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The Walking Dead: Episode 1: Bad to Worse

With the Survivors


a part of The Walking Dead: Episode 1: Bad to Worse, by Technomancer.

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Technomancer holds sovereignty over With the Survivors, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Default Location for The Walking Dead:Episode 1:Bad to Worse
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With the Survivors

This person is currently with the group.


With the Survivors is a part of The Walking Dead: Episode 1: Bad to Worse.

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Christopher Parkings [18] "This worlds a disease...And im curing it one bullet at a time."
Dutch Kingsman [13] "Our humanity is the only thing that we can still hold on to. That is something to treasure."
Aislin Doran [13] Oi, you best shut up now. You could cause a pile-up going on like that.
Sam Bryant [12] "Yeah...this is going to hurt."
Red Flowers [9] *stare....gum pop*
Katherine 'Kate Harris [8] "We told them it would be ok..and we were so very wrong"
Troy O'Donnell [7] "Like my father always said, it's never too late to kick someone's arse."
Matt Hendricks [5] "You don't agree with me? Well we might have a slight problem.."
THE NARRATOR [2] Will occasionally give a general overlook of the setting and events.
Samantha [0] h-hello...

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#, as written by Sinkai
Of course, the second things start ta' look up the bloody wall crashes in. Lovely.

Aislin tightened the straps on her pack as fast as she could before reaching for her AK 47 automatic knife. It wasn't a very long knife, so she'd have to work twice as fast to avoid direct infection via a nasty bite. Not to mention it would hurt like a bitch, and the chances escaping after one grabbed me are little to nothing. Plus, I'd be shot after that bite, no doubt about it. Then again, the adrenaline in my bag has the potential to- Aislin's thoughts were stopped short as she became aware she was face to face with a repulsive blood-spewing zombie. She wanted to freeze, petrified with fear. But she didn't have time for that. Her body instantly went into survival mode. Twisting her torso to the side so she was facing down, she lifted her leg and shoved hard, sending the undead abomination back away from her face, out of her danger zone. Immediately memories of all her kickboxing classes flooded her memory, and then all contemplation of the situation left her head. There was no thought process. Her instincts took over.

Flicking the knife in her hand out, she dove forward, running low to the ground until she was upon the walker she kicked down. Within an instant the knife was lodged into his eye socket, and she pulled it back just as quickly as she had been upon him. Next thing Aislin attempted was to swing her right leg up, following an invisible arch as her left hand planted on the ground to steady herself. Sure, she sort of hit one walker in the jaw, but the next one was a larger man. Her foot hit his stomach, stopping her motion instantly. Rebounding off his body, she lost her balance and fell back on her elbows. The fat fleshy being started towards her, scratching her leg in the process of pulling her body towards his mouth. After releasing a short scream, Aislin's other foot made contact with his face. A satisfying crunch signified she had hit him hard enough to break his nose, perhaps even splitting his vomer. She didn't waste time. She rolled back up onto her feet, dashing towards the ambulance that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Dodging zombies left and right, she finally made it to the vehicle and grabbed the woman's hand, hoisting herself into the back.

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Character Portrait: Aislin Doran Character Portrait: Katherine 'Kate Harris Character Portrait: Christopher Parkings Character Portrait: Sam Bryant Character Portrait: Red Flowers
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Red Flowers

Several things happened at once, but Red didn't process them until later. All that mattered was reaching that ambulance. The man who had shot down the zombies around her was helped by an older gentleman and she followed the older one's instructions to follow. In no time, he had taken hold of the woman's hand and leaped into the ambulance and stumbled nearly to the front of the vehicle. The driver there looked hurried and panicked.

Twisting about, Red saw more nearly to the ambulance. She didn't know these people, she owed them nothing. Except that man who helped her, the one with the sunglasses unfortunately. Rushing forward, she two stretched out her hand, urging them to hurry up onto the ambulance. "Don't got all day!" she called, eyebrows furrowed, waving the last few forward. The two other women who had safely reached the van seemed just as eager to get everyone on board, but not as impatient. Red nearly growled and shouted, "C'mon!"