Nikota Caron

"I'm getting bored of this. Can't I just go out and be like a normal person?"

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a character in “The War of Ember”, as played by Alvetric


Name: Nikota Caron
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: French (France)
Race: Ember
Personality: Nikota is an optimistic individual who is someone who is known by her friends to always pick cheer someone up when they're down. She always wants to make the people around her happy, she believes life should be enjoyed as much as possible. As optimistic as she is, she isn't ignorant to the more serious or rather, tragic events in life. She doesn't turn a blind eye to the serious issues of the world. She is a courageous woman who will stand up for her friends and will be strong for the sake of others if need be.

She is a hard worker who loves a challenge, never afraid to step up to the plate, because of this, Nikota doesn't usually tolerate anyone who is too scared [or lazy] to actually work a little harder. She hates it when people doubt her abilities, which is probably why she is so intent on proving them wrong.

Nikota is also known for her intelligence and good memory. She has studied well over the years and is always happy to learn something new. Her love of books has allowed her to widen her perspective of the world, as well as her imagination. When she isn't working on something, she's daydreaming, lost deep in her mind.
Likes: Dogs, video games, reading, music, soccer, science
Dislikes: Know-it-alls, arrogant people, those who doubt her, laziness, being holed up in the Ember Facility
Fears: Ghosts, snakes
Disabilities: None.
Physical Appearance: Nikota stands at 5"5' with a slender, well-toned body. She has straight black hair that just passes her shoulders. She has a tattoo on the left side of her chest, near her collarbone of a lion head, in simple black ink with not too much detail (like a tribal tattoo but a lion's head), which in her opinion, symbolizes the courage she has. Her piercing yellow eyes are her most Most dominant feature, which seem to just brigthen up a room themselves.
Enhanced Skill: Eye-sight (on par with a hawk)
Eye Color: Golden-Yellow
Background: Nikota was born into a well-off family - not too rich, not too poor, just in the middle. She was an only child, so her home life was quite boring. She would always go out with her friends and see the beautiful sights of Paris. Luckily, the war had not taken too much of a toll of France. No matter how many times she saw it, she'd never get bored of it. She loved to go up the Eiffel Tower and watch the birds fly by, see the individual people walk through the city, it was just so refreshing.

She was quite the good student, always doing her work, and her best subject was science. She was a quiet girl at school, for the most part staying out of trouble, only fighting with others when they hurt her friends. After high school, Nikota was given the opportunity to go to America for her post-secondary education on a scholarship, so she took it. Being bilingual she was able to do well, even though sometimes her accent made her repeat herself many times to her colleagues.

Before she could even finish a year of her studies, Nikota was taken to the Ember facility by some government agents and heavily trained for two years. Nikota never really understood why she was taken to the facility, apart from her being an Ember. She just wanted to live a normal life, she didn't understand why she had to be alienated from regular society, and it irritated her.

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