Riley Brothers

"With three guns on you, you oughta step aside, before we fill you full of lead.

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a character in “The Water Thieves”, as played by Hells13


Hey Varmin! What're you called?: That's WE, Old man. My oldest brother is Renaldo Riley, My middle brother is Devendra Riley, and I'm John Riley.

A name that long would get you killed! Got a nicky?: Yeah but you pardon yourself old man! We're the Riley brothers! Or Dev, Ren, and John if you must.

How old are you boy?: Renaldo is going on 53, Devendra is to be 38, and I'm on going to be 29

Matter of fact you a boy or a girl? I'm blind so I don't know: We all men you old coot! We ARE the Riley Brothers!

You see it was a Tomahawk an- Hold on a sec, what are you?: We are the cowboys of the west, yes we are.

Ohh alright then, thought you were one of them. So what do you do?: My oldest brother Renaldo...well, he done some bad things in his life making him a bit notorius for our taste. He used to ride with a gang in his younger days but now he's a lawmen.
My brother Devendra is a Rancher, he done take care of them horses, crops, cows, chickens and whatnot.
And me? Well I'm the loveable parasite sucking the life right out of them. Nah, I'm just the gunslinger, like many others in the west, 'cept I;m still alive!

Too drunk to give a rat's ass! So this how you normally are?: God damn it Old man! Don't drink if you're blind!
Renaldo has a temper shorter then the bulls on Devendra's Ranch and is quick to judge another man or woman. In our personal taste (me and Devendra) Renaldo's just a few bullets off an empty gun if you know what I mean. Sure he has his moments of glory but the crazy we seen him do is just shadows on everything.
Devendra is the smartest man of the rest of us, the level headed man of we are, though he's the kindest man I've ever known. I swear, his heart is big and still alive, which is surprising to most any man. Only problem now is that he's soft!
And me. I'm the gutsiest man alive. "John, you're a fool!" My brothers tell me, "Hard-Headed." but that don't matta' to me. I intend to live everyday like it's my last, with no regrets, and such. I'm not as soft as Devendra but not as cold hearted as Renaldo...

I see...What you packin' there?: My older brother likes to carry a double barreled shotgun and a sawed off shotgun for any sudden gunfights. Of course he has his Smith & Wesson revolver just like all of us do, along with our Bowie knives.
My other brother Devendra got's the best aim out of all us, what with him being a Rancher he could shoot the eye of a rabbit with his trusty repeater rifle.
For good ol' John I got two lovely ladies, Jane & Dane, six shots each, single action army. For the sake of me and my brothers I got the fastest hand!

Say what? I'm a bit deaf. Oh well, what'd you look like?:

My Oldest brother, Renaldo, is the man on the left. He likes to wear a couple of bandolier so he can easily get a couple of shells for his gun. He's got one of 'em wrinkled faces and giant stache's too.
My middle brother Devendra bought some of those clean clothes from them cityfolk, though he's still got his old jacket. He's got long black hair but he ain't every grow anywhere else. He's in the center.
As for me, John, I'm on the right and I'm a full fledged gunslinger, hat, coat, scarf, boots and everything.

Ah! So what you doing in this here saloon of Armadillo?: We're drinking what does it look like? Shit you're bli-nevermind. A few years ago me and my brothers combined all the money we had to buy a lake not so far away. For some reason when water was slowly dissapeared our lake wasn't actually affected. Long story short, with all of 'em witches, and cityfolk we decided to spread what water is left. So stop asking questions. Now.

So begins...

Riley Brothers's Story