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Kenleigh Wera

"I never asked for this and I shouldn't be hunted because of it either!"

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a character in “The Wargs”, originally authored by CrownTheEmpire, as played by RolePlayGateway


Kenleigh Wera

Nineteen - 19
[Physical Description]
Kenleigh has fiery orange hair that is unnatural in the nicest way of saying it. While most find her orange hair an oddity, she likes it, holding her head high. Being a Warg with orange hair definitely causes her to be noticed. Kenleigh has pretty blue eyes that light up when she smiles. Many see Kenleigh as the woman who used to rip the wings off of butterflies when she was younger. Well, they might be right. She has fair skin that is almost flawless except for the scar on her right shoulder.


Kenleigh is a fun loving young woman with a heart of gold. She could never hurt anyone unless it meant life or death for her. She believes that everyone can be good; they just have to try hard enough. While she seems weak and pure, Kenleigh can hold her own in any form of fight. She knows much about wildlife and with her Animal Companion.
She is hard headed and stubborn and is hard to make her think differently of something if she has set her mind to it. She is caring and loveable and will do anything to help someone in need.

*She bites her nails when thinking
*She tends to use her Animal Companion as a shield
*When angered she will start to stutter

+ Cuddly Things
+Thunder Storms
+Her Best Friend
-Getting Hurt
-Being Hunted
-The Desert

[Relationship with Companion]
She has no companion

Kenleigh has the ability to mix one’s thoughts, making them see something or have something missing in their memories or thoughts. The person has to be at close range and she can only do it for a very short time.

[Animal Companion]
Calcifer - Desert Bear

So begins...

Kenleigh Wera's Story


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The sun rose slowly coloring the sky with an array of pink, orange, and red shades. The air has the clean and brisk scent of a chilly spring morning. The grass is in dew, except in the savanna where the air and ground gets more dry the closer one get’s to the river, and of course in the Desert area, where the sun beats down mercilessly, and it doesn’t cool down until you reach the tundra. In the tropical section of the Forest lands, the air is alive with the sound of exotic birds and insects, in the deciduous part, it’s quieter, but songbirds still chirp with the chattering of squirrels and chipmunks occasionally interrupting their song. In the Badlands, everything is eerily quiet, and in the Mountains nothing is heard save for the sounds of whipping winds that get louder the higher one climbs.

For years Wargs have been on the run, trying to escape the hands of prosecution. Lately, there has been some talk. The people are talking of a safe place. One where Hunter’s cannot harm a Warg. It rests in the middle of the continent. It sounds like the best bet to those on the run, those in the Desert will travel north, those in Mountains; east, if placed in the Forests or Prairies; west, and those in the Badlands; south.

Wargs are not the only one’s aware of this place though. Hunters from around the region know of its location and the race begins. Survival being the ultimate goal.


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