Belca Orhaldi

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a character in “The War for Forever”, as played by Bani


Name: Belca Orhaldi [Also goes by Linna, but very few people know that nickname]
Gender: Female
Role: Female Guardian 1
Appearance: Image

Skills: -Can manifest a real illusion of anything preconceived.
-Can summon and control deadly animals such as poisonous snakes or wild dogs but they take her own life force to manifest and maintain.
-Can temporarily increase her combat capabilities to an extreme level (but not invincible). When using this ability. the whites of her eyes take on a violet glow. But as a cost of these enhancements, Belca's life force is used up more quickly than usual and there's a danger of her dying if she doesn't stop at the right time.

Personality: Belca is cursed with an almost crippling shyness, to the point where she goes out of her way to avoid people. But if she feels someone needs help, or sets her mind to something, she becomes very determined and WILL achieve it. She's very even-tempered and laidback. Once one gets past her shyness, she's quite optimistic and intelligent, but she hates it when somebody praises her because it only makes her shyness re-appear. She has a passionate love of guns and swords - and practically all types of weapons.

History: Belca was the product of an unwed union and though her Father adopted her, her step-mother gave her Hell. When she was seven she ran away to her real mother, who promptly denounced her. Wandering around alone, she was picked up by some kind people and directed to an orphanage, where she grew up.

Likes: Snow, Books, Cooking, Plants, Fresh water, Rain, Music, Painting, Guns, Swords.
Dislikes: Salt water, Mean people, lying, being patronised.

Crush: Male angel 2

Others: Nope.

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