Jack "Wolfman" Thane

The Lieutenant for "The Warriors"

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a character in “The Warriors”, as played by jackrhien


He stands at an average height of 5'10" and has an athletic build. He ways about 140 lbs. He has shaggy black hair, a chiseled facial structure, and hazel eyes. He has a scar on the right side of his upper lip, that while not overly apparent, is still noticeable. He wears black jeans and a black T-Shirt underneath the signature "Warriors" brown leather vest. He also wears black steel-toed boots and brown fingerless gloves.


Jack is extremely quiet and reserved. Although he'll crack a joke and a smile occasionally, it's only when he feel's nothing it about to go down. And that is very rarely. When it comes to taking command, he is no nonsense, no matter what the reason. Although he is usually calm and collected, he has been known to show fits of rage when pushed too far (which earned him his nickname).


None. Like most gang members going into the meeting called by Cyrus, he's empty.


Jack was one of the earlier members of "Warriors." After he was kicked out of the house by his parents at the age of 18, he basically became a drifter in New York. For a brief period, he joined "The Strykers," one of the more well-known gangs at the time. However, the groups crime-related sprees of looting, theft, and terrorizing civilians had more or less left a bad taste with him. He was once again alone at the age of 20, but had soon found the warriors, which was a fledgling group at the time. When the groups leader Cleon was in a bind along with two other members in a fight against "The Strykers," Jack got involved. After one of them had slashed him repeatedly with a knife however, Jack had practically snapped and went into a frenzy, seriously wounding three of them. This caused the group to retreat. Thankful for the help, Cleon invited Jack into the group. He accepted the offer, although he made it apparent that he wasn't going to be bound if he found something he didn't like. However, over the next three years, he had stayed, learning that "The Warriors" were only involved in making a name for themselves and were more peaceful when it came to dealing with those who weren't in gangs. With that time, Jack slowly grew his reputation within the group and eventually earned the rank of Lieutenant within the group.

So begins...

Jack "Wolfman" Thane's Story