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The Wayfarer

The Wayfarer


Your character has been given the chance to travel on the Wayfarer in return for their help on the ship. This is a great opportunity for those looking to escape from their troubles. But, not everyone on the ship can be trusted...

772 readers have visited The Wayfarer since Alappassi created it.


In the world of Ferya there are many terrains and countries. Some countries are crowded with rugged mountainous terrains that spread across vast distances of land. Other are flat grasslands where wild horses roam and many people farm. To the north there is a snowy continent known as Alaphreia and to the south there is a desert continent called Merasogo.

On the continent of Serlamod there is a little country known as Meruni. It is a polluted land by the sea with docks filled with fish and merchant stalls. Meruni is the center of the trading industry, both legal and illegal. The docks are always bustling with excitement as boats arrive and depart. Being a place for lots of commotion, the docks at Meruni are not safe and no child should ever be left unattended... who knows what may happen. Kidnappings are not a rare thing and one must use every ounce of street smarts that they have in order to stay safe.

It is here at the dock that our story begins.

There is a ship at the docks, the Wayfarer, the captain has offered anyone who would like to join them a free ride. Well, sort of. They have to help him out. Several of the crew members have fallen ill and have been left behind. And so, the captain needs help to sail his ship. He has offered this option to anyone who would like to leave or escape Meruni.

The ship is scheduled to be across the ocean and dock at Feramon, within four months. But will it get there? The crew is pretty sketchy and who knows what could happen.

To anyone who makes it that long at sea, the trip will be worth it. Feramon is a beautiful country with plenty of forests and mountains. It is very easy for anyone who goes there to live off the land. With hills of grass and forests filled with life, there is never a shortage of food as there are plenty of animals to hunt and there is rarely ever a drought.

Occupations needing to be filled by travelers,

Cabin Boy: (Cleans)-1 spot open-
Deck hand: (Helps out with sails and such. Must bee 18 or older) -1 spot open-
Cook: Ash
Medic: Doviello

Other positions available for regular crew,

First mate: (must be an appropriate age.. not 16... seriously, lol)-1 spot open-
Deckhands: Tsukasa, Skylark (must be 18 or older, please...)-1 spot open-

If you are interested in joining this rp please fill out the form below and send it to me via PM. If I accept then you may go ahead and post your character profile and begin rping.

Please also make sure that you read ALL of the rules and know them well. I will not be responding to one-liners, im sorry. But when I write four or more paragraphs and get a one-liner in return it can be very frustrating. Please make sure that if you join you stay within or above the semi-lit requirement...

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[b]Job on the ship:[/b]
[b]Why is this character on the Wayfarer?:[/b]

Toggle Rules

#1. This is a semi-lit rp. Please make sure that you post at least one paragraph. That means five well constructed sentences.
#2. Be kind to the other rp-ers or I will boot you out.
#3. No mary sues... please... I am so tired of them... and im sure most other people are as well.
#4. Keep it pg13, if possible. Thank you.
#5. No auto-hitting!
#6. If you are going to be gone for some period of time then please let me know!
#7. You can use any race of character that you wan't but please no furries... and remember there are no cell phones or computers in these lands.
#8. Do not steal anyone else's characters or art. Okay? I do all of the art for my characters and will be furious if I find it posted anywhere else... or if any of my characters are used anywhere else. I am sure that other people feel the same way so please do not do this. It is stealing.

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Character Portrait: Tsukasa Character Portrait: Skylark
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Skylark took in a deep breath once he stepped off of the gang plank. He let the breath out slowly and smiled. "Do you smell that Tsukasa? Fresh food!" He exclaimed in excitement as he looked back over his shoulder at his companion.

"Fresh food? Whats that?" Tsukasa joked sarcastically as she stepped down beside him. The scars on her lips twisted up into a fake smile, and even though she was almost always constantly scowling, no one would ever be able to tell. As far as everyone else in the world was concerned, Tsukasa was always smiling.

"Come on, lets hurry up and get some food while we search for recruits..." Skylark then headed off down the street.

The street was jam packed with people and merchant stalls. Fish flew over Sky's head as fishermen tossed them to and fro. There were stalls lined with jewelry, pottery, cutlery, clothes, silk, wool, bread, vegetables, and many other things. "Hey, look!" He stated as he ran over to a stack of cages. Skylark then pointed to one that had a red fox kit in it. "Hes so cute!" The young man exclaimed.

Tsukasa walked over and placed her hands on her hips, "C'mon Sky, the captain will kill you if you bring another animal on board, you already have enough..."

"One, I have one... Don't you think Butter needs a friend?" He asked?

"No, now come on!" Tsukasa grabbed hold of Sky's arm and pulled him away.

The setting changes from The docks of Meruni to Ferya


3 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Ash Sayers Character Portrait: Tsukasa Character Portrait: Skylark
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#, as written by Miyer
Ash hummed to herself as she walked through the markets towards the dock, she had heard about a ship recruiting and also that a position as cook was available.

Ash had been taught to cook by her mom when she was young and her parents owned a restaurant so the girl did have experience in the kitchen and knew how to cook pretty damn well if she did say so herself.

Ash had been looking for an escape from her future of continuing the family business with a husband who would expect her to be quite and not talk without permission, which was not the future ash was looking for.

Arriving at the docks, the girl couldn't help but grin up at the ship, it was beautiful and she could already feel herself falling in love with it, with the thought of a new adventure, a new life.

Walking onto the gang plank she noticed two people on board, a white haired man and a red haired women who were talking. Slightly nervous now, Ash approached the pair quietly, before shyly speaking up, "Is this the place I sign up to join this voyage?"

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Ferya by Alappassi


The docks of Meruni

The docks of Meruni by Alappassi

This is where the merchant stalls are and where the ships dock

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Character Portrait: Doviello Himbergeist
Doviello Himbergeist

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Character Portrait: Doviello Himbergeist
Doviello Himbergeist

Dashing rogue! Intriguing gentleman! Handsome individual! Technically legal doctor!

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Character Portrait: Doviello Himbergeist
Doviello Himbergeist

Dashing rogue! Intriguing gentleman! Handsome individual! Technically legal doctor!

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Ferya by Alappassi


The docks of Meruni

The docks of Meruni by Alappassi

This is where the merchant stalls are and where the ships dock

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