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This is a list of locations that can be found in The War After.

Scrapyard City

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Just on the outskirts of Scrapyard City, a worn down building barely stood above the dust, a worn insignia on the door, D17, designated its previous functions as a subterranean research facility. Thanks to the crash, however, much of the lower levels have fallen into ruin, along with much of the staff, leaving only the upper floors still accessible, now functioning more as a... somewhat dubious medical facility. Pretty well the only living human that remains in the facility is Doctor Hayden Addler. To the very few that know him, he's a strange but kind man, to others, he is seen as a mad doctor cast straight from the tales of Frankenstein. He stood at the sliding doors of the facility, mouth covered to protect against the dust, awaiting Lumina's return with the supplies, while keeping a watch. Now that she had incentive, she hurried along, exiting the city and skidding down into the wastes at a quick pace to her superior's position, all handled with more grace than typical of a human. The doctor knew what he was doing, sending her instead of any others to retrieve supplies. She was perfect for errands, a sleek delicate form in appearance that does not inspire fear, while still strong enough to carry back any needed supplies. She stood in front of the doctor, materials in tow. [color=teal:cskeq1rd]"hAy!"[/color:cskeq1rd] she yelped joyfully in an endearing, if not somewhat shrill voice. [color=blue:cskeq1rd]"A bit late, aren't you?"[/color:cskeq1rd] Hayden asked rhetorically, folding his arms and giving the nurse a stern look. She, in turn lowered her head. He sighed and rubbed his forehead. [color=blue:cskeq1rd]"Well..."[/color:cskeq1rd] he continued, shrugging his shoulders and softening his tone, patting her on the head. [color=blue:cskeq1rd]"I'm... sure you had your reasons, but you know how important these parts are. These cannisters should keep things going for a while longer,"[/color:cskeq1rd] he said, taking the bag from Lumina, straining a bit and nearly stumbling back from its weight. Lumina shudders, ready to help him should he stumble, or at least continue carrying the bag for him. [color=blue:cskeq1rd]"I'm... fine! This is nothing!"[/color:cskeq1rd] With that the two prepared to enter the facility. Hayden taking a glance back at Scrapyard City as he headed in. [color=blue:cskeq1rd]"Just goes to show you, though... machines are such a clumsy reliance. That is why I take liberties to make a few confiscations here and there to make sure something doesn't blow up. Safety, my dear Lumina, it save lives, whether they appreciate it or not."[/color:cskeq1rd]

A ‘major’ city

The Wastes

Anything not inhabited or devoid of life is known as The Wastes