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Faye Charmers

A straightforward clumsy person who is embarrassed easily

0 · 396 views · located in The Whimsical Residence for Wayward Children

a character in “The Whimsical Residence for Wayward Children”, as played by Lolkatlove



"Oh no, I broke something again didnt I .... "

Name: Faye Charmers

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Hetrosexual

Height: 5ft 4

Body Build: Slim without much muscle, Faye needs to exercise more.

Hair Type: Short cut, coloured purple.

Eye Colour: A deep chocolate brown.

Misc: She wears glasses to read.

Crush: She's far too Embarrassed to say it aloud!

Fear: She is afraid of bugs.

Wayward Ability:
Faye as the ability to walk along solid objects despite gravity. Thus, she can walk up walls and ceilings and any solid objects which could range from tree's to the side of buildings.


Personality :

Faye is a straight up clutz. She can't help but bump into things and often finds herself the cause of broken pottery. This is because she usually has her head buried in a book even whilst walking. She is so focused on her book she doesn't look where she is going. This can also lead her straight up walls and walking upside down on the ceilings due to her ability as she doesn't concentrate on where she is going. When her attention is broken from her book she will also find herself more than often lost. Not quite remembering how she got where she did.

Stubborn and a very easy to become embarrassed she won't ask for help when this happens and can be found wondering the building trying to find her way back to her room or the library.

Fundamentally she is a shy girl but she enjoys being in the company of others even if she observes rather than joins in the conversation. Her heart aches when she realises she is alone, loneliness being one of the few things that leaves' her feeling sullen.

She escapes into the books she reads as she dreams of the fantasy worlds that they tell. Her favourite Genre is romance but this is an embarrassing secret of hers. She tries to hide the book covers from her fellow housemates. At heart, she is a hopeless romantic which is why she loves romance books so much.

As a hopeless romantic she has a tendency to day dream her own stories, however sometimes these daydreams involve people she knows... her housemates.. which she sometimes thinks up funny pairings for them all and exaggerates a situation within her mind for drama.


  • Cotton Candy
  • Books
  • Adventure Novels
  • Romance Novels
  • Day Dreaming
  • Rabbits
  • Sleeping in

  • Bugs
  • Dirt - She likes to keep clean
  • Spicey food
  • Rudeness
  • Breaking things - due to her clumsiness
  • Being Teased
  • Being Alone
  • Loud People


  • She likes smothering her popcorn in chocolate
  • Her face turns bright red when she is embarrassed which she hides behind a book
  • She gets nervous in crowds
  • Her favourite colour is Grey and most of her wardrobe consists of it.
  • She always feels guilty about breaking things

  • She twirls her hair when she is nervous
  • She bites her lip when she is embarrassed
  • She hums when reading a really good book.


Faye was born into a rich family. They owned many mansions, one for each season and a large corporate business. However, wealth does not always give someone their best chance at life. Faye's mother was not fond of children, she only gave birth to Faye because her husband wanted a child. Unfortunately, Faye's father had wanted a boy, he wanted an heir for his company and someone to take over him. He was devastated when Faye was born because of this. Her mother shunning her, Faye's father abandoned her to her many nannies in a mansion to which her parents did not live within.

Growing up Faye watched as the many nannies came and went, as did the maids and butlers who worked for her parents. She often found herself alone in the empty halls sometimes talking to the paintings. She soon found her love of books, the adventure, the heartache, the companionship they told her made her crave her own companionship. Home tutored she did not have the experience of leaving the mansion and meeting children her own age. Instead, she saw the few adults she knew came and went never staying, her parents never visiting. She felt deep loneliness in those halls.

When she turned 12 Faye's father's company hit a tough spot. Out of anger and fear he visited Faye for the first time willingly and began to use her as an outsource for his emotions, blaming her birth as the root cause too his troubles. Shouting at her viciously she would try to turn away but he would tear her books from her and force her to see him glare. Having not had much interaction with other people anyway this shocked and scared Faye making her loose her confidence.
Soon this escalated and Faye would find herself crying in her sleep as red bruises formed on her face and body.

At 14 Faye was running from her father when she was cornered. Terrified she tried to climb the wall but failed until she suddenly found herself walking up the wall! She continued until she hung from the ceiling. For days, she stayed on the ceiling listening to her father pace shouting abuse at her and calling her a freak. She did think it odd that she could walk up walls but was only glad it got her away from him. Eventually, she realised if she came down he would hurt more than he ever had before. So she walked out the window and scaled the building running away into the forest.

For a further 2 years she lived on the streets, for the first time she was around people but still felt the same loneliness as she was too nervous to speak to people. Soon she found the Wayward home and has been there for the past 6 months since she turned 17. She is happy to have someone safe to stay and is nervous to communicate with the housemembers but excited to find companionship like the ones she reads about. A friend.


So begins...

Faye Charmers's Story

Caleb had left the main room long before Cosmo had begun his story of magic books and spells. He lay on his bed that he'd been given when he came here a few weeks ago, and stared up at the ceiling. His stuffed Tiger sat in the crook of his arm, and he fiddled gently with the ring he wore on his right ring finger.

He sighed and sat up, turning so he could lean against the wall the bed was against, and so he could get more comfortable. Unable to do so, however, he sighed again, thumping his head against the wall with a thud. He picked up his stuffed Tiger and stuffed it in one of his jacket pockets, walking out of his room and back downstairs to where Cosmo had finished his little speech.

He let out a small scoff at Cecil's response to Cosmo's bringing him up. But whatever, he walked past the room to one of the other sitting rooms and found a comfortable chair to sit in, a book nearby. He tilted his head, and reached for it, curious as to its contents.

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Cecil had heard the scoff being directed at him. His eyes narrow as he watches Caleb walk by, considering whether he should trip him or not. Looking down at the sleeping girl with her head in his lap, he decides that she might be upset if she found out that he tripped someone. He grumbles under his breath and looks down at his phone. "You guys hear about the witches wandering the forest lately? It's a trend now apparently. Young witches come into the forest and do spells and shit."

His language earns a smack from the little girl who was previously asleep on his lap. Lucy yawns and sits up, frowning at him. "Don't say bad words! And I'm sure the witches are nice witches. Right?"

Cecil makes a face at her. "Dunno. Sounds kinda fishy to me. Y'know since most of us have useful abilities, someone's gonna come looking for us eventually. Could be one of those witches." He looks down at her, grinning, and wiggles his fingers menacingly. "Maybe they'll come for you, next, Lucy." This gesture causes some of the children to cower, but Lucy just giggles and pats his face.

{ ooc: oops! i forgot about that ;; sorry! }

#, as written by Gatan
Even if Rhys hates being among a lot of people, he loves hearing the older ones talking, so that's why he heard everything from the tale Cosmos spoke. Things that seemed like fiction, but he actually knew they were not. Magical and adventures stories were always his favorite ones.
He even clapped loudly when Cosmos had finished the tale, and his hand directly got to where he laid his pocket videogame. Rhys only has two games to play, and won the second in an internal contest with another child, but he played and played then for years. But the pocket videogame wasn't where it would be supposed to be.
"Where is it... where is it?" He was worrying in murmurings, the thinking speaking louder than he wanted to. The pocket videogame already were his best friend in the worse moments, like when he couldn't sleep, afraid of the storms and the strong thunderbolts.
"Where did I lose it..." he was even starting to cry.

Faye Chalmers

Faye sat quietly towards the back of the room as Cosmo told his story in the main room by the fire. The children gathered there had been listening intently. Faye had leant her head on her hands enjoying the tale. She loved stories of all kinds, she loved to read new tales in the many books that resided in this house. She especially adored the romance novels.
Her heart thumped for a moment as she thought of the stories she had read, all the main characters had a close companion, a lover, a mother, a father even a friend.

She sighed. She was too nervous to make any friends. Her books were her friends.

She brightened as Cosmo directed his attention towards Cecil. Sitting up a little bit Faye looked towards the boy as he sat comfortable with a younger girl on his lap. Lucy.

All this talk of witches made her a little uneasy.

She watched quietly as Cecil began to gather companions to his detective regime, Sapphire and Willow stood to follow. Seeing Sapphire's red cheeks made her smile. She wondered if she turned as red as that when embarrassed. It seemed like fun

Listening to the chatter around her Faye heard a slight tapping in the distance. It sounded almost like a knock at the door? Looking back at the group before her no one else seemed to have noticed it...

Oh no, I'm going to have to talk.

She gulped at the thought.

"Um.." she raised her hand to grab someone's attention. However as her hand lifted into the air it struck a nearby pot that had been sitting on a side cabinet. Before she could react it crashed with a loud shatter causing her to flinch and suddenly freeze her eyes quickly looking towards the floor.

Oh god are they looking at me? she wondered not daring to look up her hand still in the air afraid to move it back.

With another gulp she pulled her arm down and spoke "I - I think there's someone at the door." She said quietly tugging at the sleeves of her jumper embarrassed by her own clumsiness. A small shard had cut her hand as she pulled her jumper over it. She didn't want any more attention. It didn't hurt very much, not compared to... she pushed her memories away not wanting to remember.

Cecil, contrary to the notion the other members expected of him (that is, to throw Willow off of his arm), makes no movement to do so. He smirks slightly, but other than that, there's not much of an indication of a reaction. In truth, he does like Willow a great deal. For one thing, she acts so childish that she reminds him of a child, and he certainly has a sweet spot for those. For another, she turns into a cat, and he absolutely loves those.

Lucy, on the other hand, had ditched Cecil's side at the moment in search of someone better to spend her time with. She comes across Rhys, who she had noticed had almost started crying, and she ducks down slightly to be in his line of sight as he's looking down for his game. "Hey, what's wrong? You look really sad! What's wrong, what's wrong?"

When Sapphire steps over to the two of them, Cecil smiles, uttering some things along the lines of 'that's a good boy!' and 'you'll do just fine' before opening his mouth again to ask again if any others were willing to join him. It's then that Faye makes the comment about someone being there, and he looks toward her. The pot that crashes doesn't faze him in the slightest—rather, as soon as she opened her mouth, he expected something like this to happen. He looks down at the shattered pot briefly before his green-eyed gaze rests back on Faye, as some of the other residents were also doing.

"Someone? At the door? You think it could be a witch?" He shakes his head. "No. Unless a witch were pretending to be a wayward child—which I doubt they'd try to do in the first place—they would've tried to break in through the windows. That one'd be the easiest one to break through." He points towards the kitchen, and since that one seems to be the biggest, he'd be correct. He lowers his arm a bit to set Willow on her feet and he carefully untangles her arms from his. After about a half a minute of looking at the door, he says:

"Must be a wayward kid. And I don't think you talking was just a coincidence, either." The brunet casts a sideways glance at Faye, giving her a smile. "While your voice is lovely, you don't do that much, do you? Talk, I mean." His babbling probably doesn't make much sense, but he's using his ability. Assessing the situation. He tilts his head at the door. "Whimsical, maybe?"


After listening to Cecil talk about going out to investigate the woods, Lisi began to get excited. She was watched as people volunteered to go, and unconsciously began to bounce with the new found energy that had surged into the room. Even though Lisi didn't have an ability, she was sure that she could be of at least some use out in the forest. Her hand was halfway up in the air, about to volunteer to go with the group, when a crash rang throughout the room.

Slightly startled, Lisi whirled around to see Faye looking sheepishly at the ground. However, it's what the girl said that surprised Lisi the most. Someone was at the door? It had to be a new child! Her assumptions were only further backed up by Cecil's musings. She was suddenly filled with confidence that it was not a witch at the door, but definitely a child. Throwing caution out the window, Lisi ran towards the door with a cry of, "I'll get it!".

Unlocking the main door, Lisi wasted no time in pulling it open to reveal a kid with short brown hair who was slightly taller than herself. A bright smile adorned Lisi's face as she threw her arms to the side in a grand fashion and practically squealed out, "Hello there! Welcome to the Residence for Wayward Children!" Noticing that the child was backed up a bit far from the front door, Lisi rushed over and took hold of their hands, gently pulling them towards the interior of the house. "Don't be nervous! Come inside! It's really cold out here, were you standing there long?"

Suddenly realizing that she hadn't introduced herself yet, Lisi once again smiled brightly at the person and exclaimed, "By the way, my name is Lisi! What's yours?"


Aya watched as the boy leaned back and crossed his legs in the chair, narrowing her eyes a bit at the slightly pompous jester. She couldn't help but scoff at the boy's reply. Who did he think he was? ...Actually, now that she thought about it, that is probably the exact same thing she would have said if she was in his position.

Her last realization ticking her off a bit, Aya narrowed her eyes further before finally making eye contact with the ravenette. "Really? Using my own question against me? What, couldn't think of anything better?" She replied a bit sarcastically before crossing her arms at looking down at the book that had landed by her feet. "If you must know, I was... reading." She said a bit hesitantly, her statement only slightly a lie. Aya refused to admit to this stranger that she had come in here to get away from all the other people.

She could hear a slight commotion happening in the other room, but shrugged it off, figuring that the others were just getting rowdy. Picking the book up off the floor, she began to put it back in it's spot on the shelf. "Anyways, my name's Aya. How 'bout you?" She mumbled as she finally managed to put the book safely away.

Suddenly realizing what she had said, she quickly spun around to face him and practically shouted, "N-not that I care! It's just... if we're going to be staying in the same place... we should..." Her voice slowly trailed off as she felt her blush creeping up her neck once again. Curses.

#, as written by Gatan
"Where is it... Wheeeere is it?" Rhys just started moving the things on the room to find his precious pocket videogame. He started to cry. "Unless stolen, it should be somewhere, shouldn't it?".
Suddenly, it appears right on his front.

Must be someone praying a prank on him. The rage started to grow on his mind, but he just took it quietly and put the PSP on his right pocket of the jacket. "I'll just go to my bed now and... Wait, why people are going to the door?" He thought, loudly, again. Deciding to see what was so special with the door, he just got among the small group.

In the door, there was a short, brown-haired guy.
He just failed at trying to ask what was going on.

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  1. TL;dr In which Ash is pulled into the aforementioned house and asks irrelevant questions.

    by Juilii

0.00 INK

#, as written by Juilii
Ash's eyes widened, and took a step back, but found their hands clasped in hers. They dug their heels into the floor to no avail, they had been caught very off guard. And ended yp stumbling a little.They stared at this Lisi girl. Her hair. Was pink. Then again, looking up and around, others also had rather...interesting hair colors.

They decided to prompt the question. Unless they were caught off guard, they were pretty good at making it seem like the person was talking to themselves.

Sure, they could introduce themselves, but that could wait. She was asking a lot of questions anyway. "Do you want to know if my hair color is natural?"

Faye Chalmers

As Cecil responded Faye lifted her head up from staring at the floor. She had been taught by the maids in her parents Manor that it was always polite to look at the people that conversed with you. She didn't want to be rude.

Lucy had wondered to see what Rhys had been upset about.

As Cecil spoke in regards to the possible guest at the door being a witch Faye pulled a face finding the concept still a little unnerving. She believed in many possibilities in this world and considering that she was a whimsical child it wouldn't surprise her if there were witches.

"Must be a wayward kid. And I don't think you talking was just a coincidence, either." Cecil cast a sideways glance at Faye, giving her a smile.

Faye slid back into her chair a bit caught of guard as he did.

"While your voice is lovely, you don't do that much, do you? Talk, I mean." He babbled before tilting his head at the door. "Whimsical, maybe?"

As he mentioned her not talking very much Faye felt her eyes widen and her cheeks redden further.

Oh great, so people have noticed me, noticed I'm quiet. I've been here for a few months now I shouldn't be surprised. Maybe they think I'm weird? Wait... did he say me talking wasn't a coincidence? A new Whimsical Kid?

"I'll get it!" Lisi's energetic voice scattered throughout the room as she hurried to the door. Faye envied her confidence.

Faye began to twirl a strand of hair around her finger as she tried to stay confident. "I talk... sometimes" she mumbled back to Cecil. "Just when I want to" she said getting up from her chair.

"I just don't want too often" she spoke trying to make conversation. It was strange, she wasn't used to people. what she said was a lie, it's not that she didn't want too, she did, she just didn't know what to say most of the time or have the confidence too. What if she said something rude without knowing?

"I-" She paused "I like my books" she mumbled again bending down to the floor.

She began to pick up the broken shards of the pot she had smashed "Sorry, about the pot, I'll fix it" she looked towards Cosmo guilt in her voice as she lifted up the hand she had cut. It wasn't too large of a cut, it would heal she deducted pulling the grey jumper she wore over her hands to protect them from the sharp edges of the broken pot.

Maybe I could superglue it back together? Oh but what if I break it again...

"You don't have to explain yourself to me, Faye. You know my ability's Ultra-Deduction, right? Anything you'll try to tell me right now, I probably already know." Cecil waves his hand a bit dismissively at her, his gaze resting on the door again. "... Well, looks like Lisi's got a handle on that situation." He looks towards Saphire and Willow, who he pats on the head. "We should get going into the forest if we're gonna scope out the situation. We'll be back shortly, since it shouldn't take too long with my skills." He adjusts the strap on his shoulder and starts towards the door, ducking his head slightly to the kid in the doorway. "Pardon me."

Lucy, who had been blatantly ignoring Cecil, claps her hands together upon seeing that Rhys had found what he was looking for. "Oh, I'm glad you found it! Y'know, Cecil coulda helped you with that really quick... but I'm mad at him." She pouts, then holds out her hand. "I'm Lucy! I don't know your name, but I wanna know it! You look young, like me!" In truth, it isn't all that bizarre that some children don't yet know each other by name. The house is large—the size of a university, possibly larger—on the inside (though not by outward appearance), and the amount of children that live there grows by the minute, it seems.

As Cosmo floats over to the newcomer, he tells Faye not to worry about the pot she broke, that he could just fix it with magic. Tilting his head slightly, he addresses Ash. "You look cold! Like Lisi said, I hope you weren't standing out there too long! I'll make you some tea! And while I do that, I'll have Lisi explain the happenings and inner workings of this estate!" He splays out his fingers, and from his fingertips, the sound of a party horn, and little bits of confetti spring forth. "The boy who just shoved past you is Cecil Rothgar. He is very rough around the edges sometimes, but he has a good heart! The two who are following him are Sapphire Wynters and Willow! The girl speaking to you is Lisi Wales, and she is very happy!" He claps his hands together, looking pleased. From in between the messy bangs that fall in the warlock's face, Ash should be able to see light pink eyes that resemble a cat's. "Lisi, please explain everything! I am leaving it to you, my dear!"

And in a moment, he disappears into thin air. He would reappear in the kitchen, and so begins the making of Ash's tea. The children would hear singing coming from the kitchen.

{ ooc: no worries! :') }

Willow || Sapphire Wynters

Upon reaching Cecil and Willow, Sapphire caught the brunette's comments on how he was a good boy and how he'd do fine. The blue-haired teen rolled his eyes in response before muttering under his breath, "I'm not a dog..." Despite this, he still smiled softly at Cecil.

Just a minute later, Willow found herself dislodged from Cecil's arm. With her feet now back on the floor, she pouted a little before waving to Faye as the other teen started talking to her.

"We should get going into the forest if we're gonna scope out the situation. We'll be back shortly, since it shouldn't take too long with my skills." This was directed at Sapphire and Willow and while the blue-haired teen nodded calmly in agreement, the cat-girl started jumping around excitedly, bouncing after Cecil as he headed to the door.

Sapphire followed slightly behind them, having checked his reflection to make sure there was no red left. Thankfully there wasn't and with a quiet sigh of relief he followed them over to the door. As he passed them, the blue-haired teen ruffled Lisi's hair and nodded politely in greeting to the new kid. Or he thought it was a new kid since he hadn't seen them around before. He heard Cosmo talking to them as he left.

Shortly after getting outside, Willow shrugged Sapphire's jacket from her shoulders and grinned mischievously before throwing the blue garment at Cecil. She quickly undone the buttons on Cecil's vest and threw that at Sapphire before sticking her tongue out at the pair and quickly turning into her cat form and running ahead of the pair, chasing snowflakes.

Upon catching the vest that most definitely wasn't his, Sapphire sighed a little. "Willow..." Sapphire held out Cecil's vest to the other teen, smiling a little. "Here, I think this is yours. So, where do we look first?"

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  1. If I happened to forget anyone, sorry!

    by °ẞ0llisīic°

0.00 INK

Elise listened intently at Cosmo's story, and smiled when Cecil was mentioned. But, when witches came up, she began to feel uncomfortable. She was happy that Willow, Cecil, and Sapphire decided to investigate the area. It made her feel safer. Then, when everyone gathered to see the person at the door, she simply stayed seated in her chair. She didn't want to see this person, nor did she care. She actually was still getting used to having some of the newer children around, much less a new one.

While all of this continued to happen, Elise pondered on if she should talk to the newer children more. She knew for a fact that she was slightly scared. She began to think they would say she's crazy for her telekenetic abilities. Even so, she knew better than that. She set the thoughts aside.

Suddenly, she saw Dev and Gab walk into the room and sit at a table with a deck of cards. She watched them curiously as they began to play with them. After awhile, Lisi suddenly burst into the room with someone else beside her. Surely, Elise was startled by the noise Lisi suddenly made, but she recovered quickly. As Lisi explained what Dev and Gab's powers were in a very subtle way, Elise listened closely with interest. She loved using her powers, and she also wanted to demonstrate for the new kid, even if she wouldn't interact much with them after. She walked over to them and smiled, "May I demonstrate as well, Lisi? I'd love the new kid to see a variety of things that we can do." Elise silently waited for an answer.

(OOC: So I'm guessing the living room is the same as the main room? If not, just act as if she moved into the living room to get more comfortable or something.)

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  1. Cecil tells Sapphire he's "counting on him to take care of him." Not sure if this is supposed to be an innuendo or not to be honest. Lucy starts to draw a PSP game for her new buddy Rhys but Things Are Happening and I am so excited.

    by cybernekokaito
  2. Cosmo's back & just in time for some Serious Business. He takes charge like the responsible warlock we all knew he probably was. Cecil is moving with urgency while not actually making any movement to actually like. Help. Other than barking orders which he's surprisingly good at.

    by cybernekokaito
  3. Lucy missed her adoptive big brother. :')

    by cybernekokaito

0.00 INK

Cecil shrugs. "You're right. It's something. After we get this kid warmed up, I'm counting on you to take care of me, Sapphire." He winks at Sapphire as they arrive at the door.
Lucy taps her chin. "I've never really tried something like that! Maybe I could, though. Let's seeeee..." She starts to put her crayon to paper, but—
At Willow's words, some of the children inside exchange glances with each other. Cosmo reappears out of thin air, saucers with tea cups full of warm tea on them floating around him. He looks at Willow, bewildered, before she shifts into cat form. He lowers himself to the ground and crosses his arms, turning towards the others. "Alright, listen, listen! If there is a Wayward Child in need of help from the cold, we're all going to need to prepare! Hot towels! Blankets! Heating pads! Anything that conducts heat, please, please!" He turns toward the door just in time for it to swing open.

Cecil and the rest of them arrive at the door, with the brunet stepping into the room with a bit of urgency. A few of the other children trickle into the room with the requested objects, and Cecil scans the room. "... Are Dev and Gab around? I think we could use them, since they're doctors. They won't be able to heal something like this, but..." His eyes shift over to the unconsccious boy on Sapphire's back. "... I'd like them to take a look at him." After all, doctors should know what to do for hypothermia better than an amateur detective.

Lucy widens her eyes at the scene, a little perturbed by the sight of an unusually pale boy who isn't conscious. She frowns and grabs onto Rhys's sleeve to guide him with her before stepping over to Cecil's side. Suddenly, she isn't so mad anymore.

{ ooc: i think i tagged everyone who is in the front room? if i missed anyone let me know on the forum! }

Faye Chalmers

Faye smiled to Cosmo as he fixed the pot she had broken. She was grateful someone could repair her clumsiness so easily.
As she picked up the now fixed pot and placed it back where it belonged, very carefully, afraid it would fall again, she listened as some of the children began to leave for their witch hunt.

She frowned as Cecil left with them, she hoped they would be okay. It was awfully cold outside after all.
Quietly she moved towards the fire to contemplate the events. Has someone made her talk back then? It puzzled her so as she lifted her hands towards the warm fire.

It was then that Lisi brought in the new child, the one she had heard knocking at the door. Faye watched as the twins Dev and Gabe performed their act. She giggled at their eccentric performed and found herself amazed. She was always amazed at the gifts the other children had. Far better than hers, all she could do was walk up walls, as though gravity wasn't an object for her. However when she heard Ash's hard remark to Elise she frowned. It wasn't very polite of the boy to do such a thing.

Suddenly Willow burst into the room shouting about someone being cold? Cecil returned with Sapphire and few companiogns, to her horror a young boy was carried in on Sapphires back. Everyone began trying to keep him warm.

Faye knew she had to help, as Lisi gave the unconscious boy her hat Faye ran past her out of the main room. Skipping the stairs as they would take too long she jumped and connected her feet with the wall running along its surface adjacent to the floor. She hurried quickly to her room. Upon reaching the door she dropped down from the wall and burst into the room.

"blanket... blanket.." she muttered to herself rummaging under her bed. "ah!" she exclaimed upon finding her favorite gray one. It was fluffy and had been with her since she was only 6. It was one of her most treasured possessions, it was the warmest thing she owned. Bundling it together in her arms she quickly left her room and ran back down the stairs along the walls.

As she reached the bottom of the stairs Faye jumped back onto the floor and ran head first into the main room. "oomph!" she rasped as ran straight into something solid knocking her back a few steps. Rubbing her head she looked up to see what she had ran into to find a stranger standing there. He had bright orange hair and a fox was sitting beside him. He wasn't very tall, but then she wasn't very tall either. In fact taking a look he was about the same size as her.

"ah - um I'm so sorry! are you okay?" she said rubbing her head still as she felt her cheeks began to heat up. She was going red from the embarrassment she could feel it.

"I-I wanted to give this to- t-to the boy over there - I-I thought it would help - I was in a rush - I'm sorry" she said stumbling over her words nodding towards the unconscious boy near the fire and gesturing the Gray blanket in her arms. It appeared Dev and Gabe had already looked him over to Faye's relief.

"I-Is he Okay?" she asked peeking around the newcomer to get a better look at the unconscious boy.

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  1. I decided to just get Resi involed in all this in order to introduce her. In here we see Resi accidently mistaking Corvus for a girl (Which she finds very funny by the way). And I also went ahead and had her get the idea of everyone going to sleep out there to the children so that this day doesn't last forever. She also tells Oliver that he should be more confident, and then asks the twins if they need anything from the kitchen.

    by Anonymous Miss

0.00 INK


Resi stood up from her desk and stretched, placing a hand against her mouth as a yawn floated past her lips. Looking around her room lazily, the blonde spotted a notepad and pen that she has been using earlier. Picking it up, she examined the half finished list of vegetables that she had been making for her trip with Oliver out to the garden tomorrow morning. They were going out before breakfast in order to pick some fresh vegetables for the kitchen. Gently seating herself once again on her desk chair, Resi decided to finish up the list she had been making.

Normally at this time of day the girl would still be downstairs in the kitchen, making anybody any last minute meals they needed before they headed off to bed. But today some of the younger children and kept her busy since the morning asking her if they could help her make some meals for the other residents. Unable to deny them, Resi had been on her toes all day attempting to keep the children from burning the Residence to the ground. Needless to say, she was a bit exhausted by this point and had informed the children that she was heading to her room. Telling them that if they needed anything to just knock.

Finished with the list, Resi set it aside and rested her chin on her hand. Maybe she'd make omelets for breakfast tomorrow. Resi made a mental note to ask around a bit to see if that was ok with everyone. Deciding that it was probably time to get ready for bed, the girl began to head towards her closet when she was suddenly stopped by a noise downstairs. Straining her ears a bit, she heard what sounded like people rushing into the manor from outside. Curiosity getting the best of her, Resi decided to go check it out.

Making her way down stairs, Resi looked to see that it appeared that everyone was gathered in the living room. Walking over to the doorway, she noticed Faye and a person that she had never seen before blocking the way. The new person had fiery orange hair, and setting her hand on one of their shoulders, she softly asked, "Excuse me Miss, but may I enter the room?"

However, when she got a better look at the person's face, she could barley contain her laughter. It was a man! One of the girl's cheeks puffing out in an attempt to choke back her laughter, Resi looked at the boy with delighted eyes. "Oh dear! Do excuse my mistake! It's just that you have such lovely hair, and such an adorably petite stature!" Looking down at the boy from her elevated height, tears were beginning to form in her eyes from how hard it was becoming not to laugh.

As the girl looked over the boy's head into the living room however, her demeanor quickly turned serious once again. Carefully slipping past the two at the entrance to the room, Resi made her way over to the sick boy laying on the couch. Her eyes filtered over all of the tense looking children that were present in the room. She thought about how late it was getting and let out a tiny nod to herself. "Excuse me everybody. I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but it is getting quite late. I believe that it would be best if we all retired for the night." Looking all of the children in the eyes, Resi smiled before gesturing to the unconscious boy and continuing. "This boy isn't going to get any better with all of us just crowding around him. Lets all head to our rooms and give the doctors some room to work." Clapping her hands together in finalization before walking over to the mentioned doctors.

Resi came to a stop at Oliver's side where he stood next to the twins. Reaching out she caught one of the petals fluttering out of the boy's hair before picking it up between two of her fingers and examining it. "Oliver, there is no reason to be so timid. I've told you before that you should be more confident with yourself, haven't I?" Smiling sweetly at the older boy she then turned to look at the other two boys. "I'm sure that Devon and Gabriel would be more then happy to have your help." She said with a reassuring smile, placing the boy's petal back into his hand.

"Speaking of help, do you two think that you'll need anything from the kitchen?" She asked while tilting her head slightly, ready to lend a hand if it was needed.

#, as written by Juilii
These people...get very easily distracted... Ash raised a brow. There was so much commotion, they were amazed someone didn't fire a confetti gun every time someone walked through the main door.

Not like there was much of a difference.

Then a young lady brought to their attention that it was good to go off to bed now.

Oh. I don't have anywhere to sleep. I just got here. I guess...I just sleep here? Their eyes started scanning the room. Surely once everyone scattered, this would be much easier, so they simply went and leaned against the wall.

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  1. Corvus, not realising he is being 'mean' ends up telling Faye that he doesn't care what she does, or about the ill kid. Of course, Willow calls him out on it and tries to talk to Faye.

    by AlexusRaevynn
  2. After being called a girl by Resi, he's about to respond when she apoligises and he doesn't get further than a grumble about not being short when a second dizzy spell hits him and sends him stumbling into Sapphire.

    by AlexusRaevynn
  3. Of course, Sapphire wants to know if the shorter teen is alright, and is put out by the blunt, dull toned response he receives. As it is announced that they should all head to bed, Corvus turns to leave, since he wouldn't be sleeping anyways.

    by AlexusRaevynn

0.00 INK

Corvus || Willow || Sapphire Wynters

Half staring intently up at Cecil, Corvus didn't notice someone enter behind him until they ran right into him. Of course, at that moment a dizzy spell just had to hit and not only was he left trying to keep his balance, but the room span in front of him. He slammed a hand over his eyes, squeezing them closed tightly until the light headed sensation passed. And once it had, there was the sound of stumbled apologies from behind him.

Turning, he saw a purple haired girl behind him, of course, she was taller than him too, even if not by much thankfully. "No harm done." He brushed invisible dust from his coat, face almost disturbingly neutral as he watched the girl ramble about wanting to help the ill person.

Which one where they talking about? Corvus followed the girl's gaze as they peered around him, noting that she was watching the kid who was laying on the couch. Oh. Glancing back at the purple haired girl, he gestured toward that kid. "That, and whatever you choose to do are none of my concern."

At the almost cold tone of voice his used, from Sapphire's arms Willow hissed slightly, suddenly turning back into her human form. Wriggling free of Sapphire's grip, she stomped the couple of steps needed to reach the ginger-haired teen, hands on her hips as she glared down at him. "No being mean!"

Looking up at the white haired girl, Corvus lifted a single brow in response, head tilting to the side as a confused look flickered across his face for a moment before settling back into it's usual blankness. "Mean?"

Nodding firmly, the cat-girl bopped Corvus on the head, knocking his hat askew. "Mhm, mean." As Corvus reached up to straighten up his hat, the white haired teen walked over to Faye, ignoring her own currently naked state, and gently grasped the purple haired girl's wrist. "Let's go check on him, meow?"

Staring after the pair for a moment, a frown slipped onto his face. Just as he was about to resume his glaring at the tall brunette, Corvus felt a hand settle on his shoulder. "Excuse me Miss, but may I enter the room?" Turning suddenly, he was about to fire a retort at the person who had dared refer to him as female normally it might not have bothered him but he wasn't in the greatest of moods at the moment. Hearing a huffed laugh behind him, likely from the blue-haired teen, Corvus ignored that in favor of glaring up at the young lady behind him. Of course she was tall too...

"Oh dear! Do excuse my mistake! It's just that you have such lovely hair, and such an adorably petite stature!"

Well, she apologised at least, better than most people he'd met. "I'm not short!" Whatever else he was planning to say died on his lips as the room span in front of him again. This time unable to keep his balance, the orange-haired teen stumbled backwards a few paces.

Not expecting anyone to help him, Corvus was rather surprised when he felt someone catch and help steady him again. Tilting his head back, he looked up into the blue eyes of the male who was blushing earlier. "You alright?" Pulling himself from the other teen's grip, Corvus turned and narrowed his eyes.

"I'm fine."

At the shorter teen's dull toned response, Sapphire rolled his eyes. "Fine, fine. Next time I won't help you then."

As the taller girl behind him suggested that they all head to bed, Corvus turned to leave. He would rather not get caught up in whatever would happen next, and besides, it wasn't as if he would actually be sleeping.

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  1. Not gonna make a summary this time, sorry. It's pretty late and I need to get up early tomorrow. Just know that Devon begs Oliver for a camera, Jaz will soon wish for an icepack and Gab replies to Resi and asks Corvus if he wants any food or them to look him over cause doctors, its what they do for a living. Or used to do anyway.

    by Alle9009

0.00 INK

At Oliver's question, Devon whirled around to grab at Oliver's shoulders, clutching the fabric of his shirt tightly in his hands as Gabriel continued to pack up, keeping his back faced towards the flowery boy and his face hidden from view. They ignored the sounds of Cecil talking with the Orange-headed newcomer and general commotion involving said Orange-headed newcomer, and the children surrounding Jaz.

"Yes, Oliver." Devon said gravely, an unnaturally serious look on his face, the expression in his eyes hidden behind his glasses and fringe. The air surrounding them was solemn as a grave, filled with tension. "Yes, there is something you can do for us. Immediately, and with great haste! For it is urgent indeed...

That you find us a camera!"
The tension broke as Devon looked up at Oliver with sparkly eyes, a large grin breaking out onto his lips. Behind him, Gabriel had broken out into laughter, making it evident that he had caught onto his brother's theatrical attempt at humor and went along with it. "Look at that guy! We need to take a picture of this!" Letting go of Oliver, Devon spread a hand out to reveal Jaz, Gabriel adding to the effect with jazz-hands as he knelt beside the couch with an equally large shit-eating grin on his face.

The effect was a bit like watching someone buried under a pile of cloth. Dressed in an ugly looking christmas sweater and surrounded by soft woollen toys the children had thoughtfully given him like sacrifices to the God of Sickness and Illnesses to the shrine-couch and a hot water bottle, Jaz's face was barely visible underneath all the hats jammed on his head. They were stacked on top of each other like building blocks, ending with a woollen white hat with heart designs everwhere that had a fluffy pink bobble on the top that was shaped like a heart, nearly blocking his eyes from view. This in addition with several blankets they'd placed on top of him as if they were trying to reenact a misguided version of Princess and the Pea meant that Jaz was literally covered head to toe. The girl's fire from earlier was still there, radiating heat, but they were surrounded in small bubbles that were a few feet on top of him, created by a boy who's ability could create any kind of bubbles.

It was overkill. It was also completely hilarious. They'd have to undo it later so that Jaz didn't overheat, but that could wait for after they took a picture. Clearly they weren't going to use it for blackmail - that would intend that the picture wasn't going to see the light of day, which it absolutely would.

Grinning, Devon and Gabriel looked at Oliver, making it absolutely certain that they were completely serious about taking a photo of this scene. Gabriel got distracted when Faye ran up to them, adding to the Jaz Shrine of Woollen and Cloth Goods with an item of her own.

"He'll be fine, Faye! He just needs a long rest. He'll probably wake up around the afternoon, if I'm any guess." He said cheerfully, still chuckling a bit. He smiled, patting Faye gently on the shoulder."Thanks for the offer, but I don't think we need it. Currently he's got more than enough blankets, but I think Ash could do with one. Why not try him?"

When Resi appeared and told Oliver to have more courage in himself and that they'd appreciate the help, Devon nodded. "That we would." He said merrily. "And she's right, have more courage in yourself, you're a good guy!"He said warmly, patting Oliver on the back. Then his grin grew wider, nearly maniacal. "But more importantly, camera! A camera to take a photo of this glorious scene before the time to take it is up!"

"Ah, Resi!" Gabriel turned around to face her, attracting her attention. "We don't need anything for now, but could you make something warm and liquidy for this guy in the morning? Like chicken soup or feeds or something. He won't be able to take anything truly solid for a while. Also, I think Ash needs to eat something, not too sure, haha." Gabriel shrugged, looking over at the other newcomer.

"Oi, Orange-head! Want something to eat?!" He yelled. "We could also check you over if you want!"


Dennis, meanwhile, had merely given a nod to accept Cecil's thanks after it'd registered and headed over to Rhys, joining him with the other kids. He tapped Rhys on the shoulder, tilting his head questioningly at him. What's up?

Faye Chalmers

As Faye peeked around the orange haired boy to check on the unconscious one. She noticed the orange one begin to sway a little. She automatically began to hold out her hand to steady him when he managed to steady himself

"No harm done." He brushed invisible dust from his coat turning his gaze towards the unconscious boy "That, and whatever you choose to do are none of my concern."

Faye once again felt her cheeks begin to burn as she got a good luck at his face. He was short that much was true, his skin was pale and his eyes were a sharp blue. He had slightly feminine features but his body frame and build obstructed that making him obviously male.

"a-" Faye opened her mouth to respond when suddenly a hissing approaching them. Stomping Willow glared at the new boy her height towering above him.

"No being mean!" Willow frowned at him.

Looking up at the white haired girl, Corvus lifted a single brow in response "Mean?"

Nodding firmly, the cat-girl bopped Corvus on the head, knocking his hat askew. "Mhm, mean."

As Corvus reached up to straighten up his hat, the white haired teen walked over to Faye and gently grasped Fayes Wrist. "Let's go check on him, meow?" Willow spoke to her.

Faye jumped a little at Willow's touch shocked by her confidence. Then as she looked towards Willow redness swelled up onto Faye's face as she noticed how naked Willow was.

"oh - um - yes - sure - okay" Faye tried to look anywhere but at Willow.

Oh my gosh it is so impolite to look!

Faye's thoughts screamed. She did not want to be rude, she mustn't look. She looked back towards the orange haired kid her eyes wide with shock as Willow lead her over to the unconscious boy. She saw Resi enter the room, with a slight smile Faye nodded to the girl. She had always enjoyed the food Resi made, it was wonderful.

"Excuse me Miss, but may I enter the room?" Resi spoke. Faye quickly tried to hold back her laughter however a slight chuckle escaped her lips at Resi's comment.

"oh dear" Faye mumbled with a smile as the orange haired boy began to retaliate. Apparently he had an issue with his height. Faye personally didn't understand why. She was about the same height and quite liked her shortness. It made it easier to hide.

It was then they reached the unconscious boy and Dev and Gab were talking to Dennis about getting a photo.

"He'll be fine, Faye! He just needs a long rest. He'll probably wake up around the afternoon, if I'm any guess." Gabriel said cheerfully, still chuckling a bit. He smiled, patting Faye gently on the shoulder. "Thanks for the offer, but I don't think we need it. Currently, he's got more than enough blankets, but I think Ash could do with one. Why not try him?"

Faye smiled back to him, she had always found the two twins to be amusing, they seemed to bring joy to the house. Curios Faye took at closer look at the boy relieved to hear he was okay. It was then she began to count the many items that had been piled on top of him

"He looks mummified!" Faye exclaimed first surprised but then she began to laugh. "I think a photo would be a splendid idea." She smiled up at the twins and Willow for a moment before quickly averting her gaze again having forgotten for a split second she was naked. "How about we add a cherry just to top him off? We could keep the photo as a keepsake to his first day here" she giggled.

Clutching her blanket she then headed over to Lisi and the first newcomer, he seemed quieter than the orange haired boy. Lisi was speaking with Cosmo so Faye carefully approaching him a little uncertain. "um - here" Faye held out the gray blanket towards him. "I think you could use this more than um - the boy over there" she indicated to the unconscious boy.

That's when she realised she didn't know the names of these new people. "I'm Faye" she hesitantly smiled. "Whats your's?" she said glancing over at the orange haired kid and the unconcious one at the same time. It was unsual to have so many newcomers all at once.

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  1. Cecil "I Don't Really Have Any Problems With You But Here's My Problems With you" Rothgar. Cecil rather rudely questions Corvus and gets nervous when Resi comes in when his stomach growls.

    by cybernekokaito
  2. Oliver is precious! He tells the twins they're irresponsible for something like that & makes a cute flower analogy when people tell him to be more confident.

    by cybernekokaito
  3. Cosmo goes 'uwah!' & loudly announces that everyone will find their rooms with their names on them. He's theatrical as ever. Cosmo also greets Corvus & wants to see what he has to say.

    by cybernekokaito

0.00 INK

"No, I have no problems, really. But you're always in and out of here, and it drives me crazy." Cecil narrows his eyes at the other, pointedly ignoring all the commotion happening around him—from Resi asking Corvus to move, to Faye bumping into him. He doesn't seem to have a Magic Book on him, and he seems about Cecil's age... which means he'd be a Wayward Child, too, in need of a home. But he doesn't stay. It bothers Cecil.

"Don't tell me Cosmo hasn't offered you a place to stay. That's against his character. Why don't you wanna stay here?" He tilts his head to the side, pushing up the bridge of his glasses. "... Do you think you're too good for the rest of us here? And by the way, you could do to be a little nicer to Faye."

Strange coming from Cecil. After all, he unintentionally says rude things a lot, as well.

Cecil does, however, listen to one of the Zarzuelas ask Resi to make food, and in addition ask Corvus if he needs food. His stomach growls, and his face darkens slightly, his hand smacking over his stomach. He hopes Resi didn't hear that.
Oliver's face flushes red when Devon grabs his shoulders, a few more petals falling from his hair. They needed... his help? With something important...? He straightens up a little and is ready to be receptive of what they say, but what they say is the complete opposite of what he was expecting. They wanted... a camera. The plant boy's shoulders slump, and he lowers his eyelids slightly.

"You want... a camera? To take a picture of him? Isn't that... a little irresponsible? You two are doctors..." He looks away from them, though, and over to Resi. At everyone telling him to be more confident in himself, he blushes. "... I'll try. I guess you're right. The flowers that get the most out of sunlight are the ones that stand up straight, after all."
Lucy looks over to Dennis and waves enthusiastically. "Hi! Did you have fun out there? I'm kinda jealous, 'cause I wanted to go out with Cecil, but it's fine. You guys found that body right? Was it scary? I bet it was scary!" She babbles on.
"Uwaaaaaah!" Cosmo shrieks out loud, eyes widening. "You're right, you're right! I totally almost forgot! My apologies, my apologies! I apologize!" He ruffles Lisi's hair, a thanks for reminding him, before disappearing and reappearing in the middle of the room. "Listen up everyone! Give me your attention, please, and thank you!" He waits for the commotion to hush before continuing. "I'll now give the new members their rooms. The stairs over there—" He twirls around and points dramatically to a collection of winding staircases leading up into a tower in the corner of the room, wiggling his fingers. "—lead to what I call the 'Wayward Plane'! That's where all the rooms are. All rooms shall be marked with names on the outside, so you absolutely know you're going to the right room—since it may be easy (very easy indeed!) to get lost inside the Wayward Plane. Some of you as you know will have doors leading to another room, which means you have an adjoining roommate! Please do get acquainted if you find yourself with a new adjoining roommate!" At that, he claps his hands twice.

"Disperse, my children!"

At this, some of the other children and teens start to migrate towards the staircases, though a few may stay behind, one of them being Cecil. He steps over to where Cecil is and puts a hand on his shoulder, smiling at Corvus.

"Is there something you need, Corvus? It's rather late indeed, and I wouldn't want to keep you up!"

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  1. Willow follows Faye over to Jaz and curls up next to the boy in cat form.

    by AlexusRaevynn
  2. Corvus and Cecil talk. During this the ginger silently thanks Lisi for feeding the fox which he has seemed to have named now. Also, he shows off his ability to speak with the animal a little.

    by AlexusRaevynn
  3. Sapphire heads to bed after telling Cecil that he will be eating something in the morning.

    by AlexusRaevynn
  4. Corvus admits to Cosmo that he's tired of traveling and asks if it's alright to stay for a while. Of course, he's not particularly happy about Cecil being there to hear him admit this.

    by AlexusRaevynn

0.00 INK

Willow || Sapphire Wynters || Corvus

After going with Faye to see the sick kid and watching the exchange between Faye at the twins, the white-haired teen grinned at Dev and Gab before going into cat form and jumping up next to the unconscious boy. There, she curled up deciding to doze a little. Maybe she would wake up if something happened? Then she could get someone else to help.

"No, I have no problems, really. But you're always in and out of here, and it drives me crazy."

Corvus huffed a soft laugh, looking up at the brunette, head tilting to the side, for not having any problems he seemed to have a problem with him anyway. Shaking his head slightly, he noticed a pink haired girl feeding the fox out of the corner of his eyes. Nodding his thanks to the girl, likely the politest thing he had done all night, he looked down at the fox as it barked, his ability translated that she thought the food was nice but she wanted to leave now.

Crouching down, he ran his fingers through the animal's fur, a true smile slipping onto his face. Eyes darkening in shade, his ability activated and his usual dull tone of voice deepened a little as his next words were translated for the animal. "Just a little longer, Seran." While his ability allowed him to talk to the animals, it merely translated the languages heard by him and the animals, it wasn't as if he could suddenly speak whatever language the animals did. Of course, the downside with that was that anyone could hear what he was saying to the animals, though what they said in reply was for his ears only.

He frowned a little, eyes flickering back to their usual cerulean shade. Where had that come from? He hadn't meant to get so attached to the animal, but he supposed it was a lost cause when the fox came back to him, unlike many of the other animals which scurried off once they'd been amused by him.

"Don't tell me Cosmo hasn't offered you a place to stay. That's against his character. Why don't you wanna stay here?" Standing back up, Corvus watched as the taller male adjusted his glasses before speaking again. "... Do you think you're too good for the rest of us here? And by the way, you could do to be a little nicer to Faye."

"He offered every time I visited, though I hardly think that my reasons for declining are any of your business." He paused for a moment. "Faye... The purple haired girl? I've already been told off for that I think. Though I'm not quite sure I understand..." His gaze flickered first from the girl - Faye - to the girl-turned-cat who was now curling up next to the ill person.

Suddenly someone yelled something at Corvus from near the ill person and looking over he saw twins? One of them had called him orange-head and proceeded to ask if he wanted any food or needed a check over. He shook his head in response, not really caring if it was seen or not. He hardly wanted to raise his voice and draw more attention to himself than there already was. Still, his lips tugged up slightly, a pale imitation of a smile slipping into place. Orange-head, huh? That was a new one, usually people tended to throw less polite things at him instead, so compared to the usual it wasn't so bad he supposed.

Sapphire yawned a little, looking over at Cecil. "As amusing as it is to watch you two, I'm heading to bed now I think. But you will be eating something in the morning, ok?" The blue-haired teen smiled at his friend, gently resting his hand on the other teen's shoulder for a moment before turning to leave the room, narrowing his eyes at the ginger as he passed.

"Is there something you need, Corvus? It's rather late indeed, and I wouldn't want to keep you up!" Shortly after the blue-haired teen had left, it seemed that Cosmo had told everyone to head to bed and now he had come over, a hand on the brunette's shoulder.

Looking at the pair, Corvus frowned ever so slightly, unsure of whether he wanted to say anything in front of the taller teen but figuring he didn't have much of a choice at the moment. Shoulders slumping slightly, he looked up at Cosmo. "I think I'm finally tired... There's not really much else I can see of the world at this point. Is it... Is it alright if I stay here for a while?" He looked down before saying the rest quickly. "It'll only be for a couple of months. I don't want to be a burden and I'm not sure I could handle being in one place for too long..."

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  1. In which Ash actually acts polite because they're too tired to deal with people by this point.(I also apologize to Lolkatlove because I got confused and didn't realize she had interacted with Ash. So sorry~)

    by Juilii

0.00 INK

#, as written by Juilii
Ash's attention flicked over to an offer of a blanket, as Cosmo explained that the rooms had nameplates and that was where they were to sleep. They looked at the blanket, then the girl, and then the indicated boy, before returning to the blanket. They immediately signed no thanks but she probably didn't understand that.They still had the stationary, so they crossed out the second half of what they wrote for Lisi and added No thanks, I think the room will have a blanket. Keep yours.

They simply didn't have the energy to sass or deal with anyone who complained of their sassing. It had been a long day, they would appreciate the silence that came with the night, so they lowered their arm that was holding the paper and began following the others to their rooms.

Maybe Lisi was right- they were tired.