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The Wayfarer: Amongst Skies



a part of The Wayfarer: Amongst Skies, by Mr.Celestial.

The world of adventure and sky-islands.

Mr.Celestial holds sovereignty over Terreth, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

1,465 readers have been here.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources: (i am words of oz on a new account)


The World for which we shape.
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The world of adventure and sky-islands.


Terreth is a part of The Wayfarer: Amongst Skies.

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Carina Turais [34] "I've flown a thousand nights to change the, of course not, but it would be an interesting story, wouldn't it?"
Robyn 'Bobbie' Janye [32] "I might be a kid, but I'm still a fucking pirate!"
Kilian Lutz [28] I can fix this. People though... they're hopeless.
Cpt. Caintry Osborne [27] "One day we will all die. So be it, but not today."
Elric Mahal [25] War is just short periods of waiting followed by long periods of being dead.
Eire Seeleheiler [23] "Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear. Magic doesn't hurt though."
Lady Mercy [22] "I wish to be weightless."
Varsh Terask [21] "Strength is the one thing that all creatures, large or small, understand.
Nadia Blackmoore [18] "If at first you don't succeed, use more gunpowder."
Jia Fang [18] "Live today as if it were your last. It can change what tomorrow brings, or undo what yesterday has given."

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Arc I, Paradiso

Once they had returned to the Wayfarer, Carina dismounted from Kaela and, after a few moments of hesitation, patted her on the head. "Thanks for the lift," she whispered, before heading back to the ship. All things considered, it had been a pretty pleasant ride; the aching in her limbs and the nausea had mostly cleared up by now.

At the moment, it seemed like everyone else was still away, or at least, not on deck. Including Seeleheiler, unfortunately. For now, Mahal wrapped up Jayne in his clothes of fur, lit up the brazier, and left to find their healer.

But what if Seeleheiler was still shopping somewhere in Paradiso? It certainly seemed likely; Carina recalled her inventory of herbs and other ingredients had run just about dry. In that case, there was no one aboard who could help Jayne, unless Mahal knew something about patching up wounds, since Carina could contribute absolutely nothing...

Carina paused, glancing down at Jayne's arm again. There was a belt wrapped several times over her arm, from which the blood was trickling out. That...didn't seem like the most effective substitute for a bandage at all, did it? Reaching up, Carina untied the scarf tucked below her collar and vest, before wrapping it several times around Jayne's arm, letting it soak up the blood. She really should have thought to do this sooner, but hopefully it made some difference.


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#, as written by Byte
Jia and Nadia had spent some time purchasing provisions in the marketplace, with the former examining the wares for quality and the latter helping to carry it all. Although she had only served as a gunner in her local navy, Nadia had learned enough about the logistics involved to have a rough idea of how much they would need. Dried meat and other preserved foods were, of course, essential. What was also important was to make sure that they weren't getting ripped off by some of the seedier looking merchants in the district.

Jia had been glad to see the end of their little endeavour. Even gladder to know they hadn’t been forced to deal with any unpleasant things while getting provisions. The odd shady dealer, maybe, but a good angry stare or two (and the benefit of a gun nut tagging along) had kept those from pulling too many tricks. So all in all it wasn’t that bad.

“Have to take food to ship first.” Jia was well aware of the time, but she’d liked to drop off the provisions rather than dragging it along. Potentially risk theft. They were still on an island with its own designated pirate’s den after all.

Nodding in agreement at the monk's inclination for common sense, the gunner allowed her comrade to lead the way back to the Wayfarer with all the supplies they could carry. It was fortunate enough that they didn't bump into any would-be brigands on the way here. No sense in leaving things to chance by hanging about.

Their return journey inevitably brought them back to the bridge that Nadia was so frightened wary of. And this time Jia couldn't just hold her hand, as both of them were laden with provisions for the ship. Now standing just before the bridge, she took a deep breath to steady the nerves and prepared to set foot on the bridge...

...until doubt decided to creep in at just the wrong moment.

"Jia, this thing will hold our weight with the supplies included, right...?"

“Maybe.” Jia had looked the bridge over a couple times, noting that it didn’t look as though it’d spring on the tiniest misplacement. On the other hand, Nadia looked distressed enough to warrant a second opinion. It had held them both, so chances were it’d be sturdy enough if they went across one at a time. Though the gunner probably wouldn’t be too thrilled about that, she thought.

“I can go first. Test bridge.”

Nadia looked towards Jia, then back to the bridge. She felt a little silly, being so worked up about just one bridge. A bridge that happened to be suspended over the endless sky. The monk's offer was nice, but she had to get over this fear of her's...

"It's okay, I'll go," replied Nadia, taking a few tentative first steps on the walkway. "If anything happens to me, well... at least you'd still have a gunner on the ship, eh?"

“Be careful.” Jia had offered a forced smile, uncertain. She didn’t think pulling a stiff upper lip was going to help the situation.

The gunner took it slowly, taking care not to drop anything and even greater care in following Jia's advice not to look down. Once or twice she had a scare when the wood creaked ominously, but thankfully nothing gave way. When Nadia was finally safe and sound on the other side, she breathed a sigh of relief and waved to the cook on the other side.

Fortunately the gunner had made it to the other side without any problems, and Jia quickly followed suit; this time a lot more cautious about where she’d step. As she, too, had gotten to solid ground, the cook flashed a more genuine smile at Nadia. “Did good.” She complimented. “Wayfarer still have two crazy gunners.”

"Aw, stop, you're making me blush..." Nadia gave the monk a smile and a friendly punch to the arm. "Let's get this lot back to the ship and then we can let the cap'n know about the resupply, how does that sound?"

Jia nodded and resumed to take the lead in getting them back to the ship.


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Eire had been just about to head out with Varsh when she heard the commotion on deck. She distinctly heard Elric asking for assistance. She called for him to bring the patient down to her office, assuming it was a simple patch job. The healer certainly wasn't prepared for such a sight as the young Cabin girl's bloody form. Caught off guard, she was frozen with worry for a second before her Doctor Mode kicked in. One minute, she was sitting in the lone chair cataloging her supplies, the next she was on her feet barking orders.

"Everyone out! I need space to work," she snapped, a bead of nervous sweat already beginning its trek down her back. Pulling the rolling table under better light, the healer began her work. "Bobbie, can you hear me?" she asked loudly, snapping her fingers next to the young girls ear. "If you can hear me, I need you to wake up." Eire glanced over the arm, pleased to see the crew were so proactive to cover the wound and add pressure. She filed away a reminder to applaud whoever thought to do those things.

Bobbie groaned against the snaps in her ears. She wanted to open her eyes, to speak, tell those hands to whom she did not know they belonged to leave her be but she couldn't find the strength. Everything ached and it was so cold. All she could manage to shiver.

Eire grumbled lowly at the minimal response from the poor girl. Striding quickly across the room, the healer grabbed the mortar and pestle from a desk drawer. Placing it on the desk, she reached up to the tiny drawers stocked with hundreds of medicinal items. Her hands flew almost of their own accord grabbing the necessary items and adding them to the bowl. They were nearly a blur, yet not once did Eire look up from the paste she was concocting in the mortar.

"Bobbie, I'm going to stick something in your mouth in a minute. It will not taste good, but you have to swallow it. You'll just have to trust me." Eire's voice was calm, belying the frantic beating her chest was taking from her heart.

Once the foul smelling paste was finished, Eire spooned a bit into the younger girls mouth. "Swallow it, Bobbie. It'll help fight infection." She left out that it was a mild sedative, that would help keep the girl calm for what would come next. The healer buckled a strap on the injured arm's wrist, and was quick to get to the other side of the bed to strap down the other arm as well. Removing a bullet was never a pleasant experience, even with magic. Keeping the patient still was better for everyone involved.

As the winged lady pulled off the cabin girl's glove so she couldn't slip out, she was very surprised to be met with metal. And gears. And not flesh. "Oh, uh-" Eire wasn't sure what was happening, her extreme focus on extracting the bullet wasn't letting her process the machine in front of her very eyes. After a few quick blinks, Eire moved on, vowing that she'd be calling each of the crew in for a one on one meeting about anything... unusual about their physiology.

Bobbie heard the voice, it bounced around her head she heard every other word until something foul was pressed into her mouth. She groaned, fighting against the taste and had she had the strength she would have spat it out. She swallowed the foul-tasting paste and managed not to throw it back up.

Soon enough, though, the pain eased. her arms still burned but she calmed and didn't struggle. She managed to open up her eyes and saw that she was back on the ship and the ship's doctor was tending to her. Bobbie's head lolled over to her as she pulled her long glove from her arm, revealing her clockwork. Bobbie could do nothing but groan, tears stinging her already bleary eyes. "Do--Don't tell nobody..." She managed through deep breathes. "Please." She said, whimpering as tears trickled down her cheeks.

Eire's heart softened at the heartfelt pleas of the young girl. Mustering up her most comforting smile, she leaned next to her patients ear and whispered, "Don't you worry. Doctors can keep secrets better than anyone." Using a sterile [and by sterile it means there isn't any blood on it which is about as good as one can get in their environment] cloth, the healer wiped the younger girls tears from her face gently. Bobbie's eyes opening was a very good sign; It at least meant she wasn't getting worse.

She laid a blanket over the girl, both to keep her warm and to block her arm from prying eyes. In the same fashion as she had earlier with Varsh, Eire closed her eyes and concentrated on the hand she extended towards Bobbie's arm. Her hand began to glow with a faint light that drew closer to the groaning girl. The fingers of light dove beneath her skin, traveling through her veins until it found what its wielder was looking for; the bullet.

Eire's eyes popped open and her ears were assaulted by a labored breathing. She wasn't at all surprised to find that it was her own. Magic takes a lot out of a person, in a way no non-mage could understand. She'd been using her powers so often with very little rest between, add in a lack of supplies and you end up with a very tired healer. Armed with the knowledge of not only where the bullet was, but if it was safe to extract without hitting anything important, Eire hunkered down for the hard part.

Bobbie merely sniffed as Erie looked down at her, whispering in her ear. It didn't stop her from being afraid. That man, Giles, he saw her arm, he was going to take it. If he saw her again. She knew he would try. She hoped she could trust Eire, the only one she trusted with this information was Killian and it wasn't until today that she did so. She was always wary that when push came to shove, he'd sell her out and be on his way, he could have today, he didn't have to risk getting shot, or stabbed to save her. She had to be nicer to him, she swore to the Maker that if she lived through this, she would.

Eire brushed her tears away with a clean -ish- cloth and then set to doing something odd. She began to glow. Something similar to the orb in her own hand, Bobbie watched as the doctor began to radiated power. So that's how she does it? Bobbie thought as she watched in awe of the magician before her. It had been a long time since she'd witnessed the Mental Sciences at work, excluding her own and she had help with the orb, which if she'd studied more she might have been able to heal herself or deflect the bullet but that was a matter for a different time.

Suddenly, Eire's breathing began to quicken and Bobbie knew what that was. Mental Drain. It happened to Master Jacken many times when he was working on her arm. He poured much of himself into the orb that he created for her. So much so that she often wondered if that's what killed him. He was old sure, but not so old that death was already on its way. Again, a matter for a different time.

Bobbie had a thought then, knowing what was next. If she planned on using the Mental Science to remove the bullet, it was going to take a lot of energy, luckily for the both of them, Bobbie had and almost unlimited supply set in the back of her hand.

"Use the...Orb." She told her. " won't....drain you." She said with a nod, speaking was almost too much but she didn't want the woman to die trying to save her. She'd be damned.

She opened her clockwork arm for her to take. "Just...take my hand, I...I'll do the rest." She said with a nod and knew this was going to hurt so bad she wasn't going to remember. Ironically enough, she'd been here once before.

Eire pulled a wobbling bench closer to the operating table. It responded with a resounding screech that would have pierced her ears had her heartbeat not already been deafening. She quickly realized she didn't have the energy for a magical extraction. By the time Bobbie's odd request processed in her mind, she'd already grabbed the 'just in case scalpel' from the bench.

Bobbie's words gave her pause. Use the...orb? Eire glanced at the girl's mechanical arm, it was radiating a subtle power that she hadn't noticed before. A hum escaped her pursed lips. Using magic would certainly be safer for Bobbie than slicing her open, but using a power she was unfamiliar with in such a dire situation scared her. The healer was no stranger to 'stealing' power from someone else to use towards her own magic, but she was worried she'd test the cabin girl's limits in a way that could be detrimental for the patients health.

After a short pause, though it was longer than most pauses Eire has taken in her life, she decided to trust in the girl's willpower and just monitor her vitals extra closely for any sign of failure. Perhaps the orb would give the healer the jump start she needed to make it through the rest of the procedure on her own.

With a deep breath, Eire put one of her hands in the girl's clockwork hand and allowed the other to hover over the bullet wound. Again, she closed her eyes and reached with her magic to grab hold of the foreign object and slowly work it out through the existing hole. It was incredibly painful for the patient for it to go so slow, but it kept the damage to a minimum.

She'd managed to work the bullet a little out on her own, but felt her grip begin to falter.

Bobbie felt Erie's fingers curl around her metal ones. Bobbie just knew this was going to hurt, but she had to stay awake because if she didn't, The orb would try to defend itself and Bobbie wouldn't be able to take it if the doctor died trying to save her. She took a deep breath and steadied herself as best she could.

Suddenly, pain exploded from her shoulder, like a snake wriggling beneath her skin, the bullet began to follow it's trail back out of her shoulder. Bobbie cried out she was sure the whole damn ship heard her cries. So much for being a pirate. Hot tears flow from her eyes and she hollered out, trying her best to stay awake.

Without warning, she was back at the factory trapped under the hot press and it took all she had not to fight Erie's magic. Her metal fingers closed and she felt bones snap. Bobbie was brought back to the present, her screaming ceased and the bullet popped out of her arm like the skin spat it out. Bobbie pulled her hand away from Eire. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it!" She cried for an entirely new reason. She broke the doctor's hand. A Doctor! Her hand was her lively hood and Bobbie shattered the bones she knew she did. She felt them. She sat up. Much too quickly and her head rushed, the world twisted and spun in her vision as is the flipped upside down and then right-side up in the moment it took for her to rise. Gravity pushed against her and she was forced back down. "Tell me what to do, I can-I can try to fix it." She said through the pain that burned her arm.

Just as Eire worried her powers would run out, she felt the orb resting against the skin of her palm calling out to her. She answered its call and felt a rush of power that she worked hard to direct to where she needed it to go. Compared to her drained feeling from before, it was like she's found an Oasis after 4 years in the desert.

With renewed vigor, Eire was able to have a solid hold on the bullet again. It slowly made its way through the tunnel it had created. Bobbie's screams were tuned out by the medic; these weren't the first of this sort she'd heard. This wasn't the time for her to lose focus.

Eire was moving her hand in soft motions, inching the bullet from its flesh casing. Just as she saw the end poke out from the wound, an intense pressure wrapped around her hand. The pressure was accompanied by sickening cracks that were mostly drowned out by Bobbie. The bullet flew into the hand waiting above the wound and was quickly discarded onto the waiting table.

The healer wasn't certain if she blacked out for a second there, but the next thing she was aware of was a profusely apologetic Bobbie. Out of instinct, the doctor put her hand on her patient's good shoulder to push the girl back down onto the table. It seemed unnecessary as the girl went down with minimal force from Eire, though it did feel as though her hand was still under a great deal of pressure.

"I'm fine! Really, I'm fine!" she exclaimed in an attempt to calm the girl. Though she was reassuring the girl, Eire didn't have a clue what she was talking about until the healer saw her own hand still on Bobbie's good shoulder. It would best be described as unnatural looking. It was all still there, but just... off. And there was the fact she couldn't move her fingers. Surprisingly, or rather unsurprisingly to a doctor, there wasn't any pain yet. She chocked it up to shock and counted it among her blessings.

"What we need to do is finish up with your arm before infection sets in," Eire said in response to the girl's plea for direction. "Now you've got two choices, Bobbie. Would you like me to heal your arm as much as I can with magic or clean it up and let it heal on its own? The second choice would give you quite a nice scar to show off." The healer accentuated her statement with a laugh, distracting the girl from her hand. It wouldn't kill the doctor to have it in a splint until she had a chance for a nap.

Erie was very not fine despite what she claimed. The digits on her delicate hands were all wrong, splayed out so that the fingers were going all different directions. Bobbie felt ashamed. All this cause she thought she were a pirate, because she thought she could handle anything. It took two people to save her or perhaps more bow that she thought bout it. Elrick and Carina was there too. Bobbie watched Erie closely not buying that she was okay. She then presented her with a question distracting her from her thoughts. A scar eh? That could be cool minus the pain. Bobbie shook her head. " Heal me please...I've done enough stupid things today already." She said and sighed. "You can ask me about it, ya know," Bobbie said asked after a moment "the only other person that knows is Killian so if you wanna ask go ahead...I owe you that much." She said solemnly blinking back tears as she worked to heal her. Bobbie glanced. At her hand and wanted
more than to fix it somehow.

Eire noticed the girl's repeated glances as her hand as she worked her healing magic on the wound.
It didn't take an especially long time to get the sinews to reconnect since the bullet's passage was a rather clean one. A quick glance out the window said they would likely be late to the meeting with the captain, but he would surely understand their tardiness.

The healer finished up the girl's arm as well as she could on her own. The skin was very pink and looked raw, but it was certainly better than it had been before. Or, as Eire likes to say, 'A whole is better than a hole.' As she suspected, the orb allowed her a slight recharge when she was using its power. Though, she wanted to conserve what she had for their venture back into town. Hopefully no one else would face a life threatening adventure until she had a chance for a decent night's sleep.

"Tell you what," Eire said as she used her good hand to straighten out the bones that were out of place, using the barest minimum of magic necessary to keep the pain from knocking her out. [color=#C5B358]"Why don't we head to the meeting in town. When we get back we can have a chat about that"—she gestured to the clockwork arm—"and after you rest up a little, you can help me with this." The doctor added a splint and a wrap that would protect her hand fairly well. Unless you knew, you could hardly tell it was broken. It didn't hurt as much as it appeared to, but Eire figured she could thank her magic for that.

"Bobbie, you should be careful out there. Even though you've got the makings of a great pirate, much better than I could ever be, it's not weak to ask for help. There's a reason pirates go around in crews rather than every man for himself." Eire held the door open for the girl with her broken hand curled into her side.

Bobbie winced a few times as the wound began to close and skin began to stitch itself back together. It wasn't a pleasant sensation but compared to the bullet swimming back out of her skin, it felt like a massage.

Bobbie looked up at her when she spoke, watching her straighten her fingers. The orb in her hand hummed with the presence of magic. Bobbie rose her brow. She didn't know it did that? Could it sense magic? Or perhaps it could sense Eire since now Bobbie allowed her to use it. That could be useful.

Bobbie merely nodded. A meeting in town, where there was a good chance she could come across Giles and that big man again, who probably wanted to take her arm and kill Killian for good measure. By the Maker.

Bobbie climbed off the table, and grabbed her glove and slide it back over her arm, and slipped the straps of her overalls back on her shoulder. It was covered in blood so she knew she should change but she didn't feel like it. She didn't have much by the way of energy at the moment and the skin was still tight. It didn't hurt as bad but it wasn't without pain.

"Okay," She told Eire, as she spoke about pirates and their crew. Even Giles enlisted help. She looked at the floor. "I won't do it again," She told her with a solemn nod. "Thank you." She said twisting her lips a bit before hugging the doctor quickly and then removing herself from her just as fast.


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Arc I, Paradiso

Thankfully, it turned out Seeleheiler was, in fact, aboard the ship, and she quickly whisked Jayne back to her quarters before Carina could even say a word. least she'd get the help she needed. Left alone on the deck again, Carina sat back down next to the brazier. Just a few minutes, then back to town.

However, time dragged on without her realizing it, for her mind gradually wandered into unpleasant thoughts. What would have changed if she hadn't been there? If Mahal hadn't had to devote time to carrying the water, and his wolf to carrying Carina herself? Wouldn't Jayne have gotten treated faster in that case? All Carina really did was tie her scarf around the wound mere minutes before Seeleheiler came up, which could have been mitigated altogether if Mahal hadn't brought her along. Considering Lutz' fury, he probably came to the same conclusion as well: Carina had only made the situation worse, simply by being there.

Thinking about it harder, had she actually contributed anything to the voyages she participated in before? She was sure she had tried her best to do something, but...she wasn't really good at cooking, fixing parts, mending wounds, or anything of the sort. Just happened to be a colossal know-it-all about the sky and its myths. Take that away, and she was only good for basic chores. Maybe she could hold her own in a crisis somewhat, but wasn't that just because of her choice of weaponry? Once that was gone too, all she had was magic that would bring her to her knees after 10 minutes or so of intense usage, totally negating any benefit it might bring. Useless for serving on a ship that wanted to explore the unknown...or for any ship. Especially those of the grand navy she deserted and dishonored when she realized she could be of no use...

"It's been seven years already...?" Carina murmured, sliding her right sleeve up and gazing at the jagged, lightning-like scars across it--haunting reminders of the deep rift between herself and her "peers" in youth. "But even now, maybe I've just been going in circles the whole time..."

She was jolted out of her lamentations by a sharp cry. Was that...did it come from Seeleheiler's quarters? Was Jayne's injury truly that bad? Although some of her unpleasant thoughts lingered, Carina rose to her feet and quickly made her way to the Seraph's quarters, resolving to figure out a way to help if the situation was dire. She probably couldn't contribute anything good, but it would be wrong to just ignore this, wouldn't it?

But when Carina neared at Seeleheiler's door, she saw it was already open. A little closer, and she saw Jayne was already standing, as well as Seeleheiler, who was holding the door open. And before Carina could say or do anything to make her presence known, Jayne exchanged a quick hug with the healer before backing away just as fast.

For a few seconds, Carina couldn't help but stare in surprise. She hadn't talked with Jayne much at all--or really, anyone--but she knew the cabin girl always kept up her "tough as nails" persona around everyone. But to see her doing something like hugging was so different from what Carina saw every day. Did they really trust each other that much?

...of course, she knew she'd never get to that point with anyone aboard the ship.

Deciding it was best not to intrude, whatever was happening, Carina quietly backed away, then turned on her heel and quickened her pace. It was about time she head to the meeting anyway.


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Serena yawned as she watched the cafe from her table. It had been a painfully dull day for her even with newcomers on the island. That ship had intrigued her at first, but even after some of them started a fight it still bored her. After all fights happened here all the time...Nothing new for this den of cutthroats. So she had moved on and now here she sat.
Waiting still waiting she thought as she watched the cafe seeing some unknown captian and a fierce looking woman ordering a meal for thier crew. Must be those newcomers she thought though she payed them little mind.
Her contact was taking longer the normal but at least the smell of food cooking pleased her senses as she sipped her wine waiting...Still waiting where was that damn contact...


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After he had been shooed from the room by their resident medic, Elric slowly made his way back above deck on the heels of Carina who was similarly ushered away. Once back in the open air he moved over towards the brazier where he sat for a moment to stare into the flames; his left hand lazily ruffling Kaela’s fur. He waited there awhile, hoping for word of their wee cabin girl before he was able to hear the sound of voices from below which certainly boded well if Robyn was able to talk with ease.

Satisfied that she was on the mend, or at least improving under Seeleheiler’s care he got to his feet and smothered the flames before lifting his furs off the deck wrapping them around him once more. As he stood he looked for the cat that had been prowling round but was unable to catch neither hide nor hair of her which bothered him a little but by now he felt that he would already be late for their gathering. Kneeling by Kaela he whispered for her to stay aboard and keep an eye out for his precious while he was gone, and see her safe if needed. Once that he was dealt with he descended the ship once more onto the solid earth and made his way back to the port.

After arriving at the Black Belly Bird, Elric pushed the door inwards as he stooped under the lintel and entered the dank interior. The room seemed strangely deserted, save for a few dark shapes behind the bar which lead him to believe that their captain had clearly had a hand in arranging matters for them which put him ill at ease as to why. Settling down at the edge of the arrayed tables that looked to have been moved nearer in anticipation of the coming gathering, he made his best attempt to keep his back facing the wall rather than the bar or door. A lithe waitress carefully placed a tankard filled with a musty smelling liquid which tasted better than it first seemed a letter a bitter aftertaste causing him to curl his lips slightly. He reached into his furs and pulled out a flask from which he poured a more sweet golden liquid which hissed as it came into contact with the foul brew.

As he raised the drink to his lips, much more approving of the new concoction he caught sight of the captain and their resident Lady, which explained the drink now in his hands. Perhaps a gesture in remembrance of the mead they shared on their first meeting and if so in rather poor taste, literally; though more likely simply a token of welcome to their meeting that would also be reciprocated among the rest of the crew once they arrived. Continuing to partake of liquid he cast another look around the room noting that their resident Swashbuckler was already seated across the assorted tables so he nodded his head in greeting.

While the old boar rested a small mouse dropped lightly from the folds of his furs onto the wooden floor and scurried away between legs of the assorted tables and chairs. As it darted across the room there was a faint intake of air and a small marmoset took its place allowing the creature to climb higher up a nearby occupied table. As it reached the top of table the universe repeated its uncertain silence as the creature once more changed to become that of a tiny Fennec which sat on its haunches and stared up at one of the rooms only other occupants. The tiny creature tilted its head to one side and made a faint yip noise at the yawning girl to get her attention.


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Serena watched the guff looking newcomer. He seemed a brute but Serena figured there was much more to him then his looks showed. She would have pondered more but her thoughts when broken by a tiny yipping.
Serena looked down at the tiny creature "Where did you come from little one?" She asked placing her hand out palm up she encouraged the creature to come closer " It's OK I won't hurt you" she said sweetly hoping her claws and the demon fire runes wouldn't scare the creature "You have nothing to fear from me" she assured the creature again as she waited watching what the little one would do.


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Arc I, Paradiso

For whatever reason, Carina found no matter how much she urged herself to proceed to the meeting place, and despite having notes written down about how to find it easily, she just...didn't feel right going straight there, not when her thoughts were in so much disarray right now. As such, she didn't really think about where she was going, until she started to notice the usual stench from Paradiso was somehow getting even worse than almost smelled like...corpses...wait, the noise was dying down around her as well? Something wasn't right...

Before Carina knew it, she suddenly found herself staring at a pool of blood spanning the street, dotted with arms, legs, and heads that had been torn or cleaved off. Clubs, pistols, and bits of rope lay about, and one man even lay in two pieces, cleaved clean across the torso...or rather, cleaved messily, but Carina wasn't really thinking about technicalities right now. All she could do was stare in complete horror at the scene, at the aftermath of what could only be described as sheer brutality. Most unsettling of all was that something in the air above the carnage felt...familiar? A trace of magic? Maybe...

Suddenly, a hand flew in front of her face, clamping over her mouth. Panic surging through her mind, Carina tried to struggle free, but just as quickly, she found a knife brandished in front of her throat. "You best not give us any cheek if you don't wanna lose your pretty head, girlie," a raspy voice snarled mockingly behind her, but a bit too far back for it to be the person holding her right now. "You got it?" Knowing she could do very little with a knife aimed straight at her throat, Carina slowly nodded, trying her best to calm herself down.

An unfamiliar man, who looked about as cleaned up as your textbook pirate could possibly get without breaking out of the "pirate" image, sauntered in front of her and peered at her, bringing his face uncomfortably close to Carina's own with a crooked grin. He was flanked by several other men in more ragged and torn clothing, most of them looking markedly more rattled than their apparent leader, carrying pistols and clubs. "Well, you don't really look like you're good for any work, but...I know some folks like girls with pretty faces. But you gotta clean up that look, no one likes a slave looking all grumpy like that."

Slavers! Carina narrowed her eyes, but said nothing in response. Any thoughts about being of use to her crew were out of her mind now--she had to get away from this man, and however many other followers he had, or...what kind of fate was waiting for her? No, she couldn't think about it. But how could she escape like this? She didn't have much of a chance on her own, especially when her blunderbuss was out of ammunition, leaving only her cutlass...would she end up bleeding out too, like the dismembered corpses in front of her?


"We wasted too much time trying to get that huge Hashari lunk. Tie her up and we'll take her back," the slaver leader snapped, gesturing towards Carina. She was roughly pushed forward, and two pairs of hands gripped around her arms...but whoever was holding the knife to her throat moved it away to let them tie her up. And that was their biggest mistake.

Without warning, the pool of blood swept into the air, funneling into a vortex that blasted behind Carina, straight into the faces of the slavers behind her. The grip on her arms loosened as they staggered backwards, and Carina tore out of their grasp, spinning on her heel. She thrust her hand out, and the stream of blood receded, swirling back around behind her before spraying wildly at all the slavers. While dispersing the water this much meant she couldn't force them away, Carina aimed the spray high enough to reach the slavers' heads, and hence, high enough to hit them in the eyes, leaving them staggering back and crying out in pain.

Light, prickling pain stung Carina's arms and across the rest of her body as it worked to generate the magic energy necessary to move the blood through air in such an elaborate manner. Right now, it wasn't a big issue, but if this dragged on too long, she'd barely be able to walk. Taking in a deep breath to prepare herself, Carina lashed out again with the floating mass of blood, this time striking at all the slavers' pistols. Some of them ended up dropping the weapons, but ultimately the majority were soaked in the blood, reducing the gunpowder inside to useless, solid bricks.

Not bothering to see if she had done a thorough enough job, Carina bolted away from the slavers. A dull ache filled her head as her feet pounded against the cobblestone, but she kept running, until she was sure she could no longer hear their voices. Once she felt it was safe, or at least as safe as she could get, Carina finally let out a shaky breath and sagged against the wall of another shop, trying to catch her breath.

She had gotten lucky there, hadn't she? If she had been forced to legitimately fight against them, could she have survived with nothing but her magic? Even though she had blinded them, even though she had rendered their guns unusable, would she have been able to win if she couldn't get away? Or would she just have had her head smashed in by their clubs, and...

Placing a hand against her aching forehead, Carina sighed. "It isn't worth thinking about," she told herself, trying to sound forceful, but only sounding exhausted. Even though she really would rather relax, especially since her headache had returned, she still started making her way along while keeping a hand against the wall to steady herself, glancing over her shoulder to make sure she wasn't being followed. At this point, straying away was no longer an option...she had to meet up with the others, in case anyone tried anything funny again.

Ugly, foul blood stains lay dark upon Carina's sleeves and vest, and she knew she hadn't gone back to retrieve her scarf from Jayne or Seeleheiler. She was hardly in a presentable state as she approached the Black Belly Bird, the bar where the Wayfarer's crew would be meeting. Well...hopefully no one would be too upset their navigator looked a little more unkempt than usual. They probably had far more pressing problems anyway.