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The Weyrlingmaster of Ista Weyr, N'sen's duty is to teach the new weyrlings how to care for their dragons, take flight, go between and battle Thread.

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a character in “The Weyrleader's Word”, as played by Cloasse


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The Weyrlingmaster

Assumed Name: N'sen
Full Name: Nessen
Age: 48
Dragon Name: Sereth
Dragon Colour: Bronze
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye Colour: Chestnut brown
Hair Colour: Dusty brown
Dragon Size/Length: 37 meters

N'sen's Personality: Wise in the ways of the Weyr, N'sen is a natural teacher. Patient, calm and confident, N'sen has been the Weyrlingmaster for three Turns since an illness left him unable to patrol. However, his breathing issues do not prevent him from happily taking on the new weyrlings with each Hatching. Although he deals with much younger dragonriders who could outrun him if they should please, N'sen hasn't lost his sense of humour or his enjoyment for his craft. Whilst he isn't the most intelligent man on Pern, he is incredibly adept at teaching the care and determination necessary to ride a dragon, as well as how to fight Thread and go between. Meanwhile, at the approach of Threadfall, N'sen is becoming anxious - after all, it's one thing to teach a weyrling and their dragon how to chew firestone and quite another to see a young dragonrider return Threadscored, and he can't be there with them.

Sereth's Personality: Much like his rider, Sereth is cheery and easily amused. When he was still a dragonet, Sereth was often the bane of other dragons, for he was always complaining about the itchiness of his hide as it grew. Now a fully grown bronze, that hasn't changed much. Sereth particularly enjoys bathing in the warm seas beyond Ista Weyr. As his rider has slowed down with injury, this bronze has felt the pain and humiliation of no longer being permitted to act on his sense of duty that N'sen has. Since the pair has been assigned to the weyrlings, Sereth frequently tells N'sen that he feels as young as the dragonets he helps keep in check - though he certainly would not go back to growing into his own hide again. That itchiness would put any dragon off his youth!

Pre-Impression History: Born to Nendon, a Harper who has since passed of old age, and Sessel, a woman who had originally travelled to Ista Weyr for a gathering and wound up staying to be with her Harper. Sessel still resides in the lower caverns, where she looks after the young children of the Weyr. At thirteen, Nessen was selected as a candidate for the (Senior Weyrwoman's) Queen's clutch. His relationship with his father was strong, as they both shared a love for the music of pipes, and it is possible that Nessen may also have ended up at Harperhall if he had not been selected for the Hatching. As with most little boys, however, Nessen's dream had always been to Impress a dragon, and bronze Sereth could not have been more perfect to the Harper's boy of thirteen Turns.

So begins...

N'sen's Story

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#, as written by Cloasse
The sands of the Hatching Grounds were the only source of stability amongst the hubbub of excitement thrumming throughout the cavern. Audiences of Lords, Holders, Craftsmen, dragonriders and Candidate-kin alike took up the benches situated around the sands that heightened with each tier. All present had a clear view of the eggs nestled safely around the humming Queen dragon as she lay in wait for the Candidates.

Thirty-three eggs, ranging from three to four feet tall in size, had hardened admirably in the hot sands. One egg, noticeably larger than the others, was much closer to the Queen than the rest, and had a distinctive golden tinge to the shell.

Even as the Candidates were being led onto the sands, feet protected by thick-soled sandals and dignity preserved by shapeless white tunics for, some eggs had started to rock back and forth, encouraged by the crooning of the dragons accumulated on the outer edges of the Hatching Grounds.

N’sen observed the Candidates from his position on the sidelines with the Master Healer and Weyrleader. The braver ones, in his experience as Weyrlingmaster, tended to step forward and approach the eggs head on. Those who weren’t quite so sure of themselves seemed to form groups, seeking comfort from one another. The Candidates who really shouldn’t have been on the sands at all usually attempted to run away – but they were kept on the sands regardless. After all, these dragons needed to Impress, and they needed all the option they could get.

A smaller egg shuddered violently beside one of the more curious Candidates, and a leathery wing protruded suddenly from a crack in the eggshell. The Candidate, a mousy-haired boy who seemed too tall for his breadth, jumped back and peered intently at the dragonet as it pulled itself from the hardness of its shell.

The dragonet, brown and slightly smaller than average, seemed momentarily taken aback by the sight of his first human – and then he stumbled clumsily forward, shoving the boy out of his way with the clawed digit on his wing. The Candidate yelled out with a mixture of shock and pain. The dragons surrounding crooned their encouragement to the dragonet as he ambled away from the crumpled human child. Somewhere in the crowd gathered, women were voicing their grief at seeing the boy’s tunic slowly stain red.

N’sen grimaced. Injuries, even deaths, at Hatchings were not unusual, but that didn’t make it any easier to stomach.

The brown has found his rider, Sereth commented soothingly from his position at the mouth of the grounds.

“Foseth!” A blond-haired boy was exclaiming, face lighting up with sheer joy as the brown crowded in butt his head against the Candidate’s chest. “His name is Foseth! I will find you food, Foseth, I promise. I promise, I promise.”

Keening his desire for immediate feeding, Foseth shoved his rider with whirling blue eyes. The first rider of the clutch took the brown’s head in his arms and hugged it to his torso, tears snaking down his cheeks in spite of the fierce grin dimpling them.

Keep watching, N’sen. Others are emerging.

N’sen smiled. Perhaps it could be gruesome at times, but there was a reason why most clamoured to be at a Hatching; the emotion shared between so many in such a short time was intoxicating.

Another egg wobbled, tipped, and cracked.

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#, as written by Script
Tariel was stood near the edge of the group of candidates, off to the side. He held his arms around himself protectively, long blonde hair hanging slightly in front of his face. He hadn't spoken much to the other candidates while they were waiting, his nerves contributing to his desire to be alone in order to think on the coming ritual. He'd been around dragons a lot, living in the Weyr, but that only made him respect their strength and how dangerous even the young ones could be.

When the brown dragon cast aside the child, Tariel winced. He'd heard about the deaths that happened during the hatchings, but seeing it happen so close was another thing. He wanted to go to the other child's side - he was a a healer in training, after all, that's what his instinct screamed - but the other eggs were already starting to crack. The boy would have to survive by himself.

Averting his eyes, he felt his heart-rate increase with fear. The other candidates were murmuring and reacting slowly, some stepping forwards confidently and others shying away. He clenched his fists, biting his lip and forcing himself to calm down. Panicking would be the death of him. He just needed to stay level-headed and stay safe.

Tariel took a step forwards. The sand trickled between his toes, collecting on the soles of his sandals, and any other time the sensation would have been irritating - now he was far too distracted to notice. With an enthusiastic cry, ahead a large bronze dragon shoved itself free of an egg and barreled forwards towards him. Tariel's eyes widened in fear - he didn't feel any connection with the creature, which meant...

He practically threw himself out of the path of the dragonet as it charged clumsily past where he had been standing towards another child who was grinning broadly at it, landing on his rear in the sand with a jolt. His hands clutched at the dirt in stress as he caught his breath, lifting his head to look upwards and make sure that none of the other dragons were about to tread on him. He pulled himself to his feet, gritting his teeth and taking another step forwards.

His eyes wandered over at least a dozen dragonets as they pulled themselves from their eggs, but none of them paid him any mind. Nervously, Tariel looked up at the audience, trying to pick out his parents. He couldn't see them, though. Across the hatchery, dragons were pairing with candidates and tears of happiness were rolling down faces. The long-haired blonde sighed, gripping his tunic like a lifeline. This was just like all the other times. Eventually all the dragonets would Impress and he'd be left with the other non-chosen.

He was of half a mind just to wander back to the group and wait, when as he turned he caught sight of a particularly small green dragonet pulling itself free of its egg, falling forwards in a head over heels tumble with a snort. It blinked in apparent surprise at the somersault, and Tariel couldn't help but laugh. The green looked up at him indignantly and their eyes met.

Stop it. That wasn't funny. My name's Aileth. I'm hungry. Get me food!

Tariel's jaw dropped. She was speaking to him. She had Impressed. She'd chosen him. The blonde boy's mouth curled upwards in a broad smile and he laughed again, this time not out of amusement but out of joy. He could feel Aileth in his head, in his heart - the bundle of warmth and emotions that was the entirety of her filling his mind.

I told you it wasn't funny. Stop laughing! Oh, you're not laughing at me. That's okay. But I'm still hungry!

Aileth padded forwards towards him, and with none of his former caution, heedless of any other nearby dragons, Tariel ran up and wrapped his arms around the green's neck, pressing against her as she prodded him in the chest with her snout. "Food! Of course, you need food!" he finally managed to stammer. Reluctant to let go, he leaned back to peer into her dark blue eyes, beaming. "I'll get you food. Come on, there's food this way!"

Good! Food! I like you, Tariel. You know where food is. And you have pretty hair! And eyes! And you know where food is! Can we get food now? You're smart, you lead the way!

"Thanks..." Tariel laughed warmly, leaning his head onto Aileth's leathery hide as she padded alongside him. "I'll lead the way." he repeated, almost absent minded, too thrilled to really think of what to say.

He was a dragon-rider. He had a dragon! And she was amazing!

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Kalinor, was trembling in fear, after watching the other boy flung across the Hatching Grounds by the tail of the dragon. However, the words of his father echoed in his hears, Son, never forget that fear can only control you if you let it. Courage, courage is the ability to overcome fear. Kalinor took a deep breath and placed one foot in front of the other as he walked to the egg he had set his mind upon yesterday. He wasn't able to explain it, but it felt as if his own soul was pulled to this egg. the question on his mind now was Would this dragon feel the same as me? The egg cracked as Kalinor started to tremble in fear again.

Taking several deep breaths he was able to calm himself again just moments before the Bronze Dragon fell from his egg. Bronze?! he thought to himself, This dragon is a bronze? The dragon shook himself sending a small piece of the shell hurling just past Kalinor's face, leaving a small nick on his cheek. Before long the Bronze was staring in to Kalinor's eyes, Courage, said the dragon in Kalinor's mind I see your fear, and your courage. My name is Norith. Kalinor, seemed to be a little confused, "Why do I feel hungry? I could have sworn I ate." he muttered as a loud rumble came from Norith's gut, That would be me that is hungry. Kalinor couldn't help himself as he started laughing feeling the excitement of becoming a Dragonrider, as well as the excitement coming from Norith, "Alright Norith," he said reach out and petting his partner, "lets get you some food." Norith nudged him with his snout to his chest causing Kalinor to stumble a step or two back.

"Alright, alright, hold your horses." he said chuckling as he lead his partner to the food nearby. He was smiling and still laughing to himself as he made sure his partner got some, well deserved, food, before turning his attention to the other candidates noting the boy that as flung by the dragons tail, as well as the others that were already chosen by dragons. He inclined his head in a bow to the other riders sitting in the audience now. This day had be very interesting to him, but now he just wanted to relax and take in the rest of the event.