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The War of Wolves

The World of Praiva


a part of The War of Wolves, by CussingChild.


CussingChild holds sovereignty over The World of Praiva, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The World of Praiva is a part of The War of Wolves.

6 Characters Here

Chakor Faolan [11] Leader of the Lycan pack of the 2nd Tribe (Faolaar)
Sharni Melson [8] "Why, oh why do things never go my way?..."
Cralix Grey [7] The leader of the Lycan Pack of the 1st Tribe(Cracia).
Mercedes Thompson [5] Omega
Shaun Melson [3] "Just the way you want it, huh?!"

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My slow walk had me chasing them around the village. It was disgruntling. As my anger subsided, I found it harder and harder to maintain my lycan form. The blood of the vampyres had all but dried and my body quivered lightly. I couldn't get the vampyres from my head. Somewhere some how. They knew we were without order, without king and they had decided to strike. It was chilling. I would stop them if it was the last thing I managed.

I came upon the place, sniffing once or twice. I looked about to see a fire and catch Chakor's scent heading in that direction. I growled in moderate frustration. Then turned walking slowly in that direction.

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#, as written by alight

I knew that the wolf guiding me didn't want to go back. But I did. He led me to the fire, it was burning heat into all of us as we reached there. I coughed, the smoke was too strong for me to cope, I just hoped that the wolf knew where he was going in the flame-because I sure didn't.
I saw vampyres everywhere, singed to a crisp. The dead heads had turned to dust, and bodies, to ash. I looked around, trying to find that last connection with my brother, to see if I could snatch at his head, before he perished with the others.
I saw someone.
A familiar face, it was my ex-friend, Vern. So she'd lived. I had a neutral thought, it really wouldn't bother me if she died. But she suddenly cared about me. She hugged me and was happy to see me again. I smiled. Leaving her. She didn't deserve my love, snd I didn't feel like giving any today.
We kept on to the heart of the flames. Everything was alight. I was terrified, the place had gone to ruins. All the wolves homes had been destroyed.
I couldn't really see much in the flames but I had a feeling that none of the vampyres remained, I was disappointed.
Then I saw something. A hand movement! It was Dalac, my tribe member. Yes, he had been a survivor.
"Dalac!" I cried and hugged him.
He was flustered. But embraced me, too. Probably happy to see I was still alive. He hoped on to the wolves back. I explained to the wolf that Dalac was on our side. And he wouldn't try to tear, the wolves apart. I hoped that the wolf understood.