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King Arthur Pendragon

"As long as I draw breath, Ebone shall not fall."

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a character in “The War of Bloody Mary”, as played by WAAAGH!


King Arthur Pendragon


"With blade and lance, we meet our destiny."


Worded Description

Hair: Short, white hair. At one time it was a rich lively brown, but time dwindles away all things.
Facial Hair: A large white beard that is neatly trimmed. His mustache is a dark grey which does throw off some people off.
Eyes: Arthur has deep, brown eyes.
Build: At one time, Arthur was a fit warrior, but in his old age, his body has started to get weak. His shoulders are still broad, but years of sitting at his table and feasting has made his waist start to expand. While he is not fat, he is starting to develop a little bit of... cushion.
Skin Tone: His skin is lightly tanned, but has an almost... worn tinge.
Height: 6'1, he is an imposing king.
Weight: 231...
Handed: Right
Body Markings: None
Scar Tissue: A few scars here and there from the battles against Bloody Marys Armies.
Unique Body Features: None

Name King Arthur

Nickname Lion Heart, Lord of the Round Table, and The First Knight

Title King of Ebone

Race Human

Visual Age He appears well into his late 50s early 60s

Factual Age Arthur is 54 years old.

Gender Male

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual


Personality Arthur is a man of convictions. He knows what he stands for and will die for them, but like all mortal men, especially the men of the Pendragon line, he has failed himself before. Arthur is not a forgiving man and is especially hard on himself not allowing himself to forgive his adultery from decades ago. How could he expect others to follow the ideals he set forth if he can not? He feels like he has not earned redemption for his failings and so is always trying to make it up to his wife... she deserves that at least.

Arthur is a stubborn old man who refuses to admit his age has got the better of him. Being the king, his knights and subjects do not really have a say about it, so Arthur tends to get his way most of the time. For his faults, Arthur loves his people, and while not betting the smartest man of the Ebone Kingdom, he tries to do what is best for his people to see them through this dark age. Arthur is holding on to one last hope that has keep him going despite the crushing weight of a falling Kingdom, a fathers hope. He wants to see his daughter once more. He wonders how she turned out, if she is like him? If she is like her mother? It is a fragile hope at most.

Hmm: Arthur rubs his beard when deep in thought.
Self-Righteous: Arthur holds himself to a higher standard and expects others to match those standards.
Sexist: Deep down, Arthur believes it is a mans duty to protect women as they are the weaker sex and need to be protected.

Moral Alignment Lawful Good

Virtue/Creed The Ebone Knight Oath that he created:
"A knight is sworn to valor.
His heart knows only virtue.
His blade defends the helpless.
His might upholds the weak.
His words speak only truth.
His wrath undoes the wicked."

Motivation Arthur is motivated by his duty. His people are constantly in danger, and he has to be strong to protect them.

Fears Losing, His people being slaughtered, old age, Mordred, and not being alive to see his daughters return.

Goal To dethrone Bloody Mary, bring light back to the world, destroy his 'son' (Mordred), and to see his daughter once more.

- Feasting
- Conversing with his subjects and knights
- Riding his warhorse
- Watching Tournaments between his Knights
- Adventure

- Disloyalty
- Riddles
- The Hatter, its nothing personal, he just finds him to be extremely frustrating.
- Aging
- Bloody Mary, Her pup Dorian, Mordred, and anyone who rides under their Banners.


Excalibur - One of the most powerful magical weapons in the world.

Love of the People - His people love him and are willing to follow him even to death.

Experience - Arthur has a lot of experience in the art of warfare.


Old Age - Simply, Arthur is getting old. His body is not what it used to be.

Chivalry - Arthur will never act dishonorable and must obey the rules he created.

Pride - Arthur refuses to admit he has gotten too old for personal combat.



Head Arthur's helm has a large griffon perched on the top. The Helm was crafted to give maximum perfection which lowers his field of vision considerably.

Neck N/A

Chest Steel plate. The steel is well-forged as it was made for the king, but a determined foe with a blunt weapon can turn it inside out in no time. Over his armor he has a tabard bearing the heraldry of the Pendragon family.

Back Same as the chest, a steel plate.

Arm/Shoulder Simple steel platearmor.

Right Hand Steel gauntlet

Left Hand Steel Guantlet

Right Accessory N/A

Left Accessory A Large Kite Shield that has the Griffon painted on it.

Waist N/A

Legs Thick steel platemail. Since Arthur fights mounted, the armor around his thighs and feet are far thicker than most other types of platemail. It gives him added protection when mounted, but severely lowers his mobility on foot.

Feet Thick steel grieves

Rating System

[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Good

Melee Combat: Good, at one time he was Excellent, but his reflexes and strength had diminished with Age.

Armed Combat: Good, Same as above, at one time he was Perfect, but age takes away much.

Magic Combat: Very Poor

Mounted Combat: Perfect, His age has not reflected in his horsemanship.

Natural Talent
Leader of Men: Besides being a King of a Kingdom, Arthur is an inspirational leader who his troops idolize, his knights emulate, and his people love. His soldiers and men, while under his command, seldom flee from terrible odds, and fight with renewed vigor. The sight of the King on his griffon is said to be a good omen by the superstitious peasants.


Excalibur: The Magical Blade of King Arthur. It has the power to disrupt magic a powerful weapon against the Bloody Mary and her forces that said it disrupts all magic in his vicinity, so even friendly wizards will find their spells difficult to cast.

Griffon Rider: King Arthur rides into battle atop the powerful griffon, Deathclaw.


He does not tend to carry much with him as a king, anything he needs can be brought to him.

Memorabilia N/A

Accessories N/A


Weapon Name: Excalibur
Weapon Type: Longsword
Material: Unknown, it is not known what metal Excalibur is forged from, but it resembles steel.
Ammo: N/A
Length: 4 feet
Weight: 5 pounds, Excalibur is extremely light
Weapon Description/Info: On first inspection Excalibur appears like any other steel blade, but that is where the resemblance ends. Excalibur has its own unique sound as it is swung. It creates a soft humming sword as it caresses the air and slices through flesh. The handle seems to be forged just for your hand giving the wielder great control over the large blade with one or two hands.

Weapon Name: Lance
Weapon Type: Lance
Material: Wood with a Steel point
Ammo: N/A
Length: 12 feet
Weight: 14 pounds
Weapon Description/Info:



Kingdom of Ebone

Marital Status

Son: Mordred
Daughter: Princess with the flower birthmark
Half-Sister: Morgana Le Fay - Deceased
Wife: ----
Father: Uther Pendragon - Deceased
Mother: Igraine - Deceased


Social Rank
King of Ebone

King of Ebone

The fable of King Arthur is known by all people of Ebone from the lowest peasant to the noblest Knight for it is his legacy that they carry. The legacy of honor and virtue, but every legend, every legacy, every story has a beginning. Arthur was not born into a loving family, no, he was born into a... rather strange situation. Arthur's father was King Uther Pendragon of Ebone, and he was in love with a beautiful woman named Igraine, but she was already married to a proud warrior of Ebone named Gorlois, and together they had a young daughter by the name of Morgana Le Fay. At first, Uther fought the desire that tore at his heart, but temptation is a cruel thing, and a mans heart even more so. Desiring Igraine, Uther sent Gorlois and his men on a suicide mission against the dreaded Bloody Mary's army. Knowing it meant certain death, Gorlois still rode out for his honor would demand no less. Needless to say, brave Gorlois met his end at the hands of the wretched undead that served the Bloody Mary... and before his body was cold, Uther took Igraine to bed and then to the altar.

Many whispered of the foul deed, but perhaps more importantly was how it effected young Morgana. Only 12 years old she had lost her father, and her mother had jumped into the arms of a new man. Still, she plastered a smile and tried to become a daughter her new father and king would love... Igraine became pregnant a few months later and gave birth to Arthur Pendragon, many peasants say that when Igraine saw the face of Arthur, she saw the bravery and nobility of Gorlois and wept for the betrayal she had done to her true husband. Later that night, Igraine took her own life. It was the final straw for Morgana as she believed, and rightly so, that it was Uthers fault her dad died, but also he was the cause of her mothers death... She became reclusive, staying in her room most of the day and rarely venturing out, and became all but forgotten by the King who grieved over his wife, but celebrated his new son and heir. Truly a bittersweet time for Uther Pendragon.

When Arthur was but four, Morgana struck out in vengeance. Having been pushed to the edge of depression and loneliness, she tried to strike at the cause of it all: Uther. Sneaking into his room, she intended to plunge a dagger into his black heart, but was caught by the guards and screaming she was brought before Uther. The sight of the young woman, sickly pale from the hours of seclusion in her room caused pity to well in Uther's heart, and in stead of having her executed, the usually punishment for treason, he had her thrown from the castle and banished from the lands of Ebone. His moment of weakness would become a terrible mistake, but how could Uther foresee such a thing?

Arthur being only four, forgot all about the sister he barely knew and continued into his happy existence ignorant to the war waging on and blood being split. At twelve years of age, Arthur was a strapping young boy, with lanky arms and a bright smile. He was widely beloved by guards, servants, and teachers alike for his polite nature and hungry for knowledge. He was seen as the light of the castle... and under such praise he glowed. It was at this time that Arthur also discovered the egg that would become his faithful Griffon, but that is a different tale for another time.

It was at 18 that the kingdom had to undergo one of its greatest trial, The death of Uther Pendragon. The king had met his end on the battlefield against a neighboring kingdoms forces, it is whispered that Igraine got her revenge... but it is also said Gorlois got his revenge, but what do the peasants know? They are a superstitious, uneducated lot. Nonetheless, the kingdom fell into the hands of a boy just reaching manhood, but it was worse still, at the news of the death of Uther Pendragon, neighboring kingdoms forces pressed on deeper hoping to strike and finish off the weakened kingdom, but little did they know that a hero such as Arthur had risen to the throne of Ebone. Numerous, bloody battles were fought, but the forces of Ebone led by Arthur managed to beat back the dark tide and hold the line once more. The kingdom had survived once again.

With the temporary reprieve, the kingdom looked to take a breath and return to a normal state of affairs, but Arthur would have none of it. Instead, he brought upon the age of Reform and created the Ebone Oath that all true warriors follow, and so the great warriors later to become known as Knights were born. Arthur forced all nobles to train both their sons and daughters in the arts of war, combat from horse, and the concepts of Chivalry and Honor. It was in this time that Arthur created the Round Table, a collect of the greatest Knights of the kingdom that spoke to the King as an equal. The knight caste was born to help young knights to find their place in the kingdom and have goals to reach, and they were: Knight Errant, Knight of the Realm, the very few Pegasus knights (Technically hold the rank of Knight of the Realm), and finally Knight of the Round Table, an honor few knights ever claim.

For the first time in decades, Ebone had hope at a brighter future, and the people prospered. Arthur got married in his 24th year... and it was soon after that, that Arthur shattered his own honor. At 26 Arthur was met by a woman who was a true beauty. She was smart, refined, elegant.... everything a man could want. Her name was Guinevere. Although he was married, he had trouble resisting the beautiful woman's advances, no matter how terrible he felt about it or how he promised himself he would have more control.

Drunk with love, he laid with her, and thus another mistake was born from lust, the curse of the Pendragons. The next morning, Arthur was met with news from his steward, an old man who had served in the castle since Uther was just a boy, and he recognized the once sickly pale youth for who she truly was. Morgana Le Fey. The thought that he had slept with his very one sister was a blow he was not prepared to take. Flying into a rage, he confronted his sister, but she begged for her life, and Arthur... how could he kill her? She was his sister... and he had loved her as disgusting as it was, and so the son repeated the mistake of the father and banished Morgana, but she had gotten what she had wanted all along....

In his 34th year, the Bloody Mary sent forth her demand... She wanted all the baby girls of Ebone! Such a thing was unthinkable, not to mention, Arthur would never surrender his own child... who was the one she was looking for. Rising up, Arthur lead his forces against the armies of Bloody Mary, but the war did not go as planned. Bloody Mary's power had grown beyond the level he could match, and her armies were vast, so in desperation, Arthur sent his young daughter away... knowing he may never see her again.

20 years have passed, 20 harsh years of sorrow and pain for the people of Ebone. Their king was getting old, the numbers of the enemy were growing, and worse, the news of the rise of the Bloody-Handed One... Mordred. The story was known of how Arthur was tricked by his vile sister, but no one expected the union to bear anything as twisted as the monster that served Bloody Mary. With the black prince rising, and their princess having still not returned, the people of Ebone... have lost all hope for survival.




Hair: A'sair's lion coat is a pale tan, and his feathers are a dull gold.
Eyes: Bright green eyes that hold a shimmer of intelligence.
Build: A'sair is a powerful creature with thick cord like muscles running along his body.
Height: 5 feet from paws to back, 7 feet from ground to head.
Weight: Well over 400 pounds.
Body Markings: ... Does a beak count?
Scar Tissue: A'sair is an old Griffon that has seen many battles. He has various scars that run across his body.

Name A'sair

Nickname Deathclaw

Race Griffon

Age 42

Gender Male

Flight - He is a griffon...
Loyalty - While A'sair is not a sentient creature, he was raised by Arthur and so feels a deep connection to him. Arthur is the only human he allows to ride him. Should Arthur fall in battle, A'sair will become enraged fighting friend and foe alike.

Flight - Again, Griffon...
Combat - A'sair is a powerful creature with sharp talons and claws. He is far more deadly then a horse or even many warriors in close combat.
Tough - A'sair is a tough beast able to shoulder and fight on all, but the most deadly of blows.

When flying into combat A'sair is dressed in special armor just for him. It is thin steel designed more to deflect arrows then axes and hammers, it covers his chest, head, neck, and legs. On his beak, a metal cover is attached and at the end it is sharpened allowing A'sair to tear into enemies at a much faster pace then with simply his beak.


A'sair was found by Arthur when he was only 12, and A'sair merely an egg. Arthur was always a curious child and kind, so took the egg not knowing what it contained and kept it warm and safe. A few months later, a young Griffon hatched. Griffons are rare creatures living only at the tops of stiff canyons and bluffs, so Arthur had no idea how a Griffon aged, what they ate, how big they got... no one truly did, but even so, Arthur endeavored to raise the Griffon himself and took to calling him A'sair or 'gift' in old Ebone. Arthur quickly discovered many things about his new friend: he ate only meat, could fly after four weeks, and did not like water. When A'sair first started to fly, Arthur's father wished to lock the Griffon up so that it would not leave until trained, but Arthur refused such an idea. Such a noble creature should not be bound in chains... if A'sair wished to stay then he would, and he did.

On Arthur's 18th birthday, A'sair was a fully grown griffon, but still he would not allow Arthur to ride no matter how hard he tried or how he tried to bribe until finally one day, Arthur resigned. He would never ride A'sair, never soar through the clouds on wings of gold, or so he thought. In Arthur's first battle against a neighboring kingdoms forces, the forces of Ebone broke and fled the field leaving Arthur behind in a tide of enemies. Wounded and bleeding out, Arthur prepared to meet his fate when a piercing cry caught his attention, A'sair had come to save his friend. Descending from the skies, he tore the enemy apart with claw, talon, and beak, but even A'sairs fury could not match the numbers of the enemies forces. Acting on instinct, Arthur pulled his beaten body onto A'sair, and the griffon jumped into the air and away from certain death. Arthur finally got to sail through the skies on wings of gold.

Many years have passed and many battlefields. Many are unsure of how old griffons can be until the succumb to death many claiming they are immortal, but Arthur knows different. Having fought alongside his ally for many years, he could feel the change. The slowing of reflexes and weakening in muscles. A'sair was getting old just as he was, and soon the mighty griffon would pass, but most of the commoners, knights, and even noblemen believe that when Arthur dies so shall A'sair defending his masters fallen body until the end.

So begins...

King Arthur Pendragon's Story