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#, as written by Miyer
Ash hummed to herself as she walked through the markets towards the dock, she had heard about a ship recruiting and also that a position as cook was available.

Ash had been taught to cook by her mom when she was young and her parents owned a restaurant so the girl did have experience in the kitchen and knew how to cook pretty damn well if she did say so herself.

Ash had been looking for an escape from her future of continuing the family business with a husband who would expect her to be quite and not talk without permission, which was not the future ash was looking for.

Arriving at the docks, the girl couldn't help but grin up at the ship, it was beautiful and she could already feel herself falling in love with it, with the thought of a new adventure, a new life.

Walking onto the gang plank she noticed two people on board, a white haired man and a red haired women who were talking. Slightly nervous now, Ash approached the pair quietly, before shyly speaking up, "Is this the place I sign up to join this voyage?"