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Gregory James

WIP to the 'not so much' extreme.

0 · 127 views · located in Fantasy Setting with a few twists

a character in “The War of Bloody Mary”, as played by Missing Link


" Am I grumpy? I might be. But I think sometimes it’s misinterpreted."
-Harrison Ford


To anyone how looks at him, he has an appearance of power. He usually stands strong (with the help of his cane at times), and his expression is monotone when no one speaks to him. He appears very rather very calm, and there is a hint of mystery around him. He is a puzzle that no one can figure out just yet. He towers over most because of his height and so, he can be intimating and the amount of clothing he wears, doesn't help that either.

Hair: Dark brown straight locks that contains volume is usually very well kept the majority of the time. He keeps it combed and brushed back away from his face the majority of the time. He enjoys wetting it with water to finish that smooth shiny appearance.
Facial Hair:Depends. He enjoys the feeling of facial hair every once in a while. The feeling of his hair on his face makes him feel masculine and powerful at times. It also gives him a reason to be more lazy and relaxed. Most of the time, he is face is bare like a babies bottom, not to mention very smooth.
Eyes:On a slowly aging face, there is the beginning signs of aging on the corners of his eyes, but in the middle, the lines are terribly deep from the stress and frustrations he carries.
Build:He is very well toned. Some may say that his head is awkwardly small compared to his body. He is proud of his body and all the hard work he had put into his body, even all the hair he has on his body.
Skin Tone:He is Caucasian, but he isn’t pale like snow. He holds a bit of color within his skin. His skin doesn’t turn red as a lobster when he is outside under the sun, he simply tans.
Height:He stands about six feet and two inches tall.
Weight:Since he is pretty tall, he also weights quite a bit. He weights about one hundred and eighty four pounds. The majority of his weight is contributed from his muscles.
Voice:Deep, yet smooth when he speaks. Being a male with a heavy build, his voice is naturally deep. When he yells, it can be very intimating and rough.
Handed:He has the capabilities of using both, but he naturally prefers to use his right hand.
Body Markings: He received the marking of the Peid Piper on his chest and over his heart, after he stole the flute of the original Peid Peter. He is hardly ever seen without clothing because of this fact.
Scar Tissue:A couple here and there, but not too much that needs to importantly identified.
Unique Body Features: He appears pretty normal; if you ignore the mark on his chest.

Gregory James

Everyone around he calls him Grumpy behind his back. He notices the nickname after awhile, but he just doesn’t give a damn to fight about it.

Grumpy: the man with a possessed magical flute.
One of the Seven Six Elites


Visual Age
Late thirties perhaps.

Factual Age
He is in his early forties. Unlike others who seemed to have an unnecessary youthful appear at such an age, his appearance shows the years he had lived.


Sexual Orientation
This could be a mystery to most if they haven’t known him for a very long time. He has a strong dislike towards women, but he doesn’t care much about men. He seems to have no interest the the matter of making love or have any attraction to anyone really. No one can really catch his attention anymore.


A man who speaks his mind, that is who he is. He doesn't care if he harms someone's feelings. He can be very blunt to anyone if necessary. Although, at birth and most of his childhood, this type of behavior was not part of his personality or life style. As a child, he was very sincere and kind to others. He smiled to everyone, even to those he perhaps disliked. He enjoyed everyone’s presence, but after years of being taken advantage of, his personality as a child was removed and replaced with a more rough personality. He doesn't value the gender 'women' very high and he believes that all women are subconsciously evil. The Queen has greatly affected his life and his mentality over how he views women. He can be very rude to those he doesn't care for or those he distrusts. He doesn't trust many people, but to those he do manages to trust; he would die for them if it's for a cause he agrees with. That being said, he is a very honest person overall. If you wondered what people thought about you, simply ask him and he will tell you, whether it could hurt your feelings or not. Gregory is a man that is easily angered, but he is slowly learning to control his temper. Over the ages, he had began to notice that releasing his anger all at once isn't the right thing to do. It is becoming a strain on him and it shows on his face and how he walks. Since he had noticed this, he is beginning to make himself become more acceptable to idiotic conversations, annoying appearances that creak with an annoying sound every time they speak, etc. He tends to daze out a bit more when he is being spoken to by someone or something he dislikes. His mind tends to travel to what else he might be doing and that the person or thing that wants his attention is simply wasting his time. Although he appears very pessimistic about the world around him, he sometimes catches himself daydreaming of peace and of the days of his youth.

Gregory is a person who can become easily flustered or embarrassed. Although he continuously rejects the idea that he is embarrassed, he had always been a person that is flustered easily. Since his childhood, he would always become flustered or embarrassed when a woman or man flirts with him whether it is playfully or with seriousness, or when he is being scolded. His reaction to being embarrassed or flustered is completely different than how he was when he was younger. He had changed dramatically from a quiet, respectful child to a short tempered, loud adult. It was during his teen years when he decided to not take anyone else’s crap and to not show his weak side as often anymore. He is a man that had lived through many things despite his age. He may not be the oldest man in the book, but he sure as hell feels like he is at times. Every waking morning for Gregory he only wishes to be still asleep, perhaps it’s because of his laziness or his insomnia, but he usually feels tired all the time which could lead him to becoming crankier.

Truly however, Gregory is not all that bad. He has a soft spot for children and would protect them immediately if he saw a child was to be harmed. Ironically, he is most protective over female children. His reason behind that is that every little girl he sees reminds him of his own daughter who was taken away from him. If he is babysitting a child, his personality lightens up and he will even play the child music or create small folktale plays for the child. To see a child smile always seemed to make his heart feel at peace. Although he is very protective over children, he ironically holds a burden of being the Pied Piper’s next generation. The flute was passed to him after he took the flute without knowing he will be claimed by the flute as the new owner. He regrets and despises the fact he had became the Pied Piper, but he has no other choice but to uphold the title that was given to him. Not many people know that he holds of flute of the original Pied Piper, only a selected few hold this knowledge about him.

When he is with children, his personality as a youth comes out and he is very fatherly. Instead of being a grumpy man, he is more calm and more understanding. He tends to smile much more. Children is what he always desired to have and so being around them, he feels content and happy. If someone wanted to have his approval, the easiest way to get his approval is if there is a child nearby. Gregory most definitely does not want to show his rude side to children, so he holds his temper much longer than if there was no children around.


  • He is very quick to judge a woman by first impressions, but he is judges more loosely with men. With the believe that all women are evil.
  • He tends to mock other people like a child when he is annoyed and then laugh later about it.
  • Despite his low class upbringing, he is very intelligent and enjoys learning knew things. He particularly loves reading, math and philosophy. He can become very curious to learning new material from other people and would sometimes has that person to teach him what he wants to learn.
  • He has a strange obsession over apples. He hates them, completely and utterly is disgusted by them. At times, he would even lie to children that offer him apples and say he is allergic to them and then would later say something along the times of, "you shouldn't eat them, they are evil."

Moral Alignment
Lawful Neutral

"Beware of beautiful things. The most beautiful things are usually the most poisonous."

He wants the Queen dead. She is a threat to society and a threat to the children. He also has a strong motivation to please children and to protect them.

Losing Control: He fears losing control over his flute and using it to kill children like the previous owner did.
Being alone: Although he seems to not enjoy company, he secretly does want to have someone next to him, but because of his temperament, he tends to push many people away.
Losing his belonging: He wasn't always afraid losing what belongs to him, but after a certain incident, he keeps prized possession locked up and safe for no one to steal.
Naked: He hates the idea of being naked in public.

He wants the Queen dead and someone that can rule the land with peace and not with fear to take her place. Because of her, his view over women had been tarnished greatly. He would also like to have children of his own, whether it be related to him by blood, or by adoption.

Children: He loves being around them and to hear them. Every child reminds him of the child he once had and he longs for that special relationship everyday.
Tea: Oh he likes tea. Particularly ginger tea or a tea with a very strong taste. He socializes with the Hatter on occasion because of this even though he finds him annoying to the point Gregory wants to strangle him to death; but if he did that, he would spill his tea and so he doesn't even attempt it.
Reading: The only time he can be at peace when he is around many people. When he is reading, his attention is no longer on the people around him, but within the stories of his books.
Maps: He loves adventures and would leave the town in search for new places.

Women: Particularly beautiful women that chatters a lot. He believes that if a woman is too beautiful, that woman is evil.
Apples: He finds them absolutely disgusting.
Money: Although he has plenty of it, he gives it away easily.
Curious People: He absolutely hates it when people as about his history. If he wanted you to know, he will simply tell you.

Manipulative: Not only because his personality is strong and intimidating at times. He is the Pied Piper and with his flute, he can make anyone who hears it follow his songs.

Arms: He spent most of his youth as a miner. That being said, his is in shape, but his arms are extremely muscular and powerful, despite his appearance.

Care Taker: Yes, he enjoys taking care of people, particularly children, but he will take care of adults as long as they don't talk too much. He is no doctor, but he picked up a little here and there on to how to help heal someone. He can be more like an assistant.

Six Sense: He can sense when something bad will occur and will give warnings to others either through his flute or vocally to their faces.

Temperament: Because he is short tempered at times, it his hard for him to get along with the average person. He speaks his mind almost all the time and this at times can get him into trouble.

Children: All his barriers are down when he is with children. He doesn't want a child to be used against him because he would have no idea what to do. He is still traumatized by his past.


Head Although he doesn't not wear a helmet like soldier's do, he does wear a top hat to keep his head nice and warm. He has an admiration for top hats and finds them stylish.

Neck He likes to wear scarfs as a form of tie. Usually it would be made of the finest silk, but at times it will be made of cotton.

Chest He is a very heavy clothed man. He usually wears a white undershirt, with a nicely decorated vest, the jacket that matches a lot with then vest and then a his heavy leather trench coat. Enough protect from the cold and perhaps some protect from running into pointy objects. He also has a hand watch that is attached to his vest. This area is the most covered location on his body.

Back Perhaps everything on his front, just backwards.

Arm/Shoulder The continuation from his matched outfits.

Right Hand When outside, he will wear a glove on his right hand

Left Hand When outside, he will also wear a glove on his left hand.

Right Accessory Nothing really.

Left Accessory He uses a cane. He helps his balance and keeps his back straight. Not to mention, it also makes him feel powerful.

Waist Nothing from the usual. This is also the location where he carries his flute in his multiple of pockets.

Legs Pants that matches his vest. He is rather stylish.

Feet Nice leather shoes that are always shiny.

Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Hand-to-Hand Combat: [Excellent]- After years and years of dealing with confrontation because of his temperament, he had learned how to defend his words, although it wasn't by choice, it just happens. Living as an orphan as a child had made him early on to figure out how to defend himself from others.

Melee Combat: [Excellent]- He is extremely talented with a pick axe. That was his job ever since he was a child until he struck riches.

Armed Combat: [Poor]- He prefers not to and he finds that it is harder for him to use his pick axe when he is wearing too much material. It makes him slower.

Magic Combat: [Perfect]- He inherited the powers of the Pied Piper and he had learned over the years how to use it to his ability. **Keep in mind, he only has magic combat abilities when he has his flute with him, without his flute, he doesn't know any other magical spells, but good luck and trying to take that away from him.

Mounted Combat:[Very Poor]- He rather walk, thank you very much. To him, it's extremely painful to ride a horse or cow or donkey (anything of the sort) between his legs, especially something the makes him bounce. He has horrible balance on them too.

Manipulation and Hypnotization: The moment his lips hoover over the hole of his flute and he breathes in, the Pied Piper's music comes out. If you can hear, you will be trapped within his music and your mind will no longer have control over your body. You body will move with songs that are played and it will follow the sound of where it came from.

Open Gated Illusion: To those who follow will only see a place of happiness, the place of where they always desired. This is where his music leads, this is where you must follow. Each location appears differently to the victims, but the location is all the same. Once trapped inside, death only awaits for them and they are never again able to leave, but simply rejoice that they are finally where they longed to be.


A hand watch locket
Leather Gloves
A cane
Some candy
Music Book
One fountain pen

His hand watch locket

Beautiful scarves with all types of patterns and colors. Most are made of silk, but he does have a handful of cotton made scarves.

Weapon Name: The Pick Axe
Weapon Type: Axe
Material: Iron and ash wood
Ammo: What?
Length: 3.75 feet
Weight: 2.5 pounds
Weapon Description/Info: It's very sharp. It's a pickaxe that can break through stones.

Weapon Name: Pied Flute
Weapon Type: Magical
Material: Enchanted oak wood from the darkest forests. A curse.
Ammo: Invisible to normal eyes. Sound waves.
Length: 2.19 feet
Weight: 1.37 lbs
Weapon Description/Info:


Mainly Divore, but at times travels to Ebone.


Marital Status

He is an orphan.
He did have a daughter to him he believes has been killed by the queen.

He is from Ebone

Social Rank
Upper Class. He worked his way up.

Retired Miner



So begins...

Gregory James's Story