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Cralix Grey

The leader of the Lycan Pack of the 1st Tribe(Cracia).

0 · 144 views · located in The World of Praiva

a character in “The War of Wolves”, as played by CussingChild


Human Form: ... 4732-photo

Height: 6'3"
Body type: Lean, muscled. Scarred body.
Eye color: Stormy grey.
Hair color: Dark brown.

Lycan Form: ... rewolf.jpg

Height: 7'0"
Body type: Lean, muscled.
Fur color: Dark brown, light grey.
Eye color: Deep yellow.


Quiet, charming, witty. He's quite intelligent but awfully angry, and confused, at all times. He's shaded and a bit unstable at times. He struggles with his anger and it often leads to bad decisions on his part. But is well known for his quiet nature around the tribe and the loyalty and morale of the members of his pack. He ignites will to fight in them, and is cursed with that same will to kill. He's a man of few friends and a man of many enemies. But his tribe and many other's of the Order look at him as a shining example of how a Pack Leader should be.


In human form: He wears a tattered leather and moose fur jacket, with sleeves chopped at the elbow. Always open over a bare chest. He wears trousers made of a rough cloth and black fur of a bear tucked into black leather boots. A fang necklace hangs from his neck, and a wicked looking knife hangs from his belt. Metal cuffs are worn on his wrists, and he wears tattered, fingerless, black cloth gloves.


Though his past is of a mysterious nature. Cralix was ultimatley born a poor tribesman of Cracia. His mother died during the birthing process, and his father died defending the tribe during the early years of the invasion made by the vampyres. He became the tribes pack leader when he killed his predecessor in a duel. Suprising the tribes people, who didn't believe a lowely tribesman could challenge and defeat a hardened warrior. He quickly managed putting his tribe back on track, allying himself with Vestus Drake and helping to rid the land of the vampyres.

So begins...

Cralix Grey's Story

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Malina Faolan

Malina hears the commotion and she lowers her bow and arrow -- for she only used this for fetching food and such -- and she turned towards the sound.

Cralix? Chakor?

What kinds of troubles could they have possibly gotten into now.

She places the arrow back in her quiver and jumps out of the river, her bare feet barely touching the ground as she flits towards the chaos. Then, she smelled it.


Many of them. Wide eyes, she began to follow Chakor's scent and she hears him.

"Brother! How many are with you?"

She listened and heard the response, "Eight of my pack are upon the village."

The wolf inside her stirred, and she heard the voice inside her head, There will be blood tonight... A shiver rose through her spine and she found herself between Chakor and a few Vampyres.


Mercy was shocked by all the violence and she turned around to go back to her spot in the woods when another female lycan rushed past her. She had the scent of one of the Alphas strongly imprinted onto her. Mercy shivered a bit and looked towards the camp grounds...

Maybe if she could sneak in, she could steal some of their food... She slinks into the grounds and looks around, attempting to find something to eat, maybe another shirt if possible. Considering hers was bloodstained and dingy.

She clicks her tongue, turning her head this way and that, trying to be on the look out so she wasn't stopped by one of the pack members.

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Character Portrait: Malina Faolan Character Portrait: Chakor Faolan Character Portrait: Cralix Grey Character Portrait: Sharni Melson
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Cralix approached our position as I awaited Malina's response. She looked as if she were about to say something when I noticed two Vampyres fighting each other.

"That's odd," I thought, "As volatile as Vampyres are, they don't usually fight each other."

I rushed towards them, claws gleaming in the moonlight, and picked them both up by the backs of their leather armor.

"You two!" I growled, "What is the meaning of all of this?"

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Character Portrait: Malina Faolan Character Portrait: Chakor Faolan Character Portrait: Cralix Grey Character Portrait: Sharni Melson
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Malina shook her head, "Yes... I'm fine..." She looks up at Chakor, her green eyes wild, as if she were scared, restless and ready to fight all at the same time. She turns to the sound of two Vampyres fighting as Chakor grabs them both and she shifts into her human form, painfully fast.

"Put them down, Chakor." She says, her voice is soft, but has a strong undertone to it. She clicks her tongue, walking forward, her eyes falling on the two Vampyres that dangled from Chakor's grip, "I think the young child," --she refers to Sharni --, "Has something to say."

The only reason Malina knew this to be true was she had watched Sharni's body language and she was in no tense state, or mood to fight. Malina was an observer, she liked to analyze those around her to figure out their personalities, and what they would do next.

She raises an eyebrow at the young Vampyre girl and she tilts her head to the side, "Well?"

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Character Portrait: Malina Faolan Character Portrait: Chakor Faolan Character Portrait: Cralix Grey Character Portrait: Sharni Melson
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"So please," snarled Cralix, "Allow me."

His face contorted into a grin. He bared teeth glinted in the moonlight.

"Very well," I replied, "This one is yours."

My anger had faded as soon as Malina told me that she was fine, so I was in a much more rational state.

I handed the left Vampyre to him and turned my attention the one in my right paw.

"My mate is never wrong when it comes to understanding the aura of another," I said to the young Vampyre, "Now tell me: what is it you have to say?"

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#, as written by alight

I looked away. Had someone had just called my name. The wolves looked to where the voice came from. That voice...It sounded somewhat familiar...
"Sharni!" Again.
I looked fierce as the boy came close, ready to plummet on him if need be. My fists were clenched and my eyes were squeezed. They were approaching us quickly. Suddenly I realised something. That dark hair, unusual dark hair. Much like the lock of hair... On my head, I looked at my hair to be certain-I didn't want to make any judgements or to assume yet. It matched like a broken puzzle, the twins.
Then one of the wolves (Cralix) came closer towards brother.
I squealed, hysterically, if that wolf came close he'd rip off my brothers head...and kill him.


I was ready for battle, anything to get those preditors away from my sister. The wolf growled at me, how pathetic - yeah I know what you can do! I'm not dumb!
"I'm here," I whispered to her, looking deeply into those golden gazing eyes.
This had to be one on one. I didn't want Sharni in the middle of this, I let her down once, I won't do it again!
I was angry, now that his claws slashed into my skin. It was painful, but didn't defeat me! I lept back, holding onto my chest.
My mouth was drooling wolf blood, from my previous killings. I was about to add this wolf's blood to my collection. I jumped trying to grab onto his coat of fur, but missed, in attempt to tear a chunk of flesh from the creature when, well obviously, the damsel in destress calls again.I crouched onto the floor. I was disappointed.


"No, please, don't, don't hurt him," I cried, I screamed pleading for them both to hear me, vampyres don't usually cry but this one does. Wet tears ran down my cheek. It was just the pressure that got me; it was all overwhelming. I didn't want to lose either of them...I wanted to help the wolves and them to return that to me, and my friends, and my brother, well losing him once was had enough; to lose him again... Losing my three friends Gerii, Fran and Teigo. Fighting innocents, and destroying vampyres, it all just got to me. I screamed so loud, falling to my knees, hoping someone will take me away.
"Don't hurt anyone, no one deserves this..." I whimpered trailing off.


My sister was crying-the party's over guys, no more feasting. I had to help her, but not taking her word for it, I jumped up and finally pounced onto the wolf (Cralix), after I was ready from comforting my scars. I was angry that he'd left a permant mark on me. I didn't want wolves getting in the way of our happiness! Sharni looked up, seeing what I was about to do...her eyes were red, that was unusual for her, red is when a vampyre was angry, then she screamed the longest, "Nooooo," I'd heard in my life. I had to stop, but I didn't want to.

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#, as written by alight

I watched from a bit away. I shut my eyes tight. I didn't want to know who was gonna win and come back out alive, and who'd lose and perish. But that little part in me just wanted my brother to win, so we could be reuninted again, I didn't care at all that he joined in banishing me that was in the past now. The future's all that matters.
I opened my eyes for one split second to see that pathetic move from my brother. He jumped onto the wolf and started squeezing at its ribs. What was he thinking squeezing a wolf like that?! Then I closed my eyes, again. That's all I wanted to see, I probably would cry more if I watched to battle. Besides I'm just letting the last tear slide down my cheek, if I had to cry for Shaun then my energy would be lost.
The fighting was almost over. I could tell, no more loud moans or groaning or howling from the other creatures, just slight soft noises now, only a few of us remained.


What! Why wasn't this working! I squeezed so hard, it was supposed to put him in agony. But he didn't react the way I wanted him too. I was crushing his ribs, it felt good the feeling of killing another wolf. But I could tell it was a slight pain to him-not as traumatic as I was planning. So I put my head close to his fur, teeth stained an awful red colour, and went in for the killing.

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#, as written by alight

Of all the things that's happened in my life, killing someone is the worst. It's brutal! I couldn't help it, crying, I mean. I let it out, of course I saw a wolf kill him. My only brother in the world. Now I've lost everyone. Every person I've ever loved. I hated that beast for that choice he made, he could have left him. But to kill my twin baby brother was the hardest thing I'd have to see.
"Shaun, I still love you," I whispered silently hoping his spirit remained near me, with me for eternity.
I couldn't trust that wolf, he probably had his eyes on killing me too, I'm sure of it.

I rode on the back of a wolf thinking this. Tears streaming down my cheeks. That wolf was probably wet and cold. I couldn't help it, it was the only thing that kept me alive, and not actually physically killing myself.
We met with yet another wolf member. They spoke to another vampyre. It was too much to take in. I breathed. They were harsh to the vampyre. She looked a bit like Gerii, her soul roamed around me, I could tell. The air smelt of her. I smiled hoping I'd see her face again, even though I knew it was impossible. Then I remembered about my clan.
"Please." I said tapping on the wolf, whom I rode on. "Can we please seek my friends...I must save them."
Then I smelt smoke, and a bright red flame had begun to form near the wolf's village. I hoped they weren't burning more vampyres who were still alive...and just the burning of the ex-vampyres. I didn't want that to happedn for some strange reason, I'd had an attachment with Shaun's I had to keep it, so I knew he'd be with me all the time I wanted so bad to see it again but I knew it would never happen, the wolves were probably burning now. I thought about the fire for a moment. Hang on, another way to kill a vampyre was to burn it. The wolves must be killing off the last of the vampyres!
"Please, we must go back." I pointed at the fire, it was as big as a building now, I hoped we could get there in time.