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The Way of The Ronin

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Human Realm is a part of The Way of The Ronin.

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Kagami Koharu [4] "Let's be very good friends! I'm relying on you, okay?"
Hara Noa [3] "Always remember that the most beautiful flower has the most poison in them."
Atago Sora [3] "Tell me, stranger: are you feeling lucky?"
Kohaku Kana [3] Oh the scandal of it all.
Tenshi [2]
Hamasoki Hiroshi [1] "I was never much for idle contemplation."
Haru [0] "Humans are so much more amusing alive, why the hurry to kill them?"
Kurosawa Tsubaki [0] "Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies."
Muga Akumu [0] "Let's clear one thing, I'm no pet of yours, so be sure, I will bite your head off with pleasure."
Warlord Yousuke Haru [0] The price of love between a yokai and human is the life of an innocent. You tell me if that is fair.

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#, as written by Unicron
Kohaku Kana

The cool spring air rustled the hair of three individuals waiting on horseback at the edge of Edo, swords at their hips. Gaining upon their location at a canter rode up four more individuals, when there were only supposed to be three. Kana was particularly proud of herself for finding another ronin, or rather strangely strong foreign medicine man as it were, for their journey. She and Kousaka had been at a tea shop, on their way to find pick up the Saburuko they needed when a skirmish happened just outside. Kana couldn’t see how it all had started or anything, though the man was thrown out of an establishment - or kicked by her knew find and before she knew it this foreign medicine man was taking on three armed men with nothing but his hands and feet. Kousaka and she were glued to the scene, they even cheered him on, and afterwards Kana simply had to recruit him. His name was Atago Sora, and he was extremely odd, or rather Kana felt odd around him, she could sense him even when he wasn’t in her sight, as though she were hyper-attuned to his presence. She wondered if it was fear she felt, could that be because of fear? Well it was a good thing he was working with her and not against her in any case. She had asked Kousaka if he felt the same but apparently it was all in her head. Ah well.

And so the party of three traveled together to the ochaya of Seven Pleasures and picked out a suitable Saburuko after informing the madame of who had sent them. They had five women to choose from, each lovelier than the last, but in the end it was decided that the girl with foreigner blood in her would suit them best, as she looked the least like Kana out of the five and held an exotic look that men in Japan would be drawn to. Kana thought her best feature was that flowing fair hair, she had never actually seen anyone with hair the colour of straw, but had heard about foreigners from far west who looked like that, yellow like the sun. And she had nice big breasts too, best to cover their bases, Kana was lacking in that area after all. What Kana did for her mistress Lady Kobayashi could be considered the work of a Saburuko, but to meet actual professionals was something else, it had left Kana impressed and with a high respect for the group of women. They had even helped advise her on who to pick in the end, according to what they needed to do, which was helpful since at the beginning the three of them more or less were just left complementing and staring at the elegant women, unsure what to ask or do. Kana was glad to have experienced an establishment like that. If only she were a man, she’d go there all the time just to sit with those women.

Hara Noa was her name, and she made their group four, the four that was supposed to be three, if only that were the only thing wrong with the party Kana had picked up. Kana adjusted the collar of her riding kimono, it was still slightly chilly. “Here they are.” She said to her party when they got within comfortable hearing distance of Kojuro and his men. "Look what I picked up Kojuro!" She was smiling as she pointed at whom she thought was supposed to be his best friend. "Kousaka-kun you already know, but I also found this really strong man from China, his name is Atago Sora-san, and behind me over here is our Saburuko, the famed Hara Noa." Kana introduced each of her party in quick succession. "I know I wasn't tasked by Natsu-sama with picking up another ronin but Sora-san isn't actually a ronin, he's just really strong. Isn't he Kousaka-kun?" Kana looked expectantly over at Kousaka, expecting a happy reunion between friends and fun banter to ensue.


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It had been some time since he’d been in the company of odder people.

The day had started out normally enough; he’d wandered in his usual careless fashion into a small village outside of Edo, intent on peddling his more mundane wares to the local tea shop. It was a nice little place, as far as they went; he’d done business there a few times before. His aimless meandering took him far afield and to exotic places, something which was to the benefit of the quite stationary establishment, which despite its humble location now boasted an excellent selection of tea leaves from China and even some of that strange thing they’d mutated out of them in Europe and passed off as having the same name. The rose hips really were better in foreign lands, though, and he had those, too.

He’d been minding his own business, conversing in modulated tones with the owner, when one of the serving girls—new, since the last time he’d been in, had tripped over something and accidentally covered himself and the nearest other patron with scalding tea. Of course, he’d been quick to laugh it off with customary bumbling awkwardness, smiling and flapping his hands like an effete, but alas the man next to him had not taken it so well.

A mercenary, or perhaps one of those samurai that wasn’t actually a samurai. Ronin, they were called. Samurai without the fancy name or the behavioral restrictions, as far as he could tell them apart. In any case, the fool decided that the poor girl’s offense was worth becoming extremely angry about, and so with a sigh, Sora had stepped in, pasting a placating smile upon his face and suggesting that perhaps the eminent and very respectable warrior-sama wouldn’t mind letting the offense go, just this once, perhaps if his tea and food would be paid for?

Well apparently this hadn’t been the best idea for some reason, because the next thing he knew, there was a fist headed for his face, and he ducked himself out of the way with great celerity, meaning that it (and the fool who’d thrown it) crashed through a shogi-screen door. For some reason or another, it had become a brawl after that, and annoying as it was, Sora would have allowed it to run its course had the tea shop owner and the clumsy young lady not been drawn into it.

It was about then that he decided he was going to put the ruffian and his friends through another door, this time the front one, and the ronin’s balance was so poor that a single well-placed kick had done the trick. “Oh dear, was that me?” He asked innocently, dusting his hands off and following the ronin outside the tea shop. At least this way no more of the furniture would be damaged. “Maybe you owe the nice young lady an apology, warrior-sama. What say we stop this silliness and all have a cup of tea, hm? I have some very nice leaves from Kyushu inside that I think you would enjoy.”

He always did manage to say just the wrong thing.

The ensuing fight was short and painfully boring, if he were being honest. Even the swords involved didn’t really add anything spicy—it was all just mid-level humanity, and that novelty had worn off long ago. The worst part was that the people in the tea shop would remember this, and he didn’t like people to remember this part of him. Old habits, and all that.

He was back inside and helping the owner pick up his broken porcelain and ceramic when the strangers entered. He’d noticed them before, but only because one of them smelled distinctly familiar, in a subdued sort of way. He found himself involuntarily salivating, but swallowed past it and suppressed the instinct, greeting them with his usual vague, daydreamy politeness and listening as he was pitched an employment opportunity, though the details were a little sparing.

Still… it wasn’t like he’d had plans. Now he did. How fortunate for him.

There was a stop at another, much bigger and more ornate-looking, tea shop afterwards. He vaguely recognized the name, which was a bit pretentious in his opinion, and he kept himself aside while they went about… whatever business they had here. As far as he could tell, it involved consultation with a bunch of saburuko about which one of them was suited to do… something. Admittedly, while Sora was quite fond of music, the tone of the discussion, the sort of market-style evaluation of physical features and the like, didn’t really interest him, and he spent most of his time talking to one of the trainees, a child of perhaps thirteen who was preoccupied tuning her shamisen and didn’t once actually look up at whom she was speaking with, a fact which amused him considerably.

When that was done, they were away again, until they met up with… was this one a samurai or another ronin? It was hard to say, but he looked less shabby than most of the ronin Sora had ever run into, so it seemed like he must be a samurai. So here he was, sitting on a borrowed horse, listening to people talk about him without actually getting his input (something so normal for him he didn’t even think of it in those terms, exactly), still not exactly sure what he was supposed to be doing but willing enough to do it. Life was easy when you didn’t care about much.


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"Ani-ue." A petulant, almost whining tone.

"Yes, Koharu? What is it?"

The Kagami siblings were outside of their modest home in Odawara, tucked away in a secluded room. This had been where they lived since being cast away from Lady Kobayashi's service, and despite everything, Koharu's been met with some success in providing enough money for them both to live on. As a ronin disguised as a man, Koharu slowly mastered the arts of deception and trickery. Yet, still-

"Ani-ue, do you really think it's okay?" Koharu asked, staring needily at her once capable - now disabled older brother. Her cheeks were puffed up in a slight pout. "Going back and helping Chinatsu- " She quickly shook her head, correcting herself at Kousaka's disapproving frown. "Lady Kobayashi after what she did to you? Why not simply remain as we are? I don't want to part ways with you!"

Kousaka just gave her a sage little smile, slight mischief playing in the corner of his eyes. He was definitely plotting something, and Koharu wasn't sure she was a fan of it at all. She knew that look - but she also knew that no amount of prodding would make him tell her his schemes. Before the crippling injury, Kousaka has been an individual full of wonder and excitement - always going on crazy adventures with another one of the Kobayashi retainers - a certain Ikeda Kojuro - doing things Koharu felt almost excluded from. The little sparkle had been gone from his eyes in the two years since his discharge and the fall of the clan - Kousaka almost falling into what could be called a depression.

It was odd. While Kousaka always seemed to place emphasis on honor and being a samurai, Koharu never really had it stuck in her head the way most children around her had. Sure, she was okay with being loyal and all, but it wasn't as if she truly understood her brother's struggles as he adjusted to his new life in Odawara. He would always be her top priority - he was the only family she truly had left. If there was anyone she could count on, it was him, disabled leg and all.

"Yes." Kousaka gave one look over Koharu's disguise. While anyone who knew Kousaka from before would never have been fooled, she still did look the role of a young, slender man. As long as she was careful, no one would ever find out her true gender. "I believe you should accept Kana-hime's offer."

Koharu was loathe to separate from Kousaka, especially on such a long quest as this one seemed it would be. Yet she couldn't bring herself to deny his almost excited look - the gleam of youthful adventure that had once been his entire life. After being sad for years, she couldn't simply take that away from him. It was her job to protect his smile now, no matter what.

"...Then I shall travel to Edo in your stead, Ani-ue.! It'll be fun!"

Then Kousaka cracked a boyish grin that hadn't been on his face for the longest time. It looked both nostalgic and excited at the same time.

"If you can, see if you can meet up with Kojuro again. And punch him for me for being unable to assassinate Yousuke on his own." Kousaka sported a crafty grin. "Weakling."

And so, Koharu set off, leaving behind her brother for this quest.

Kana-hime was certainly a beauty to behold. The two spoke idly - Koharu certainly didn't know her all that well, given she only saw her face once ever before. Still, it was always nice to travel with someone so attractive, yet somewhat familiar - they were both from Katsunuma, after all, so surely with time, they could form some kind of bond.

Their duo became three when Kana-hime happened upon someone who wasn't meant to have joined them in the first place. She couldn't help but cheer him on as the lone man easily dispatched the three assailants with naught but his own body as a weapon. Surely, Atago-san gave her a strange vibe - how many people were skilled enough to win a fight, outnumbered, weaponless? Kana-hime had asked her, but Koharu denied any oddity - it' be best not to let her inner suspicions leak out for the time being. Whatever the case, she'd keep an eye on the man who was now apparently an ally.

The Ochaya of Seven Pleasures was certainly filled with many pleasures - Koharu had to really focus to keep a blush from her appearing on her cheeks. While Kana-hime was choosing which girl to bring, Koharu could feel the eyes of some of the resident saburako on her, as if boring into her soul. It made her feel a confusing combination of excitement and anxiety that she wasn't sure how to process. Koharu could only hope the Atago-san could feel at least some of the scrutiny. The Saburako they ended up enlisting was said to be the best of Edo, and her reputation didn't do her beauty justice. She held an enigmatic, mysterious sort of aura that Koharu couldn't tear her eyes from. Still, hiding these thoughts, Koharu quickly chirped a friendly welcome, wanting Hara Noa-san to feel at ease with their team. It was almost a shame that Koharu couldn't go and visit the establishment more often - she wasn't really a man, after all.

Yet as she was making these mental notes, Koharu was intent on giving everyone a friendly face - telling jokes that ranged from hilarious to petty, smiling more than necessary, and generally being easy to get along with. Her light hearted grins and calculated laughs were easy to fake, though she subtly wondered if Kana-hime or Noa might've seen through it.

Once they eventually reached Edo, Koharu knew what she had to do. She grinned cheerfully at the tall samurai who said something about honor for a few moments before turning her attention to her old friend. Clearly, he'd been expecting Kousaka. Koharu knew she couldn't let him blow her cover so easily so she took quick steps to her old friend (he seems taller?) and delivered a playful punch to the shoulder.

"Kojuro!" Koharu mimicked the deeper voice of her brother while maintaining the way he'd have inserted excitement and boyish pleasure at seeing such a close friend after so long. "It's good to see you again! You remember me, Kousaka, don't you? You better not have been slacking in your training, else Atago-san will surely outdo you."

Koharu offered Kojuro an almost threateningly venomous wink before returning to a benign playful smirk.

"Of course, I'll also perform better than you." She then clapped her old friend on the back, giving him a bedazzling expression. "Let's have an adventure like we used to, Kojuro!"


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It was nothing but a routine. That is how a certain Saburuko saw each rising sun and moon for the lost moments of her life. And this specific entertainer of the arts, displayed herself upon the balcony, draped with such fine robes of silk while her hair often compared to that golden threads, hanged like a curtain around her, delivering a silhouette both enticing and mysterious. Her eyes sparkling in amber hues gazed at the people passing by the okiya, and all of them could not help but gaze at her presence. Some pray for their deity to be granted protection from her heretic existence. It was but a normal reaction for someone like her. Yet, one thing was clear. Those eyes of hers endears people to her, as if she has a secret needed to be unfold.

The truth, she was being embroiled in the grassy fields of envy. People would think she was but acting or simply a show of humility. That was not the case as it lays deep within her deepest intentions. She was jealous of how they find mundane things to be relatively worth dying for. She has none of that. There was no difference in her motives or her aspirations. All that made sense to her from the beginning was to strive for her continued existence. Until now, that has not changed and for all the things she had done, there was not even an inkling inside of her to regret or to feel what they call guilt. She had already accepted the act and what would come after it. It is a job, do her part, get paid, then live for another day. That was enough, yes for her.

"Noa-sama." Hearing the name, she raised her body to a straight form as she was leaning at a nearby wooden pillar as she watched the little events on streets beyond the confinements of her room. "I am coming in." That would be her minarai It meant that she has to prepare for this day. She pulled away from the spring air blowing through her opened balcony windows as she closed them, retreating to her world covered in the blissful plays of sweet lies. That indeed reminded her, the Madame had spoke of a job that would require all of the skills which are possessed by the Saburuko of 7 Pleasures. The client would be coming in today and would choose among five of them which included her. She has no complaints and whatever the choice will be. It will simply meant that she would be hired or not.

Just like so, Noa prepared herself with the help of her minarai and was soon escorted to the ochaya where the other four Saburuko were already present. She greeted them with her gentle and cheerful self, a personality they all seemed to be fond of. After a while, the Madame arrived instructing the five of them about the basic sensibilities of the contract. It seemed to be a trip, not the usual ones where they operate within their quaint town. There was also the mention of the client's name, Lady Kobayashi. Her fellow Saburuko seemed to pale at that name and did express their apprehensions. She did not have any and listened as to how the Madame shot down all debilitating queries.

Once, they were all settled. They came in a group of three, Lady Kobayashi's representatives. One of a clear affluent background and pedigree befitting of who Noa had identified as the Lady's famed ward, Kohaku Kana. Her beauty was indeed enchanting, in a different manner. Second, a boy judging by the attire yet has a face of softness like that of a girl, Kagami Kousuka. Three, a sunset-colored man appearing to be of Chinese descent, Atago Sora. The said group indeed comprised of striking personalities on different accords. And by will, she had been hired to be a part of it. She of course accepted it without any resistance. People might say, it was a smooth interaction which also related as they departed for their next location.

Kagami as he is started conversation. That was a chatter seemed welcome by the Lady Kohaku. She obliged as well in an exchange of words aout simple casual and light-hearted matters. A smile, a soft laughter, and the elegant prose of manners awere used by her. She showed enjoyment and then again, she is an experienced conversationalist. Though what could earn her sparkle of interest was a bit of a crack in the atmosphere that Kagami wanted to employ around them. This was not of course influenced by outside factors, more like be the said person's disposition. Yet, it was not her business and was not something vital for her job's parameters. Her course of action, ignore it.

But the one she is now, it would not be an option. They seemed to have met with people that have a degree of familiar relationship with the Lady Kohaku. As the dialogues continued, Noa clarified that they would be working together with these people. That was of course was not a wonderful idea for some people who voiced out opinions. There were clear words of disagreement heard in those statements. Her eyes then glanced at Atago as the Lady Kohaku praised his strength which seemed to a confirmed factor from Kagami. That was an interesting detail to be seen in action, that however is not now.

Next, Noa lifted her attention towards the new individuals she was meeting. There was this man she knew to be a Samurai who has yet to be absent of a Master. He must be a vassal of Lady Kobayashi which explains the Lady Kohaku's familiarity. Then, there was also another one. It was a man with a complexion and features not reminiscent of the predominant populace of this country. From that, she was assured that this person also has foreign blood within, just like her. Last, but not the least, a man hiding his appearance. She has nothing against such things. After all, anonymity would serve one well, moreover for her line of work. Yet, it does go without saying, that these three individuals were more peculiar than the people she had met earlier.

For now, she must let her thoughts be still and introduce herself. That was but a common show of courtesy and manners. Furthermore, she is also a Saburuko and will act as one. She is after all working on the clock. "Good day, I am Hara Noa. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Her voice pilfered with a harmony resembling that of divine lullaby. She then followed that with a preordained bow and an elegant and innocent smile. Everything she had done was inevitably laced with grace and a sophistication despite how trivial her actions could be or is. indeed, she is worthy for her reputation as one of the best Saburuko of Edo.


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Hamasaki Hiroshi

Hamasaki Hiroshi was man things. He was a runaway, almost-monk, a sharp-eyed haggler, and a foreign-blooded bastard to name just a few. He also was quite fortunate, it seemed. The samurai had found him kneeling down in prayer. It was a small-mission built by Jesuits who he was grateful he had never met before in his life. He thought of the Cathedrals he heard about from the monks. They spoke in wistful tones of grand buildings of stained glass, the equal of even the greatest Shinto and Buddhist shrines in Nihon. It was ironic then that Hiroshi had the ability to travel and see those great buildings where the monks could not leave their monastery on Kyushu. Still, Hiroshi doubted he would ever leave Nihon or the calling that he had answered. The small tabernacle and carved, wooden crucifix was enough.

"Deus meus, ex toto corde pænitet me ómnium meórum peccatórum, éaque detéstor, quia peccándo, non solum pœnas a te iuste statútas proméritus sum, sed præsértim quia offéndi te, summum bonum, ac dignum qui super ómnia diligáris. Ídeo fírmiter propóno, adiuvánte grátia tua, de cétero me non peccatúrum peccandíque occasiónes próximas fugitúrum. Amen."

He had killed seven men on his previous mission. They were wicked men, bandits who had once been ashigaru, but had deserted to prey on the innocent rather than fight in one of many conflicts. He had been taught to feel compassion for such men and perhaps a holier man could have converted them with words alone, but Hiroshi was not such a man. He had a sword and he put it to use.

The samurai, Ikeda Kojuro, was a model of respect and duty. The job he offered was like many he had performed before so, Hiroshi genuflected and made the Sign of the Cross before turning to the samurai and bowing.

"I would protect those you would charge me with with my life."

Thus, he found himself on horseback at the edge of Edo, waiting for the rest of his traveling companions to arrive. The women naturally caught his eye first. One was the picture of classical Nihon beauty, all pale skin and raven locks with a heart-shaped face and high cheekbones and the other was clearly of foreign blood, just like him. He had never seen hair the color of the sun, though he had heard of it from foreigners visiting the monastery on Kyushu. They were both beautiful and such beauty attracted unwanted attention from men who sought to take what could only be given and thus destroy what they sought to possess.

He bowed his head, but could not help but raise an eyebrow at the pale, raven-haired woman's words. It seemed that Ikeda knew the small ronin, Kousaka, and the boy had spoken with great excitement. He could not help but smile at his eagerness.

"It is an honor," he greeted the women and bodyguards they brought with them. He would say no more until Ikeda spoke. It would be a rude otherwise. He had already toed the line by speaking that small sentence before the samurai.


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#, as written by Kato