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The Walking Dead: When the End Comes

The Walking Dead: When the End Comes


It started out slow. Small towns and the like. And then it just... spread. It's been so long since then. We don't even know if there are any other survivors. Maybe it's just us. {{AMC's The Walking Dead Roleplay}}

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It was unexpected, the end of the world. It was a scenario that so many prepared for yet it never came. Until it finally did. And even then those who had "prepared" for it were powerless in the wildfire of an apocalypse that swept the world. In the first few weeks, most of us were oblivious. It was kept quiet and us, being the ignorant citizens that we were, listened to the government when they told us it was nothing. Yeah, nothing. We were ignorant of it until it was literally clawing at our front door, breaking down our fences. We all know what I say when I say "it". I'm talking about them. I've heard so many names for them. Zed-Heads, Walkers, Freaks, Biters, Geeks, Zack, Ghouls, Infected. But there's only one sort-of-offical name for them. The Walking Dead.

Author's Words: Welcome to the world of The Walking Dead Roleplay. Now, for you all, a quick overview of what's been planned out so far. Mind y'all, the things here might change in the future as new writers come in: The story is set at the end of Season Three- which, after a good hour or so of deliberating, I'm going to put it at around 10 months after the initial widespread outbreak. It will not follow the shenanigans of our favorite cast of southern survivors; rather, we'll be starting off with our own group of survivors from a bit further north who have ventured down south in avoidance of bitter New England winters. They'll make their way down through the East Coast. Starting in South Carolina and down and into Georiga Country. Of course, there will be a lot of stuff and thangs along the way.

Eventually, though, this one ragtag group of survivors will encounter the Prison. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for them, it's already been inhabited. Whether these two groups will come together or go to war, we will decide.

And hopefully, there will be lots of Daryl.


Welcome to the New World. No, not that explorer crap from centuries ago. This is literally a new world. One where things like hope and faith are hard to come by and a chance is a lot to ask for. Sometimes morality has no place, and you have to find the balance between helping yourself and helping others. Death is so close that you can almost feel him. Every second of every day. In this world, no where is truly safe.

The threat in the beginning was obvious. The Walking Dead, coming to take over the living. Honestly, I have no damn idea how they ever managed such a thing. They're just so... slow. But deadly. And they never stop coming. You know what? Take back what I said earlier about having no idea how they won. I know perfectly why.

It doesn't matter. They're here and that's that. They're simple to kill. A nice, clean (or dirty) blow to the head will finish them off. There are, though, some things that I've noticed. First of all, the cold slows them down. We saw this further north. It can actually freeze them if it's cold enough. Literally solid. Like a bunch of Walker-cicles just standing there. I suppose it has something to do with how we freeze- only they don't die from it. We do. Second is that lack of food or something sort of makes them... bored. They don't react as fast or sometimes not at all. Unless you catch their attention directly. Sadly enough these kinds of Walkers are few and far between. Most of them have had a good meal in the past couple months.

It's not the Walkers that we really have worry about anymore though. It's the living. The ones that can still run, talk, survive. The ones that can think. We've come across a few other groups like ours. Especially when we raided that military arsenal up in Virginia. They were nice. Some others weren't. It's luck of the draw. I just hope we come across our safe haven soon.


Author's Words: In this RP there will be two main survivor groups- Rick's Group (The Prison Survivors and Woodbury Deserters) and The OC Group. Rick's Group will not come in until after a small period of time and in the meantime before that all the Canon roles that people want to play will be handed out. Though, for obvious purposes, I'd rather someone who's seen the show extensively to play them. Don't go asking. Especially when it comes to Daryl (I can already see it coming). Similarly, for those of you who enjoy Canon/OC relationships keep in mind the personalities of the Canon's. Rick's not going to just be shacking off with anyone just that quickly.

But enough of telling you what to do (I promise it might be over), I'll explain the OC group. There will be 9 slots to start for the group. 5 male (Counting the glorious Colbert himself), 3 female (4, actually, but one is automatically reserved for your's truly. Please don't hate me!). More survivors can be added in to join the OC group while they are (unknowingly) en route to the prison. They just won't be a part of the original group.

Things like food and water will be kept track of in Narration-type "Journal" entries that I'll throw in. For example, if the entry says "We've begun to run low on canned foods", that means that the characters will then have to begin to search for food.

Now, a few character rules:

1.) Face Claim changes are allowed. Totally allowed. Except for the Canons. Now think to yourself of the things I have been through that have caused me to need to say that. Now feel sad for the future of Humanity.

2.) This group raided a goddamn military arsenal- they'll be packing some heat, but nothing too serious. Assault Rifles at the most, honestly, and possibly a grenade or two to liven things up. Though not too much ammunition. Unless you decide to have a character hauling ammunition for the rest of the group. Nonetheless, keep in mind that this will affect them in-character since a backpack full of ammunition is neither easy to navigate nor easy to carry (IT'S HEAVY, GUYS!).

3.) In reference to the above, have fun with what your character has on their gun. But keep it realistic to what these people would be able to use and nothing too... OP. Means that underbarrel Flamethrowers, grenade launchers, and Masterkeys are strictly prohibited due to lack of fun because of how quickly you could eliminate Walkers. Things like Optics (nothing too fancy), foregrips, stocks, flashlights, and laser sights are free game.

4.) Keep their histories realistic. No super-ninjas or World-champ MMA fighters. These people will come from all walks of life. And yes, they can be hunters if you wish to emulate everyone's favorite redneck. BUT I'M CUTTING THE LIMIT AT TWO. Police and Swat are also sketchy for me, since throughout the entire series I've think we've seen a whole two of them, but they're much more likely to pass.

5.) The Face Claims are coming primarily from series that have the survival and post-apocalyptic aspect to them, so don't be surprised if you see a wealth of FCs from the same series. (As of right now, no images will be accompanying the Face Claims due to issues with layout and whatnot.)s

6.) Have fun with them!

Code: Select all
[center][img]Image or GIF of your Character here[/img][/center]
[center]Something your Character would say here[/center]


[b]Full Name:[/b]
[b]Date of Birth:[/b]
[b]Former Occupation:[/b]
[b]Position in Group:[/b] What do they do for the benefit of the group? Do they cook? Are they a scout (Like Glenn) or a Hunter (Like Daryl)? Are they the ammo hog?

[b]Personality:[/b] I want a good description. A good paragraph or so.

[b]Appearance:[/b] What type of clothing do they wear? What do they like to wear?



[b]Weapon(s):[/b] Maximum of FIVE. 1 Primary (Rifles, Shotguns, Etc), 1 Secondary (Handguns, Revolvers, Sawn-Off Shotguns), 1-2 Melee (Depends on size. You can have a large melee weapon and a small one such as a Knife and a Bat, or two small ones like knives. Never two large ones). If I think that your character is carrying too many hard-to get or high-grade weapons, I may ask you to change a few.

[b]Equipment:[/b] Again, if I feel that your character is carrying too many pieces of equipment (Binoculars, Compasses, etc) or very hard-to-get equipment, I may ask you to change. If a type of equipment comes in bulk or in numbers (such as flares), please denote the quantity. Ex. Road Flares (x6).

[b]Apparel:[/b] Backpacks, Vests, Camouflage, Flash glasses, tactical gloves, anything they would be wearing.

OC Group

Male 1~ The Group Leader~ Face Claim: Alexander Skarsgard~ Reserved
Male 2~ Survivor~ Face Claim: Drew Roy~ Open
Male 3~ Survivor~ Face Claim: Daniel Dae Kim~ Reserved
Male 4~ Survivor~ Face Claim: Taye Diggs~ Open
Adair Bryant~ The Handy Man~ Face Claim: Jensen Ackles~ Taken

Female 1~ The Second-in-Command~ Face Claim: Sarah Carter~ Reserved
Female 2~ Survivor~ Face Claim: Rachel Nichols~ Reserved
Female 3~ Survivor~ Face Claim: Saoirse Ronan~ Open
Female 4~ Survivor~ Face Claim: Rose McGowan~ Reserved

Rick's Group

Rick Grimes~ Actor: Andrew Lincoln~ N/A
Glen Rhee~ Actor: Steven Yeun~ N/A
Dary Dixon~ Actor: Norman Reedus~ N/A
Hershel Greene~ Actor: Scott Wilson~ N/A
Carl Grimes~ Actor: Chandler Riggs~ N/A
Tyreese~ Actor: Chad Coleman~ N/A

Carol Peletier~ Actress: Melissa McBride~ N/A
Maggie Greene~ Actress: Lauren Cohan~ N/A
Michonne~ Actress: Danai Gurira~ N/A
Beth Greene~ Actress: Emily Kinney~ N/A
Sasha~ Actress: Sonequa Martin-Green~ N/A
Karen~ Actress: Melissa Ponzio~ N/A


1.) Respect the Roleplay Gateway rules first before anything. Got it?
2.) Characters will die over the course of this RP. Don't join if you aren't willing. And, if you wish to kill off your character, please notify me first!
3.) I am asking for Semi-Literate Writers. I'm not asking for a lot, but at least 250 words minimum. I swear, it really isn't that much!
4.) That being said, I'm asking for mature writers. The Walking Dead is one of the goriest shows on television. Let's not tarnish that reputation. As a follow up, this RP will also include Swearing, sexual themes (Fade to black when it happens please?), lots of violence, and alchohol and drug references.
5.) Reservations will last 48 Hours with a 3-Hour leeway. Please make your reservations in the OOC. Trust me, I don't bite :P.
6.) You may or may not be asked to take a character of the other gender if the ratio is that bad. Believe me when I say I've seen a 2:1 Gender Ratio. It's ridiculous. Don't join if you aren't willing to change if asked.
7.) Check your grammar, spelling, sentence structure, everything. Your writing doesn't have to be perfect, but I want it to be the best you can make it. I want as few errors as possible.
8.) Reserve password is Seattle.
9.) Enjoy Yourself and be nice! It may be okay for our characters to be assholes, but not us. Be friendly. None of us will bite. Promise!

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Character Portrait: Joanne Harvelle
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Character Portrait: Joanne Harvelle
Joanne Harvelle

"Pardon me, but you're obviously mistaking me for someone who gives a damn"

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Character Portrait: Joanne Harvelle
Joanne Harvelle

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Re: The Walking Dead: When the End Comes

Can I reserve the third female slot please?

Would it be alright if I dropped in the character I wrote for a Walking Dead 1x1 that almost got off the ground?

I can submit her tomorrow if that's acceptable.

Re: The Walking Dead: When the End Comes

Annnnd he's up. I changed the FC to M Shadows. Just let me know if I need to fix anything.

Re: The Walking Dead: When the End Comes

I just reserved Slot Three for you, on a whim.

Re: The Walking Dead: When the End Comes

I would also like to reserve a spot. A male please, whichever number. I think I'll change the FC. Not sure about who I'll pick though. Seattle : )

Re: The Walking Dead: When the End Comes

It's reserved for you, legacy.

Re: The Walking Dead: When the End Comes

Ambrosia, I believe you are my savior for the day! I was just thinking how I wanted to join a Walking Dead rp a few minutes ago.

Anyway, may I reserve OC Group's Male 5 slot? I'll keep the FC the same for now. Seattle!

Re: The Walking Dead: When the End Comes

Oh, that's perfectly fine, Shadow.

And reserved, Dreams :).

Re: The Walking Dead: When the End Comes

Existing character of mine. One that I've used several times in the past, just have to edit some things and change some gear.

Re: The Walking Dead: When the End Comes

Hey, can I reserve female 4, but change her face claim to Rose McGowan? Seattle!

Re: The Walking Dead: When the End Comes

What do you mean by existing character, exactly?

Re: The Walking Dead: When the End Comes

Oi, may I reserve OC male one. Seattle! Meep! Anyways... May I change the face claim? And I need to ask you about his history in PM. He's an existing character.

Re: The Walking Dead: When the End Comes

You may. The Outline is up now. I also added a reserve password (how I forgot to before, I'll never know) but I'm going to trust you read everything ;).

Re: The Walking Dead: When the End Comes

May I reserve Female 2? I'll have the CS up tomorrow night, if you have the Outline up by then :)

The Walking Dead: When the End Comes

Welcome to the world of The Walking Dead