Lucas Wright (NPC)

A man on his last gamble.

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a character in “The Walking Dead: Online”, as played by Captain Calamity


.: Lucas Wright :.
"Lou, Luke, Knuckles"



 Profession: Bartender / Bare-Knuckle Brawler
 Portrayed By: Tom Hardy
 Age: 33
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'0"
 Weight:197
 Ethnicity: French American
 Tattoos/Scars: Tribal tattoos on shoulders and back.
 Hometown: New Orleans, LA


 Strengths: Brawler, Natural Conversationalist, Strong Swimmer.
 Flaws: Weakness For Women, Hot Temper, Grudge Holder.


 Fears: Losing His Taste Buds, Starving To Death, Spiders, Being Alone, the Saints losing.
 Aspirations: Own his own restaurant, get married, have children, buy a bitchin' car.
 Dominant Emotion: Cool
 Demeanor: Luke is your typical sports fanatic, smoke-blowing, testosterone-driven tough guy you could imagine. He ain't all bad though. He carries himself quite well, actually -- despite the natural stoop to his broad shoulders. Too many days stooped over a bar pouring drinks. He's naturally chatty, both when he has something to say and when he doesn't. The guy has an opinion on most things, but don't worry -- you'll hear about 'em. Around people he doesn't know, Luke is a little more reigned in. He knows the right conversation point to test whether a person wants to talk about and is all around very socially conscious -- despite his own overbearing nature. He is quick to argue, quicker to make a bet on something, and always down for a drink. Luke always settles his debts and doesn't put up with anybody he doesn't have to -- and if you're alright by him -- you're all good. Friends of friends welcome too.
 Quirks/Oddities: His obsession with cigars.
 Skills/Proficiencies: French, Spanish, Motorcycle Use, Basic Automotive Repair, Cigar Knowledge, Rifle Use, Boxing, Kickboxing, Alcohol/Beverage Knowledge, Sports Knowledge, Intermediate Guitar, Darts, Pool, Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Intermediate Culinary Knowledge, etc.


 Has his gold class ring from UCLA from when he played 2nd string quarterback.
 Always keeps a knife on him -- and a wine key.
 Has a pair of sunglasses that he takes everywhere.


 Born in New Orleans to a dental receptionist and a sous chef.
 Constantly getting in trouble as a kid for fighting and stealing.
 Gets involved in child's therapy. Mother's idea.
 Parents separate. Luke moves to California with father.
 Luke finishes school locally and begins studying for a business degree at UCLA.
 Tries out for and makes UCLA's football team as 2nd string quarterback.
 Barely graduates from college and gets a job at father's restaurant in Hollywood.
 Attends bartending school in spare time and picks up various jobs around LA.
 Gets a DUI on a drunken Halloween bender in 2008.
 Father dies from heart attack; buried back home in New Orleans.
 Takes up boxing; gets involved in underground fighting and gambling.
 Pulls an all-nighter the day before the outbreak -- one in which he was supposed to work a double. He still counts himself lucky.
 Falls in with the Capitols when his bar is overtaken by walkers and he is forced to evacuate.

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