Karen Park

A total tomboy whos dreams of making it big in the music industry come true. Yet they are threatened to fail when she falls in love with het co-singer. Will her dreams out weigh her love?

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a character in “The Weight of Our Dreams”, as played by snowraven


Loves to dress in guys clothes, yet enjoys to dye her hair in different shades. Generally seen as a plain jane.


She can be rash, rude, and a bit of a smart alek but once you become her friend she is loyal to the end.


Her Ipod is her best friend and refuge.


Born and raised in the US she moves tk Korea to get a chance to fullfil her dream.

So begins...

Karen Park's Story

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"I am finally here, Ah Korea I missed you well." The last time I was here, was when my father brought me for some business trip. It was nice to be here. This was it. I was finally going to make my dreams come true! Of course I had no idea how or where to start but J would manage somehow. I waited outside of the airport for my ride. Where on earth was a taxi when you needed one? Even worse where was my Ipod when I needed it? Rumaging through my satchel, I found the small objest with the headphones all tangled up. "Gosh I hated when they did that. A couple of teenage girls walked by, started at me and laughed. That's right I forgot how superficial all these people where. Whatever though, my taxi was here and I was out of here.
"Where to?" The man asked. He looked youne g to be a taxi driver, and I found myself stuttering to answer his question. I had no idea where I wanted to go. To be perfectly honest I had not planned this. My parents had sent me on a three day roadtrip to my aunts house in hopes that I would reflect on my career choice. Yet, while I was driving I took the exit straight to the airport, parked my car, turned off my phone, and bought my one way ticket to South Korea. I guess what led me to do this was the fact that my mother and father laughed at my dreams to become a famous K-pop singer. I know, I know it was" a bit rash, but hey I couldn't just sit there and take their insults.
"Miss, are we going anywhere?"
"Uh, yeah. Do you know any cheap hotels in the central area of the city?"
"I wouldn't know anything about cheap, but I can say they are four stars."
"Sounds to classy...." The taxi man laughed.
"It is all we have." I frowned at this. Well, bye bye to my money. I would have to call home for more later. It was going to be a pain.
"Well alright then."
"Cheer up, if you get lucky you may see Jung Hyun. They say he is in the city looking for an apartment to live in."
"You mean the guy who is in charge of talent searching?"
"The same one. He is also here with that rising star girl Yoon Choi." This was too much luck.
"Take me there if you can." He nodded, turned the car on and drove into the sea of yellow leaving the airport.This was too good to be true. Now all I had to do was get him to listen to my skills.

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Character Portrait: Karen Park

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This taxi rider was the most cynical guy Karen had ever met. He spent his entire time cracking jokes on the women who walked by. That was just wrong. "Look there she seems to have missed the notice that color is not even in style anymore. " His comment cracked him up.
"Is this all you do?" Karen glared at the taxi driver through the side mirror.
"Be thankful that I am showing respect towards you."
"Why can't you show respect to them?"
"They are not listening to me. So why not?" She was NOT going to tip this guy. "Noe if I were to cimment on your appearence you wouldn't pay me."
"Do tell, I have to pay you regardless." He chuckled again. It was starting to get on her nerves.
"You are Korean? So tell me why is it that you come dressed in those rags, and with hopes of meeting Mr. Hyun . There are many others with those hopes that have come to Korea in order to fullfil them. But these people, don't get anywhere because they have no respect for a culture that thrives off of appearance both locally and internationaly. " Karen could care less what the idiot was saying. As they pulled up to a hotel not so far from the airport, a large crowd outside caught her attention. "I suggest you go and get extentions, and more feminine clothing."
"How much do I owe you?" She yelled springing from her seat and out the door.
"What currency do you have on you?"
"American....how much?!" He thought about this.
"Just 40 dollars." Karen grabbed her wallet, picked out the money and flung it at him. "Hey! How rude!" The crowd was beginning to disperse, she had to run faster. But by the time she got there she only caught a glimpse of the bodyguards as they entered the hotel. Damn, she thought. Karen bent down to pick up her cap, that fell of when she stopped. A young girl skipped by, and she stopped her.
"Hey... Do you know who was here a little while ago?"
"Why. Yoon Choi of course." Then she pulled out a paper. "Look I got her autograph!" Karen snatched the paper out of her hands. Maybe this girl would be nice enough to listen to the cd she had recorded at home. The girl seemed nice enough, then again if she wasn't Karen had to becomr her newest stalket. "Hey give it back!! Its mine!" The little girl pouted, but she couldn't hear her. All that was going through her head was the possibility of becoming famous. Now came the hard part: finding out which room ahe was oin. She folded up the paper abd stuffed it in her loose jeans' backpocket. "Hey! Thats stealing!!!"