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Alder Sinclair

Prince o Baldaria and Commander of the Army

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a character in “The Warrior and The Rose2”, as played by Torrentwolf



-Name: Alder Sinclair

-Age: 22

- Social Title: Prince of Baldaria, Commander of the Baldarian army.

-Description: Alder is a tall man, towering at 6’2 and weighing in at around 180 pounds. His body is well built from his dedication of training, giving him a statuesque like body that is both beautiful and strong. His hair is an ebony black which reaches down just a bit below his shoulders in a tied up ponytail and is complemented with a close stubble beard.

Alder also has a few scars as a result of wounds from battle. Surprisingly they are not as visible as one would expect due to his background.

-Personality: Alder may be a fierce warrior but he is not a brute despite what many think about Balderians. Alder is a benevolent and considerate man who would lend aid to most people in need regardless of their social status. But do not mistake his kindness for weakness, Alder is no fool and does not take kindly to being taken advantage of his kindness.

Alder also possess a calm and level head which in itself is a great strength he is noted for. When necessary he can become cool, almost detached in personality and appearance. This detachment is his way of remaining calm and clear of mind by suppressing all emotions. This does not mean he completely stops feeling emotion, more like it is his way of insuring does not greatly influence him. Alder takes his role as the Commander of the Baldaria military seriously, but he does not see himself above his own troops.He has no qualms about enjoying merriment with his troops or anyone for that matter. Alder treats his soldiers as equals and does not ask his troops to do something he wouldn’t do himself. He has no qualms about enjoying merriment with his troops or anyone for that matter and has made several friends and allies among the ranks. Perhaps his more hands on approach and desire to connect with bis soldiers puts Alder in high regards with the soldiers.

Alder does not care for fame or fortune and does not boast about himself outside of playing. Alder simply states the true facts and lets others believe what they wish about him. This can be a bit of a double edge word as his forward bluntness can sometimes be seen as callousness. Combined with his level headedness means he is not easily provoked by words, no matter if they are the truth or a lie. But threats to those he cares about are an easy way to get some reaction out of him, usually a threat returned in kind. But if someone should try carry out said threat they would find a beast they should not have provoked.

Intelligence is a virtue Alder holds in high regard and believes one never stops learning no matter hold skilled they are. Alder uses his mind first to solves most problems before resorting to physical confrontation. This mindset combined with his knowledges makes him a dangerous tactician to deal with on a battlefield, in a duel or anything where conflict arises. But Alder is a cautious man who prefers to use his intelligence in all aspects, not just combat. At first he can come off as cold and distant to new people but once you get to know him outside of meetings he is quite pleasant to deal with. Though it may take a bit of time for him to warm up to strangers, much less trust them. Nevertheless he is a lover at heart and friends, family and lovers all feel the warmth of his love which he gives freely and asks only for love and loyalty in return.


- Learning
- Sparring/training
- Reading
- His family
- Sweets


- Killing needlessly
- People threatening his people or family
- His “Brother”
- Disloyalty
- Infidelity


Battlemaster: Alder is a trained fighter and has trained for years in a variety of weapons and combat styles. He is a practitioner of the Sen-Do principles. While he has not a master of every combat art what he has learned gives him a diversity which makes him a versatile and dangerous fighter.

Inquisitive mind: Knowledge is power and Alder this is a core tent he holds true to. Alder holds a high regard for knowledge and sees it as a key component in his life. Alder has a natural talent for learning a new subject. It does not mean everything he tries to learn is easy, just easier than it would be for others. If given enough time he will research all he can upon a subject to better prepare himself for any challenges.

Healer: Before they died Alder was taught various healing techniques from his parents. Since their death Alder has pursued a broader education in the subject of healing as his counterbalance. While not a master healer like his parents were, his knowledge in the field is broad and allows him to keep pace with other healers in intellect and capability. Alder has also retained the knowledge of secret medical remedies and techniques only is parents knew.

Horse Rider: Alder is among the fastest and skilled horsemen in Balderia. His skill in horsemanship is among the most elite riders and is able to command a steed to the highest degree of skill. His ability to fight from horseback with a variety of weapons is also impressive.


- Family rings: Alder keeps in his possession his dead parents wedding rings. He entrusts their care to very few and only with those he trusts implicitly.

- Commanders Mantle: As the commander of the Baldaria Army, Alder wears a brooch as a symbol of his authority. The brooch is made of pure silver and is designed in the image of a fire breathing dragon.

- Awards: Alder did not reach his position simply from being of royal blood. While he could have ridden his way to the top on his association alone he chose to work hard from the very bottom of command. As such he has earned several awards for his service to his country.

- Isento Amulets and literature: Alder is a strong follower of the Isento belief common in Baldaria. As such he has retained copies of the texts in his possession since he converted. He has also collected Isento Amulets since he was but twelve years old, a tribute to his dedication the the spirits and their teachings.

- The Raven Way: Equal in importance to he Isento text, the Raven way is a book of morals which set the basis for Baldarian culture and law. Alder like many others keeps a copy with him wherever he goes and follows it as devotedly as he would the teachings of Isento.

- Healers Cache: As a practitioner of the medical arts, Alder has his own personal set of medical and healing supplies which he keeps on his person most of the time. Aside from supplies needed to practice his side craft it also includes two medical journals left to Alder by his parents, which he protects fiercely and trusts few with their care.


Alder owns two female horses of which he has had for a few years. The first is pure white horse with a named Celestia. The other is named Luna who has a black like coat and mane that for some reason appears to be blueish but this is dismissed as a trick of the eye. They have been his faithful steeds for years.

-History: Alder’s history is surprisingly not what one would expect of the warrior prince. Alder was born to a common trade family in the lands of Dala. Alder parents were healers who moved from city to city lending their aid to whomever needed it. Life was filled with constant moving for the family of three but they were none the less happy simply for having each other. But one day Alder parents took upon a mission of mercy which would end horribly. Upon their travels they stumbled into the middle a warzone in the lands of Balderia between the Baldaria Eighth Legion and a Handar army. Being healers Alders parents did not hesitate to set up a field hospital nearby to aid in helping the wounded on both sides, despite the dangers from the nearby battlefield. No one knows who gave the order but the Handarians attacked the field hospital, rescuing their own, killing any and all Balderian’s and anyone who tried to stop them. Among those who tried to stop them were Alder’s parents, who were cut down without mercy. Alder could only watch helplessly as they were cut down and as he tried to wake his parents he too would have joined them in the beyond had the Balderian’s, who had received news of the raid, not arrived in time to save him from the massacre. Orphaned and alone, Alder stayed in the Balderian camp as the battle raged, hardly speaking to anyone and only eating just enough to dull the pain.

Three days after the attack on the field hospital, the battle was over with the Balderian’s claiming victory. This did little to comfort Alder who continued to reside with the Balderian’s, suffering in his grief while others celebrated victory in a battle which claimed his parents. It did not take long for the Baldarian king to come to the field to congratulate the commander, his son Veloran, for his victory over the Handarians. But as he conducted his inspection he found young Alder, still grieving for his family. Though the prince was dismissive of him the king took an interest in young Alder and had him sent to his personal tent. Alder was given a decent meal and treated well by the king who tried to extract what was wrong with Alder. It took time but somehow he managed to coax Alder into telling him why he was there and of the death of his parents. The king was moved by this orphan's plight and upon his departure, took Alder with him back to Balderia.

Alder found the capital of Balderia, Azmir, a wondrous sight and though it did not completely distract him from his pain, it did compelled to investigate this new land. This was what the king hoped would happen and encouraged it, hoping to start a recovery of some sort in the boy. Soon Alder met the queen who was both taken by the young boy and sympathetic to his plight. The king arranged for Alder to stay with the royal family as a guest and gave him all the comforts the family enjoyed. Alder soon met the princess and only other child of the king and queen; Haraya, who much like her mother was taken by and sympathetic to the boy. Both queen and princess practically adopted Alder and doted on him like one of their own. The king also found spare time to spend with Alder, making him feel comfortable with his new environment and helping him recover from the loss of his family.

Prince Veloran however did not follow in line with his family and saw Alder as an intruder. An outsider who did not deserve the luxury treatment he was being given. Practically cold to Alder, Veloran dismissed the young boy as a nuisance who would soon be pawned off to some common family. Much to his horror however, his father did the complete opposite. The king had come to grow fond of Alder for everything about him, from his kind and friendly personality to his unique gifts and drive to learn. As such he announced first to his family and then publically his adoption of Alder into the royal family. Valoran was furious with the king's decision and did not hesitate to show it, something that brought the two men to a verbal conflict for the first time in years. Though the queen and princess were quite crossed with Veloran, Alder was both happy to be adopted by the family but sad Veloran despised him so deeply. Veloran was not the only one to feel this way, as the people of Balderia were also weary of this outsider becoming a prince of their land and vehemently protested. The joy Alder felt quickly vanished at news of the people’s discontent and it was only the knowledge Alder would not inherit the throne that stopped the masses from rebelling.

This did not affect his relationship with his new family, with one exception, as Alder was officially adopted by the royal family and thus began the road to a new life. Being a royal did not affect Alder’s personality much and thus he remained mostly the same person. His orgins as a commoner kept him humble about his position and only once in his life did he ever have a moment of arogance. Over the years he was given a broad education on many subjects and drilled heavily in combat. Though many trials and tribulations stood in his way he fought hard to prove that despite not being born of the land or bloodline, he was just as Balderian as any blood born. That even if his blood was not of this land, his spirt would forever be so. His determination and will was rewarded over time as most of the discontent towards him changed to admiration and loyalty. Though some still remains to this day the people, through his dedication to them and Baldaria, love Alder as their prince. Though he had his moments of grace and scorn with his family Alder loves them as if they are his own, but he will never forget his blood parents and continues to honor their memory by continuing their mission in his own way. Growing up however, Alder and prince Veloran did not get along. At first Alder tried to form a bond between them but over time the abuse and hate from Veloran turned Alder’s relationship with him to a cold and detached one. Make no mistake, he loves his family and would never lay a hand on Veloran unless his “brother” made the mistake of doing so first. Things between them became even more heated when Alder through his dedication began to threaten Veloran’s position.

Alder showed over time he was just as fierce, effective and tactical a warrior as Veloran if not better. Though Alder did not boast about it the gossip spread and Veloran was greatly angered at this. After returning from a minor skirmish Alder was challenged by Veloran to prove once and for all he was not only the better warrior but the more venerable prince. Alder didn’t care about such trivial things and focused more on his duty to the Baldarian people and country. But nevertheless Alder accepted the challenge and in the throne room, before a witness of friends, family and other people of interests and high rank, the two clashed blades and minds.

Both were fierce and great combatants, but Alder’s drive in his training showed. Alder had trained extensively and taken skills to complement his own style of combat and strategy. Whereas Veloran’s had stilled, stagnated and in some parts of his skills, atrophied in varying degrees. In the end while Veloran was great in his own right, Alder proved he was better and emerged victorious while Veloran was left broken and humiliated. Word spread like wildfire of Alder’s victory over the crowned prince to every level of society, from the grand nobles to lowest commoner, no one was left ignorant of this shocking event. Though it did not change the fact Veloran was the next in line for the throne it cast him in an unfavored light for the people, who even before the duel had a greater respect for Alder. This did however benefit Alder who, having proved his skill and wisdom, was given the position of commander of the army, something that even further angered Veloran. But rather than take one of the more prestigious legions, Alder chose to from and train his own to suit his methods and ideals. It would take a long time and much trial and error but Alder would eventually form what would become the Imperium Legion.

As it stands Alder is considered the second best warrior in Balderia, with father being the only known man who surpasses him. But he is nonetheless a fierce, wise and determined warrior with a love for life, his people and most of all his family.

So begins...

Alder Sinclair's Story


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The wind, that was what he was focusing on. Not the others in the room, not the feeling of coolness towards his brother, not his father’s breathing just to his left or the scratching of a feather pen as one of the assistants took notes. No, Alder was focusing on the wind, it’s free moving currents coursing through the air, twisting and turning randomly as they went along their way. That was what the situation Alder found himself in right now felt like. In flowing with the currents of the wind as they made one of their sharp turns in life. True many would prefer the comparison to the tides of water but Alder prefered to use the wind in this case. He opened his eyes to the hall before him, the grand table made for meetings like the one to come. To his left in the largest chair was his father, King Isadore Sinclair. To the left of him was the Crowned Prince and Alder’s “brother” Veloren Sinclair. They and the rest of the staff were gathered here waiting for the delegation from Dalla to arrive.

Just a few days ago Alder’s father approached him and told him that the country of Dalla had sent a message asking for assistance against Hander, which was threatening to invade them. Now Baldaria did not appreciate what Hander was doing and was prepared to go to war when this message arrived. This only served to benefit Baldaria who was already preparing their armies. As the Commander of the Army Alder would be leading the legions to war so he expected his father to include him in these negotiations. But what he hadn’t expected was when Isadore had told Alder the king had offered not just access to their ports but his daughter in exchange for help protecting Dalla. This came as a surprise to Alder as he was quite familiar with the history between Baldaria and Dalla in a similar deal a little over a hundred years ago. At this Alder had expect to have to be involved in a deal in which Veloren would marry the Dalla princess. This left a sour taste in Alder’s mouth not because of their relationship but because Veloren would have some leverage over Alder’s former home.

But Alder was wrong, as his father told him he had arranged for Alder to marry the Princess. This shocked Alder, he expected for Veloren to have been given her hand due to being the Crowned Prince. But his father explained that with the way things were between him and Veloren he couldn’t risk infighting when Veloren was given the throne. It was just as likely Veloren would use his power to displace or even eliminate Alder. And with the relationship between father and son having degraded over the years, Isadore suspected he wouldn’t be able to keep Veloren in line for much longer. In addition, his father wanted to give back to Alder some connection Dalla. Most of what his father said made sense and though the reason for him giving an Alder some connection to his old home country did not as useful to them it gave Alder a way home if he ever needed or wanted to go home. In short for leveled the field for both princes and widened the gap of conflict between them.

So here he sat, waiting for the final negotiations to commence. Alder gave a small smile to his father who saw it out of the corner of his eye and returned it. Alder then returned to the book he had been reading. In front of him were several books and papers with information regarding Handar. With them ready to go to war Alder was preparing his mind by learning about his enemy before they did battle. Knowing how they lived and thought was just as beneficial as a well trained army. A sigh escaped to his left and a voice spoke, “When are they going to arrive.” Vloren’s voice said in a clearly frustrated tone. After learning Alder would be marrying the Dalla princess Veloren had become quite hard to deal with the last few days. No doubt he saw this as a violation as his right as the crowned prince and believed he himself to be more fit to marry the princess.

“Patience Veloren, they will here soon.” Alder said in a cool voice as he continued reading. Veloran glared at Alder, “I would appreciate it if you would keep such input to yourself, brother!” Veloren spat. Alder ignored him and turned the page to his book, “Alder is right Veloren, have patience. They will arrive soon enough.” Their father said. Veloren huffed and muttered to himself, no doubt obscenities directed at Alder. Alder shook his head, his father was right, Veloren was becoming much harder to control and more unpredictable. Perhaps this marriage would be fore the best, it would give Alder a way to get away from Veloren if the time came and maybe, put the prince at ease. But for now he had a war to prepare for, a negotiation to preside over,

And soon a wedding to attend.


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Escorting the royal party into the palace the maid took them through a large set of double doors made from fine oak wood. Above the door writing in arching Belethian was the words “The Spirits welcome you to Soul Hearth”. Beyond the double doors a large elegant hall greeted the party as they entered. The floor was made from polished white marble with a line of black granite leading from the main doors to a set on the other side of the hall. The door on the other side appeared to be made from the same oak wood and had two sets of stairs on either side spiraling to a balcony and walkway above. Triangular pillars spanned from the floor to the ceiling were made from the same marble. Carved inside of the pillars to within a reasonable seeing distance were various figures from humans to animals, some of which appeared to be hybrids of human and animals.

Murals were painted on the walls and ceilings of similar figures and depicted events and stories told in an art format. Arched windows in the walls and a serious of windowed holes in the ceiling served not to just provide light but to also add ambiance to the hall. The maid lead the party through the hall to the door on the other side where the corridor walls were of the same marble as the hall. The floors were lined with with lush carpet of a rich crimson color. More murals along with tapestries continued the art like stories along the corridors while elegant torches provided light where windows were absent. Doors leading to rooms also had carvings in them though they had more focus on creatures and humans more than scenes from a story. While there were suits of armor and weapons the ambiance projected from the palace had a more tranquil feeling about it than a barbaric one.

The maid lead them through the majestic corridors to a set of double doors made from a ebony. Inside was a rather spacious room with a long table of fine wood. Chairs were set at either end of the table but unlike the rest of the room the table and chairs appeared not to be part of this room. The room shared the same decor as the palace with the exception of the carpet which was a deep indigo. But while the room was elegant and had a more relaxed feeling the table appeared to be out of place in this room. Almost as if it had been moved into this room for a purpose.

Inside were a few servants and only two guards were present in the room. But unlike the Valkyries these guards wore a rich robes of blue which fell down to their barley viable boots. Their helmets also shared a blue like tint with T like opening in the front and a horse haired cress adorning the top. Thought the T like opening allowed the guards to see their lower faces were covered with a blue cloth, preventing their identities from being known. From the slit in the side of their robes if one looked closely enough a silver like breastplate was visible, confirming these guards were not just ceremonial in appearance. On the other side two elderly men and two young men present. The two young men were no doubt the princes', Veloran and Alder Sinclair, though it was unknown who was whom for the moment. The Elderly one standing by the one of the young men was unknown but his uniform indicated him to be of great military importance, a captain or greater. The other Elderly man wore no crown but he needed none to be recognized as the King of Baldaria, King Isadore Sinclair.

“M'lord, the royal part of Dalla has arrived, the maid announced as she stepped aside to let them pass. King Isadore and his sons rose as they entered and moved to meet them in person, “King Philip, it is an honor to have you here.” Isadore said as they closed the gap between their two parties.


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