Kayla Bartley

"These vamps and werewolves will not win"

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a character in “The War Between Kinds”, as played by Bella Enchated



Face Claim - Willa Holland

Gender - You really need to ask? Female.

Age - Still young, 18.

Likes - Singing, reading, having fun, dancing

Dislikes - People who think their perfect, bugs, school

Personality - Can't you just find out by yourself? No, ok. She has a kind, shy type of personality always wanting to help someone out and make them feel better and happy about themself. She can always be found with a smile trying to cheer people up.

Apperance - You can't see for yourself, are you blind? She has curly/wavy brown hair and emerald green eyes.She has a skinny, curvy body catching the eye of many guys. She has a tattoo of a heart on her stomach and her name on her wrist in cursive.

History - It really doesn't matter to you. Growing up, Kayla has lived with her strict father after her mothers death. She stays locked in her room most of the day so she doesn't have to see her father. Her heart was once broken by a vampire when they were acting human. She found him kissing another girl but he was only tricking her for blood. Ever sinnce she has not been the same and her father has not helped.

Extra - She is a human, loyal to humans, hates vampires from what happened with her ex.

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Kayla Bartley's Story