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The Werewolf War

The Werewolf War


In the Anthro-Canine Realm, the two breeds of werewolves have always co-existed with relative peace. However, a series of murders have aroused suspicion, and neither side was happy with being accused...

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In the Anthro-Canine Realm, there exist two breeds of werewolf - Half-Breeds, which change not into full wolves, but half-human, half-wolf creatures, and Purebloods, which, as expected, can change into full wolves. They have always lived in tense toleration of each other, but in the past two weeks there have been twelve Half-Breeds murdered, and nine Purebloods. This aroused suspicion in the two groups, and they blamed each other for the killings. Neither breed was happy to be accused, and twenty-one murders soon led to hundreds as the two breeds started war. There are only a few thousand of each left, as their still-ongoing war leaves its mark. However, it is not a battlefield war, as so many are. It is more subtle than that, though in a way much more violent. Purebloods are sneaking into Half-Breeds' territories, killing them on their own land, but never showing themselves. The Half-Breeds are laying traps and setting up ambushes, which is unfortunately working just as well. There are some who have fled, and some who have stayed in attempt to stop the wars, but there are too many who have chosen to fight. The only thing anyone knows for sure is that if the war continues, their realm will be destroyed, but neither group will cease fighting until the other is dead...

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Sabre saw movement through a window in the house. Shifting, she saw it was Angela. She narrowed her eyes.
That damn woman, helping Half-Bloods. My god, if she gets out of there alive a might just have to kill her myself.
Sabre growled to herself, moving to a higher branch, still watching Angela through the window.

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Without needing another word she hopped out of the bath and snagged a towel. She wrapped it around her body quickly and pressed her arms against her sides to hold it there. Jackal stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her, warming her now cool skin.

Angela asked Jackal about a herb garden, and Sita snickered. His mother was a grow-it-yourself freak, they had a massive one. Jackal nodded, taking Sita's hand he lead Angela to the back. In the backyard was a large fenced off area with various plants sprouting or twining around the fence. "Here, my Mum has just about everything." He said, unlocking the pad-lock on the gate, he let her in.

He didn't enter the garden himself, but instead stood outside of it with Sita, now wrapping her arms around him. She felt him wrap his arm around her shoulder. "What do you need?" She asked.

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Sabre watched with mild interest as the two stepped into the garden, followed by a Half-Blood male. She decided to wait until the male was gone to attack, as he was probably, despite his appearance, stronger than her.

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Angela smiled when she saw all the herbs and plants. "Your mother must be very prudent." she said, and immediately started picking. She colllected witch hazel, goldenseal, yarrow leaves and rose petals, before opening her hip flask and pushing them in. They could soften in the w.ater until she could stew them properly. She caught the scent of a pureblood again, but ignored it.

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