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Aya Osaka

A socially awkward girl who enjoys getting into fights and protecting people.

0 · 708 views · located in The Whimsical Residence for Wayward Children

a character in “The Whimsical Residence for Wayward Children”, as played by Anonymous Miss




{ The rough girl with a hidden soft side }



Aya Osaka

Eyebrows- A mocking nickname that
the kids at school would use against her.
Man-chest- Yet another mocking nickname.
Goblin- ...The kids at school didn't like Aya
very much.


Fifteen {15}

Whimsical- Aya can summon two fox
spirits that she can use to help protect
herself and others.

Face Claim
Izumo Kamiki- Blue Exorcist







Hair Color

A deep purple

Eye Color



Various scars are sprinkled
across her body.


Aya is very sturdy for a girl her age.
Her arms and legs are noticeably



Rough~ Sarcastic~ Easily Embarrassed~ Stubborn~ Protective

Aya's personality could definitely be described as 'rough'. She'd much rather use her fists than her brain. She can be a bit quick to anger sometimes, but she does have a soft spot as well. Most people never really took the time to get to know Aya, they always just jumped to conclusions and called her a no good delinquent without ever really giving her a chance. Because of this, if anybody actually does take the time to know her, Aya will likely became very attached. If you are going to choose to pick a fight with Aya however, you better be prepared, because she isn't holding anything back.

Aya's tough persona is all nicely tied together by her sarcasm. It doesn't really matter what you did or said, if Aya can think of a sarcastic remark to throw at you, you better believe she will. Being that she isn't always the brightest tool in the shed however, sometimes these remarks can end up being totally lame. When this does happen, Aya is quick to get embarrassed, likely opting to lock herself in her room until she's sure that the laughter has died down and her face isn't as red.

Flustered doesn't even begin to cover Aya when she's embarrassed. She breaks out into a cold sweat and every inch of her face, including her ears, turns a bright tomato red. During this time you can practically feel the panic seeping out of her, and she'll likely run away to take shelter somewhere where nobody can find her. This wouldn't be so bad if she didn't get embarrassed a lot. However, Aya's lack of self-confidence makes it so that every little thing seems to embarrass her. Her voice cracked when she was saying hello to you this morning? Boom. Tomato Aya. Her sock has a hole in it? She's running for cover. So far there is no known cure for her embarrassment, but Aya hopes that she'll be able to find one soon.

Aya is pretty stubborn in multiple ways. The first way being that once she's set her mind to something, it is extremely hard to change it. This doesn't mean that it's impossible, but don't expect it to be easy. No matter what the situation is, she will refuse to back down once she's decided what she believes. Aya is also stubborn in the sense that she tries her hardest to seem tough in front of everyone. She refuses to make herself look weak, which means that she'll refuse to be outwardly kind to people. Not to say that she acts rude to people, but she may seem a bit cold at times. If you take the time to actually become friends with her however, you may get to see one of the rare times when Aya actually drops the tough act and just does as she pleases for a while.

Aya is very protective of people. Whether you are her friend or even just an acquaintance, she will protect you until her last breathe. Just don't bring this up with her or else she'll probably end up turning beet red and run flailing to her room. The only people that Aya might not be as willing to protect are people who were rude to her. Although, she might end up helping even them if she's feeling especially soft that day. However, if you are somebody who has hurt the people that she cares about, you can forget about ever receiving mercy from her.


-Action movies
-Cracking her knuckles
-Being sarcastic
-Protecting people
-Keeping things organized
-People taking the time to get
to know her


-Being told what to do
-People jumping to conclusions
-Being bossed around
-Being embarrassed
-Perfect people




Aya lived a pretty normal life until the day that her father's job required that they move out of her home country of Japan. She's never been out of the country before, so everything was strange and a bit uncomfortable for her. She had to go to a new school, make new friends, and even learn a new language. All of which proved to be rather difficult for the socially awkward girl.

Since she had transferred schools in the middle of the year, there were many things that she had to learn on her own in order to catch up with the other students. She would often ask the other kids questions about something the teacher had said, or if she had her facts right. It was obvious that the other kids were getting a bit tired of it, but Aya didn't know what else to do. She wasn't smart enough to self-study, and the teachers were far to busy to take the time to give her an individual lesson. It was likely around this time that the other kids began to call her names.

They'd make fun of her for stupid things like her eyebrows, her flat chest, or even her accent. Aya didn't really know how to act with all of this happening, she'd never experienced the feeling of anger and betrayal building up in her before. It was at this point when she began to really dislike herself. And one day, after one boy came up to her and started making fun of her, Aya lost it and began to beat him up. Sure she got in trouble for it later, but while she'd been fighting she had felt so good, for the first time in a while she'd felt confident with herself. The fights began to become a regular occurrence. And while she enjoyed them, they brought her their own problems.

Kids began to call her a delinquent, and teachers would glare at her when she entered a room as if she was going to lunge at someone. Soon, even fighting began to ware off after a while. She began to start feeling self-conscious once again. When she tried to explain to her parents how she was feeling, they just blamed the way people were treating her on the way that she was acting. Aya finally decided that she'd had enough, and snuck out of the window of her house one night with only a small pack filled with clothes, a water bottle, and some snacks. She's not really sure where she was going, or what she was going to do when she got there, but none of that really matters now. Since while she was walking through the forest that night, she happened upon a brightly colored house.

So begins...

Aya Osaka's Story

Caleb had left the main room long before Cosmo had begun his story of magic books and spells. He lay on his bed that he'd been given when he came here a few weeks ago, and stared up at the ceiling. His stuffed Tiger sat in the crook of his arm, and he fiddled gently with the ring he wore on his right ring finger.

He sighed and sat up, turning so he could lean against the wall the bed was against, and so he could get more comfortable. Unable to do so, however, he sighed again, thumping his head against the wall with a thud. He picked up his stuffed Tiger and stuffed it in one of his jacket pockets, walking out of his room and back downstairs to where Cosmo had finished his little speech.

He let out a small scoff at Cecil's response to Cosmo's bringing him up. But whatever, he walked past the room to one of the other sitting rooms and found a comfortable chair to sit in, a book nearby. He tilted his head, and reached for it, curious as to its contents.

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Cecil had heard the scoff being directed at him. His eyes narrow as he watches Caleb walk by, considering whether he should trip him or not. Looking down at the sleeping girl with her head in his lap, he decides that she might be upset if she found out that he tripped someone. He grumbles under his breath and looks down at his phone. "You guys hear about the witches wandering the forest lately? It's a trend now apparently. Young witches come into the forest and do spells and shit."

His language earns a smack from the little girl who was previously asleep on his lap. Lucy yawns and sits up, frowning at him. "Don't say bad words! And I'm sure the witches are nice witches. Right?"

Cecil makes a face at her. "Dunno. Sounds kinda fishy to me. Y'know since most of us have useful abilities, someone's gonna come looking for us eventually. Could be one of those witches." He looks down at her, grinning, and wiggles his fingers menacingly. "Maybe they'll come for you, next, Lucy." This gesture causes some of the children to cower, but Lucy just giggles and pats his face.

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Aya honestly wasn't even sure what she was doing here. She'd had no intention of staying here, but somehow that Cosmo guy had talked her into at least testing this place out. At least it was warm in here, she could see the snow glistening outside the window.

She was sitting in the corner of one of the Residence's sitting rooms, hidden slightly by a bookshelf to the right of her. The main room had been way too crowded for her, too many strangers talking away and cuddling by the fire. She was much more comfortable here, in the shadows of the room, alone and unpressured.

Aya had grabbed a book off of one of the selves when she first walked in, now taking the time to examine it since she had finally found a comfortable spot. The book seemed to cover some complex topics and used a lot of big words that Aya didn't know, plus, there were no pictures. Aya's interest immediately dropped. "I'm not smart enough to read this..." she grumbled to herself as she stood up to place the book back in it's original spot on the bookshelf.

It was at this time that another person walked into the room. They didn't seem to notice Aya since they continued inside and sat down on one of the chairs, but the girl had already been thrown off by their sudden entrance. Forgetting about the book that she held over her head, only halfway back onto the bookshelf, Aya began to back away from the chair the stranger at in. This is turn caused the unsteady book to fall out of it's place and hit Aya in the head, earning a loud "OUCH!" from the girl.

No doubt having now gained the boys attention, Aya dug her fingers into her thighs as she felt her face begin to turn a deep red color. She wanted to runaway and find a new room to hole herself up in, but she knew that wouldn't do. If she was going to be seeing these people around a lot now, she would have to talk to them at some point. Still refusing to make eye contact with the other person, Aya managed to grumble a low, "W-what are you doing here?". Well, it wasn't the friendliest first thing to say to a person. But, hey, it was something at least.

#, as written by Gatan
Even if Rhys hates being among a lot of people, he loves hearing the older ones talking, so that's why he heard everything from the tale Cosmos spoke. Things that seemed like fiction, but he actually knew they were not. Magical and adventures stories were always his favorite ones.
He even clapped loudly when Cosmos had finished the tale, and his hand directly got to where he laid his pocket videogame. Rhys only has two games to play, and won the second in an internal contest with another child, but he played and played then for years. But the pocket videogame wasn't where it would be supposed to be.
"Where is it... where is it?" He was worrying in murmurings, the thinking speaking louder than he wanted to. The pocket videogame already were his best friend in the worse moments, like when he couldn't sleep, afraid of the storms and the strong thunderbolts.
"Where did I lose it..." he was even starting to cry.

Caleb's head turned to the girl as she proceeded to make a ruckus, and his eyes stared at her for a few seconds in silence before answering her question. "I'm here 'cause I want to be...." he replied, closing the book he had been glancing at. "Why are you here?" he asked in return.

He crossed one leg over the other's knee and leaned back into his chair as if it were a sort of throne. He yawned. It was getting pretty late and doing much of nothing all day was quite tiring. He would retire to his bed soon enough. For now however his eyes rather patiently observed the blushing girl before him. Lack of eye contact, an embarrassed, rough demeanor....'This'll be...interesting.' he thought to himself.

Faye Chalmers

Faye sat quietly towards the back of the room as Cosmo told his story in the main room by the fire. The children gathered there had been listening intently. Faye had leant her head on her hands enjoying the tale. She loved stories of all kinds, she loved to read new tales in the many books that resided in this house. She especially adored the romance novels.
Her heart thumped for a moment as she thought of the stories she had read, all the main characters had a close companion, a lover, a mother, a father even a friend.

She sighed. She was too nervous to make any friends. Her books were her friends.

She brightened as Cosmo directed his attention towards Cecil. Sitting up a little bit Faye looked towards the boy as he sat comfortable with a younger girl on his lap. Lucy.

All this talk of witches made her a little uneasy.

She watched quietly as Cecil began to gather companions to his detective regime, Sapphire and Willow stood to follow. Seeing Sapphire's red cheeks made her smile. She wondered if she turned as red as that when embarrassed. It seemed like fun

Listening to the chatter around her Faye heard a slight tapping in the distance. It sounded almost like a knock at the door? Looking back at the group before her no one else seemed to have noticed it...

Oh no, I'm going to have to talk.

She gulped at the thought.

"Um.." she raised her hand to grab someone's attention. However as her hand lifted into the air it struck a nearby pot that had been sitting on a side cabinet. Before she could react it crashed with a loud shatter causing her to flinch and suddenly freeze her eyes quickly looking towards the floor.

Oh god are they looking at me? she wondered not daring to look up her hand still in the air afraid to move it back.

With another gulp she pulled her arm down and spoke "I - I think there's someone at the door." She said quietly tugging at the sleeves of her jumper embarrassed by her own clumsiness. A small shard had cut her hand as she pulled her jumper over it. She didn't want any more attention. It didn't hurt very much, not compared to... she pushed her memories away not wanting to remember.

Cecil, contrary to the notion the other members expected of him (that is, to throw Willow off of his arm), makes no movement to do so. He smirks slightly, but other than that, there's not much of an indication of a reaction. In truth, he does like Willow a great deal. For one thing, she acts so childish that she reminds him of a child, and he certainly has a sweet spot for those. For another, she turns into a cat, and he absolutely loves those.

Lucy, on the other hand, had ditched Cecil's side at the moment in search of someone better to spend her time with. She comes across Rhys, who she had noticed had almost started crying, and she ducks down slightly to be in his line of sight as he's looking down for his game. "Hey, what's wrong? You look really sad! What's wrong, what's wrong?"

When Sapphire steps over to the two of them, Cecil smiles, uttering some things along the lines of 'that's a good boy!' and 'you'll do just fine' before opening his mouth again to ask again if any others were willing to join him. It's then that Faye makes the comment about someone being there, and he looks toward her. The pot that crashes doesn't faze him in the slightest—rather, as soon as she opened her mouth, he expected something like this to happen. He looks down at the shattered pot briefly before his green-eyed gaze rests back on Faye, as some of the other residents were also doing.

"Someone? At the door? You think it could be a witch?" He shakes his head. "No. Unless a witch were pretending to be a wayward child—which I doubt they'd try to do in the first place—they would've tried to break in through the windows. That one'd be the easiest one to break through." He points towards the kitchen, and since that one seems to be the biggest, he'd be correct. He lowers his arm a bit to set Willow on her feet and he carefully untangles her arms from his. After about a half a minute of looking at the door, he says:

"Must be a wayward kid. And I don't think you talking was just a coincidence, either." The brunet casts a sideways glance at Faye, giving her a smile. "While your voice is lovely, you don't do that much, do you? Talk, I mean." His babbling probably doesn't make much sense, but he's using his ability. Assessing the situation. He tilts his head at the door. "Whimsical, maybe?"


After listening to Cecil talk about going out to investigate the woods, Lisi began to get excited. She was watched as people volunteered to go, and unconsciously began to bounce with the new found energy that had surged into the room. Even though Lisi didn't have an ability, she was sure that she could be of at least some use out in the forest. Her hand was halfway up in the air, about to volunteer to go with the group, when a crash rang throughout the room.

Slightly startled, Lisi whirled around to see Faye looking sheepishly at the ground. However, it's what the girl said that surprised Lisi the most. Someone was at the door? It had to be a new child! Her assumptions were only further backed up by Cecil's musings. She was suddenly filled with confidence that it was not a witch at the door, but definitely a child. Throwing caution out the window, Lisi ran towards the door with a cry of, "I'll get it!".

Unlocking the main door, Lisi wasted no time in pulling it open to reveal a kid with short brown hair who was slightly taller than herself. A bright smile adorned Lisi's face as she threw her arms to the side in a grand fashion and practically squealed out, "Hello there! Welcome to the Residence for Wayward Children!" Noticing that the child was backed up a bit far from the front door, Lisi rushed over and took hold of their hands, gently pulling them towards the interior of the house. "Don't be nervous! Come inside! It's really cold out here, were you standing there long?"

Suddenly realizing that she hadn't introduced herself yet, Lisi once again smiled brightly at the person and exclaimed, "By the way, my name is Lisi! What's yours?"


Aya watched as the boy leaned back and crossed his legs in the chair, narrowing her eyes a bit at the slightly pompous jester. She couldn't help but scoff at the boy's reply. Who did he think he was? ...Actually, now that she thought about it, that is probably the exact same thing she would have said if she was in his position.

Her last realization ticking her off a bit, Aya narrowed her eyes further before finally making eye contact with the ravenette. "Really? Using my own question against me? What, couldn't think of anything better?" She replied a bit sarcastically before crossing her arms at looking down at the book that had landed by her feet. "If you must know, I was... reading." She said a bit hesitantly, her statement only slightly a lie. Aya refused to admit to this stranger that she had come in here to get away from all the other people.

She could hear a slight commotion happening in the other room, but shrugged it off, figuring that the others were just getting rowdy. Picking the book up off the floor, she began to put it back in it's spot on the shelf. "Anyways, my name's Aya. How 'bout you?" She mumbled as she finally managed to put the book safely away.

Suddenly realizing what she had said, she quickly spun around to face him and practically shouted, "N-not that I care! It's just... if we're going to be staying in the same place... we should..." Her voice slowly trailed off as she felt her blush creeping up her neck once again. Curses.

Easilly embarrassed and angered, it seemed. Anyone could figure that out if level-headed enough. Tilting his head to either side and making his neck crack. He slowly blinked but maintained the feeble eye contact she managed to initiate while going off on him. After she stopped however she proceeded to finally put her book away, and the blush crept back up her cheeks. Clearly she hated being herself....

With a raise of an eyebrow he nodded his head in greeting as she introduced herself as Aya. "I'm Caleb." He replied calmly. After a few seconds of unbearably awkward silence it was his turn for a small blush to find its way to his cheeks. "Do you have an ability? If so what is it?" he asked softly, calmly.

Beside him, mist seemed to gather, coming from his sleeves, swirling to form a small tornado which when dissipated, left in its place a White Bengal Tiger cub. "I can summon Animals....if I wish..."


ImageLisi tilted her head a bit curiously as she stood holding the new child's hands. They had yet to answer any of her questions, and she had started to wonder if they could talk at all. Lisi knew for a fact that when she came to the Residence years ago she had definitely been at least a little more excited than this.

It was at this time when Cecil decided to continue on into the woods in order to investigate. Lisi couldn't help but feel a little disappointed that she couldn't go with him, but her excitement over the new resident outweighed it enough for her to stay. As Sapphire and Willow passed by the two, she felt the older boy's hand gently ruffle her hair. This caused the girl to squeeze her eyes shut as she clutched her head, followed by an excessive amount of giggling.

Once the two had passed, Lisi peeked one eye open to look at the child standing in front of her. She couldn't help but notice that their line of sight was set on her own cotton candy colored hair that she was now trying to smooth down. A sudden thought entered her head. "Ohh~? Are you wondering about my hair? You wanna know if it's all natural, right?" Lisi bobbed her head up and down in understanding before continuing. "Well, I can assure you that my hair is 100% natural! It's never seen a box of hair dye in it's life!" Crossing her arms, Lisi finished her statement with a proud smile upon her face. She wasn't really sure what she was proud about, but it felt like the right thing to do at the time.

Lisi's proud moment disappeared however when Cosmo floated over and told the new child that she would explain how everything worked around here. She couldn't help it when her eyes grew to the size of saucers. She had to explain everything? Wasn't that his job? Lisi didn't even know what room the child was supposed to be in. Plus, Lisi had lived her for four years already and still managed to get lost at times. Slightly overwhelmed, Lisi turned to look at the younger child with a slightly flustered face. "T-that's right! I'll be explaining everything! 'Cause I'm really good at that stuff!"

Swaying slightly from side to side, Lisi worriedly rung her hands in front of her as she began. "The man with the wings that you just saw is Cosmo. He runs this place and takes care of all of us! He's super nice, I'm sure that you'll get along just fine!" Lisi smiled brightly as she said that, now deciding to move on to slightly sadder topic. "This place is a home for children with no where else to go. It houses kids of all ages up to eighteen. You don't have to tell us why or how you got here, but just know that we're all in the same position as you. So if you ever need to talk to somebody, feel free!" Attempting to end that speech on a lighthearted note, Lisi once again gripped one of the stranger's hands.

"Oh! I almost forgot! As you'll soon find out, most of the kids here also contain special abilities. It's ok if you don't have one though, I don't after all!" Lisi said while gesturing to herself. She suddenly became curious, and looking up at the child she asked, "Do you have an ability? Also, if you don't mind, could you give me your name? It'll make it easier to talk to you!" She exclaimed happily as she looked expectantly at the thus far nameless child.


"Caleb, hm?" Aya mumbled as she nodded appreciatively at the black haired boy. She slowly got lost in her own web of thoughts after this statement. Was this conversation actually going well? She couldn't be sure, but the fact that the boy hadn't left yet must've been a good sign. ...Right?

Aya was snapped out of her thoughts as Caleb began to talk again. Looking up, she was slightly startled to see a slight blush on his cheeks. A quick flash of relief hit her that she wasn't the only one who got embarrassed over stuff like this. She watched with thinly veiled fascination as mist gathered around the boy, leaving a tiger cub in it's wake. She had to admit, it was pretty cool that he could summon any animal he wanted, but she couldn't tell him that!

"Ha! You call that impressive? Watch this!" Aya taunted as she pulled two card out of her pocket, causing two foxes to appear out of the flashing of a white light. She had summoned the fox spirits before, but it had always been a bit difficult, taking quite a bit of concentration. But when Aya had arrived at the Residence a couple days ago, Cosmo had given her the two cards she was currently using. They made it a lot easier to summon the spirits without putting much strain on Aya.

For the first time in a while, Aya smiled. Though, it was more a victorious smile than a friendly one. Carefully putting the two cards away, the foxes quietly disappeared. Flopping down onto the ground in front of Caleb's chair, Aya folded her feet underneath her and slowly looked around the room. "You know... I've actually been trying to think of names to given them." Looking down at her hands, Aya began to play with her fingers. "You like to read, yeah? I'm sure you've read a lot of stories with cool names in them... Think you could maybe help me out?" She wasn't really sure what she was doing, but she didn't want to go outside and face all of those people yet. So, Aya decided that she might as well initiate more conversation between herself and the boy.

Caleb's eyebrows raised in interest and he leaned forward a bit as he watched Aya summon her foxes. The Tiger cub he'd summoned however remained physical and jumped up into his lap, nuzzling against his chest. He rubbed the cub's head and leaned back after the foxes were gone.

As Aya sat on the ground in front of him, the Tiger cub hopped off of Caleb's lap, and moved over to hers. It was as real as could be; fur, ears, fluffy tail, sandpaper-like tongue, etc. "Nkoe seems to like you..." he said calmly. "As for naming your foxes...I'm actually not very good with names. I got lazy and just named him..." he gestured to the tiger cub "...'Tiger' in Sesotho; an african language." he shrugged again, his eyes trailing off for a minute before he snapped his fingers.

The Tiger, Nkoe, began to fade away like mist blowing away in a breeze, moving back into Caleb's sleeve and vanishing from sight. "But if you want my help, I will offer it." he smiled softly.


ImageLisi was surprised to only be hit with more silence as the new child continued to avoid her questions. She was reminded of one of her earlier thoughts. Looking the child up and down quizzically, she began to wonder if they actually couldn't talk. Would it be rude to ask? Well, rude or not, there was only one way that she would be able to know for sure.

Lisi began to open her mouth in order to ask the child if they could indeed speak or not, when different words suddenly began spilling out of her mouth. "Do the kids here really have abilities? The kind that makes people hate them?"

Lisi stood there stunned for a couple of seconds. Why had she said that? That hadn't been anything like what she wanted to say! Shaking her head, Lisi slowly looked up at the still nameless child. Maybe it was her subconscious telling her that the child wouldn't believe that easily that most of the kids here had powers. But why would she have added that last question? Why would anybody ever hate someone just because they had powers? Well, whatever! Shaking it off, Lisi decided that there was no use dwelling on it any longer.

"Well, anyways! I guess that you might need some proof that the people here have abilities, huh?" Nodding, Lisi looked around for somebody who could give an presentation of their ability. Spotting Devon and Gabriel playing poker in the living room, she linked arms with the child and rushed over to the twins.

Smiling brightly as they arrived next to them, Lisi gestured happily between the three people standing around her. "Dev! Gab! This is... uh, well, they're a new resident here! And this is Devon and Gabriel! They're basically the doctors around here." Turning to each person in turn, Lisi then turned her attention to the two boys sitting at the table. "Do you guys think that you could show the new kid an example of your abilities? You could go ahead and use them on me if you need to!" She said before eagerly holding out her arm. She knew that Gabriel had the ability to cause injuries, but as long as Devon could heal her, it wouldn't be too bad. Plus, she trusted the two.


Aya deadpanned a bit when the cub that Caleb had summoned not to long ago jumped off of his lap and walked over to hers. She couldn't help but stiffen a bit as it snuggled against her, her cheeks beginning to show a slight red tint. Aya had always had a soft spot for cats, and tigers are felines.

Cautiously reaching one of her hands out, Aya gently set her hand on the cub's head, giving it a small pat. She was slightly surprised by the fact that the tiger was real. While her foxes could interact with others, nobody could touch them. Whenever she had tried to pet them, her hand had always just gone through them. Suddenly gaining a bit of enthusiasm, Aya began to gently caress every inch of the cub that she could. Enjoying the feeling of it's soft, silky fur.

Caleb's statement about the cub liking Aya not only brought her out of her trance, but also caused a slightly deeper shade of red to cover her cheeks. She shrugged at the boy's comment about not being very good with names, continuing to play with Nkoe's paw as she did. "It's ok. I'm not very good at a lot of things. And for what it matters, I like the name Nkoe." She gave a slightly awkward smile along with the compliment. She wasn't very good at this whole compliment thing, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

Aya was slightly sad to see the cub disappear, but she tried to hold any signs of it back. Turning her attention back to the boy sitting in front of her, she gave him a small, thankful smile for offering his help. She then leaned back and looked at the ceiling in thought. Caleb's statement about naming his cub in a different language sparked an idea. "We could just name them Ichi and Ni. It means one and two in Japanese. Or... is that dumb?"

Scratching her head, Aya looked down at the ground. "Plus, which one would be Ichi and which would be Ni...?" Sighing a bit, she looked up at Caleb and asked, "What do you think?".

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Elise listened intently at Cosmo's story, and smiled when Cecil was mentioned. But, when witches came up, she began to feel uncomfortable. She was happy that Willow, Cecil, and Sapphire decided to investigate the area. It made her feel safer. Then, when everyone gathered to see the person at the door, she simply stayed seated in her chair. She didn't want to see this person, nor did she care. She actually was still getting used to having some of the newer children around, much less a new one.

While all of this continued to happen, Elise pondered on if she should talk to the newer children more. She knew for a fact that she was slightly scared. She began to think they would say she's crazy for her telekenetic abilities. Even so, she knew better than that. She set the thoughts aside.

Suddenly, she saw Dev and Gab walk into the room and sit at a table with a deck of cards. She watched them curiously as they began to play with them. After awhile, Lisi suddenly burst into the room with someone else beside her. Surely, Elise was startled by the noise Lisi suddenly made, but she recovered quickly. As Lisi explained what Dev and Gab's powers were in a very subtle way, Elise listened closely with interest. She loved using her powers, and she also wanted to demonstrate for the new kid, even if she wouldn't interact much with them after. She walked over to them and smiled, "May I demonstrate as well, Lisi? I'd love the new kid to see a variety of things that we can do." Elise silently waited for an answer.

(OOC: So I'm guessing the living room is the same as the main room? If not, just act as if she moved into the living room to get more comfortable or something.)

Caleb watched the fascination in Aya's eyes as she found out she could actually interact physically with Nkoe with amusement. When she realized he was watching she blushed again. How much blood does she have? and how much of it can go to her cheeks at once? Questions for another time. At her question at naming the foxes she could summon, he shrugged.

"I'm really not sure. I mean, they're your foxes....If you want to name them that then go ahead." he said. And then the question of which to name what. For a second he thought before speaking. "The one on the left should be Ichi, right should be Ni. Following natural flow of words, or something...." he shrugged again and leaned to the side, yawning as he put a leg up on the arm of the chair and proceeded to lounge around.

"Again; that's up to you. They are yours after all."

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  1. Here we get to see Lisi having a mini panic attack (Yay!) while the twins are using their abilities on her. We also get to see Lisi sticking up for all of her friends. Alsooo, Lisi gives Ash a peice of paper so that she can finally communicate with everyone!

    by Anonymous Miss
  2. Here we basically just get to see Aya lacking a bunch of self-confidence and think that she is boring Caleb's brains out.

    by Anonymous Miss
  3. (Also, I totally accidently called Ash a 'she' in the first footnote. Sorry!)

    by Anonymous Miss

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Lisi grinned happily as the twins agreed to showcase their abilities to the new kid. The sudden appearance of Elise proved to make the girl even happier as she offered to demonstrate her powers as well. Lisi knew that the younger girl didn't like interacting with the new residents very much, so her offer helped make the girl even more excited. "Of course you can demonstrate your powers Elise! I love watching you use them."

As Dev and Gab launched into their performance, Lisi happily obliged with everything they asked of her. It wasn't until Gabriel grabbed her wrist that a tiny bit of anxiety rushed through her. 'It'll be fine!', she reminded herself, 'It's not like they'd seriously hurt me or anything!'. Holding back the slight flinch she felt when Gab started cutting her arm, she casually looked up at her arm to find a bit of a shocking scene.

Lisi hadn't expected them to make a cut quite so large. Sure, the new child needed to be able to see it, but she had thought that it'd be a bit smaller! Attempting to look unfazed, she looked back at the others and gave a wobbly smile. However her eyes widened a few seconds later when she felt the warmth of blood dripping down her arm. Was it supposed to be bleeding that much?!

She gave Devon a frail smile at the comment that the cut wouldn't scar, and watched with relief as he began to heal the wound. When all was done and over with, Lisi let out a silent sigh of relief. She didn't want to make the others think that she didn't trust the twins, but that turned out to be surprisingly nerve racking for her! Letting out a cheerful, "No problem!" at the boys thanks, Lisi then turned her attention to Elise in order to watch her display.

She grinned and clapped excitedly as the quiet girl began to lift up a couch with her mind. There were certainly times when Lisi wished that she had abilities of her own. But it was times like these when she felt that she was actually lucky not to have any, since she got to appreciate the other kids abilities even more.

After the couch had been set down, Lisi heard Elise ask the new kid what they thought. She was about to explain to her that they had still yet to speak, but things ended up getting out of hand before she could. Elise had become offended and was now snapping at the unnamed child. Lisi was surprised, she didn't see the timid girl angry very often. She was about to rush over and comfort her when the girl suddenly rushed off to her room. Lisi wanted to chase after her, but she couldn't just leave the new resident alone. Cosmo had assigned her to take care of them.

Deciding that she'd go check on Elise later, Lisi then turned her attention to the new child. "I'm so sorry! This is all my fault! I should have explained what all of their powers were before hand so that you wouldn't have been so surprised." Looking down, the pink haired girl felt her eyes growing moist as she began to play with her fingers. "There's really nothing to worry about. All of the children here are very good people, nobody here would use their powers for anything bad!" Looking up now to make eye contact with the brunette child, a new determined look had taken the place of her tears. "There is absolutely no reason to be scared of any of the people here! Their abilities may be a bit frightening at first, but I would trust each and every one of them with my life!"

Nodding as if resolute, Lisi looked expectantly at the new child, as if she was waiting for them to say something. Recalling the fact that the child seemed reluctant to talk, if they could at all, an a idea suddenly popped into the girl's head. Rushing out of the room, Lisi threw a quick, "Stay right there!" over her shoulder as she rushed up the Residence's stairs.

Running through the hallways, Lisi didn't stop until she reached her room. Quickly bursting through the door, she spent no time looking around as she rushed to her desk and grabbed some of her stationary and a blue sparkly gel pen. Closing the door on her way out, Lisi then rushed back down stairs and came to a stop in the living room once more.

Panting, Lisi held out the pink stationary to the new child, handing over the pen as well. "T-this way you... can communicate with us without having to actually... talk." She exclaimed, still slightly out of breath. "Go on, tell us anything you'd like us to know!" She smiled reassuringly at the child in front of her.


Aya's eyes widened slightly as she heard Caleb yawn. Hadn't he yawned earlier as well? She couldn't help the feeling of stupidity that suddenly washed over her as she watched the boy lounging on the chair. Of course he was bored, who wouldn't be bored in this situation. All that she had done this whole time was slightly insult him and then proceed to ask him what she should name her foxes. Of course he didn't care, he probably didn't even want to be here!

Aya's face noticeably scrunched up as she loudly cleared her throat. "Sorry. You're right, they're my foxes. I shouldn't have bothered you with silly things like naming them..." Shrugging, Aya looked down at the ground and began to draw random patterns on the floor with her finger. "It's just that... I don't really talk to people very often, so maybe I got a bit too excited."

She was making herself look so weak, she had told herself that she wouldn't ever talk to people like this. But, Caleb didn't really seem like the type to make fun of her or go off spreading rumors, so maybe it was ok. Well, even if he did, she'd just have to deal with it when it happened. No need to worry about it right now.

Standing up from her spot on the ground, Aya awkwardly looked up at the older boy and mumbled, "I can go if you want, you seem pretty bored. I know that I'm not very good at making conversation..."

Caleb looked on her with gentle eyes, curiously watching and wondering as to why she would make herself look so weak to someone she hardly knew. Perhaps it was a ploy to gain pity and friendship. When she mentioned going, he lifted a hand. "No, stay. I quite....enjoy your presence." he said idly.

Looking at her his eyes narrowed and he gestured to another chair. "Pull up a chair; we'll chat a little longer." he said softly before yawning again. Closer inspection would bring to light the dark circles under his eyes. He'd only arrived not long ago, perhaps he hadn't slept well since then. If at all.

He took in a deep breath and blinked, his eyebrows raising as he roused himself a bit so he could focus better on her. "Aya, right? Tell'd you end up here?" He asked. Idly the mist returned from his sleeve and Nkoe the Tiger Cub appeared again. He'd noted that she liked cats, and wanted to make her a tad more comfortable before she spilled everything he thought he should know at this time.

Nkoe mewed softly before attempting to find his way to her lap again.

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  1. Lisi comments on how Corvus doesn't seem that short to her since he is taller than herself. She spots the fox by Corvus' feet and decides to feed him some apples. Also, Lisi realizes that nobody knows where Ash's room is and goes to ask Cosmo.

    by Anonymous Miss
  2. Aya is surprised by Caleb's claim that he enjoys her presence. She is also thrown off by him asking how she ended up here. Aya of course answers very vaguely and then asks Caleb the same question. Also, Aya is in love with Nkoe so good luck ever geting him back.

    by Anonymous Miss
  3. I felt that Lisi would probably find some nickname to give to Cosmo, so I just went with 'Uncle Cosmo'. ....I don't really know....

    by Anonymous Miss

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Lisi watched everything unfold with a curious expression. A boy with bright orange hair had walked into the household and almost immediately began arguing with Cecil. When the subject of the boy's height came up, Lisi could only stare at him curiously. He didn't seem that short to her, he was still taller than her after all.

It was while she was staring at this new child that Lisi happened to notice a fox walk into the room and sit down next to him. Her eyes grew big for a second before an idea suddenly hit her. Rushing into the kitchen, Lisi quickly grabbed some pre-sliced apples from the fridge before running out again.

Walking over to the fox, she bent down to it's level before tentatively holding out one of the apple slices. The fox seemed to be a bit underweight, so it happily accepted the offered food. Lisi was wondering if it would be going to far to try and pet the fox when Resi began talking to all of the children about heading to bed soon.

While she was a bit tired from all the running around she had been doing today, Lisi decided that she would stay awake for a little bit longer. Resi and her had adjoining rooms anyways, so she would just head upstairs when the older girl did.

After the fox finished up the apples that Lisi had brought for it, the pink haired girl looked up at the others happily. It was then that she noticed Ash leaning against a wall away from the other children. Standing up and walking over, Lisi tilted her head curiously. "Are you tired? Is that why you're over here by yourself?"

She was about to suggest that maybe Ash go lay down in her room when she suddenly realized that the younger child didn't know where their room was. Lisi didn't even know where their room was. "Oh no! I almost forgot to ask where your room was!"

Grasping the child's hand once more, Lisi carefully pulled them through the crowd of people towards Cosmo. "Uncle Cosmo, have you figured out where Ash will be sleeping from now on?" She asked, using the nickname that she had given the winged man.


Aya couldn't believe her ears for a second. He enjoyed her presence? It had been a long time since anyone had told her something like that. She was honestly pretty surprised that he hadn't taken her up on her offer to leave, or that he didn't at least say something about how weak she was acting. Aya had thought that she was acting dumb, but... maybe she was getting better at holding conversations? No. The fact that she was going through all of this in her head must mean that she was still just as helpless as ever.

Either way, Aya felt her cheeks heat up a bit as Caleb asked her to sit down so that they could continue to talk. Awkwardly complying, she sat down on a chair close to the one that the older boy was settled in. She was busy attempting to get comfortable when his question stopped her dead in her tracks.

She was now shifting uncomfortably as she narrowed her eyes and mumbled a quiet, "Straight to the point, aren't we?". Sighing, Aya propped her chin against her fist as she looked awkwardly around the room. "Why would you care about something like that? It's not like I have a very interesting story to tell anyways..." However, when she saw that familiar mist and heard Nkoe's mewing, she couldn't help but feel that she was being bribed. And it was a pretty darn good bribe.

Quickly scooping the cub into her arms, Aya began to once again play with his fur as she slowly pondered over what she should tell Caleb. "Well... I didn't really favor the conditions that I was having to deal with at home and school. So I ran away." She shrugged her shoulders as if it was as simple as that.

Caleb had proved that he was at least a little trustworthy, but Aya really didn't feel like getting into all the little details with a person that she had just met. Heck, she wasn't even sure if she'd want to get into the details with somebody that she had known her whole life! She had already attempted to tell her parents what was going on once, but all they had done was blame it on her attitude. Aya didn't want that to happen with more people.

Turning her head to look at the boy out of the corner of her eye, Aya hugged the tiger cub against her chest as if Caleb would make him disappear again before she was ready for him to. "What about you?" She asked, thinking it was only fair that he answered as well since he made her do so.

If tigers could purr, Nkoe would definitely be doing so right about now. The cub would be happily mewing and growl/purring into her arms and against her chest and head, nuzzling her lovingly. Caleb only smiled, and looked up at the ceiling as he leaned back while she explained how she ended up in this place. He nodded along to show he was listening.

"I the same way as me, really...." he said calmly. "Didn't like how things went down back home.....decided "screw it. I don't need'em." he said calmly; of course not revealing the whole truth, himself. He couldn't entrust her with that just yet; it wouldn't make sense. Sighing he looked back to her.

"This conversation has where....." he said softly. Idly he stretched out and yawned once more.