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The Way to the Future

The Way to the Future


A one-on-one roleplay between God_of_Darkness and OpalePhantasmagoria.

818 readers have visited The Way to the Future since Jakuri-chan created it.

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Just where the future will lead to is a mystery to most. Whether things are written down before them or not is something most wonder about. But, there are those who find themselves not living for what the future might bring them, instead, they live for the now, the world of today. There are even those who subsist with their pasts tying them down, they do not look to the future at all and only go on while gazing at once was. . . . These sorts of people make up the world, and somehow, they all manage to make things progress onward despite their differences. But, for one who knows the future and one who lives in their past, what could things hold . . . ?

Is the future really written, or is it truly untellable?

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Ianthe herself moved through the opening in the shack, following in the footsteps of the mercenary and the jester. A rather serious look had etched itself upon her young face as she looked up to the sky for a moment, thinking. To the South, from here. Something under the hood of her cloak moved, and this did not escape Fia’s attention in the broad daylight. Oh dear me. . . .

She kept a hand poised upon the hilt of her sword, just in case, her eyes kept upon the cloaked girl. Why is it that she is simply gazing to the sky? Fia thought. “Tell me, is there something wrong perchance?”

At being addressed, she turned her crimson eyes to the Envoy, a questioningly look upon her face. She did not smile or attempt to make a single joke this time. “Yes, there is something wrong indeed, Miss Mercenary.” Ianthe began, raising an arm up and out of her cloak, the girl proceeded to point a clawed finger in the direction Joker had begun heading toward. “The direction in which the young Joker has chosen to go is not safe. Currently, it is riddled with many of Martanth’s soldiers; I can well hear their metallic footfalls against the paved road close by.”

Fia could not help but tense up at the girl’s words, how was she able to hear so far away? “Is that . . . so?”

A nod came from Ianthe as she retracted her hand back into the dark depths of her cloak. “Yes, I know it may seem quite odd to you that I would possess such sensitive hearing . . . but for now, you are simply going to have to trust it and me.” As she finished speaking, she drew her eyes down to the clasp at the front of her cloak, quickly she began to fiddle with it, until it finally came loose and undone. I do believe that there is someone here who needs this more than I at the moment~ An arm snaked out from the cloak, clutching onto the shoulder of the garment before pulling it off herself to reveal her full appearance.

“My Gods,” Fia breathed out, eyes widening as she took in Ianthe’s full self. She stood in place, staring somewhat nervously at the girl while her heart skipped a beat. She has . . . wolfish ears? And, and a tail . . . ? she questioned, I did not think things could take another strange turn Cosette, but it seems that your sister was once more wrong. If it was not enough for me to begin developing a friendship with Joker, my evidential new travelling companion has wolf features.

Sighing in relief, Ianthe shook her hair and tail out as she held the cloak out before her, giving Fia a coy smile. “I know, my form is truly shocking without the cloak, is it not?” She idly waved a hand out to her before turning toward Joker, and holding out the cloak to him. “Even if it is very true that I look quite strange without this, I do believe that even I would be less of a sight to see than he as things stand. It may be for the best if this was worn to hide yourself for now, until we are able to clear Martanth’s men.”

Fia could only bring herself to nod in agreement to her statement, still a little flabbergasted by Ianthe’s overall appearance. She knew that Apea needed to be left behind them as soon as possible, but things would be easier to deal with if they were not so obvious.

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Character Portrait: Joker


Character Portrait: Joker

"It is said the Fool will one day become the Hierophant."


Character Portrait: Joker

"It is said the Fool will one day become the Hierophant."

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Character Portrait: Joker

"It is said the Fool will one day become the Hierophant."

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Re: The Way to the Future

I apologize for the delay in response, I've been both tired and busy lately. . . . Um, well, I sort of intended on making it sound like Ianthe and Fia's little conversation and such could be well overheard by Joker, but it's up to you to choose how to post.

Re: The Way to the Future

Should I assume that they stopped joker before he walks out into the paved street, because I'm about to post otherwise

Re: The Way to the Future

Yeah, I remember he kicked two men in the face before hiring Fia
Yay, one-hundred posts. :)
And Ianthe needed a bit of settling in time before I got used to using her and getting her character down. I am glad she's getting to be more likable though.

Re: The Way to the Future

Remember that he hired you after kicking two guys in the face lol
Happy 100th post!!!
I am definately liking Ianthe more :3

Re: The Way to the Future

Heh, well, when you're used to being hired as a bodyguard for people who can't defend themselves at all, the first assumption you make is that your current client is the same. XD Fia will be in for a surprise though when a battle does pop up, no doubt about that.

Re: The Way to the Future

It's so cute how she thinks he can't take care of himself
I can't wait for them to actually fight against someone or something
She might need to stay out of his way
He hired her as a sure thing protector

Re: The Way to the Future

So, I decided to introduce a new character into the mix, I have some fun ideas with Ianthe here.

Re: The Way to the Future

Yep, the emotional torment writers put their charcters through . . . reasoned out by the character as a method to keep both of them from getting hurt in the end. . . . Too bad that tends to only hurt more. XD

Re: The Way to the Future

Aww poor Joker he doesn't understand she's doing it to keep either of them from getting hurt.

Re: The Way to the Future

I haven't seen the movie, and also, I have no reference point for the accent, but I'm doing my beste to imagine it. XD

Re: The Way to the Future

If you have ever met a Greek immigrant, I image the sharkman to sound like him.

Edit: my Big Fat Greek Wedding would be a good reference :3

Re: The Way to the Future

That tends to happen frequently with one-on-ones that take place between two active roleplayers. ^-^

Re: The Way to the Future

Wow, we're getting so much further into the story than any of my other rps :)

Re: The Way to the Future

Ugh my posts are getting really short, sorry

Re: The Way to the Future

It's a good thing that Fia doesn't expect payment now. XD Well, I suppose whenever she decides to reveal that fact, her speculating on his situation and such, that ought to be an interesting moment.

Re: The Way to the Future

He plans to pay her when he finds the Fortune card's power, assuming it will bring vast wealth or something to that extent, but yeaaaah he's practically broke otherwise

Re: The Way to the Future

I think I'm going to go and edit Fia's history some--give it some more depth than what it currently has.

Re: The Way to the Future

He's also slowly going insane, he wants to discover a card that may be able to cure him, especially after being with Fia for a while

Edit: I'm also really excited by a bunch of my other cards, like I have a big plan for the King of Swords. I can reveal the power and then I can use it in an awesome way for the story. :3

Re: The Way to the Future

A knight who has an interesting temperament nonetheless. . . . XD

But yes, this will be good.