Shepherd Q. Parker

"Ha. Ha. Ha. My first name is also a last name. Big freaking whoop."

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Shepherd Quintavius Parker

Shep, Brainy Bastard





Birth Date:
January 12, 2257

Alice, Texas

Hex code:

Michael Angelakos

β€œDon't get too caught up on looks.”

Physical Appearance:
Shepherd is average height and on the skinny side. He tends to have very sharp clothing but his hair and beard are often in need of a trim and some grooming. He can look quite disheveled when he is on one of his binges but in general takes comfort in having clean, pressed clothing.

Shep tends to dress in button down shirts, ties, and slacks. Occasionally he will dress more casually but he tends to stay away from jeans and denim in general as he doesn't like the feel of it against his skin. He rarely ever wears t-shirts but all the ones he does have include some sort of nerdy saying.

Hair Color:

Eye Color:


135 lbs

He has a golden watch that was given to him by Emily. He still wears it every day and has made many modifications to it in order to help him with his duties in The Ward.

Tattoos, piercings, scars, etc:
He has a tattoo on the right side of his chest of a heart seen through mechanical gaps in his chest. The left side of his chest and his upper left arm show gears and wires as if he were a robot.

β€œI'm a great guy. Promise. No, that's not sarcasm.”

Shepherd tends to be sarcastic. He uses his sarcasm and quick wit as a defense mechanism to keep people from getting too close. He tends to have a big ego as well since he is accustomed to being the smartest person in the room. After the loss of his child and the end of his marriage, he is quite bitter, snarky, and reserved.

He has a strange obsession with history and older eras, specifically the 1970's and 1980's. He enjoys reading and reads at an incredible speed. He loves exercising his mind and learning new things about alien tech. Music is his solace.

He hates commitment. He generally dislikes other people and busy places. He has a high interest in self-preservation and generally dislikes being in dangerous situations as well. He also hates cats.

Shep is extremely intelligent. His mind is like a steel trap that collects facts and never lets it go. He can understand things others could never hope to and has a vast knowledge of physics and alien technology.

He has a hard time relying on others as well as communicating when he is in need. After his break up, he is bitter and hard to work with. He won't trust anyone.

Specialty Description:
Shepherd is the brains of the team. He is the one with all the knowledge and intel to help them keep their operation on track. His knowledge in physics, robotics, and technology both human and alien have helped the team out of many situations. His low latent inhibition also makes him a valuable addition to the team when they are in tough situations.


He had a tendency to drink and do drugs that extended through his entire time in The Ward. He has been sober for four years now however. He tends to scratch his beard out of habit although not itchiness. When his hair is particularly unruly he has a tendency to pull on the strands. He likes his work space very organized and does not tolerate anyone touching his things.

"Can't we keep my skeletons in the closet?”


Shepherd was born in a rural area of Texas. His parents were average working class citizens but did their best to provide their son with the best opportunities in order to achieve his full potential. His small town did not have the resources to teach Shepherd and he was sent off to a prestigious boarding school. With a combination of scholarships, loans, and hard work his parents were able to afford his schooling.

After school, Shepherd went straight to university. During his freshman year, his father passed away from an aggressive form of cancer. Shep began to use his smarts to make money for himself to relieve his mother of the financial burden of his schooling. Shepherd was able to complete a double major in physics and mechanical engineering in just two years, paying his way by counting cards and illegally modifying robots and alien technology. Shep decided to continue his schooling to earn his doctorate.

His crimes, however, did not go unnoticed and earned him the attention of the US government. He's picked up ("kidnapped" when he tells the story) and offered amnesty for his crime if he joined a special task force they were forming. Always interested in self-preservation, Shep accepted the offer.

During his time as an illegal bot fighter, Shepherd met a woman who finally showed some interest in him. His first real romantic encounter, he fell fast and hard for Emily and they were married within six months of meeting. Emily was a bad influence on Shepherd, bringing the boy from the quaint little backwoods town into the world of partying, drugs, and alcohol. Shep's potential was wasting away in the new lifestyle he found and The Ward definitely saw it as he continued on partying with Emily even after joining.

It was a slow realization that Emily wasn't any good for him and took a tragic loss for it to dawn on him. They discovered Emily was 5 months pregnant one night when she began bleeding heavily and getting horrible pain in her belly. The couple made their way to the hospital and the staff informed them that Emily was, in fact, pregnant and in labor. Their son was born only a few hours later, too young and fragile from his exposure to drugs and alcohol to survive in the outside world for very long despite the best efforts of the medical team.

Their marriage did not survive the loss of their child and the growing pressure on Shep as he continued his duties for The Ward. In the end, Shep found that there was no more good coming from his relationship and ended it. Unfortunately, this came just months before the disbandment of The Ward, which was enough to send Shep into a deep depression as he felt he lost all purpose in his life.

He spent his five years off The Ward in and out of mental institutions and bot fighting in between to have some money once his meager savings burned out. When he gets his letter informing him of the reunification of The Ward, he's overjoyed. He's changed from the person he used to be, but he finds hope in his life for the first time in years with the thought that he will have new purpose.

So begins...

Shepherd Q. Parker's Story


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Specialtiy: Intelligence || Dialogue Color: #318C4E

One, two, three, four, five...

One, two, three, four, five...

One, two, three, four, five...

Shepherd always had to count them out when he did this, make sure every single one was in its place. He didn't want a repeat of last year's incident, not when he had finally begun to do so well. Sure, he could just invest in one of those services that rationed out the pills for him, but he felt much better having this kind of control over the process.

Finished with his task, Shep took the afternoon's pills in his hand and gulped them all back in one swallow, chasing them with a scant mouthful of soda. At least, it was originally soda, but it had been sitting on the counter for two or three days now and more closely resembled water and syrup. He ran his fingers through his disheveled hair as he pulled a disgusted face and trashed the soda. 'Don't make that mistake again.'

The apartment was a cramped, dusty little thing that smelled of grease and day old takeout. Robot parts laid scattered on practically every available surface and the walls were lined with books. Old take out containers and drinks peppered the countertop. Sure, the instant meals were good but there was a certain nostalgic, vintage-feel to take out.

His latest project adopted the table as its new home, the vague form of a humanoid spread out across it. It looked cold, lifeless, and Shep hated looking at it, but it was his next money making machine and the quicker he finished it the quicker he could reclaim his table and get it out of sight.

A knock at the door captured his attention, causing him to shuffle through the sea of chaos and look at the screen just beside the door hooked up to the camera outside. Relief. Just the mailman.

They still received mail by courier out here and his particular mailman was always kind enough to come to the door with packages. Shepherd could see a graciously sized one tucked underneath the man's arm. 'Must be the new servos I ordered.'

He opened the door and the mailman greeted him with a smile while handing over the package and the rest of the day's mail. He tipped his hat and requested that Shep "have a nice day" and headed back to his vehicle.

Shep set the package atop the table by the mangled robot. 'I'll get to it when I have time. A common thought, and somehow there was never enough time.

He shuffled through the other letters. Bills, spam, magazines, but only one caught his eyes. The envelope was thin yet heavy and the paper felt nice beneath his fingertips. And the seal...

Of course he recognized the seal. He could never forget that seal, and all the memories of a past life that went with it. With trembling fingers, he ripped open the envelope and retrieved the letter within.

His eyes scanned over the letter and, despite his high reading skill and comprehension level, he actually had to read it again.

The Ward was coming back?

A mixture of emotions, one right after the other and some on top of each other. Satisfaction. Joy. Fear. Anxiety. Regret. He felt like a different person from the one in The Ward all those years ago. But deep down, he couldn't deny he hadn't really changed at all.

He didn't have any doubt he was going, of course not. A steady paycheck and a chance to stretch his mind once more? He could never pass that up. He felt out of practice and out of the loop, but nothing a little reading couldn't catch him up on.

Time to hit the books.