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Zaria King

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a character in “The Voice of Nothing”, as played by SlightlyInsane



"I think I'm ready to leave,
I'm ready to live,
I'm ready to go"

{Ready to Go | Panic! at the Disco}

Zaria Tegan King

Zari or Z




Scottish, English, and German


"It's not considered stealing
Unless you're getting caught"

{ Shoplifter | Green Day}

Zaria is a petite girl, standing at 5'2" and weighing 107 lbs. Though she has a small frame, she isn't as weak as one might expect. She's no body builder, but if she wants to hurt you don't underestimate her. She has pale skin, which greatly contrasts with her large, brown eyes and dyed hair. Her natural hair colour is dark brown. When she was entered high school she began to dye it regularly, changing colours every two months or so. Currently, her hair is bright pink with yellow at the tips of her bangs. There is a small section of pinkish-orange between the yellow and the pink. Zaria's hair is layered, with the longest section (in the back) reaching to just below her chest. Her hair is naturally straight and refuses to hold curls. Whether her hair is put up or not depends on the day.

Her lip and ears are pierced. She does not have any birthmarks. On the back of her right shoulder is a tattoo of six small butterflies. They represent her family. Each one is the respective family member's favourite colour. The trail of butterflies begins with a blue one for her father and ends with a pink one for her.

Kleptomania- An impulse control disorder in which the person feels a repeated need to steal things, be it of any value or not.
Pyromania- An impulse control disorder in which the person feels a need to set things on fire, mainly for their own enjoyment or to relieve stress.

"Why do you care what people think?
Are you hooked up to their leash?"

{ Anklebiters | Paramore}

Zaria is a fun loving, bubbly girl. She loves to talk and be with her friends. She'll stick by them and will always be there if they need a shoulder to cry on. She's a bit hyperactive and this, paired with her tendency to talk a lot can be an annoyance to others. But she doesn't care what most people think of her, as she feels it's a waste of time to always be worried about what others think. People will always try to tell you how to live your life, but Zaria believes you should live it how you want. Of course, there are times where someone telling you how to act is useful and definitely the way to go but she'd never admit out loud that they were right. She's very confident in herself and prideful, which is one of her flaws. She rarely takes advice from others as a result, yet she likes to give others advice. Additionally, she thinks of herself as an independent young woman and isn't afraid to fight back.

She's the kind of girl who is open with others, even if she doesn't know them too well. She'll shamelessly answer any question you ask her, no matter how weird or awkward it is. In turn, she might ask you a pretty weird question with the expectation that you will answer. Zaria loves to joke around and is also a fan of sarcasm, though she never means for it to be bitter. She is a lover of music, movies, and video games and isn't afraid to show it.

+Mimicking Voices
+Stealing Things

-Loud Noises
-Driving in Video Games That Aren't Mario Kart

-Having her secret exposed
-Being caught stealing or starting a fire
-Her family or friends being hurt or dying


"We've got something to reveal,
No one can know how we feel"

{ The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret | Queens of the Stone Age}

Zaria was born on May 4th to Maria and Harrison King. She was their fourth child and the only girl they had. Being the only girl and the youngest wasn't easy growing up, but she wouldn't change it for the world as she loves her family. Growing up with three older brothers, she learned to hold her own against them when they roughhoused with her. She also learned to put up with their pranks and how to pull off pranks on them. As such, she isn't afraid of bugs, snakes, or rodents. However, she is scared of clowns because her oldest brother Tommy thought it'd be a funny to put a clown mask on and proceed to wake her up for the day. She hardly slept for the rest of the week.

Life was always good for Z growing up. She had friends, family, and her parents worked jobs which allowed them to buy their children many of the things they wanted. Why she started stealing things is still a mystery to her. It all started with taking a magnet when she was 15. Then it was a handful of pens. Then it was a mug, which she later gave to her brother as a present. She began having impulses to steal things she didn't need or even really want. They were mostly small things, things she was sure wouldn't be missed or cost much to replace. But she's also stolen a couple of bigger items too. Whenever she stole something she would feel a pang of guilt, but eventually her guilt disappeared and she'd be left with a pile of items she didn't need. Some items she throws out, others she keeps, and others she gives to her friends or family.

At age 16, Zaria stole a lighter from an upperclassmen. Because it was a generic lighter, the theft couldn't be pinned to her. Anyone could have a silver lighter and it might be his or it might not. She started playing around with it in her room, fascinated that with a single push of a button, a small flame was made. Thus began her pyromania. She began to set things on fire in the woods near her house. She'd normally set sticks on fire and one they had burned out she'd cover the ash with dirt. On a few occasions she's burned other objects, but never anything large. She was just so fascinated by fire and watching the flame gave her a feeling of happiness and serenity. Over the years, she has stolen and in some cases bought a collection of lighters which she keeps in her room. Her favourite is a lighter with a pink butterfly decal, which she keeps with her at all times.

Having just finished high school, Zaria is set to attend college in the fall. She hasn't decided on a major, but is leaning towards animation or video game design based on her love of drawing and gaming. Of course, she has to get through this summer first.

When the first letter arrived, informing her of the game, she was anxious but didn't give it much thought. It was probably some girl who didn't like her trying to scare her. Then the first secret was exposed. Again, it didn't really concern her so why should she care? Then the body turned up. Zaria's painfully aware that her secrets and her life are now hanging in the balance, a thought she's not very fond of.

We are young,
So let’s set the world on fire,
We can burn brighter than the sun"

{ We Are Young | fun.}

Hex Colour: #FF34B3
Face Claim: Leda Muir

So begins...

Zaria King's Story


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An uneasy week or so had passed between the last message, and all had gone worryingly quiet. Everyone was forced to the edge of their seat, braced for something to happen. Or, at least, everyone who had got the texts were. Everyone else was perfectly chilled out- still throwing parties, at least.

The party Jay was at was definitely more his type of party. The music wasn't all pounding bass, and it was turned down to a volume where you could actually hear the conversations around you. There was a cup in everyone's hand, but nobody was throwing up or passed out anywhere. People were dancing, but not just grinding on each other with the hope of getting lucky. He'd been to all kinds of parties in his time- from the mind-numbing social events that barely passed as parties and that he'd been obliged to attend, but that did have free alcohol, to the wild parties that the models had somehow found or started themselves afterwards. But these chilled out, laid back ones were always his favourite.

Taking a sip out of his drink, he pulled out his phone and sent a few texts.

To: Theo
i'm inside whenever you get here- let me know when you're nearly here and i'll snag you a drink

"Jay, my man!" Someone yelled, and he grinned as he realised who it was. A fellow model, one he'd worked with and had shared a hotel room with a year or so previous. Jay'd heard that he was coming to town, but hadn't known when.

"Mikey! Still have that inbuilt talent to find parties, then," Jay said, standing up to hug the other guy, careful not to spill his drink. Mikey shrugged, grinning a little. "Hey, dude, you either have it, or you don't. I brought alcohol, where should I leave it?" He asked. Jay pointed the place out to him, and sat back down on the couch, checking his phone again.


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Location: Her House, Town
Interacting With: Reid Putnam (texting)
Mentioned: Sharon Jackson Arnwine
Outfit: Shirt, shorts, shoes


Zaria sat in her room, toying with one of the lighters she owned. She watched as the flame came to life, only to cease once she'd released the button. She doubted that she would ever cease to be amazed (or obsessed) with fire. It occurred to her that it had been a few days since the last text from the tormentor of the group of local young adults. Thoughts of the person, whoever they were, having given up the game crossed her mind. However, she knew this was unlikely but it didn't hurt to hope, right?

Her phone buzzed and her eyes shot to it. What were the chances it was the person behind this game? She picked it up and unlocked it. She smiled as she realized it was a text from Reid, or as she had put him in her phone, "Reeeeeeed." It was a short text about the party tonight. Z didn't respond immediately, instead getting off of her bed and cleaning up the mess of items on it. The party had completely slipped her mind. It sounded like a lot of fun, but first she needed to hide or discard of all traces of the items she'd stolen over the past few days. Nothing was of real value, but anything useful she kept in case she ever needed it.

Once she was done with that, she put on her bright pink converse, grabbed her car keys and phone, and headed downstairs. "Hey, I'm gonna go hang out with Reid," she called to her parents. After getting their approval, not that she really needed it, she left the house. After getting into the driver's seat of her black Hyundai Elantra GT, she replied to Reid. Yeah, I'll meet you there. Tell Sharon I say hi! Zaria placed her phone in the cupholder before backing out of the driveway.

She began the drive into town-- her family lived slightly outside of Ravenwood-- eager to get to the party. She loved being out with people and just having a good time. Personally, she rarely drank. She just didn't find the taste of alcohol appealing. Some might suggest she couldn't have any fun then, but she had a great time at all the parties she'd gone too. It was also fun to talk to or mess with people who were out of it. She was excited to hang out with Reid too. Yeah, he'd be with Sharon, but that probably wouldn't matter. Zaria turned her radio on and began to get herself pumped for the rest of the night.


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A familiar body approached the field in the middle of Tessa's practice and she couldn't help the grin that crept over her lips. She managed dodge her brother with a nice little spin then two more of his friends before she shot that last goal pulling off her helmet and smiling as the ball whizzed by the goalie and hit the net with a decent amount of force. "Alright guys I'm done for tonight." she said as her brothers friends patted her shoulder praising her and saying goodbye before running back out on the field to do their thing.

Tessa had just turned to join Robyn by the bleachers when she found her best friend half way to her already. She began calling out her name and her face looked worrying so Tessa kicked it in high gear and jogged over to Robyn to see what was up. Now standing in front of her Tessa noticed the faint red on Robyn's cheek and reached out brushing her thumb gently over it. "Hey, you okay?" her brows furrowed in concern before noticing that her friends eyes were glued to her cellphone screen. Tessa shifted a bit so she was standing next to Robyn now and looked down at the text that was displayed across the screen. "The hell . . .?"

There was suddenly a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach that made her both sick and nervous. A bit panicked Tessa ran over towards the benches and tossed her things down and dug through her bag pulling out her phone. She saw that she had a notification, 1 unread message and with a hard gulp she unlocked it and read the same text that was on Robyn's phone. She shook her head slightly in disbelief before letting out a shaky breath. The message wasn't about her which was the second thing she noticed after the fear toned down a bit but she still felt scared because it could be about one of her friends and Tess wasn't going to let another friend die on her, especially not Robyn. Still worried Tessa decided to hit up Zara to check if she got the same message and if she was okay.

To: Zari
Zari, did you get that message too?
Are you alright? Where are you?
I'm with Robyn, want us to come over or come get you or something?

Even through text Tessa's concern was obviously seen. After sending the text she locked her phone and jogged back over to Robyn. "I texted Zari, I needed to know if she was okay. I asked her if she wanted us to come over to where she's at but she hasn't texted back yet. Mind if I hit the showers real quick?" Tessa rubbed her knuckles as she spoke, clearly still nervous and shaken up. Although she was scared she wasn't about to leave all sweaty and sticky though, that wasn't Tessa. Even if the world was going to end she would rather die clean than dirty.


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Location: Town
Interacting With: Tessa Salomon and Reid
Mentioned: Robyn North and Sharon Jackson


Zaria almost didn't hear her phone vibrating from its spot in the cupholder, as she was preoccupied with driving and singing along with the radio. Not one to check her phone while driving, she waited until she had come to a red light to pick it up. Just as she was about to unlock her phone, the light changed colours. She set it back down and continued driving. As luck would have it, there was not another chance for her to check her phone until she had reach the house where the party was. The pink haired girl opted to park a block away due to the narrowness of the street the house was on and the group of cars already there.

After turning of her car and unbuckling her seatbelt, Zaria picked up her phone. As she did, it vibrated again. Well, wasn't she just so popular tonight? Actually, it wasn't much of a surprise to her. Given her friendly and bubbly personality, she had little problems making friends with others. This equated to a having a lot of contacts in her phone. However, tonight was the night the one contact she didn't want to hear from had sent a message.

Accurately named in her phone as "Stupid Fucking Asshole," the invisible tormentor of her and an unknown amount of other teens in the town had decided tonight was the night to send out another secret. Zaria unlocked her phone, feeling her heartbeat increase. She ignored Tessa's message for the time being, instead opening up the text message from the asshole who was toying with her and the others. She hoped that it wasn't her secret next. God help her if it was.

Her eyes read over the text before she closed them hard, trying to contain everything inside her that wanted to come out. It was her secret. Why, why did it have to be her? Her thoughts and feelings were swirling. Angry at the asshole behind this all, worried about her friends finding out it was her, and terrified about the impending hunt. 72 hours-- the time she had before she was at risk of being murdered. Maybe the psychopath behind this all would be nice and not murder her. Maybe he would just break one of her limbs instead of snapping her neck. Wasn't that a pleasant thought? Zaria opened her eyes, checking to make sure nobody was near her. She let out an anguished scream, a stream of curse words running through her thoughts. What the hell was she supposed to do?

She was sure that nobody (besides the group’s tormentor) knew her secret, as it of course wasn’t something she was very keen on sharing. She also did her best not to exhibit her kleptomania or pyromania around others, especially her friends. If they found out, what would they think of her? That she’d steal from them if they ever turned their backs on her? That she was some crazy person that wanted to watch everything burn? She wasn’t those things, as terrible as the terms “kleptomaniac” and “pyromaniac” sounded. Yes, she was a thief and a fire starter, but she’d never stolen from her friends or caused anybody else harm. Still, she didn’t want her friends to know it was her and she sure didn’t want her parents or the police to know either.

Zaria let out a sigh, looking back at her phone. She exited the message which sealed her fate as the next victim of this malicious game. As she read Tessa's message, she couldn't help but feel a little better. Her friend's concerns about Zari's well being was evident, which was always nice in times like these. Of course, she was far from alright at the moment. Thankfully, texting required only words, not facial expressions.

To: Tessa
Yeah, I did. I can't believe this is starting again! I'm fine, I'm at a party with Reid. You and Rob could come if you're not doing anything.

Though the message lacked the usual energy found in her texts, nobody could really blame her since this wasn't a situation to be taken lightly. Zari ten got out of her car, locking it before walking to the house where the party was at. On the outside, she seemed very much herself. She was smiling and saying hi to everyone she knew, but her mind was preoccupied with how the next few days would pan out. At best, nobody would figure out it was her secret and she would avoid being killed. At worst, everybody would find out, disown her, and she would end up in a body bag. Hopefully it wasn't the worst case scenario, though she was unsure of how she could ever hope to outsmart a killer who she knew nothing about. She'd think of something.

Trying to distract her thoughts, she began looking for Reid or Sharon. Though she would prefer to find Reid or the two together, at this point she wouldn't mind locating just Sharon. She didn't know him too well, but she knew that where he was Reid likely wasn't far away. She hoped the two were actually at the party and weren't busy canoodling elsewhere. After an initial quick sweep of the first floor, she pulled out her phone and texted Reid.

To: Reeeeeeed
Yo I'm here, not sure if you are.

She purposefully did not ask him if he'd gotten the message containing her secret, knowing he would have. Zari also hoped that he'd be too stoned to bring it up at the party. She was hoping to forget the impending doom while here.