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The Weapons



Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.
-- David Mitchell Cloud Atlas



Vega is a megacity, a sprawling metropolis in a world where technology and scientific expansion has had considerable upsides. On the east side the place is rich and glimmering, a hive or innovation and prosperity where new technologies make for a life of convenience and a life of security. For dominating the skyline is the Archangel building, named after the security company of the same name. The top floors were generously donated to the city officials, many of whom were Archangel share holders. The company provided both the police force and the military in Vega, their troops, known as 'Angels' were responsible for handling justice... but not all were pleased with how they handled things.

From time to time on the Network, Vega's internet technology, there would appear choppy vid-captures of Angels turning their weapons on unarmed civilians, or interviews with individuals claiming to be former Archangel researchers speaking of disturbing research taking place within the imposing building. Soon however, these were taken down.


Referred to as an 'Eco-terrorist cell' by the authorities in The Pack are rampantly anti-development and believe that the continual evolution of technology within Vega is depraved and destructive, and despise Archangel. They stage attacks on laboratories, Angel patrols, and centres of the organization, but have never been capable of infiltrating the main building.

The Pack is thought to dwell in the old city, overgrown ruins and tunnels that run beyond the poor and crowded areas on the western side.

They have much been criticized for their actions, and recruitment techniques. Most Pack operatives were once street children or foundlings, taken in and assigned a first name, and a pseudonym comprising of a colour and an animal. This becoming their calling card and primary means of speaking among other operatives, so under interrogation field operatives would be unable to give names of their accomplices.

The Pack has been planning some high profile hits recently, its ultimate goal to infiltrate the Archangel building and destroy it completely. First however, they have other objectives. One individual in the many members charged with carrying these out was a young woman, who was known by the Pack as Yellow Fox.



The Yellow Fox (The character I had in mind to play.)

A wandering street urchin at a young age, Jael was taken in by a man she knew as Silver Lion, a commanding figure underneath the pack's leader, Grey Wolf. Lion raised Jael and indoctrinated her into the group, giving her the call sign Yellow Fox, due to the colour of her hair and her impressive degree of cunning and escaping ability. Raised in the world of the group, that were fixated on a singular goal, she came to see the development of Vega as decadent and monstrous. She was also raised with a hatred for Archangel.

As she reached young adulthood she proved herself on missions, and eventually was handed and extremely dangerous deployment, to infiltrate a train carrying a top secret cargo from the Archangel building across Vega, and destroy the cargo. It was something the woman regarded with great anticipation, without the slightest clue that she would find that the cargo was not plans or samples or cases, but a living being, Project SERAPH, Archangel's genetically engineered superweapon.


Project SERAPH

Their life had been, honestly, a living hell. Created from scratch by Archangel. Developed to be capable of wielding phenomenal destructive power, their life has been nothing but testing, surgery, drugs and containment. Once, some years previous, their ability was realized, and an entire facility was wiped off the map. Since then they have been locked away far below the Archangel building , tested and monitored and 'improvement' attempted upon them.

One day, the researchers are ordered to prepare the project for transport. Concerns were raised, but the work went ahead. They did not forsee that this being capable of such destruction, lacking understanding in its own ability, might fall into the hands of a dangerous individual like Yellow Fox.


Character Skeleton

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Rain was was coming down in sheets over Vega, blurring the street lights and the headlamps of the vehicles on the expressway into a palette of pastel shades off in the distance, and night had fallen across the city, filling the forgotten back streets with shadows. How could such a hub of life and activity seem so...desolate?

Perhaps it was the height at which Jael stood, or maybe is was more a matter of thought. The city had always seemed to be such an unbearably savage place. Suffocating and grey.

From the rooftop of the factory, it was possible to see the central business district out on the other bank, across the wide, sluggish river. The high buildings were lit up with billboards and screens, some reaching far up into the sky, all still wholly dwarfed, made to seem utterly insignificant to the backdrop of the Archangel building, that hideous steel and concrete colossus the dominated the centre of Vega.

It loomed across the skyline, vast and disproportionate, the metal 'wings' that had been applied to the side glinting with red aircraft beacons that cast a bloody glow along the girders. In the centre of its western face a great sculpture took prominent place, a human-like figure from whom the wings seemed to reach. An angel of protection, so the publications said. To Jael is had always more resembled something that had been dead for a long time.

It did not help, of course, that the Archangel main building, and the many levels beneath it, had remained uninfiltrated by any Pack member. They had no idea what took place in there on the lower levels, and most likely that just got to all of them.

Architecture was not what she was there for however, and Lion would be most disapproving of her being lost in thought at such a crucial period. Lion was not much for heavy thinking.

The trick there was going to be timing. Too late and she'd land on the electrified rail and become human earth rod with lethal consequences, too early and she'd get hit by a train, yielding similar results.

Straining to hear any sounds of approaching carriages the figure hopped from the factory roof, landing a few feet below on a metal support than ran over the top of the tracks, holding cables and electrics aloft. It shuddered a little under her weight, supporting it well enough, but she doubted one of the male operatives, or even some of the taller females might have kept the precarious foothold, particularly not in the foul weather.

Then, the noise, the rattling of moving parts. She craned her neck round, spotting the lights of the heavy, low slung transport train, thundering toward the hiding place. Jael pulled a deep breath in, positioning herself, looking down. As the view filled with steel and paint she flung herself downwards, landing with a thump, sliding a few feet back before instinct kicked in and she seized a groove in the metalwork, hauling herself into a crouched pose and edging along until she reached the back of he carriage, slipping down and whipping out the key card to open the door. They had an almost inexhaustible supply of the up to date cards. A good friend of theirs worked for the firm that programmed them for Archangel. Within days of a new update they had a full set.

Soon, she was inside. Three, in the centre. It seemed the most likely for containing this 'cargo' that Grey Wolf had spoken of. Wolfy had not been so kind as to define this cargo, other than that it would be within Three. Who could say what it was? That was for people like Wolf and Lion to think on at any rate. She was there to carry it out.

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Character Portrait: Yellow Fox


Character Portrait: Yellow Fox
Yellow Fox

"Fantasy. Lunacy. All revolutions are, until they happen, then they are historical inevitabilities.'


Character Portrait: Yellow Fox
Yellow Fox

"Fantasy. Lunacy. All revolutions are, until they happen, then they are historical inevitabilities.'

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Character Portrait: Yellow Fox
Yellow Fox

"Fantasy. Lunacy. All revolutions are, until they happen, then they are historical inevitabilities.'

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