Falon Stryker

"Frankly, I don't care." ~ Falon

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Name: Falon Kade Stryker

Nicknames: None in particular, but he has been called a few not so pleasant names.

Specialty: Physical Strength

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Birth Date:November 7th

Origin: Chicago, Illinois

Hex code: #9E0A07

Faceclaim: Micah Truitt

“Sane is Boring.” ~ R.A Salvatore


Physical Appearance: Falon is a bit crazy and his appearance definitely says, 'don't mess with me'. He's fairly tall and has a strong muscular physique. He is 217 pounds of pure muscle. When it comes to good looks, Falon is definitely not lacking in that department. He has a somewhat long and angular face with intense hazel eyes that sometimes look green and at others appear to be a warm brown. Of course, his tattoos add to his intimidating factor as they cover both of his arms, the right side of his abdomen, and the tops of his shoulders. His hair is brown, but gets lighter when he is in the sun for a long time. His hair is stylishly messy. He keeps it flipped up in the front and lets the back grow long enough to curl slightly. He rarely keeps a clean shaven face and normally has a scruffy mustache and beard.

Attire: Falon typically wears clothes that are easy to move around in with long boots that are good for running. An example would be something like this or something like this.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 217 lbs.

Accessories:He often wears gloves with the fingers cut out, and sometimes they have spikes on the knuckles. He also wears a high tech watch on his left wrist. It would not be uncommon for him to be carrying a weapon of some sort either even though he mainly uses his fists to fight.

Tattoos, piercings, scars, etc: Has several tattoos, his most noticeable ones are the roman numerals along the tops of his shoulders. He has many scars on his body from fights, but none that are very noticeable.

“You mess with my demons….you get the devil!” ~ Peter Cimino


Personality: Falon is what one would call unstable. He doesn't have the most sound mind and is known for doing crazy shit. He also does a lot of weird things and doesn't care what anyone thinks about him. People often find his strange demeanor to be unsettling, and for good reason. Some people see Falon as emotionless because he reacts to things differently than most people do. One thing that he commonly does is make jokes at inappropriate times. He mainly does this because he doesn't like tense situations, but it just makes him look very odd. He does have emotions like everyone else though, in fact sometimes he gets too emotional. His temper would be an example of this.

Falon's temper is something that is well known. He goes from calm to angry so fast that it is almost like he flips a switch. This is why people tend to stay away from him and they are smart to do so. Falon fears no man and any man with common sense knows not to challenge him. Despite his many flaws, he actually has some good points. He is a fun person to be around and is quite funny, though sometimes in an offbeat way. It can be ensured that there is never a dull moment with Falon Stryker around. He talks a lot and will argue with anyone about anything. For such an intimidating guy, Falon acts very childish and strange about the weirdest things. Organization is something that is very important to Falon. He likes things clean and immaculate, which is why he hates bugs and animals. He finds them to be disgusting and will freak out around them, more for bugs than for animals, but he doesn't like either of them. He is also paranoid and acts wildly when in a stressful situation.

Likes: Smoking, fighting, food, socks, explosions, freaking people out, dancing, organization.

Dislikes: Authority, animals, know it all's, arrogance, bugs.

Strengths: While Physical Strength is Falon's main talent, he is also a good shot and handy with a knife as well. The only strength he has when it comes people is the fact that he isn't judgmental.

Weaknesses: He easily pisses people off, it's a talent of his that always manages to get him in trouble. Falon also has a temper that is downright terrifying and he can't drive worth shit. He has gotten many tickets and recently lost his license.

Specialty Description: Falon has got one thing going for him and that is the fact that he is incredibly strong. He can get away with most things by simply bulldozing through them. It helps that he has excellent fighting technique and can kick pretty much anyone's ass. He knows a bit of martial arts as well which only adds to his skill.

Habits: Falon is a smoker, and doesn't smoke any of the electronic crap, he only smokes the real deal. It's an addiction and he knows it, but that isn't going to stop him from going through a pack a day. He's almost always seen with a cigarette hanging in his mouth. He's also fidgety and never sits still.

“The need for control always comes from someone that has lost it.” ~ Shannon L. Alder


History: Falon grew up in a series of foster homes. He was given up for adoption when he was born. So when he was old enough, he went into the military and excelled. The only problem was that he was constantly getting into trouble and did not listen to his superiors. The higher ups were able to ignore this because of his skill in hand to hand combat, but they had to put him somewhere where he wouldn't cause problems and decided to put him in the Ward Unit. Falon enjoyed his time in Ward, he had more free reign and it gave him a way to let out his anger. That was why when the Ward was shut down on account of it being 'unnecessary', Falon was not happy. He didn't understand why they had shut it down so soon after starting it and knew that he had nothing else to do with his life. After the Ward was shut down, his life was of course dreadfully boring. Falon got a job working as a security guard at a club in Chicago, but it wasn't enough action for him. He had to go looking for fights to get his adrenaline fix and ended up arrested several times because of it. He managed to get out on bail every time but once, when he spent two nights in jail. Currently, Falon is on the verge of losing his mind and if he doesn't find something to do fast, he will.

So begins...

Falon Stryker's Story


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#, as written by MadMax
The Letter sent to all members of the Ward.

To whom it may concern,

By the request of the President of the United States, the special ops military unit codenamed the Ward has now been reopened. The president requires all former members of the Ward to come out of retirement and report to the military headquarters in New York City on the Friday of November 3rd at 10 am. It is a matter of urgency and must be treated as so. If any members fail to report to the headquarters on the listed date then they will be arrested and taken into custody where their fate will be decided in trail.

United States Government

Specialty: Physical Strength || Dialogue: #9E0A07

“Turn the fucking music off!” Falon screamed as he pounded his fists on the wall between his apartment and his neighbors. He had been woken up every morning for the past week by the loud music next door and it was going to end today.

With the music still playing, Falon charged out of his apartment in nothing but a pair of boxers. He positioned himself in front of his neighbor's door and began banging on the metal. “Come out here you asshole!”

Still no answer. Falon gritted his teeth and walked back into his apartment. The back beat from the song was so loud, it was shaking his dresser that was leaning against the wall. He looked at the wall, thinking, debating.

To hell with it.

Falon took off at full speed towards the wall, putting his shoulder forward to give him more power. A pop could be heard as he busted through the wall. These walls really are thin, he thought.

Slowly and menacingly, Falon stood up, pieces of plaster falling out of his hair as walked through the dust. At the table in front of him sat a man staring in shock at the spectacle. Falon ignored him and trudged towards the electrical unit in the man's house. With one punch he left a gaping hole in the box and then ripped out all the cords he could see. Effectively shutting off the music and the power in the man's house.

Happy with his work he sighed in contentment. He shook the plaster and dust from his hair and went to step back through the hole he had created. Before he re-entered his apartment though, he looked back at the man who was still frozen in place and said, "You might want to get this fixed."

After that, he headed for his pack of cigarettes, taking one and lighting it. Cigarette still in his mouth, he grabbed a food packet labeled 'deluxe breakfast' and stuck in the microwave. He pulled it out after only one second and had a full plate of pancakes, bacon, and his personal favorite, eggs. Then he grabbed a gallon of milk from the fridge and sat down at his small metal table. He put his cigarette out in the ashtray before eating.

Since he works as a bouncer at a club, his shifts are always at night, so he had only been home for a couple of hours. Falon hated that his life was based on a schedule, the same boring things happening every day. Even busting that wall up wasn't enough to entertain him.

Just as he had thought that, a letter came through the mail chute that sat right by his window. Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, he sat down his fork and picked the letter up.

"The United States Government?" he muttered.

Opening up the letter, he quickly read through its contents. Then to make sure he hadn't misread anything, he read through it again. He hadn't, they were bringing the Ward back together.

"Hell yeah!" he cheered out loud.

Falon had missed the life he had back then. It was always filled with excitement and danger, whereas his life now was dreadfully boring. The letter honestly couldn't have come at a better time.

He rushed to his bedroom, packing up his essentials. He was more than ready to leave this hellhole. As he packed however, he realized that the government was bringing back all of the members. Meaning that Falon would have to face the same people he knew five years ago, or more accurately, that he would have to face Josie.

He cringed at the thought, not wanting to see her after she cut him out of her life. Maybe being in the Ward again wouldn't be as great as he thought.