up her child to a lovely gay couple who were looking to adopt a child. The mother wanted a closed adoption and has been in noway involved in Odi's life after birthing her. Odi caught on rather quickly that she was adopted, and she never really cared. Her dads were great and raised her to be the bright, bubbly girl she is today. Because of the controversy surrounding her unusual family set up, Odi has spent most of her life defending her dads and the lifestyle they chose.

To prove to people that two men could raise a functioning woman, who can be somebody, Odi began swimming. At first it was just fun, she enjoyed being in the water, but then it became something that she loved doing. She worked hard everyday to become faster and stronger, eventually joining the swim team at her high school. She loves it, every second, and her one goal is to make it to the Olympics.

She has lived in Windaer, IL her entire life, and has found a comfortable routine there, but she longs to see the world and experience a life outside of Illinois and her dads.

Writing Sample:


Odi looked up from her spot on the couch, a bowl of popcorn nestled on her stomach, her thumb carefully positioned on the channel arrow on the TV remote. "Yes, father?" She asked craning her neck to see her dad looking down over her from behind the couch.

His hands were placed on the back of the couch, his dark eyes staring into his daughter's green ones. "Have you been doing this all day?" He questioned gesturing towards the TV.

"It's Sunday, a.k.a. my day off." Odi stated throwing a popcorn kernel up and catching it easily in her mouth. She smiled up at her dad while obnoxiously chewing the kernel.

"You know how much I hate that." He stated running a hand through his black hair.

"What? This?" She asked smacking louder on the kernel. "Or me lounging about doing nothing all day?"

He rolled his eyes. "Both."

Odi laughed but sat up, placing the bowl of popcorn on the coffee table. "Hey, dad said I'm allowed to enjoy my day off. And this is how I plan to enjoy it." She stated turning to face her father. His dark skin stuck out in the creme colored living room, it was almost comical to her to see the contrast of colors.

"Well, your dad spoils you." He stated standing straight.

"You know! You're not any better!" A voice called from the kitchen. A figure appeared, moments later, in the doorway wiping his hands on a blue towel. He shook his head. "Don't try and put all of this on me. Her chores are done, she doesn't have practice, let her enjoy her free time!"

Odi's father sighed once again. Her dad simply smiled, throwing the towel over his shoulder. His pale white skin was a complete contrast from Odi's father's, and his chestnut locks made him almost passable as Odi's biological father. Her dad sauntered across the floor and pecked her father on the cheek and then pecked Odi on the forehead. She smiled up and him, and stuck her tongue out at her father, before turning back to the TV and relaxing back into the couch.

Personality of your spirit: Vic is very reclusive and quiet, preferring to be the silent observer as opposed to the center of attention. He enjoys the fact that Odi is often busy with swimming, for it gives him time to sit and observe his surroundings. He is quick on his feet, often 3 steps ahead of anyone else. He keeps his cool in the most panicking of situations, and is often found to be the voice of reason.

History of your spirit:

So begins...

Odette "Odi" Crest's Story


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Odi couldn't help but feel nervous. She sat in the main office, a towel still wrapped around her bathing suit clad body. She hadn't had a chance to change after practice, all the girls were immediately rushed off, away from the locker room. Her green eyes stared down at the freckled carpet, the grays and blues blending together to form a fuzzy picture.

She just wanted to leave. She had told the police everything she could remember. She hadn't seen what happened, she wasn't even in the locker room when the body was discovered. She was still in the pool, opting to do a few more laps before getting out. She was in the process of drying off when Coach Harley came bursting through to grab any of the stragglers. Odi managed a glimpse of the scene when she passed through the locker room.

She saw Christie, forced into the locker like it was nothing. The image couldn't escape her mind. She wanted to go home. She wanted clothes. Her foot tapped impatiently, her still wet hair dripping down her shoulders.

"Odi, your dads are here." The receptionist said as she stepped into the small waiting room behind the front desk. Odi immediately stood, wrapping the towel tighter around her. Her dads rushed in, immediately pulling their daughter into a hug. "Are you alright?" Her father asked concern filling his dark eyes.

Odi nodded. "I'm fine. I just...I need to get out of here." She explained wrapping her arms tighter around herself.

"It's okay," Her dad said calmly. He pecked her on the cheek and ran a hand through her soaking hair. "We'll get your things and get you home. I brought you some clothes to change into." He produced a small bag with jeans and t-shirt inside.

Odi took it gladly and immediately left for the bathroom to change. Her dads would get her things from the receptionist and they could leave. She tried desperately to shake the image of Christie's face from her mind, but she couldn't seem to. It continued to pop up.

She splashed warm water in her face, and finally left the bathroom. Her dads were waiting, holding her messenger bag and gym bag for her. They greeted her with open arms, and she gladly let them lead her out of the building. "Everything is okay." Her dad said kissing the top of her hair.

Her father's arm wrapped around her shoulder as they walked through the parking lot. "How about ice cream? Would that make you feel better?"

Odi couldn't help but smile.

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