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The Voyage: Grand Charlotte

The Voyage: Grand Charlotte


A man is running from his past by setting out to sea. He takes refuge on a ship named Charlotte in this world of pirates, dragons, and magic.

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Twenty-Third of July

I have resolved to begin a set of journals so that I may remember this voyage as it happened and not as I remember it.

I am to set out on the Rose Sea tomorrow. There is a ship named Charlotte coming into port. I met a friend the other day who told me about this ship. He said, as best as I can remember it, "Charlotte, ye' see, is a grand ol' gal. She been in more waters than are known, ye' see." There was something in his toothless grin that really made me want to run, but I do have to say that this Charlotte ship sounded pretty grand.

I intend to return on the fourteenth of October, in total a three month journey.

~ Sebastian Bancout

Twenty-Fourth of July

I have been waiting at the docks on the south end of the mainland as my toothless friend has informed me. I am unsure whether this ship has already come by or not. Whatever the case I am not on it and I shall return tomorrow to see if it has arrived.

~ Sebastian Bancout

Twenty-Fifth of July

I returned like I had said but alas it was late in the day by the time that I had arrived at the docks. I had attempted to worm my way out of an Inn bill, as you see I have very little in my coin purse. A bit fortunately for my feet, as the price for running from debt tends to be forceful removal of the feet from the legs, in these parts of the nation, people have more use of services than money. I struck a deal to wash the dishes, and the sheets, and the rooms of the Inn. It was close to evening dinner by the time I had made it to the docks. Every person that I have spoken to so far has shared a similar sentiment about the blasted ship; it probably sank at sea.

~ Sebastian Bancout

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Twenty-Sixth of July


Today is the third day since the arrival date of the ship Charlotte.

I have determined this morning to try once more to locate this ship. It is very important to me that I find this ship. If I do not then I run the risk of getting caught. I can not say much more about the matter for I must be on my way to the docks if I wish to escape from this place. Perhaps I may find a ferryboat in place of this mysterious ship.

~ Sebastian Bancout


That is it, I give up. I have been searching up and down the coast hoping to chance upon a ship with letters that read Charlotte along the side. But the only boats that are in this small dock town are small local fishing boats, small boat sails, and little canoes piloted by little children. None of these simple planks of wood would last a trip up the river much less survive a three month journey across the Rose Sea.

~ Sebastian Bancout


I can not stay long to write for I believe that the Charlotte has come to port!

~ Sebastian Bancout


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Twenty-Seventh of July

The most peculiar thing has happened to me today, I dare say it was most strange indeed. But I do beg pardon for my lack of detail in the last entry and I have determined that I should write in depth about the events of the previous night before expanding on this strange sight I have witnessed today. Perhaps a bit of reflection might bring to light what this mysterious event means, yet perhaps I may only leave off where I begin, scribbling nonsensical words about hallucinations and sea-sickness. As to the happenings of yester-evening and today's morn, I must address now before they slip my mind and become yet another simple memory clouded by perception and hind-sight; as I said before I have resolved to record this voyage as it happened and not as I remember it.

Events of the Twenty-Sixth of July

I was sitting on a bench under a tree atop a hill that overlooks the southern docks. There was a strong wind coming from the East, and with it I could see horses bearing the royal blue on their backs, they must have been twenty miles out. In half an hour they would arrive at the small dock town Ostville, the town below me. I had been gazing out across the bay all but defeated; I had given up on the Charlotte. I sat, readying myself for the gallows, prepared to end this quest as soon as I caught wind of the no-show ship. As I had mentioned briefly before in a quick scribbled line that I had possibly seen the Charlotte at last, I swear to you I witnessed a ship rise up from the ocean itself at a great distance from the shore, slowly and with ease. It was at the point the great open sky, dotted with whimsical clouds, fell and met the broad expanding sea that I observed this wonder. I am no stranger to sea-ships and ocean waves, but to watch a massive ship adorned by three proud masts fully bellowing crest the ocean horizon at near dusk, just took my breath away. The wonder! I have been wanting of this sight for so long that it seemed I had become so entranced in my own imagination that, after a while, I began to see several more sails appear upon the horizon. I did not think that these ships were possible. They were, at the time, only images of my hopes.

Soon I could hear shouts from the docks below. My curiosity, coupled with the continuing existence of the seafaring ships along the ocean horizon, brought me to walk into town. There were scores of people running about. There were children running down towards the docks along with every dock worker in town. People milled about to see what has never been seen at these small docks; four large sea ships coming into port. I can not express how spectacular the scene was before me, but alas I shall try and I only hope that I will butcher the view as little as possible. These four great ships, and already I do them no justice, slid across the sea parting the water with their strong decorated bows. Each ship, though built for similar purpose, was different in design. They each sported three large masts that held fast to the sails and each seemed to have plenty of cannon ports dotting each side. This is where the similarities end. The first ship was distinctly different from the other three sea ships trailing behind. It seemed more lean, less bulk to weigh it down, more slender and less cumbersome, giving it a very defined impression of agility and cunning. The other three ships I could tell were not related to the first, not in make, nor affiliation either. They seemed to radiate power, boasting large bodies and heavy walls, even their bows seemed to do more plowing through the water than the easy cutting of the first. No I do have to say that even then, only looking upon them and their movements, I could tell, even without my current knowledge of their alliances, that they were not sailing with the first of these sea-ships, but rather on closer inspection appeared to be watching and tailing it.

From this observation only I decided that this first sea-ship must indeed be Charlotte, that grand ship I heard of from my toothless friend, who coincidentally at that moment appeared in my view, the only stationary figure on the dock among the bustling crowd.

I must halt for now in my writing for I have some business to attend to but I shall return soon to finish this entry, and hopefully begin about the tricks my eyes are playing on me.

~ Sebastian Bancout

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First Journel: The Charlotte by S. Bancout

First Journel: The Charlotte by S. Bancout by RolePlayGateway

First Journel: The Charlotte by S. Bancout

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I'm interested too. Count me in. Just let be know what this is about

Re: The Voyage: Grand Charlotte

This is more of a running story that I have decided to write. I got tired of all the bad RPs that never take off. I can't even trust one other RPer to be involved in my RPs because they will inevitably leave quickly after. IF you REALLY would like to join my story then you need to PM me and we will talk further then.

Re: The Voyage: Grand Charlotte

I'm very interested in this!!!!! What characters are you looking for exactly?

The Voyage: Grand Charlotte

This is the OOC topic for the roleplay "The Voyage: Grand Charlotte"

If I decide to take on others to this story we will have most of our discussion here in this thread.

If you would like to join and help me then please PM me and we will talk.