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The Vows of Black and White

The Vows of Black and White


They were left with a hex—one awake, one asleep, one with memory, one without. When it was humanity began to reject the Gods’ affections, they were punished for it. that terrible fate may see its end as two sets of lovers are tested....

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’It was love and it was adoration—a parent’s gentle affections for their dearest ones, their beloved little children....Or, that was what it began as.’


No matter how a parent might fight it, there is no winning a battle against the inevitable hands of time, the hands of the ticking clock that ever marches forward.... No matter what a mother or father might wish, they cannot stop their child from growing up and blossoming into an adult, even if they so wish to. The transition is a hard one for most—seeing their little ones sprout into a person who must carry the same weights they have. But, true parents can accept this change, as their parents before them, and remain at the sides of their child, and give them their continuing love and support when it is needed. When children are young, they cling onto their parents, needing them for everything, craving their constant attention and adoration.

At a point in time long since passed, humans were once this to those called the divine; innocent little children.... Lonely and wishing for companionship beyond one another, the divine gave birth to mortal man and woman, their frail and imperfect children, children whom they would dote over and devote much time to caring for. The delicate little flesh and blood people were indeed as kids, they did not understand the world, and were timid to it and one another, cowering away from one another due to shyness or insecurities, always seeking solace in the comfort of their parent’s presence. But, as time went by, the gods were able to encourage their mortal offspring to interact with other mortals despite their timorous ways, and the divine were able to proudly watch as their children began to connect to another, and grow. Developing kinships with others of their own kind, forming friendships and giving to one another something that the Gods could not yet; love. Though humans were still delicate little souls, innocent and fresh to the world, knowing not of its dangers or the painful part of existing, they still managed to form fragile bonds of love with other humans....

Humanity still clung onto the hands of the divine as a child to their mother, they were regarded as their parents and to the godly, mortals were still their dearest little children. Their attention was still sought out and desired by these naïve little souls.... They did not understand anything yet, though they could give to one another simple love, the complexities of true adoration and warmth eluded these new lives. It was until that jealousy spawned that the mortal children began to grow up. Pain, sorrow and other such negative experiences began to plague the once innocents, tears were shed, arguments occurred, and they began to change—their hearts maturing.


Their understanding of the world was ever flawed, but each child of the godly had spawned into something that none of the holy parents expected—complex and fascinating beings that each had a unique view of life and the world. Mortalkind had become sentient.

As this happened, it became hard for the gods to view their offspring as simple innocent children anymore, the world was no longer so simple to them. They had changed, learned of hard things, sad things, and they could never return to the utopia ways of their births. From being their parents, the divine instead choose a new path to take with their little ones—they choose to walk alongside them as their guides, letting them choose their own paths, but ingraining them with the knowledge that they knew best.

With this, time marched ever forward, the gods treaded upon the same grounds as humanity did, and the latter continued to grow and alter. Coming into their own ever more, their intricacies never ceased evolving—their constant transformations and their interesting ways always captivated those they had been created by, never once had they expected their little children to sprout up so very much, or as they had. And with their ever-shifting ways, mortals began to once again shift in the eyes of the divine, from children, to the guided to something much different.... Humans knew the divine as superior beings, those that had created them, and yet still, Mortalkind had matured, grew up and gave life to their own children. The gods began to see their children as beautiful and handsome beings, and...a new form of affection toward them began to flourish. They began to fall in love with them.


It would happen time and time again, becoming ever more common, the Gods were beginning to take mortals as more than vassals and students to guide; they began to take them on as lovers. They began to love one another dearly, as soul mates. Though some relationships between mortal and divine were pure, truly of love, there were also times when relations between the two were purely acts of lust, of physical desire. No matter of love or lust, often enough, these actions led to the birthing of children who were caught in-between the worlds of their parents, they were neither mortal or divine—they were the demi-gods....

Humanity and divinity lived on like this for quite some time, happily so. Love and lust were acceptable acts between the lines of the two, and not once was there ever a time when a mortal would reject the advances of a god, humanity still viewed them as more than themselves; they were perfection, amazing beings who were undying and beautiful. For what reason would one reject such a creature...?


Well...there were no known humans, or gods who believed that such a thing could happen. Such an act was unthinkable, and it was viewed as impossible, for one to do so they would need to possess something no mortal was yet thought to have; pride, a belief of self-worth higher than that of their view of a god’s worth. To the divine, this was considered arrogance and they did not think their children had this in them, despite how they had grown. However though.... Some did. Within a few humans, such sense of self-worth existed; their hearts were strong enough to refuse the desires of a god, or one’s love. As time began on ahead, this sense became more and more common, humanity turned to themselves for love and lust, pushing their divine parents away.

In this time as well, it also became a commonality for humans to refuse the advice and guidance of their parents—they wished to take control of their own lives over letting another impede.

And though it had become common for humanity to reject divinity and their advances, there was an unknown stigma in doing so. Something hidden, secret from all mortals, even to those who had come under the curse....


It happened with the first of the mortals whom dared to reject a God. This instance may’ve occurred with the worst of the gods possible—the snubbed deity was not a happy one. He was the God of War, a prideful figure who allowed his arrogance to rule him. As far as he was concerned, a mortal daring to say ‘no’ to him was the worst act committable...worse, yet, he was discarded by this human woman for the mortal man she already loved. To be snubbed for a mortal was beyond insulting. And in his anger, he punished the lovers.

And oh, what a terrible penalty it was. Together the lovers were bound in one body, one awake to the world but asleep to the truth, while one was asleep to the world and yet awake to the truth—to their memories of their lover and cruel fate. So, the God began to play his sick game of vengeance in this, the mortal awake to the world but wiped of their memories lived a normal life, laughing, crying perhaps even falling in love with another, all the while their once-love resides within their soul, trapped and bound to a fate of watching their other half go through it all, remembering their life of love and the punishment handed down by the God of War. It would be like this that they two lived, one aware to the world, not know the truth while one lay within, knowing all. In every lifetime, they would exchange places, one out and one within....


As centuries would pass and follow, time and time again, mortals would reject the gods for their then-mortal lovers, and the penalty inflicted upon the first set of lovers would be carried out again, so many, many times....How very many people befell this tragic fate is a number nigh uncountable. Now, many souls carry within them memories of a lost time, and the spirit of their once-love. Into the present day, this has continued to happen to mortals, though the presence of the gods has waned away, they becoming figures believed to only exist within the echoes of mythos and history. Humans live as they do; leading their own lives and believing the world to only be inhabited by themselves. Some souls are ones who befell the fate forced onto those who rejected the gods, though they do not know of this.

Things however, are about to potentially change. Despite the penalty placed onto the humans who had rejected the gods being a fate carried out for millennia, the God of Love himself has recently called upon his brothers and sisters, and uttered unto them a plea regarding the fates of these star-crossed lovers. He wished them to be released of their fates, and allowed to once more meet.

The ruler of the gods was not at all against this idea, however, the proposal was met with resistance from one particular figure....The God of War. The very notion of releasing the mortals who had dared to defy the gods from their bindings was something he scoffed at, and objected to quite openly. Though it had been eons since he had been rejected by the first of the humans to deny a god, he remained ever bitter. His pride still hurt by that mortal woman, he refused the idea of releasing her and her lover from the fate he inflicted upon them.


Though the God of War resisted the proposition brought forth by the God of Love, many of the deities were not completely against it, because of the mixed reactions to it, the King of Gods himself formed, in his mind, a fair compromise regarding the bound souls.

He deemed that a test would be carried forth, those undertaking it would be the very first two sets of lovers who befell the fate of forgetting one another and being spiritually bound together. For the first time in millennia, their souls would be divided back to their original forms, they would be allowed to live at the same time, the musings of fate, the lovers would be made to meet each other again, as themselves, for the first time since before they were penalized. They would not be aware of their pasts, their histories as lovers, nor would they be conscious of the memories from the previously led lives. And through this, the test conjured up by the King of the Gods would begin.

Just what was the test...?

It would be to see if these once-lovers were able to once again fall in love with one another. If even after so many centuries and leading different lives, these four humans were able to love those they rejected the gods for again, then all those mortals who had befallen the same fate as they had would be released from their bindings and allowed to meet their lovers. Because, it would prove that the humans were truly in love....

The love held by humans who were able to reject the gods...was it so strong that it was something even that the divine could not defy? Was the strength in this unseen force enough to subsist through countless eras, into the present day? Can two couples really still love one another from their souls alone?


Our story picks up in the modern day, after the lovers were separated from one another and born again. They have since grown up, apart, and possess no conscious memories of their past lives/lovers, and they are not aware of the fact that they are being tested by the gods. As far as they know, they are just completely normal people, leading average lives, like everyone else in the world. The gods are but legends that only echo through the annals of history. Nothing more. None of these four are at all aware of the fact that they are about to meet the ones they called their soul mates in a life long since over....

The strings of fate are about to be fiddled with to bring these four mortals together, as one commonality will bind them together—the place in which they will reside.

Blanchett Manor; an old home located on the outskirts of the metropolis of Aglaia. Recently renovated by a rather obscure young woman, rooms have been put up for rent here by her...and fate has seen to having those being tested by the gods taking up the opportunity to live here. It is here they will dwell, together, but it will not simply be them.

There are two others whom will also be living here, two people who are not quite so...normal. Who are they? line with his protests against releasing the mortals whom had snubbed the gods, the God of War himself has decided to descend upon the earth as the test begins to ‘overlook’ it. He himself will be living within the home as well, trying his hardest to prevent the lovers from falling in love with one another again, more specifically because one of the women being assessed was the one who had rejected him.

And, the other does not have such ideas in mind. No, no, if anything else, her goal is to prevent the God of War from meddling in the affairs of these four humans. She is a young demigoddess, born of the God of Love himself, she too will be living in Blanchett Manor with the humans and the God of War, watching over the events, and working to protect the hearts of these humans from being tainted.

Together...these six are going to be living within the confines of Blanchett Manor. One can only wonder what will unfold, will the lovers find their lost feelings for one another again...or will their hearts be given to another? And what of the demigoddess and the God of War, living with mortals, what changes will ensue within their souls as well; is it possible that they might find love?


The Characters
There are six main roles required to start the roleplay, I accept reservations, but I’m strict about enforcing a cap time on how long you may reserve without asking for an extension! If you wish to reserve a slot, ask in the OOC thread, reservations last for 48 hours from the time I confirm them. If you need more time than this, post a message in the OOC and I’ll give you a 24 hour extension. If you exceed the 48 hour cap time without asking for an extension, I will open the character slot back up and allow someone else to take it.

After the six main slots have been filled, I will be willing to open up two more beyond them--one male and one female slot, should two more people want to join....

Regarding the roles of the divine, I expect these two to have powers of some sort since they are more than human. The Demi-Goddess and God of War can have powers, by all means, but just keep it within reason and remember that the mortal four are not suppose to know about the test or that they are living with divinity. Also, the mortals are paired up based upon who their past lovers were, the first boy and girl were once-loves and same goes for the second boy and girl.

Remember, just because they might have been lovers before, that doesn’t mean they have to fall in love with one another again!

The Mortal Four

The First Girl
RESERVED by The Lucid Serpent.

The First Boy
RESERVED by Nekohina.

The Second Girl
Cyra Trucian
As played by Kagerou.

The Second Boy
Aiden Foster
As played by MusaMe.

The Divine

The Demigoddess
RESERVED by MysticMelody.

The God of War
RESERVED by code6435.

Those Caught Up In-Between

RESERVED by TnevdaNai.

RESERVED by YuumanN.

Character Skeleton
Code: Select all
[left][size=200]♦ [color=choose color]FULL NAME HERE[/color] ♦[/size]

[color=choose color][u]Theme:[/u][/color] [url=YOUTUBE LINK TO SONG]Song title and Artist Name[/url]
[color=choose color][u]Image Song:[/u][/color] [url=YOUTUBE LINK TO SONG]Song title and Artist Name[/url]

♦ [color=choose color][b]GENERAL INFORMATION[/b][/color] ♦

[color=choose color][u]Role:[/u][/color]

[color=choose color][u]Gender:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Nickname(s)/Alias(es):[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Age:[/u][/color] (In-between 15 and 20; as for the Demigoddess and God of War, please make them look at the oldest in their mid-20’s.)
[color=choose color][u]Love Interest:[/u][/color] (This is not yet needed, so fill in with an ‘N/A.’)
[color=choose color][u]Past Lover:[/u][/color] (Erase this for the Demigoddess and God of War; as well as for those ‘In-between’ characters.)

♦ [color=choose color][b]APPEARANCE[/b][/color] ♦
[color=choose color][u]Height:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Weight:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Build:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Hair Color:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Eye Color:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Scars/Tattoos/Piercings:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Description:[/u][/color] (Just anything that might not be covered in the provided picture.)

[color=choose color][u]Preferred Clothing:[/u][/color]

♦ [color=choose color][b]MENTALITY[/b][/color] ♦
[color=choose color][u]Oddities:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Skills:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Likes:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Dislikes:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Hobbies:[/u][/color]

[color=choose color][u]Phobia(s):[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Sexuality:[/u][/color] (I personally don’t care, but for your character, this is an important bit.)
[color=choose color][u]Personality:[/u][/color] (One paragraph at least please.)

♦ [color=choose color][b]BACKGROUND[/b][/color] ♦
[color=choose color][u]Relationship Status:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Family:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Personal History:[/u][/color] (Two paragraphs at least please.)

♦ [color=choose color][b]OTHER:[/b][/color] ♦

Okay, so the plot to this is clear, but there is this factor; the fact that this roleplay is pretty open-ended. Considering there are mythic figures at work here in the role, IE the demi-goddess and the God of War, I don’t think everything will be so simple. I imagine that there will be some seriously weird stuff happening off and on, wacky things that will be dramatic and funny...if you want to know what I mean, think of Ah! My Goddess.

Toggle Rules

1. As far as posting length goes, I’m imposing a minimum word count per post. I don’t want a bunch of tiny posts, so I’ll ask that you please write at least one-hundred words per post. Also, I expect proper grammar and spelling~

2. No godmodding or meta-gaming. Seriously, no one really likes this.

3. Post as often as you’d like—I’d love it if everyone could post at least once a day, but I know that can be a bit much to ask at times. So, I’d really appreciate it if everyone posted just as much as they could. At the minimum, I’ll be asking for a post once every three days here, if you don’t, I’ll be PMing you about this. Nothing personal, I just don’t want my roleplay to go and die out!

I understand that real life gets in the way of online life sometimes though, so if you can’t post for a little while, please notify everyone in the OOC thread, okay? Then go ahead and try to get your character out of the limelight for a little while so the roleplay doesn’t get all stopped up and stuck. If you can’t do this though, permission will be granted to the other players to ghost roleplay your character to the extent of performing minor actions in order to get them out of the limelight until you yourself are able to return and assume control.

If you are gone for more than five days without proper notification though, your character will be put up for dibs, and one of the remaining active roleplayers will be allowed to control them until you return.

Also, there is no set posting order at all, simply, do not double post.

4. Romance is encouraged here, but not smut. Yes, one of the tags for this roleplay is ‘adult’ as I expect some situations to arise in the roleplay that aren’t exactly rated G. Buuuut, I don’t want full out graphic scenes cluttering the roleplay up, keep the situations PG-13 and make sure you follow the rules of the site too—wrap up kissing scenes in two posts, and keep the stuff separated by five posts in total. If things start taking a turn for the too graphic, FADE TO BLACK and take your hormones elsewhere. I don’t want to log onto the roleplay and find a sex scene or something really smutty. . . . ._.

You can use innuendo and stuff here, but, try not to make it the only thing your character says, give them some more depth than that.

5. As far as violence goes, it and gore are not a problem for me at all, but I don’t want the roleplay turning into some gore-laced horror story, where there is a disemboweled body at every turn, so let’s keep death and injury at a realistic level. We don’t want anyone leaving here mentally scarred, do we?

6. Reserve characters in the OOC thread, remember that there is a cap time for reservations, two days from the time I confirm your request. Also remember this; if you can’t commit to the roleplay, then don’t submit.

7. If you have a question, ask me. ^^

8. Do not post until it stated that it is time to begin, I will myself write the introduction post, and once it has been placed, then it is free game.

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Character Portrait: Aiden Foster


Character Portrait: Aiden Foster
Aiden Foster

And I find it kind of funny and I find it kind of sad The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had And I find it hard to tell you and I find it hard to take When people run in circles, it's a very, very Mad world, mad world


Character Portrait: Aiden Foster
Aiden Foster

And I find it kind of funny and I find it kind of sad The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had And I find it hard to tell you and I find it hard to take When people run in circles, it's a very, very Mad world, mad world

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Aiden Foster
Aiden Foster

And I find it kind of funny and I find it kind of sad The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had And I find it hard to tell you and I find it hard to take When people run in circles, it's a very, very Mad world, mad world

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Re: The Vows of Black and White

Yeah, I really have no excuse for taking so long on this thing people, I'm gonna say sorry for the umpteenth time and simply say now that this will take off in the near future, if you all feel like sticking around for that, then I would appreciate it. = =

Re: The Vows of Black and White

Things are getting better, slowly but surely so. ^-^ I'm actually at work on my character right now, she might take a bit to actually finish, but she is being worked on.

Re: The Vows of Black and White

Free time is the best time. I hope things get better.

Re: The Vows of Black and White

No, this isn't dead, things are just going unfortunately slow due to real life deciding to interfere with my time. XD I promise, I'm gonna be getting this thing going this week...I only work two days this week in total, and I'm off the rest of them, so I'll finally have some real free time here~

Re: The Vows of Black and White

This hasn't died yet, right? :c

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Okay...sorry for the bit of the absence here, but my life's been a bit all over the place the last couple of days, nothing serious, but just all over the place. XD

Re: The Vows of Black and White

Did I hear the mentioning of additional background characters? I'd be happy to help there (yes totally being a whore in wanting to be part of this) that is, of course assuming any of them actually need a face.

Re: The Vows of Black and White

Sent in my sheet. It doesn't really look promising, huh?

Re: The Vows of Black and White

Dum dee dum~ Still waiting~

Re: The Vows of Black and White

Okay, so that makes more sense, and well in truth, I can see that possibly happening...I do have some interesting plans for some stuff in the future, but how that might affect other characters I don't know, I know that it will have some sort of impact on my own character.... I do plan on creating some more of the 'Gods' and giving them faces, personas and whatnot. However, as far as 'action' goes, I don't really yet know about that..... Hmm, I suppose that if you've seen it, think of Ah! My Goddess for the tone and theme of this roleplay, that anime does have in it some seriously epic and crazy battles between the Goddesses and Demons, and other figures here and there at times, so I wouldn't say it was impossible for the Gods to have instances of having powers collide, or raging, etc.

And I'm up for PMing to get things more sorted out at any point in time, however, since neither knows much of the other's character beyond what is stated in the Intro.... XD Aha..... The relationship between the Human and the God of War, I don't know if it would've been much of a 'relationship' since the Human was already in a relationship with the man she rejected the God for....

Yeah, you might want to send the sheet it now.

Re: The Vows of Black and White

Hmm... By actions, I meant fighting. As in powers collide, or the Gods rage and so on. Like Bleach or Naruto.

Yeah, that. I guessed it would have been you. xD Now, for the letting you know part... Basically I don't have to ask as since the story even included how the God of War and the human female had a relationship. No matter how we want to avoid it, we must still mush in the histories. So, let's start the PMing! And somehow annoy the shit out of other people with my lame assed character. xD

Should I send in my sheet first? I'm already done with the most part, and now I just need to fill the history, which I would be cooperating with Lucid.

Re: The Vows of Black and White

Don't worry, I make sure to take good care of myself, at least good enough to not faint.... XD

And, what do you mean by 'actions' Code? I don't really understand...and also, if you want to cooperate about history regarding the God of War and the mortal woman, let me know, cause technically speaking, it was my character who would've snubbed him. ^-^;;

Re: The Vows of Black and White

Alrighty. Please don't forget about us! We'll wait eagerly for your return. Haha.

Re: The Vows of Black and White

Take care, okay? We don't want the GM fainting on us now. xD

By the way, are you planning any actions in this?

Also, do I need to co-op with the human female that my character fell in love with and do a history according to it?

Re: The Vows of Black and White

And triple-post.... Okay, so I'm going to have to be honest with everyone at the moment and say that Fia might take a couple more days for me to finish, I'm not up to finishing her tonight. I did make some headway on her though, but I have to work the next two days, then I'm off at least Friday and Saturday, but tonight is a no-go because I did not sleep right due to some circumstances regarding my mom...her back went out on her, so I've been helping her all day, and I thought I had to drive her to the doctor's this morning, so I got up waaaaaay early for that, only to find out that my stepdad was taking he, after that I could barely sleep. XD

I think I am on like five hours of broken sleep right now.... So please, excuse me for the time being,

Re: The Vows of Black and White

Oh, and by-the-by, if anyone wants to add me to Skype perchance...I'm jakuri-chan on there.

Re: The Vows of Black and White

I am making you no promises...but you have nothing to worry about, you look to be a fantastic writer. ^-^

Re: The Vows of Black and White

Please don't just make my writing abilities look like crap! Please! Haha

Re: The Vows of Black and White

This roleplay is going to definitely be really fun...I'm still working on my character, Fia, I've played her before and I'm sort of reimagining her for this roleplay in truth, but still, she'll be fun. XD