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Manji (Yousuke Haru)

"If the world is a stage, someone has to be the antagonist"(WIP)

0 · 427 views · located in sengoku period, japan

a character in “The Ways of Samurai”, as played by Syao4500



Physical Description


Age:60(looks 20)
Hair: Faded black, slowly turning grey


Build:Lean but muscular

The image of the all powerful, fearsome Warlord is only a facade created by Manji to hide his true identity from everyone except a few loyal retainers. The real Warlord is not very fearsome, but rather very calm and friendly looking. You could even say he is not very intimidating at all since his height is only an average 5'9. His hair that often hides his eyes is extremely disheveled and barely in the customary samurai topknot. Many of the of his retainers complain that he, the second in command to the Warlord, is nothing but a pretty boy and unfit to lead hundreds of bloodthirsty soldiers on the battlefield. They speak behind his back about how he only gained the position as the lord's right hand man because he was favored by the lord's late mother. Manji tries to ignore much of the whispering but he can't help being loved by the ladies. He is very popular in the red light districts where he often seek the company of geisha; they often ruffle his hair, massage his toned muscles, and comment on how dark and deep his eyes are. His innocent boyish looks hide a twisted image. Manji dresses very simply, you would not realize he is actually the right hand man of the country's most feared warlord, or even that he is the warlord himself.

The rare instances during battle where he loses his calm demeanor, is when his mask comes off. The pure young man that the women love turns into a man teetering on the line of sanity and madness. His dark black eyes become even darker than a moonless night; if they were described as a lake reflecting the goddess of the moon before, you would now be drowning in the cold dark depths of the ocean where only the vilest of creatures live. The smiling face that would instantly gain anyone's trust would be replaced by a emotionless stare that pierces through your soul like an infantryman's spear. Manji's aura in this state chills his enemies to the bone, and some even become nauseous. When his eyes change, the other retainers know that all commands are absolute, any failure will only result in something worse than death.

When the battle gets especially bloody, his mouth will twist into a wide grin.

Many know him as the ruthless warlord Yousuke, invincible in battle, and merciless to enemies. He seems like a simple leader who only knows how to lead troops into battle. That is only the puppet Manji controls to act as the figurehead. The real Yousuke lives in the shadow of the image he created as "Manji" the lord's right hand man who carries out all of his ideals and wishes. On the surface the real Yousuke is very amiable and innocent, but he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Yousuke hide's his identity to trick his friends and foes to reveal their true self. "Manji" will often get close to retainers suspicious of being disloyal by taking them to brothels and doing them favors. When the retainer shows his true traitorous nature, "Manji" will make sure he is disposed of discreetly. The traitorous retainer will only disappear, most of the time on the premise of visiting family in the country and then falling ill. Little is known about "Manji" aside from his friendliness. He keeps a low profile so not many outside of the clan know of his existence or what he looks like.

The real Yousuke's believes he is a necessary evil and is aware of the deeds he commits. The deaths he were responsible for were only sacrifices for the greater good. His cruelty is to reinforce loyalty from his subjects, fear in his enemies, all for the sake of stability. He wants to be known as someone not to be disobeyed.

A curse since birth plagues his mind and causes him constant pain. This pain often causes him lapses of madness.

  • Sweet things: Helps mask the bad taste he gets from his constant pain.
  • Obedient vassals: Doesn't have to kill them off
  • Nature: Often sits and meditates facing a scenic view.
  • Killing: Fighting and cutting down a foe eases the boredom
  • Women: Uses his looks and charms to woo countless women.

  • Resistance: The fools will only die tired
  • Moments of insanity: Bad things usually happen to bystanders
  • Fighting girls: Thinks it's a waste to kill them.


Comet's Tail: A family heirloom forged from metal not from this world. The blade is a normal katana but due to the density of the metal it was forged from, the sword itself is extremely heavy, almost as heavy as a battle mace. The blade is virtually indestructible and does not require sharpening. The forging technique used to craft this blade had been lost forever.

West Wind: This blade was specially ordered by Yusuke to be made in the mainland from the finest steel the continent had to offer. When he visited the mainland to make offerings to the emperor of the continent, Yousuke was intrigued by the double edged blades their military was equipped with. The mainlander's blades offered a wider range of techniques difficult to perform with a katana.




So begins...

Manji (Yousuke Haru)'s Story