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Muga Akumu

0 · 218 views · located in sengoku period, japan

a character in “The Ways of Samurai”, originally authored by Lady Ethereal, as played by RolePlayGateway

So begins...

Muga Akumu's Story

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All of these descriptions, adjectives, or better yet emotions had been culminated inside one individual and that was none other than the infamous Muga Akumu. This person had made a reputation for being completely unstable and much like a wild beast, he has no loyalty for the cause or for the master who holds him. The only allegiance he recognizes is to himself. He was not even hampered by manners or the workings of society as he will without doubt act out his desires may it be acceptable or not. This had often caused volatile situations especially when a certain warlord and his kunoichi are involved. He would not hesitate to show his obvious displeasure, always speaking against the man, baring his fangs, more often than the warlord's adviser would. As such, this had caused many rumors within the small-sized army as to how he came to be under the employment of someone he greatly resents.

Of course, the true nature of things is shrouded in a mist. The underlings are kept in the shadows and the question never answered for those who are curious. The said man was even appointed to be the Warlord's personal protector tasked to ensure safety and to be a shield. It was a very ironic role. Perhaps the saying, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer perfectly covers the situation of these two individuals. The people were only permitted to concoct various possibilities as the dangerous enigma that is Akumu remained unsolved. Whatever the case, he will not fail to deliver the unexpected which is wrapped in a violent and bloody manner. He is indeed a threat to everyone around him, though, controlled by the warlord. This only added another notch to that ingrate of a hanyō's reputation at his own cost. It only infuriates him more.

For now, this beast of a man was currently lounging in a very lazy manner beside the window within a very spacious tatami room, his private space. This was the one place he could find a sense of calming separation from all of the irritating things that surrounded him. Truthfully, he needed it moreover, when he could not act on it as he had always done in the past. As such, he lazes as he pleases. A knee is raised while the other lowered for comfort. An arm removed from the sleeve of his rather loose-fitting yukata designed with golden butterflies which teasingly revealed his chiseled physique (overly thin in his opinion) to the public's eyes. His said arm hanged aptly upon his abdomen while the other rested on the window's ledge as it held his kiseru. This position would render anyone who sees it taken aback for it possessed a feline elegance that should never be attached to someone such as him.

Other than the room's occupant, there are certain things inside which would make anyone miss a step or be immersed in disbelief. The room was a horrid mess as if it had been left unmanned for a week or even a month. When, it has only been a day. Bottles of sake, not just some, piles and piles scattered about. Ashes from his smoking could also be seen strewed across the room. It goes without saying that the scent of alcohol and smoke dominated the air with such an overwhelming strength. However to him, this was very welcomed as he did not like taking in the scent of those filthy hanyō and traitorous yōkai. It only makes him very deluded with anger especially with the humiliation they had put him through (his human form and forced contract). As if to ease such nerves, he placed his kiseru to his lips and inhaled quite a good amount of its euphoric smoke. After a while, he pulled it away and exhaled quite a hefty amount enough to obscure one's vision inside his room.

He scanned the scenery presented before him through the window. Well, his right eye was practically useless. It is why a bandage was over it. A mistake, he intends to correct in the foreseeable future. His left eye was the only thing providing him any visual and that would suffice. From his position, he could see those pathetic louts who had coined themselves as humans trained themselves in efforts of becoming better than what they are. That thought caused him to smile which surely turned into laughter as it echoed within the room. It was funny he must say. This was like watching a fire yōsei trying to swim. The ningen can never improve, the only merit they have is to be meals, specifically his. His laughter stilled at that idea as that citrine green eye of his illuminated such a predatory gaze. There was actually quite a selection. That human at the right corner has a good amount of fats. It would be a pleasant thing to roast. The other one had nice pectorals, perfect for something fried.

His expression was of sublime lust. Anyone who would chance upon him will wonder if his preference in terms of companionship leans towards the males. However, they will be completely wrong on that assumption. He licked his lips in delight of the various meals in which his head was brewing. Still, his favorite would be to devour them raw. The glitter in his eye was much like that of a child with his favorite toy. Well, it would not be bad to have himself gorge in a few human flesh. After all, they are like bugs filling every corners of this realm with their inferior ranks. They will not be missed by anyone. That was actually the same logic he had applied to himself when he ventured to the human realm for his so-called culinary trips. Ah yes, those were the good times indeed until that day.

A hand of his reached for the bandaged eye. It was the start of his bad luck as he would have stated. True, he had offended some beautiful yōkai who are known to cause bad fortune. Well, it was not his fault that he was not looking for a long-term relationship. That was why the term one-night stand was created for such purposes. Stupid nymphs. Once, he manages to wrest himself out of this humiliating position that he is in. He would be certain to slaughter those bad-luck causing yōkai. Of course, he would tend to the ones here first. He would enjoy killing those heresies of hanyō and that back-stabbing wench of a yōkai. Ah, so many people need killing. He allowed his hand to slowly fall from his right eye to his lips as he traced them. When that is all done and over with, he would allow himself the luxury of eating that butterfly which he highly covets. A wicked smile made to his face, but then again, thinking about it hungers him as he continued watching those ningen train, a fruitless endeavor.

It should be better to just eat them all. In that way, they can be of some use. Continuing that line of of thought, of all the rooms in this place, he was given the one with the view of the training grounds filled with those humans. He could only assume it was to annoy him further. It was only now that he seemed to convey the reasoning behind his room and it had been quite a long since he had been given this quarter. They were baiting him like a dog, and he is not one, even if he belonged to the House of Earth. Those good-for-nothing hanyō will know their place once he is free of these invisible infernal chains of his. Standing from his position, he will descend on that army like a plague. His patience had always been thinned when it comes to his desires. Though, it is certainly to be a bad idea especially with his soul in the hands of that filthy hanyō who dabbles himself as a warlord. How putridly childish in his opinion. Gritting his teeth in annoyance of his own captive position, the oppressive stillness of the room was cut through by another visitor who announced its presence with the sound of a meow.

Akumu looked at the source and saw it to be a cat that managed to enter his room from the open window. It now stood before him with those big eyes looking at him. Apparently, it was not fearful of the giant before it. There was a tense silence as the two seemed to stare each other down. He took this moment to take in some of his fumes and then exhale it with pleasure. One would wonder if his anger would be vented out on the unknowing cat. It was quite a period of time before he finally spoke. "How do you call a cat anyway? Hmm.." He lowered himself to the ground and extended his free hand towards it. "Kasha... kasha... kasha..?" Well, that is how he called those corpse demon cats back at his realm. They responded to that. It should work the same way.

In any case, this was just yet another day in the life of Muga Akumu.


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Character Portrait: Muga Akumu
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