Eva Clarkson

A junior Naval Officer thrust into command of the worlds's most advanced submarine.

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a character in “The Walking Dead: Online”, as played by Ragnarök


Lieutenant Eva Clarkson



- Profession: Naval Officer
- Specialization: Navigation and Weapons
- Portrayed By: Demi Moore
- Age: 27
- Gender: Female
- Height: 5'9
- Weight: 185 lbs
- Ethnicity: Caucasian
- Tattoos/Scars: None


- Strengths: Calm under pressure, self-assured, highly intelligent
- Flaws: Quick temper, sarcastic, worries about how her male crew members view her


- Fears: Drowning, being alone, failing in the submarine service
- Aspirations: To become the first Female Chief of Defense Staff in British History
- Dominant Emotion: Duty
- Demeanor: Eva is a woman in a mans world and has to fight tooth and nail for everything she has gained. She doesn't know the meaning of the word quit and will do anything she must to attain her goal, as long as it does not sacrifice her personal integrity. She prides herself on being an excellent Officer and seeks to out preform her male colleagues at every turn.
- Quirks/Oddities: None
- Skills/Proficiencies: Highly skilled Naval Officer in the fields of Navigation and Weapons. Holds her bridge watch keepers ticket and served in the Royal Marines when she first joined the British Military. She is proficient in the use of small arms and most communications devices.


- 9mm Sig Saur pistol
- Naval Uniform and Duty kit
- One Astute Class Submarine, crew and affiliated weapons


- Born in Manchester, England as the only daughter of Admiral James Clarkson, and twin sister to Spencer Clarkson of the SAS
- Attended the University Officer Training Core
- Joined the Royal Marines at 18.
- Served one Tour of Afghanistan
- Transfers to the Royal Navy and joins the Submarine Core
- Posted to the newly launched HMS AMBUSH for sea trials.

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