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Cole Summerly


0 · 320 views · located in Jacob Wilhelm Home for the Wayward

a character in “The Wayward: Twisted Fairytales”, as played by comicbooklover



“Mother look; the beanstalk!”

Full Name:
Cole Edmond Summerly


“It should be common knowledge that I'm not the most rational man.”

Disorder explanation
ICD- A specific mental disorder where one acts upon a certain desire or "gut feeling" (even if it is a potentially dangerous one) without thinking of the consequences the act may bring for themselves or others. Simply, ICD is the disorder in which it is hard for the individual to resist any specific urge.


“Honestly, I don't mean to be so careless. It just happens.”

Doctor's Notes: Patient: #8902 Summerly, Cole

When you first meet Cole, his cocky sense of sarcastic humor sort of hits you in the
face. He has street smarts, and is quite grammatical. He's an intelligent kid, but he is also quite stubborn. He doesn't enjoy being told what to do, nor given any sort of direction or assistance. He can be quite moody at moments, and when he is sour with you, he'll do it in a smooth yet harshly bitter way that is much more unnerving than any sort of temper-tantrum he could dish out. Cole is quite introverted, as he disliked being around people although he wins many people over with his slick charm.
Coal, although emotionally closed off to everyone, becomes very obviously upset at the mention of his deceased family or how he belongs in a mental asylum. He often expresses that he does not believe he is crazy, although he doesn't completely shut out or hate the doctors. He, although in an asylum, maintains an admirable amount of class.
Cole, like most other boys, like sports and food- with the both, he could probably get through anything. He enjoys reading and other solitary acts, although he will occasionally socialize. He enjoys sleeping a lot, although he sometimes says he has nightmares about being hunted by the beast he encountered. He likes to gamble, but doctors have strictly forbidden him from betting of any kind.
Cole really dislikes tall folk, not attempting to be pregidous in any way, but he says they frighten him. He can't stand the taste of beans either, and whenever offered them, turns them down. He dislikes when people talk about their home life and family, as he becomes quite envious. He also can't stand people who ask him to say specific things because of his British accent. Finally, he absolutely loathes birds, as they seem to make him extremely uncomfortable.
Cole, in his teenage years, picked up the habit of smoking. However, as an asylum wouldn't allow cigarettes, he often begs doctors for nicotine patches. As for smaller
habits, Cole constantly licks his lips when he gets angry or rubs his hands together when

Cole has amazing, almost unbelievable luck. As he has ICD, the two go together quite nicely. He also can do a few card tricks, but he swears that they are tricks and nothing more.

Doctor: Hello, Cole.

Cole: Ah, yes, a recorded interview. Quite lovely. What can I help you with?

I would just like some further insight to what happened with the, er...

Right then. If you must know, my father was on his death bed and so my mum sent me out with one of our cows to sell.

Yes, go on.

Well, there was a quite shady man with a right big moustache selling these things he called "magic beans". And, you know me. I couldn't resist the offer. So we traded, cow for beans. My mum was upset when I returned and she threw the beans out into the garden. So, when I got up in the morning to tend to the farm, there was a towering beanstalk that reached up into the clouds.

You do realize how insane that sounds, right?

Of course, but how am I to help if the truth is strange?

But, we've seen your childhood home. There isn't any beanstalk.

That would be because I cut it down after finding out what was up there. Not before finding a few good treasures, I must admit.

If you found treasure, what happened to all the money?

Funerals are expensive, aren't they? I had two parents to bury in the following years. Then, I had to take care of myself plus afford the move to the United States. Money goes down the drain.

Right, that should be all for today. Have a good day, Cole.

Theme Song
OneRepublic- Counting Stars

So begins...

Cole Summerly's Story