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Rowan "Roe" Naranjo

"Don't lose hope yet, we're still breathing".

0 · 227 views · located in Walking Dead Universe

a character in “The Walking Dead: Colorado Chapter”, as played by Zombicide93


Character Sheet:

Username: Zombicide93
Character name: Rowan Naranjo
Nicknames: Roe.
Group Preference (any characters you'd like to be grouped with or separated from in particular?): Rowan prefers to be around people or at least a person who talks more than he does since he's not one to start a conversation, it offers a balance for him. Though he can tolerate nearly everyone, rudeness and those with low or no moral value will eventually grind on his nerves.

Class: Scout
Ability Scores (total of 35 -- noncombatants have a total of 38):
Perception- 7(+1)
Agility-7 (+1)
Skills (total of 3 skill points, expended into skills -- noncombatants have a total of 6):
Outdoorsman level 2( level 1 herbalist)
Level 1 weapons expert
Class bonus: Level 1 rogue.

Appearance (at least two descriptive paragraphs): Rowan Naranjo stands a bit below average height for a male at five-foot seven-inches, and has more of a lean, athletic runners body than a tall, stout weight lifters build. Though not overly strong, Rowan is quicker than most, using his size to outmaneuver the slow and clumsy undead as well as navigate areas where most can't. Rowan has medium length jet-black hair, which comes down just below his hazel eyes in the front, just below his ears on the sides and just above the middle of his neck in the back. The color of his eyes, hair, and the lightly tanned complexion of his skin is due to his Italian heritage, mixed in with the native Mountain Utes of the Colorado Mountains. In appearance, Rowan looks more like a light-skinned Italian than he does Native American, but he shows great pride in his mothers Ute bloodline, by the dream-catcher tattoo on the left side of his chest, as well as a large wolf covering half of his back.
When it comes to clothing, Rowan tends to wear things such as loose fitting cammo pants, leather work boots, cammo jackets and dark colored shirts, clothes that would make long travels and long durations in the Colorado wilderness a bit more bearable, though he does have casual clothing such as shoes, jeans, and a hoodie for his trips into the more urban areas before the Infection.
Rowan, despite his size, may come off as a bit intimidating to strangers, especially the way he looks at someone, it seems as if he's a predator, studying prey(not on purpose, mind you.) And when he's relaxing, or in deep thought, he doesn't seem to move, which can be unnerving to some.

Personality (at least two descriptive paragraphs): Rowan is the typical "strong-but-silent type", more of a listener than a talker, and preferring to keep quiet and listen to the world and people around him, making him a great observer, or a shoulder to lean on if you need him. usually he's quiet, but will talk if spoken to, and will even be the one to initiate conversation if he likes you enough, though you would probably need to listen closely, since he tends to speak quietly. Though he may seem neutral and his sense of humor dry and off-beat, Rowan is very caring and capable of doing both great and terrible things to make sure his friends are protected.
Because of his Grandfather, Rowan's sense of morality and justice are so profound, he will go out of his way to help someone, or provide care, and will speak out against something he feels is wrong. By nature, Rowan isn't a complainer, he just tends to deal with the situation at hand, and make due with what he has. It's hard to make Rowan laugh or smile, because he feels any reason for him to be happy and feel the joy for life was taken from him before the infection, and if your able to get him to crack a smile or even chuckle, then you've earned a valuable friend. When it comes to stressful situations, Rowan generally attempts to remain calm and level headed, and even though he may be a man of few words, when it comes to confrontation, Rowan would rather employ diplomacy over violence any day, but he won't hesitate to crack some skulls if he has to. Overall, hes easy to get along with and if you earn his loyalty, he will lay his life on the line for you.

History (at least two descriptive paragraphs -- this can include childhood through 1 month after the infection): Rowan was born in Detroit to Valerie Naranjo, a Ute woman who worked as a nurse in a hospital in the Downtown district. Rowan never knew much about his father, except that he abandoned Rowan and his mother before Rowan was born, never to be seen again, the only reminder of his absent father is Rowans appearance, a reflection of the man who abandoned him. Rowans mother did well in raising him, keeping the young man out of trouble as much as she could and making sure he was getting a good education, determined not to let him end up like the rest of the young "thugs" who roamed the streets at night.
One day, Rowan's mother never came home. Later that night, he received a phone call from the hospital his mother worked at, stating that she had been shot in a gas-station robbery, and died in the same hospital she worked at later that evening. Rowan was sent to live with his closest blood relation, his estranged Ute Grandfather Quray Naranjo, a man his mother rarely spoke of and who lived solated in the dense forests in the Colorado Mountains. At first his grandfathers isolated life style caused the two of them to butt heads, seeing as how it was a drastic change, going from living in a busy city surrounded by noise and people, something Rowan had grown use to in his young-adult life. Over time, Rowan came to enjoy the peaceful and quiet of the Mountains, even after his grandfather passed away when he was 23.
Rowan continued to live alone, using the skills Quray taught him to be self sufficient, hunting and gathering his own food, and repairing his own equipment. He never would've known about the infection if he hadn't have left the Mountains and discovered the carnage left behind by the walking dead.

Weapons and Equipment (note that all weapons and ammo must be approved by me): Hand-crafted Ute hunting bow ( About the same length, accuracy and range of the average longbow), Leather quiver, 15 arrows. woodsmans hatchet (capable of hacking through a human skull, but better used as a tool) 9-inch hunting knife.
Two pencils and a sketchbook (he likes to draw)

So begins...

Rowan "Roe" Naranjo's Story