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Andrea Mae Depres

I'm just a bit difficult to understand sometimes.

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a character in “The Way of Water”, as played by Adantas


:: Puppet Master ::
Your Role-player Name :: Adantas
Your View On Role-playing :: I had never heard of Role-Playing until last month and now I cannot get enough of it. I guess what attracts me to Role-Playing is the unexpectedness. What I mean by that is despite having a plot and an idea of where the direction of the RP is going there is no real way of knowing how characters react with each other. I view Role-Playing as a story in which I get to control one aspect but then the rest is a mystery. I love reading but I always wish that I could be part of the story and Role-Playing has given me that opportunity. However, despite all this it is very dependant on other people therefore cause some problems. This includes some people lacking the same commitment as myself (as in they don't post as often), they don't post as in-depth as I might want them to and that some aren't as imaginative when it comes to different options that are present in a one on one conversation. But overall my view on Role-play is that it is a very creative way of allowing different people to interact through a love of the imagination and writing.
Your Idea of Character Development :: Character development is incredibly important and I think is equally constructed through the situations in the RP and the person's ability to write.
Your Estimate on Time Commitment :: I am a very committed person and I will always check the RP at least once a day. I usually post at least once a day also, maybe more depending on RL and I try my hardest to get a decent paragraph.
:: Puppet Basics ::

Andrea Mae Depres

Nick Name :: Andy
Age :: 27
Face Claim :: Erica Durance
Nation :: Earth
Bender :: Yes
:: Puppet Appearance ::

Height :: 5'8
Weight :: 58 Kg
Eyes :: Green/Hazel
Hair :: Dirty blonde/Golden Brown. Usually tied up in a messy bun. has a delicate wave that either works some days or doesn't
Physical Description :: She finds herself looking in the mirror, seeing in the reflection a tall women with tanned skin. She thinks her shoulders a too broad but in actual fact they suit her. She moves down but quickly skims over her full bust. Next is her mid-section. Her abdominals are nicely toned, her waist slim. She moves to her hips and scowls. Despite them contrasting and creating a curvier figure she finds they are too thick, despite it mostly being muscle. She turns to look at her very prominent ass, she refuses to wear tight dresses because of it. She faces back to the mirror and continues her scan. Her calves aren't that defined but they are softly shaped. Finally she reaches down to her feet. They are probably the part of her she can least complain about.
Identifying Factors :: She has a thin piece of green material with a single charm attached wrapped around her wrist all the time. It represents her connection to the Earth and completion of the academy. She also wears a sterling silver chain necklace, given from her parents when she graduated. Aside from the material objects something that most people find when they first meet her is her rough, coarse hands from working with earth so often.
:: Puppet Personality ::

Quirks :: She just thinks, a lot. It can be anything but there is always something going on in her mind. She has to do something with her hand, her most known position is one hand around her waist and the other resting at the base of her neck. She isn't very good at explaining things. Not that she would ever willingly tell others or even admit to herself, but she tends to get a tad obsessive over some things and has a constant need for anything she does to be right. Not in a perfectionist way but she likes to be professional with everything she does.
Personality :: If someone were to describe Andrea's personality they wouldn't be able to stereotype her. She's a mixture of things and not even her close friends can exactly describe her. Usually people say that she is a conscientious, polite young women. Others say she is a great conversationalist and it's a pleasant surprise to hear such brutal honesty. She really just adapts to the people she is around. At home with family she is usually excitable and talks most freely with them. She can also be very overemotional and sometimes gets a bit frustrated with people. However, despite the different views of what she is like the one thing she truly is, is kind.
Fun Facts :: Wants a big family, enjoys being alone, loves vintage/French country style, when she's old she wants to retire to the countryside, procrastinator.
Likes :: Gardening, Cards, Puzzles, Sports and Flowers
Dislikes :: Cold weather, unhealthy food, technology, Maths and boredom
:: Puppet History ::

Family :: Andrea was the first-born of Peter and Heather Depres. She has two younger siblings, Nicholas and Danielle. Her father's mother is her only living Grandmother.
Her relationship with her dad is a rocky one. They each love each other but due to his work as a manager for the Earth Nations leading Hotel company he isn't always around. This is probably the root of the problem. While he was providing them with many great opportunities and a wealthy lifestyle he wasn't around to bond with his children. While he was great at helping Andrea with her homework and assignments when she was younger he wasn't able to understand her as well as her mother. On the most irrelevant of things they would usually have opposing views in which neither would back down and blame the other of not understand their point of view. She can often find him frustrating as he asks questions that, to her, he shouldn't bother asking. They could go for days without talking to each other causing tension throughout the whole household. In the end, although no-one directly apologies, they usually forgive each other. Until another incident arises and the whole process starts again.
Andrea would consider her mother to be her best friend. She loves her profusely and would do anything for her. She is able to tell her mum everything. When her troubles are becoming too much she would cry freely knowing her mum would be there for her. With her comforting words and gentle smile. When Andrea was younger she would often complain that she wasn't pretty or as thin as the other girls. But her mother was always able to drag her out of her self-pity. Despite someone who claims that she's no good with words, her mother had a way of saying just the right thing. Through everything her mother was always there and dedicated. At school sports was a large part of Andrea's life and that meant a lot of training. She could always rely on her mum to take her to early morning trainings and be there for every game. She is also the one who was the mediator between herself and her dad.

Next her brother, Nicholas, who is only a year younger than herself. Growing up they were a bit hot and cold toward each other. Sometimes they would have fun wrestling on the couch, or just being silly and then the next minute they would be at each other's throat. While she is protective of her brother she does think he is rather lazy. And when she is feeling particularly mean she isn't afraid to shout that at him. This is pretty similar with her sister, Danielle, however she was never as rough. The three of them would often fight with each other, sometimes ganging up on one another. While she could be herself with them, she found they weren't particularly. She was comfortable being around them and she knew nearly everything about them, aside from their social life, but they just weren't friends. They were just siblings. Even now as an adult she doesn't have much involvement in their lives.

Peter's dad died when he was twenty years old but his mother remarried later on in life, sadly he died before Andrea was born. While she loves her grandmother, she really doesn't connect with her. Her mother's grandparents both died of Cancer in their late-eighties only three years apart from each other. Andrea was 14 when her grandfather died first. It was a difficult time as her mother would be gone for a few weeks to be down caring for her mother. The family tree isn't something that is very known.

Her family could be quite dysfunctional at times but she loves them all the same.

History :: Because of her dad's position in the hotel they were able to use the facilities for free as well as the restaurants. They were very privileged in this way and Andrea knew it. Despite her family's ability to send her to a private school when she reached high school that didn't mean she liked it. She had a difficult time at school as she struggled to find who she was. Friends became enemy's and enemy's became friends. There was a lot of confusion but it was during this time that she discovered her Earth Bending ability. Andrea had very limited knowledge of bending and didn't take a great interest in it. When was younger she loved spending time in the garden but didn't connect it to Earth Bending. No-one in her family could bend and since she didn't know much about her history she didn't know whether there had ever been anyone who could bend. It was only when she was having a very heated argument with her Frenemy that her talent was discovered. It was after school hours and they were at the far corner of the schools sport field. She had turned to leave but her last words had left the other girl so angry that in her fury she picked up a fist-sized rock. Before she could even think what she was doing she had screamed at Andrea and launched the rock. Andrea had enough time to turn around and in her fright she extended both arms to protect herself from the rock. The rock and overwhelming emotions was enough to give force to her action and she drew upon her Earth Bending power to protect herself. Just before the rock was to hit her a small wall of earth erupted from the ground and the rock thudded uselessly to the ground. As soon as it had happened the earth crumbled and was just a mass of dirt at Andrea's feet.

After discussing with her mother and then later on her father it was decided that she needed to go to an Earth-Bending academy. Learning from her mistakes from her previous school she was able to meet three other girls who would later become her best friends. She graduated as the one of the top twenty students in the academy but went on to pursue a career as a successful marketing manager for a wealthy business. Now she travels around all of the Nations overseeing the marketing, advertisement, promotional staff and activities of the organisation.

:: Final ::

Sample Post :: (The day she discovered her Earth Bending ability)

It was the middle of the week and it was a lousy day. The sky was overcast and it was quite chilly. Lessons had been boring and the only thing that had brightened the day was her P.E lesson. She was able to let out some of the tension that had been building up. Last night she had had another argument with her dad. She cringed at the words she had yelled at him: You're never around. So how can you possibly understand? I hate you. It was definitely too harsh but he had gotten her so mad. She was deep in her thoughts that she hadn't realised that she had been asked a question by her history teacher. Her mind was blank and she glanced over to Tiana wordlessly asking fore help. But they had been a bit tense lately so she just ignored her. She turned back to her teacher and reluctantly told her that she didn't know. She hadn't been paying much attention during these lessons and the teacher wasn't impressed, she even went so far as giving Andrea an after school detention tomorrow. Andrea was tempted to talk back but figured that it wouldn't help her case so instead she sunk lower in her chair. She glared at Tiana. It was all her fault that Andrea now had detention. So she planned to confront her after class. The lesson continued and although Andrea tried listening so she wouldn't get in trouble, her thoughts kept turning back to Tiana. Soon the bell had gone and they could all leave. She quickly packed her stuff and chased after Tiana who had already left the room.

"Hey Tiana!" She called out, "Wait up. I want to talk to you."

She managed to get her attention but could see that she wasn't happy. Her face was in a sour grimace and her arms folded. Undeterred Andrea persuaded her to come for a walk to the sports field so that she could talk to her alone. Finally they made it to the far corner and Tiana instantly demanded why she dragged her all the way over here. Andrea accused her that it was her fault she had a detention and it just escalated from there. Soon the two girls were shouting at each other. The sky grew darker as they screamed at each other and the wind was picking up. Rain was soon to follow. Andrea was feeling so overwhelmed that she just wanted to get away. Her hands were shaking but still she continued screaming, tears streaming down her face. With her last word she just turned and started marching away, her hands pulled closely to her chest as if trying to hold her heart together. But Tiana wasn't finished, she shrieked after Andrea. She just turned to see a large stone launching from Tiana's hand. Her overwhelming emotions and fear were propelled from herself as she extended her arms. Without realising it she called upon the power of Earth Bending and from the ground erected a wall of earth. It was just in time to stop the rock from colliding with her and it thudded uselessly to the ground. As soon as it happened the wall started crumbling and Andrea was left with a mess of dirt at her feet. She looked up at Tiana whose face was one of shock and fear. They both stood for a few seconds uncomprehending what just occurred. Tiana was the first to react and fled from Andrea. She was left alone in the desolate field. Her hands had stopped shaking but her heart was still beating like a jack-rabbit and her breathing was heavy. She would have stood there much longer her mind whirring with what just happened but the sky decided to crack open and pour all her sadness atop of her. No longer able to stand being still she raced home. Her legs pounding, her breathing ragged. She would usually take the bus home and it would take at least ten minutes with light traffic. When she finally reached home she burst through the front door, her mother hearing the loud slam of the door came to inspect. Instead she finds herself being bombarded by her daughter, loud gulping breaths that rack her whole body.

Over the next couple of days long discussions with her parents were held. In the end they concluded that she would be sent to an Earth Bending academy in which she can continue her school work but learn how to control her new found power. With her fathers influence she was able to enrol for the next semester which was starting in a few weeks. And this was the beginning of a whole new life. One that Andrea wanted to make the best of and never repeat what had happened in her old school. This was her chance to redeem herself.

Codes :: The Water Bender Korra

So begins...

Andrea Mae Depres's Story

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Character Portrait: Andrea Mae Depres
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#, as written by Adantas
A few weeks earlier

The elevator dinged open, the floor light flashing seven. Its shrill ring was becoming annoyingly familiar to Andrea Depres' ears. She swiftly ducked through the doors, her high heels slicking against the tiles. today her hair decided that it didn't want to cooperate so instead of being out and nicely waved it was tied tightly in a ponytail, any stray hairs pinned down. her oversized handbag, that held all her important papers, wallet, trusty notebook, pen and phone banged heavily against her hip with each hurried step she took. Glancing at her thin silver watch she cursed as it read five past ten. She was late for her meeting. Andrea rushed passed the the receptionist giving her a quick wave. While she passed, the young woman called out,

"Andy, they changed to conference room 3. You better hurry!"

"Thanks!" Andy called over her shoulder as she dashed to the right instead of the left to get to conference room 3. the corridor was empty, white walls bare making her clacking shoes echo even more. Finally she reached the door marked conference room 3. She stopped in front of it, took a deep breath, straightened her white blouse and dusted non-existent dust off her fitted trousers before tentatively knocking and opening the door. She leaned halfway in, her hair falling over her shoulder and tickling her neck. Claire, her boss, raised an impeccably shaped eyebrow as Andrea carefully came in and slowly shut the door, wincing as it made a small click. She took her seat next to Chao, her new assistant, who discreetly slid his notes over the polished table to her.The room was spacious, plain white walls with a few pictures of symbols and scenery stylishly scattered around. The opposite wall was just windows, showing a particularly sunny day but any real view was blocked by grey, reflective sky scrapers. A new one seemed to rise each day. It disheartened Andy that such a strong Nation be reduce to nothing but buildings. There were forests but they were at least an hour drive out of the city. At the far end of the room the latest smartboard showed a flash powerpoint showing some meaningless statistics. Andy was never one for technology, even now when she was constantly writing reports and sending emails she would rather pen and paper. She didn't know what it was but she just had a natural dislike for the advancing equipment. Rummaging through her bag she found her trusty black leather bound notebook and started jotting down some notes. The presenter had briefly stopped to allow her to settle before continuing on. It didn't take long before Andy was up-to-date with the businesses current position and where they aimed at being in the future. She had been doing this for several years and had recently been promoted to executive marketing manager. Even now she found herself doodling some Earthbender symbols in her note book. Suddenly she felt a foot tap hers and she casually looked up so as not to draw attention to herself that she hadn't been paying attention. It was just in time to see the presenter concluding. The people around the table politely applauded. The older man took his seat. As he did so Claire cleared her throat and began speaking,

"Right, in a few weeks there is a gathering at the Great Nation were some highly influential people will be present. It is imperative that we attend and make contact with them. It is in our best interest to get them supporting us and not our opposition," everyone muttered in agreement as Claire continued on, "Andy, we need you down there. I know you've recently been named excecutive but I need someone with experience down there."

While Claire was a tough old bird and was very strict, following all the rule books to the letter, she had always taking a liking to Andrea. Andy nodded in response,

"No problem."

"Good. I think that's it. Thank you again everyone."

With that Claire stood, her sign of dismissal, and went over to the presenter to thank him again. Andy tidied away her papers that had managed to accumulate over the course of the meeting. Chao was already packed and standing, waiting for her. No doubt he would have something to say. Finally everything was back into her bag and she stood up, pushing in the plush black leather chair. They exited with the polite thank you and goodbyes before turning their backs and leaving. Once the door was shut and made the click Chao let out a load groan.

"How do you stand it? Meetings are so boring and all those slides? Why hasn't someone come up with something more interesting?"

Chao was just out of college and while effecient in his work was prone to complaining, a lot. Andy just chuckled, reminising her first year at her new job.

"you get used to it and besides, you joined the marketing department, we have the most fun!"

He gave her a dubious look and she just laughed again. he would learn, in marketing you got to travel and meet new and interesting people (not always a good thing mind you), although it did get tiresome. They reached the end of the hallway and Andy turned to Chao.

"I have heaps of famils and reports to write so maybe around lunch time come and give me the time and date of my departure, okay? I know Claire witll send it to you."

Now it was Chaos turn to laugh.

"I know I'm your assistant and all but you've really got to get with the ages!"

Andy just shrugged, starting to walk backwards towards her office.

"Hey, I'm getting better. I use it to write my reports. But that means I don't have to like it."

With that she headed to her office.

The day passed fairly quickly, she got the date and time from Chao and spent the rest of lunch chatting and joking with him. Finally it was five o'Clock. Packing up swiftly as she was a firm believer of separation, leaving work at the office and coming home to relax. She slung her bag over her shoulder, doing a quick scan of her desk to make sure she didn't forget anything. Satisfied she left her office and waved good-evening to the young receptionist as she passed. She entered the elevator, sighing as it made the high-pitch ding. The five minute bus ride was always her time for thinking and reflecting on what had happened today. The only interesting thing was the meeting this morning and even then there wasn't much to analyse. It was a relief when she pushed open the glass door to her apartment building. She gave Marcus, the doorman a smile and wave before heading to the stairs. She never took the elevator. Like a ritual she took off her heels and began her steady jog up sixteen flights of stairs. She reached her floor, glad to feel her heart thumping away. It was a small warm up but she enjoyed it. Especially since she was in an office all day. Searching through her bag for her front door key, after a minute she found it right at the bottom. Sliding it easily into the lock she twisted and pushed it wide. Stepping into the threshold of home she dumped her shoes into the corner and her keys into a small little bowl perched comfortably on a whitewash table. Walking down the short corridor she reached the large kitchen/living room moving straight to the kitchen island to dump her hand bag. She loved her apartment. It wasn't large but it was spacious. The best part was the whole back wall was glass, giving her a fantastic view of the city. While she didn't like staring at buildings she was quite content to watch the people in the park. Some days she would stand on her balcony and imagine that she could smell the forest and earth from the park and not all the fumes from the cars. Her balcony was filled with plants, from tall ficus' to little shrubs. Although there was more dirt then plant in each pot. She even had some empty pots just filled with dirt so she could practice her bending.

Walking around the island she fiddled with her silver chain necklace. With the other hand she grabbed the phone and instantly punched in the memorised numbers. She then skipped over to the fridge and opened it wide. Taking out some of it's contents, she placed them all on the bench top. She wasn't that hungry so she decided that a salad would suffice. Maybe a fruit salad. Considering while the phone still rang, she went back to the fridge and took out a mango. On the fifth tone the other line picked up, the familiar hello resounding through the device. So while preparing her dinner she chatted endlessly with her best friend Maggie. All in all it was just another evening.

Present day

Her bags were already there waiting for her when she opened the door to her room. As she entered she admired the interior, while it was stylish it just wasn't home. That was her only issue with travelling. While she enjoyed some of the luxuries it just wasn't home. She had been to the Great Nation a few times previously and each time her awe grew. What she would give to explore the forest and just feel the earth beneath her bare feet. But she had things to do and people to meet. As a business delegate she was required to attend the Council meeting. When she had arrived a member had greeted her and informed her that not only were the Fire Nation Princesses but the Avatar as well. That was rather exciting. She wondered if she would get the chance to meet him or her. She wasn't particularly interested in the world of bending so never paid any particular attention. It didn't bother her much so she pushed it to the back of her mind and began unpacking and settling in. Taking her suitcase to the bedroom she found, to her surprise, a neatly placed very formal, very traditional Earth Nation attire. It was in various shades of green and tan. The only time Andy had ever worn anything remotely similar was her graduation of the academy. She delicately lifted it up and eyeing a full length mirror in the adjoining bathroom strode over to hold it against herself. She grimaced at the sight, sighed and walked back to place it back onto the end of her bed. It was quite unflattering but she supposed if they had gone to the effort of supplying her one everyone else must have a similar one as well! She continued unpacking, hanging her casual clothes and work clothes on the hangers and taking her privates to the drawers. Satisfied she changed into her silky nightgown and crawled into bed. Sliding into the smooth sheets a small smile twitched at the edges of her cheek. Yep, definitely couldn't complain that it wouldn't be a bad stay, she thought to herself.

The sun rose and it's bright rays filtered in through her semi-closed windows. The natural light started heating her bed fairly quickly making the once toasty bed uncomfortably warm. Forced out of bed she got up and headed to the shower. Towel wrapped around her she stared defiantly at the formal clothes. Her shoulders then slumped and she reluctantly pulled on her bra and knickers before slipping the dress over top. Finding herself standing in front of the mirror, an unimpressed look glued on her face, she started playing with styles for her hair. In the end she decided to let the natural waves fall through, a half-up do that extenuated the shape of her face. She had to admit it wasn't half bad. Done with the appearance aspects she decided to order some food. Having a look on the menu she chose a simple breakfast of muesli and yoghurt. Hardly any time passed from when she ordered to when it arrived. It was pretty impressive actually. She polished it off quickly and with one final check in the mirror and a last minute decision to add a touch of make up, left her room and made her way to the Great Hall. Walking down the hall ways she felt a tad self-conscious she kept tugging at the dress. She found the hall easily and waiting for her out front was an associate member. He greeted her pleasently and was rather sweet. The gentle man whom she learnt his name was Xion was probably in his mid-sixties. He led her inside and showed her to her seat. Thankfully he also pulled the chair beside her. She scanned the room easily spotting the two Princesses. They were happily conversing, their outfits also very traditional if a lot more uncomfortable. While she was watching the two girls, trying to determine how she could start a conversation with them, the doors flung open again and there stood a boy probably only seventeen years of age. By the way everyone hushed she suspected that it was the avatar. She glanced back in the direction of the Princesses and noticed how the older one's face instantly took a sour tone to it. That was quite interesting. It seemed that everyone was here and Andy was eager to see what would happen next.

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Character Portrait: Andrea Mae Depres
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#, as written by Adantas
This was not what Andy was expecting. The Avatar was blatantly using his Air bending powers to swiftly move towards his seat. Andy had never really been in contact with so many benders before and it amazed her. While her own Earth bending skills was probably that of master level she was never one for flaunting or even using it that often apart from some occasional practice. Her eyes where still following the young boy who had finally reached his seat. Once there he took out a small flask, quickly uncorking it with a swift move that was probably from using it often. Out from the small flask flowed a stream of water. It was quite magical how it twirled within its invisible casing that Sal was controlling. With seemingly no effort he moved the water around and brought it down under the table where Andy’s view was blocked from seeing what happened next. She was rather entranced by the beauty of the skill. He was truly talented but it was when he spoke that she was reminded that he was still young and had much to learn. Manners was first to come to mind. He seemed to have inherited the Air Nations restless and air-headedness. He called upon his own Water Nation first to introduce themselves and some other murmurings that Andy couldn’t quite hear. He seemed quite pleasant talking to his people. Shortly after they bowed and returned to their seats. Seamlessly, the masters from Air stood up and flowed gracefully towards him. The one name Johanna stayed back. Andy was quite interested in her, she wasn’t a large girl and looked barely older than the Avatar himself. She had a distinctive face and Andy could spy a few tattoos. She also noted that when Saldo spoke of her she was the only one that he seemed to hold an inch of respect for. Before long the Air masters bowed and made their way back to their seats. He then called upon the Earth Nation. It didn’t occur to Andy that she would be required to stand up and meet the Avatar. She was content to sit there but then Xion started to stand and he gently tapped her shoulder, kindly indicating to rise. Her eyes widened in surprise, she hadn’t realised it but Xion was actually one of the Earth bending masters. She compliantly followed him and made her way towards the young Avatar. There wasn’t anything different from the other masters that had preceded them and Andy stood slightly behind them, slightly uncomfortable just standing there. She smiled politely and bowed as they made their way back to their seats. As Andy was walking back she could feel the sleeves riding up her arms and bunching at the elbows. Not wanting to draw attention to herself she sat down and discreetly pulled them down. While Andy was fixing her outfit the two Fire Nation Princesses proudly walked up to Saldo. It was like all the other Nations, polite respects and dozing off by the Avatar. The elder Princess definitely didn’t look impressed and it seemed that Saldo only really noticed what they were saying as they were concluding. In a louder voice to address the whole audience he apologising for being rude and curt and claimed he was still stupid and restless. Andy raised her eyebrow and was trying very hard not to smirk. He was giving her a lot to think about and what she would say to him. Soon he dismissed them, everyone rising and taking a bow. As she began to file out with the others Andy noticed that the eldest Princess went back to the Avatar, she was curious to find out what she had asked.

Waiting outside the Great Hall as everyone exited where waiters with platers of nibbles and drinks. Perfect, thought Andy, this was the perfect time to mingle. So for the next half an hour she wandered around, meeting all kinds of different people. She talked mainly business but was able to incorporate general interest into the others life as well. She met with the Air nomads and the Water benders. She even chatted a little with the Earth bending master. She went from being serious and sincere to boisterous and entertaining. It was all quite exhausting and she found herself on her third glass drink. After nearly an hour she figured she had made some good connections and everyone had a lasting impression of her and the business. With this she retired to her room. She said her polite farewells, bowing generously and taking one more biscuit for the trip. The door to her room was a welcome sight and once inside she slunk to the bed and flopped down heavily. It was a few minutes of just lying there before she decided to heave herself up. Giving herself a good stretch she then very un-lady like pulled the dress straight over her head. Quite ruffled she shook herself and smoothed down her hair. She looked out her window and realised that it was still pretty early in the day. She turned from the window and back to her wardrobe. There hung a variety of clothes, most of them professional and conservative. But since she had decided to give herself the afternoon off she decided to go for some knee-length faded jeans and a white, loose fitting blouse. She didn’t bother redoing her hair. Satisfied that she looked casual enough she headed back out. She leisurely made her way to the forest. On the way she passed Xion. He gave her a friendly wave and she steered herself to his direction.

“Good afternoon, how are you after the few minutes from last time?” She asked giving him a pleasant smile. He chuckled appreciating the light humour.

“Quite well Miss Depres, and how about yourself?”

“Not too bad. I was actually going to go for a little walk in the forest. Would you care to join me?"

“It would be my pleasure.”

With that they set of in companionable silence, making the odd comment. The ground crunched, creating a steady rhythm with their mismatched steps. Xions hurried scuffle and Andy’s even and smooth steps. It wasn’t long before they reached the magnificent trees and cobble stone turned to rich earth. The woody scent and fresh air were such a relief after so long living in the overbearing fumes of the city. Andy took a deep breath relishing the aroma of nature. Her cream coloured flats suddenly became very restricting, her skin longing to feel the roughness of the ground. Without a second thought she bent down and removed her shoes. Once free she dug them deeply into the ground, closing her eyes and just feeling the security and vibrations of life. This was her element. She couldn’t imagine being part of the Air or Water Nation. Their instability and constant movement unnerved her. She needed the strength and constancy that was Earth. Realising that she was still with Xion her eyes snapped back open. Her was staring at her with a knowing smile. He clearly understood what was going through her head.

“You are powerfully connected to the Earth Andrea.” His smile turned sad, “I was brought here to train the Avatar in our ways. To learn the firmness and force that is the Earth. Sadly I did not realise the extent of my condition.”

He leaned down and with his two hands scooped up a handful of dirt. Barely more than a whisper,

“Death must be so beautiful. To lie in the soft brown earth, with the grasses waving above one’s head, and listen to silence. To have no yesterday and no tomorrow. To forget time, to forgive life, to be at peace.” He looked up from the soil, his shaking hands pulling it tightly to his chest. His eyes where a deep brown, full of empathy and acceptance. “I thought I had longer.”

His talk was starting to worry Andy. What was he saying? Did he mean that he was going to die soon? Should she get some help. But those eyes, she couldn’t bear to turn away. She needed to hear the end of what he was saying.

“I feared that I would not be able to pass on my knowledge to the Avatar but then you arrived. When we shook hands I could feel your power. I knew I could then pass knowing that all was not lost.”

Was he suggesting that she had great power? She had only been mediocre in the academy, how could he say that she was powerful enough to train the Avatar? Yet he still ploughed on, determination clear on his aged face.

“You are my chosen one. I apologise that this is so sudden but I don’t have any more time.”

It seemed that Xions life force was tied to that clump of dirt that he held so tightly. His breathing was becoming ragged, sweat glistened from his brow, but the calmness never left his eyes. Like moulding a snowball he clasped his hands together firmly pressuring the dirt together. From the cracks between his fingers a dim glow slowly escaped, intertwining itself around his hands.

“Come.” He said, his voice coarse and strained.

Without hesitation Andy stepped forward, she seemed to know what to do without having any idea what was happening. Xion whose hands were a constant movement of light, opened to reveal a glowing mass of earth. Andy’s own hands had somehow risen by themselves and were hovering a few inches above the mound. Her eyes were wide and very unsure but as she looked up to Xion she found he was staring intently upon her own. His eyes conveyed reassurance so without further hesitation she placed her hands atop of it. The reaction was instant. The light was suddenly sucked back into the ball of earth which seemed to be absorbing into Andy’s hands. She was sharply aware of knowledge that she hardly had comprehension of, skills and techniques that she just… knew. At the same time while she was gaining Xion was visibly fading. His cheeks began to hollow, his eyes dull. Before long the last speck of dust had been absorbed. Andy felt exhilarated, strength that she had never felt before. Her skin glowed, her hair shone. Her natural beauty shone through. Xion was her polar opposite. Drained and wrinkled, skin a deathly pallor, his hands grasped at her hands. There was hardly any strength left, the one firm and solid grip he had before was reduce to frailty. Andy wanted to say something, anything but her mind was in overdrive trying to comprehend what had just occurred. Before she could even form a word Xion pushed himself back, stumbling slightly. Their eyes connected for the last time and Andy still saw the firm determination and calmness that had always been there.

“It is done. I am no longer needed.”

His final words. As the last syllable was spoken he lifted his arms above his head, pulling the Earth above him, completely encasing him. The sudden eruption caused Andy to retreat backwards a few steps. As soon as it had risen it started to sink. The rumbling earth soon quieting as it finally sank back beneath the surface. Completely overwhelmed Andy took a few unstable steps to where just a few moments ago Xion stood. She dropped heavily to her knees just staring at the spot. While the sun was still shining the trees cast long darkening shadows atop of Andy’s slumped figure. The minutes ticked by but she was unaware. She didn’t call for help, she didn’t break down, she simply stared.

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Echo danced on the ground before Jojo as small pieces of bread fell around him. Jojo took a bite herself, continuing to crumble pieces onto the dirt for the bird. Leaning against an outer wall, she began looking around, Sal must be off with the Masters. Her gaze dropped to the ground again as she began to worry...would Sal have any time for her anymore? His air bending was complete, but she hoped she could still aid him in his journey. Her reverie was broken as she caught sight of the birds flying up and out of the trees. The ground beneath her began to rumble, startling Echo who clambered up onto her shoulder. Pushing herself off the wall she peered into the forest, it was thick and dark. There was no doubt however, the rumbling sound was coming from the forest. Another boom came from the darkness, followed by another rumble.
"I wonder what that was?
Jojo turned quickly toward the sound, crossing through the green lawn. She hesitated as she approached the forest, looking back to where she was supposed to be meeting Sal for food. Another sound, this time a snapping branch, caught her attention. Bracing herself with the closet tree, she stepped into the foliage.
Stroking Echo she reached behind her and retrieved her staff, "Come on Echo, let's see whats going on..."

The forest was rich with thick green life, and creatures could be heard dashing away or crying from the treetops. The sun broke through the canopy in broken streaks, illuminating dots of the forest floor. After walking a few minutes the forest became eerily silent, no birds chirped, nothing was dashing underfoot. Only the sound of Jojo's faint footsteps barely broke the silence. There was no path, only breaks in the trees allowing her to move through the forest easily. Walking through the silent forest she searched, almost giving up on... until she spotted on a ridge, next to an earth column.
Where do I know you from...? Where...? I remember! She was with Master Xion...

As she approached the woman she pulled the scarf down from her face, though her head was still covered. Echo sat on her shoulder, his fluffy black tail wrapped her neck. Using her staff to lift herself up onto the ridge she rested her hand on the rock column. The instant she touched it, she sensed Master Xion. linking her fingers she began to chant a monk prayer. As she ended she turned her head to the woman, she was simply standing there. From what she could see, she was wearing no shoes. Could this be the source of the sounds? What would be going on in the peaceful woods? Gripping her staff, she hesitantly shifted her body into the light to greet the woman.
"Hello...are you Ok?" Lowering her hood she said,"I'm Jojo, you were here to see the Avatar right?"

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#, as written by Adantas
All sound seemed to die. The birds that had been happily chirping before had either flown away or ceased to make a sound. Andy was still kneeling on the floor when she heard the snap of a twig and a voice echo. From behind a tree appeared the young Air bending master, JoJo. She asked if Andy was alright but she was too shocked to respond. It wasn't long before another voice joined and she realised she had to get a hold of herself. She blinked a few times before placing her hands on her knees and pushing herself to standing. She brushed the dirt off of her legs before looking up to see who found her. To her surprise it was the Avatar. For once she was at a loss for words and couldn't form a sentence.
"Hey, are you alright? Where's Master Xion, I was supposed to meet him here about 10 minutes ago." Sal said scratching his head.

Andy put her hands to her mouth in an attempt to stop a sob. She couldn't believe how emotional she was being. She had to take a few breaths before she could speak.

"Master Xion..." She faltered, "He's passed away."

"You mean he's dead? How can this be? He looked like he could live another 10 years." Sal said running his hands through his hair baffled at the thought.

"I-it all happened so fast. I still can't quite comprehend what happened." She said gaining some control again.

"I asked if he wanted to take a walk in the woods and then he was saying something about how I had a strong connection with Earth and that his time was up and before I knew it he... he was gone." Her voice wavered at the last part.

"Great, just freaking great. Who in the fiery hell is going to teach me Earth Bending now? Nothing is ever simple is it? Some old dude couldn't stay alive for a while to teach me, no he had to up and die so my life would be harder," Sal vented, “Look, I'm sorry. I'm just venting don't take it personally, alright?"

Andy was actually pretty shocked at the way the boy handled Xions death. She was more appalled than anything.

"That may be so," She started, her voice hardening, "But I must say that that has to be the most selfish thing I have heard in a very long time." She was getting a tad impatient with the boy but if Xion wanted her to train him, getting him to hate her might not be a good start. She sighed and tried to control her overwhelming emotions before she continued.

"Before Master Xion passed he performed some sort of ritual that transferred his knowledge to me. I now know everything that he did. That means I am to become your Earth Master." She looked him in the eye to make sure he fully understood what she was saying.

"So you're telling me that Master Xion did some freaking voodoo magic and you know everything that he knew. Correct me if I messed anything up," Sal paused for a moment for her to interrupt him. "Now, with this knowledge you plan on teaching me Earth."

"So far so good," She slipped in before he continued and she repeated, "Again, correct."

"Man, with a pair of crazy fire bending sisters, an air bender who's always hungry, and an earth bender with questionable sanity. I'd say my days are numbered." he sighed.

Andy was definitely not impressed with the last comment. Her face clearly showed it.

"Right and all the while we're stuck with a pompous ass of an Avatar." She said blatantly, crossing her arms to show her displeasure.

"Me, a pompous ass? Never." The sarcasm was dripping off of his voice like syrup. "I don't even know your name... Master."

She rolled her eyes at him, she remembered the guys when she was 17 and he was no different.
"You can call me Andy, forget the master. It makes me sound old." Although at the thought of being master it did bring a faint smile to her face, since she was his master he should technically obey her commands. But, she couldn't see that happening.

"Andy? Not what I would have picked, but if it's your name it's your name. You know my full name, not my nickname, It's Sal. There is only one person in this entire would that can call me something different and you are not them." He said.

"My full name's Andrea, so what would you have picked me as then?" It didn't take her long to figure out the nickname that he didn't want her calling him. "What Sally? I think you rather suit that name." She said smirking at him.

"Ok, Andrea is a bit better. Don't ever call me Sally, you haven't earned the right to call me that name." He said with anger seeping through his voice like sap.

Andy's smile faded. She didn't appreciate the angry tone he was speaking in. It was ironic that he was able to tease but couldn't take being teased.

"Right." She turned her back to look at the spot where Xion had died. She felt he deserved some sort of tombstone. Like clockwork all her movements flowed and despite her having never done anything like it before she found she knew exactly what to do. It started out small. Tendrils of earth slowly rising from the ground. Twisting and cracking. Soon they started to thicken. When Andy opened her eyes (which she hadn't realised she closed) she found before her a two meter high intricate outline of a tree. In the center of the mass of Earth was Xion's name. If one were to look closer you would be able to see that engraved over every stem were symbols of earth and the saying 'Death must be so beautiful. To lie in the soft brown earth, with the grasses waving above one’s head, and listen to silence. To have no yesterday and no tomorrow. To forget time, to forgive life, to be at peace.' Andy wiped a stray piece of hair back behind her ear before she turned back to Sal.

"I think he deserves a few kind words. Do you care to say anything?"

Andy was quick pleased when she saw Sal's mouth drop open. Good to know that she could render him speechless. He quickly regained himself before bowing his head and said, "Students, Teachers, Brothers, and Sisters, a great man has died today. His memory will live on in those who knew him best and the ground in which he was buried will be thankful for the sustance that he brings to the earth." He stood there silently praying for the old man's new life will be as fulfilling as his last.

Andy was acutally quite impressed with what he said. She nodded to him to show that what he said was good. The sounds of the forest slowly came back. The chirping of the birds and the scampering’s of small animals. Although the silence between Andy and Sal seemed to grow, she didn't know what to say to him. While he reminded her of so many teenage boys he was also very different from anyone she had ever met.

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#, as written by Adantas
While the ancient words that JoJo spoke were unrecognisable, Andy felt the power in them. She was indeed a strong bender and given her age Andy felt slightly insignificant. The chanting ended and a gust of wind flowed through the area, twirling small columns of dust that settled on Xions tombstone. The whole setting was becoming particularly enchanting. The setting sun was casting its final rays of light, creating a magical effect as it filtered through the stone tree. Andy was in quite a sombre mood, but she could help but smile when JoJo in an attempt to lighten the mood asked if they wanted to go eat something. Andy actually had her back turned for the moment and when she turned round to her surprise out from the bushes came the two Fire Nation Princesses. This was definitely turning into one hell of a day. They seemed to have caught the part when Sal referred to them as the ‘Crazy Fire bending Princesses’ and they obviously weren’t impressed. Andy hoped that someday she could teach him the art of charisma. She sighed deeply and just rolled her eyes. Sal seemed to get fidgety as though he was planning something. She watched as he glanced at the ground. She followed his eyes and couldn’t work out what he was looking at. They were just standing on wet grass, except for Andy of course. What was the big deal? Suddenly he was bending and flexing his arms, some water bending movements. Andy couldn’t quite work out why he was doing that until she saw that one of the Princesses, the one in the heels, stumbled and struggled to gain her balance. The wet grass beneath them had turned to ice and had become extremely slippery. Sal seemed quite content with this so when he stopped his bending he placed his hands at the back of hiss head, a huge grin plastered on his face and proudly stated,

“Avatar out!”

And with that he made a dash for it. He was fast Andy had to admit that. She had just started after him but faltered slightly. He was still looking back at the group he had decided to ditch and he had failed to notice the large tree right in front of him. At the last second he turned around and in an impossibly agile move managed to duck past it. Unfortunately for him as he gave a whoop of delight he again hadn’t quite foreseen where he had just dodged to. In his path stood another tree, one that he didn’t have time to whip around. So instead he had a face first collision with a mighty pine tree. His landing was far from elegant. The force that he had rammed into the tree with propelled himself backwards, causing him to land pretty heavily on his ass.

“Man, when they catch up to me, they are going to kill me nine ways to Sunday and today is Saturday,” Andy heard him mutter to himself as he rubbed his forehead. Andy wasn’t sure if he was going to make a break for it again so just as a precaution she started weaving her arms. She felt the pull of the earth and as she opened her eyes she saw the a mass of earth rise and engulf his single hand that was still connected to the ground and both of his feet. Now he was definitely going nowhere. He had only gotten a few meters from where they stood. Andy shook her head at his boldness. Did he really think that he could escape so easily. Even if he hadn't collided with a tree he was running from an Earth Master. An Earth Master... What the heck did he think he was running on? If he had made it past that tree all Andy had to do was summon a lump of earth to rise and trip him and if that didn't work that she would cause the ground to rise and grab his legs as they were doing now. If he managed to get out of sight she could feel the movements of the earth and would have been able to located him. He really didn't think that through. Andy crossed her arms and stuck a smirk on her face. She leisurely waltzed up to where Sal lay. There was no way that she would let him forget this. She squatted down beside him and looked at him with clear bemusement on her face.

"So how did that work out for you?" The mockery coating her voice like honey, sickly sweet.

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#, as written by Adantas
Andy couldn’t help but laugh as Lien singed Sals eyebrow. It left him looking pretty strange and his expression just added to the hilarity. Jojos strange bird was quite happily sitting atop of Sals head and Andy couldn’t help but admire the creature. She had always wanted a pet, but was always travelling too much and just didn’t have the time to care for one. That’s when a thought struck her, what was going to happen to her job if she was meant to train the Avatar? She’d have to talk to Claire about that. Brought back from her thoughts was Sal moaning. Andy ignored him for the most part as she listened to Jojo and the Princesses. Andy didn’t have anything valuable back at her room so she saw no purpose in going, besides who would take care of little Sally if everyone else was gone? She stood up and shook her head,

“No, I’ll stay here with Sal. But be careful all of you.”

With that she watched as they all left. She had no idea who or what would be threatening the Great Nation and it concerned her that the Princesses had seemed so worried. Hopefully it was just a false alarm but of course that would be too much to hope for. Andy felt a strange niggling feeling in the pit of her stomach about the whole thing. She knew that the girls would be able to handle themselves but that didn’t stop her from worrying. Since they were going to be spending time together training the Avatar she felt like she was their sort of guardian. She couldn’t help but feel protective of them. To break her out of her thoughts Saldo made a painful noise and Andy jolted slightly, a pang of guilt for forgetting about him.

“Sorry.” She apologised as she released his hand. It was an easy movement to release the earth. She wasn’t sure if she trusted him enough to run away again so she left his feet bound. Sal rubbed his wrist and again Andy felt like apologising, instead she held out her hand to help him up considering that he wasn’t exactly able to use his feet to get up. Echo jumped around a bit, fluttering here and there. It was fascinating sight to watch as it glided gracefully around. Echo was definitely the perfect match for JoJo. Andy was actually kind of at a loss for what to do. She didn’t exactly want to stay here but nor did she want to get into the middle of things and risk the life of the Avatar. So she decided to ask Sal,

“Okay, I’m giving you two choices: I let you go and you promise you won’t run away or we stay here, with you still firmly attached to the ground. “

You didn’t need to be a genius to know which choice Sal would pick but Andy was stupid she would need some solid convincing before she let him go.

“I promise I won’t run away. Happy now?” Sal grumbled. Andy did a slow and deliberate walk around him, one arm around her waist the other resting just under her chin. She had a sly grin on her face. When she had fully circled him she came and stood before him.

“I need some guarantee that you won’t bolt for it.” It didn’t matter what Sal would say because in her mind she had already worked out how to keep him close.

“Okay. I’m going to let you go now.” She told him carefully. She did a small movement and the earth instantly retreated to the ground. However on his left ankle remained a small ring of earth which Sal hadn’t noticed. If he was planning on running then this would act as a sort of lock. Andy would be able to summon earth to reattach itself with the ring successfully making a shackle. But Sal didn’t need to know that. Their best plan of action was to secure a boat in case something serious did go down.

“Right. Sal how about we go find a boat? If we need to get you out of here we’ll need something fast.”

Without waiting for him Andy started walking towards the docks. While she tried to act calm and collected she was pretty unnerved with the turn of events. She didn’t actually know what was going on but first order of duty was just protecting the Avatar and getting him to safety. Throughout this whole event Andy hadn’t really focused on the slight vibrations she was feeling, but walking in the silence she was beginning to feel it more acutely. It was almost like being lost in your thoughts. As she concentrated she felt like she could map out the whole island, it was getting confusing with so many people walking around but the shocking part was that the Great Hall was like a blind spot. There was just nothing there. Something was definitely off. Andy frowned, concern for what was going on growing. Her pace quickened and she called over her shoulder to Sal, whom she could feel was still behind her thankfully.

“We need to get to the docks quickly. Whatever’s going on is not good and we need to get you out of here. Once we’ve secured a boat we need to get a message to the Princesses and Jojo.”

As Andy was talking the reached the edge of the forest and could see the docks. There were a couple of larger boats, most them the traditional sort but there was a medium sized speed boat that seemed to have the speed necessary to get them away quickly. The only problem was that their were guards patrolling the docks and they weren’t from the Great Nation. They were dressed strangely, almost as if they had stepped out from a hundred years ago. Apart from them there was nothing stopping the two from taking a boat, but since they were near water, Andy wasn’t going to be much use in bending matters. Crouching low near, behind a fairly wide tree Andy was able to scan a possible way of sneaking up on the guys.

“Sal… Do you think there is any way you could take out those guys?” Andy glanced up to wear Sal was leaning over her. Maybe they could sneak down closer and Sal could somehow take them underwater, knocking them unconscious. Then again if that doesn’t work Andy had been taking kick boxing classes for the last 10 years, so she knew she could handle herself if anything went wrong.

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#, as written by Adantas
"Could I? Andy, I am a Water Bender first and the Avatar second." He said with clear pride in his voice. She raised her eyebrow but a smirked played on her lips and she wordlessly indicated him to go ahead. She watched him as he took off and scouted around the docks. She wasn't entirely sure what he was going to do but she had an idea. Andy had a sudden thought, her head whipping round to find the owl. Her gaze turned upwards and she breathed a sigh of relief. The bird was perched a few branches above, peering after Sal's figure. There were only two guards on the docks, which should be relatively easy to take out and considering Sal's skill he shouldn't have a problem, but that didn't stop Andy from worrying. She decided to make her way down closer to the dock, just so she could keep an eye on the Avatar, just in case anything did go wrong she would be nearby. She did a sharp whistle, hoping that Echo would come. Thankfully the bird heard and swooped its way down to Andy. Carefully and cautiously she made her descent towards the docks. Soon she was on level ground and moved behind some foliage to stay out of the sight of the guards. She poked a hole through the bush so that she could watch whatever Sal planned on doing. At first nothing happened but then a splash to the side of the dock alerted one of the guards. She watched as he was suddenly knocked over, nothing seemed to have hit him so she assumed that it was Sal and his air bending. She couldn't help but smirk as she saw him standing over the guard, effectively freezing him in place. The second guard hearing the ruckus came to investigate. He was rather foolish as he fumbled with whatever weapon he had in his belt, Andy couldn't see clearly from her position, and attempted to what it seemed shout Sal into submission. The guard was instantly knocked down and silenced. Andy was rather impressed and couldn't help but find her self nodding in approval. The twigs around her where tickling at her neck and she found her self wondering why she was still crouching behind a bush. So she stood up and pulled a few leaves from her hair before making her way over to where Sal was. He noticed her and Echo coming and waved them to the boats. Echo who was around somewhere came fluttering towards Sal and landed on his shoulder. When Andy finally reached him he spoke,

"Well I told you I could do it. I think it was done tastefully too. That is a matter of opinion. Now we wait for the others to get back."

"I didn't say otherwise." She simply said while shaking her head, a light chuckle emanating from her mouth. There were only a few boats in the docks, most of them traditional sailing ships but there was one decent looking motor boat. It was a deep navy colour with a silver trimming. She wouldn't have been able to guess whose it was but it was called Serenity. She thought it an interesting name for a boat that made such a commotion on the water. Sal looked particularly bored already, leaning against the boat. He obviously didn't like waiting. He had sent off Echo to find the Princesses and JoJo and Andy watched as the bird disappeared from view. She hoped that they were doing alright. She assumed that they could take care of themselves, Kyoko looked pretty capable with that Katana but then again Andy didn't know how many guards they would be facing. There were so many possibilities that could occur and Andy couldn't help but think about them. She needed something to do. So she left Sal in his boredom and decided to investigate Serenity. It wasn't a large boat but it was definitely a luxurious one. Taking tentative steps aboard as she still didn't feel confident about stealing someone's boat. Serenity was big enough to have a below deck and as she explored down there she found that there were two bedrooms and a lounge room of sorts. It even had a mini bench top for where she assumed some meal would take place. After poking around below for a bit Andy went back to the deck in search of the controls. It was a small room in at the front of the boat with a few knobs and dials, a lever and of coarse the steering wheel. Thankfully it didn't look that difficult to operate.The only problem was how were they going to get it started without a key? Andy stood there with her chin resting on her fist as she thought how this could work. Maybe there was an extra key? She wasn't hopeful but she gave it a shot. She looked around in any little compartments, unsuccessfully, before going back down to look in the rooms. She searched and searched. There weren't many places to really hide anything so her quest was fruitless. She went back to the helm and thought maybe she could hot wire it like in the movies. She went to where the key would start the ignition but found no way of opening it to even reach the wires. This wasn't good. Jojo and the Princesses would be here soon and if they needed to get away fast this wasn't helping them. That's when an idea struck her. What if she could simply stick something into the key hole? Surely something as simple as that would work? All she needed was something small but firm enough to turn it. Andy had some bobby pins back in her room but that wouldn't help. It was then that she remembered she was wearing a belt and that belt and a very strong tooth. Thankfully, she didn't need it to hold up her pants. She quickly threaded back through the loops and proceeded to insert the thin metal into the key hole. If this doesn't work, we might as well take a sailing boat, even though Andy had no idea how to operate one. She continued to jiggle around the little metal tooth. Finally it managed to snag on something and as Andy slowly turn she heard it click. She waited and to her relief the engine roared to life. She breathed out the breath she didn't realise she had been holding. Excellent, now they had a vehicle to escape in. All that was left was to await Jojo and the Princesses. Satisifed that the engine would stay on Andy made her way to the side of the boat and called out to Sal,

"I got it running! Any sign of the others?" She tried to get her voice to carry over the whirring engine.

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#, as written by Adantas
Just as Andrea called out as if by some miracle, appearing a little way from the dock Echo flew straight and true towards the boat. Close behind, on foot of course, Kyo, Lien and Jojo followed. They neared the docks and it was obvious that there were some injuries, Andy hoped that someone knew some first aid. As they neared she saw Sal taking out another flask, maybe he knew a thing or two about healing? That would be pretty useful. The group finally came closer and Andy could see that Kyo was limping and had multiple lacerations across her arms. They had to get away fast, if more guards came after them, Lien and Kyo didn't look like they would be able to handle themselves too well. They made their way to the Serenity, it slightly rocking as they climbed up the small ladder. Andy made sure that they were stable before she left them. They didn't need her as such, they all just needed to get off the island. While Andy hadn't actually ever driven a boat before she reasoned that it couldn't be too difficult. She made her way to the helm and found the acceleration, she eased it up and the din of the motor grew louder. All she needed to do was manoeuvre Serenity out of loading area without hitting any other boats. It didn't seem too difficult but she went about it slowly anyway. Every so gently she managed to turn the boat and got it safely out of the way of the sail boats. They were facing open water but Andy had no idea where to go, so she decided for the moment it didn't matter, they just needed to get away. She started revving the boat and soon they were off. It was quite exhilarating actually, being able to shoot across the water at such a speed. In a matter of moments they had left the docks behind and were out in open water, thankfully it was a calm day and the water was smooth. Andy decided that for the moment they were far enough away that it was safe to stop and discuss where they were going. There were other things to think about as well. Fuel, food, water. Andy tentatively cut the ignition and prayed that she would be able to start it again. But she didn't let herself think about that so she went back to find the others. Andy reasoned that the best places to go would either be the Fire Nation as that was in fact where two of her passengers were from or the Earth Nation, where she had a house, clothes, food and the like. She reasoned that whomever attacked the Great Nation was after Sal so she supposed that since no-one knew her, her home should be safe. But then again being in the Fire Nation Palace could also be beneficial since they have guards and protection. Andy decided she would simply put it forth to the group and let them choose. In reality it was whatever would keep the Avatar safest.

As Andy entered the room where everyone was situated she was surprised to find that any visible injuries on the girls were gone. If Sal had done that, it was rather impressive. She took a seat besides JoJo, who Andy was sure she could hear her stomach growling. She wasn't sure what they had been discussing but she piped up.
"Guys, at the moment I'm not entirely sure where we are. I know that we the docks are behind us and I think that they are facing the direction of the Earth Nation. Do you guys have any idea's of where we want to go? All I know is that our main priority is keeping Sal safe. But we also need to be weary of the fact that I don't know how long it will take us to travel to wherever we are going and we need to think about food, water and fuel."
That was her input so she was quite content to listen to what they had to say. She felt that while they were talking she needed to do something. Food would be good since it was easily after lunch and she could hear JoJo's stomach growling. She stood up again and went in search of some food. Since she had looked around before she had an idea of where she might find something. Behind the bar like table she found a mini fridge that held some drinks, nuts, some chocolate bars and crisps. Just your usual mini bar stuff but sadly nothing substantial enough for a proper meal let alone for a couple of days. Grabbing the packet of assorted nuts she tore them open and popped them into a little bowl that was sitting on the counter. Popping a peanut into her mouth before she placed the bowl on the coffee table for everyone to take a bit, she relished the saltiness.
"Have we come to a conclusion guys? If so I'll start the boat and we can get on our way. Oh and if someone would care to be my navigator that would be fabulous." She waited for them to reply before heading back to the main deck. Her belt was still hanging from the ignition hole and it looked quite comical. She twisted but it didn't start straight away. That twisted at her own heart strings but thankfully after another try Serenity spluttered to life. As Andy surveyed the open water she frowned as just up ahead there was a gathering of dark clouds. She hoped that they could be avoided but knowing their luck and certainly Sal's that wasn't likely.

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#, as written by Adantas
Kyo's strong hand on her shoulder was interesting, she knew the girl was used to taking charge but she hadn't realised the power to her to words when she spoke. When she talked about paying for accommodation at her place Andy just waved it off.
"As far as I see it, as long as you guys don't trash the place I'm quite happy with you all staying." She said with a hint of a smile. "Kyo would you care to come with me to the helm? I need some directions."

The two made their way to the helm, Andy taking the wheel and Kyo staring out to the front deck. Andy truly, didn't have a great sense of where they were going, she knew they had to get to her home but she only had a vague idea of where that was and with the storm closing in, it didn't look like it was going to be a pleasant trip.

"We're heading to the Earth Nation right? I think it's that way," Andy vaguely indicates to her left, "but I'm not too sure. And by the looks of it, a storm seems to be heading our way."

"I noticed that too, the dark clouds do not bode well for our situation. Perhaps we were not as lucky as we thought getting off the island." She pauses, considering her words before continuing. "I don't have any paticular skills in navigating, but there must be a map or GPS device around here somewhere which will point us in the right direction." Kyo begins to rummage around, looking for some sort of draw that could hold a map.

Andy screwed her face up at the prospect of heading into a storm. "We've just jumped from one bad situation to another. But we've got to get through this, we have to. Surely having the Avatar and a master Air bender we should be able to ride the storm out." She glances at Kyo's searching figure. "There must be a a GPS in all these knobs and dials, it's just about finding the right one." Andy's hand drifts over the control board, trying to determine which button could help them. There was a little screen tucked away with a few switches below it. Figuring that there was no harm in trying Andy flicked them on. The screen whirred to life, displaying a little flashing dot which Andy suspected was them and a few numbers and names. "Kyo! Look I think I've found something. No idea how to work it but it's something..."

Andy could see Kyo's head bobbing as she nodded with her statement but at her exclamation about finding something she popped her head up from the drawer she was digging through for a map. "I have never seen anything like that before have you?" she asked although a probing memory tried to reach the surface of her thoughts. It looked very much like something she had seen in a very old movie once. "What do you think the names and numbers mean? Could this be a different form of GPS?" She tentativly pushed one of the buttons and jumped as a small beeping sound began. Hurridly she pressed the button again and all beeping stopped. She cast a guilty look over at Andy but couldn't help letting a grin escape her.

Andy had never been good with technology so she was really hoping that Kyo would know something. "Honestly? I have no idea." When Kyo began pushing some buttons and had a little panic when she couldn't turn them off straight away, along with her guilty look Andy couldn't help but try and suppress a giggle. "Well, we know that button doesn't help us." She said smiling but peering closer she realised that the numbers and names were actually abbreviations of each Nation. "Kyo, look here, to the left of the dot. There is 124 - E. That E can't mean east because you can see the litte compass and east is the other way. It could stand for Earth and that 124 could mean 124 kilometers away." The excitement Andy felt at the prospect of working out the GPS seeped into her voice.

Kyo giggled with Andy for a few minutes, glad to have some form of relief after all that had happened that day. Then she got serious and Kyo stood at attention. She leaned in to see more clearly what Andy was talking about. "I think your right, you must be, there can't be any other explanation for it." Kyo turned to Andy and grinned "You are a genius!" She suddenly came in and gave Andy a quick hug before going back to stare at the abbreviations for all the nations. While it was true the water nation was closer, the earth nation would be safest by far. "How far is it to your home once we land on the shore of the earth nation? It is so incredibly vast and I have only ever been there a couple times. Will we need transportation?" She pursed her lips and held a hand under her chin as she tried to work through different scenarios.

When Kyo gave her that hug Andy couldn't help but give her a hug back. It gave her an amazing sensation of being useful and doing something to help these kids. She was beginning to really like them despite their short time together. "I don't think I would go so far as a genius." She said smiling. "My apartment is further in the city about 30 mins from the docks by car. I had my car put in Long-term parking for when I went away. Unfortunately, I don't have any ID to show them that that is in fact my car but I think we can work that out when we get there. It's able to fit us all. Although, my apartment is only 2 bedrooms but I believe I have a few mattresses in storage that we can use." She hoped that when they got there that they wouldn't encounter any problems. She couldn't imagine thinking if they got there, she was determined in keeping them safe, all of them, not just the Avatar.

"That sounds absolutly amazing Andy." The big smile that Kyo gave her was definitely heart warming, Andy was really beginning to like this girl "If I can get ahold of my parents through a direct secure line of some sort I am sure they would give me some money for a hotel or something... if it gets too crowded at your place." She added the last part as an afterthought not wanting to offend the woman but letting the offer hang in the air so she didn't feel they were all leeching on her hospitatlity. Kyo heard a blast of thunder and looked up at the dark clouds that were now closer than ever. "I don't think we are going to be able to avoid that storm." All excitement rushed out of her at the prospect of facing the looming thunder heads and choppy water. "What do you think would be the best course of action?" She asked turning once again to Andy. As much as she wanted to take the reigns again and take the lead she figured that since Andy was the olders of the group she should give her the chance to take the lead first.

Andy shrugged but felt a surge of happiness at the girls compliment. When she said that they could get to a hotel Andy understood that they didn't know each other very well so it might get a bit uncomfortable and crowded plus she wasn't sure how well her apartment would suit two princesses. It was quite classy but she doubted it would be up to their standards. "I'm quite fine to house you all and personally I would prefer us all together." When the thunder cracked, the wind started to pick up and water was spraying up at the bow of the boat. This definitely wasn't going to be a walk in the park and when Kyo looked to her to lead she kept her eyes cast to see while she thought. "I think nows the time to talk to the others. We have a powerful Air bender and a Water bender, surely we should be able to get through this in one peice." As she gripped tightly at the helm she could feel the force that was trying to push the boat off it's course. It was powerful and she didn't think that it would be a good idea to leave it. "Kyo, you should get everyone up here. I think we'll need them."

Kyo nodded in understanding at the womans suggestion about keeping everyone together, yes indeed that would be much easier. Andy had suggested that Kyo bring everyone up to the front so Kyo ran to the back of the ship where everyone was seated and said "Andy wants us all to meet up at the controls to figure out how to best work with this storm." Her voice was clear and raised as she had to be louder than normal from the sound of the storm. "Hurry up everyone, we don't want to get caught in the middle of the storm." She nodded to Lien and made her way back to Andy saying "Ther are on the way!" over the sound of the wind.

The wind was howling now and Andy could hardly hear herself think. But then again, she couldn't concerntrate on anything other than keeping the little dot on the GPS screen facing towards the E. She was so glad that she had taken those boxing classes, at least she had the upper body strength to keep the helm from going out of conrol. It seemed like an eternity before Kyo returned and it was only because she came into Andy's peripheral vision that she knew she was back. It was difficult to hear her but she just made out what she was saying. A wave of relief washed over her as she heard that they were coming. She hoped that they would be able to keep them afloat because by the looks of it, this storm was going to be brutal.