Aster "Siren" Thrace

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Name: Aster Thrace

Nickname/Call Sign: Siren

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Aster is a woman that has been shaped by hardship and loss. She is very loyal to those she names as friend and would do almost anything for them. She is also haunted by the past and what her anger and loss has driven her to do. She is a woman who seeks to move on from the past but still can't forgive it.
Aster can be a mess at times but she tries to keep a calm face in front of others.

Aster was born on a small colony world called Paroni. It was a peaceful farming world that was covered mostly with farms and ranches. Aster was born into one of the few non farmer families on the planet. Her father Victor was a fighter pilot for the Paroni Defence Force while her mother was an engineer for the colony. Life was peaceful and Aster grew up only ever hearing of war on the news. it was something far off. All Paroni ever got was the odd pirate attack that PDF would handle with little fuss.

When Aster came of age she didn't follow her parents' lines of work. She set out to become a singer hoping her music could lift the spirits of those in the war torn Universe. Her career was budding when news of war coming closer reached the ears of Paroni's government. Aster soon found herself enrolled in training for a Militia force. Aster proved to be her father's child acing the flight training to become a Militia pilot. Due to her budding fame as a singer she was given the call sign Siren.

About a year later war came to Paroni brought on the backs of two warring fleets that decided that they both needed Paroni. The PDF was no match for the super powers' fleets. As the Steria Republic and Detian Empire turned Paroni to a wasteland Aster could only watch in horror as her home her whole life was burned before her eyes. The PDF called a retreat. As what was left of Paroni's people searched for a new home Aster and her squadron searched for revenge.

For the next Ten years Aster's Wrath Squadron became a terror to both The Sterians and Detians striking from an old Carrier that they named Siren's Song. The Siren's Song was her home for those long ten years of revenge. But then it all ended there was nothing left but ruins as the war ended with a bang. With nothing left to fight for Aster finally set course for what they hoped would be home. New Paroni a small settlement on Codoria made up of what's left of her people.

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Aster "Siren" Thrace's Story


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Lumina who was previously paying attention to her superior would now find herself catching sight of a large war machine hovering through the city. "R-Ro-," she muttered, the first utterance she has made in quite some time. The mouse of a man had likely crawled away by now, likely to evade any kind of fee for the... likely mutant nurse's services.

"What was that? No, never mind, I can see it from here. Just ignore it, we don't get involved with... automatons," the doctor said to Lumina, a clear tone of discontent at mention of the machine. It was no mystery that the doctor had little to no regard for mechanical entities, aside from as tools, machinery to him would never replace the delicate subtleties of biology. "Besides, who knows, it may mark you as a threat or something. You wouldn't exactly radiate a human signal, regardless of noble intent. Best to be on the safe side and return immediately."

Lumina sighed, but wouldn't be disobedient, and took off again at a decent pace, keeping watch on the machine for any movement. Her destination was to make her way back to the clinic, the supplies in tow were of importance to maintain the medical machinery, and... other facility operations.