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Loddy Raver

WIP "Watch where you're walking! You might end a life with your stupid big feet!"

0 · 1,022 views · located in The Whimsical Residence for Wayward Children

a character in “The Whimsical Residence for Wayward Children”, as played by AttackonFluffy





Full Name
Melody Marcs Raver



Loddy is female, but she's often been teased for
looking like a messy ten year old boy.

As far as she's concerned, she's a human. Unbeknownst to
her, however, one of her parents was actually an insect sprite.

Heterosexual probably? She's not really sure.


96 lbs

Eye Color
Dark Amber

Hair Color/Style
Loddy's hair is a medium red color with many thick layers that refuse to cooperate, with her bangs being the only well-behaved section that fall over the middle of her forehead. Her hair ends at her shoulders and hasn't grown longer in years.

Loddy has always had a very small, petite body.

Preferred Clothing
She arrived at The Whimsical Residence for Wayward Children only a short time ago wearing her school uniform, which seems to be one size too big for her. This was actually her decision, as she likes wearing larger, looser clothes and is very uncomfortable and self-conscious in form-fitting outfits due to her lack of feminine features. She's more fond of darker colors than pastels, and would probably break an ankle if she tried to walk in shoes with a heel any higher than half an inch. If you were to ask her what her favorite choice of apparel is it would be basketball shorts and an over-sized t-shirt or sweater.

Image Image
[ Type: Wayward || Bug Connection ]
Loddy has the ability to sense the presence of insect and bugs within a certain area. She's also capable of willingly releasing pheromones that can attract a multitude of different species of bugs and insects. These pheromones would also allow her to control those bugs and insect, but Loddy finds that unfair and prefers not to do so. Not only can she sense bugs and insects in the area and attract them to her, but she's also very sensitive to the feelings of bugs and insects. She can tell when they are aggressive or afraid, and it's very painful for her to witness a bug being killed or hurt.



[ Emotional // Easily Aggravated // Passionate // Impulsive ]




✿ Bugs and Insects ✿
"Like" being an understatement seeing as she'd risk her life to
protect the life of a bug. Understandable, though. Bugs and
insects have been her only friends for quite some time.
✿ Summertime ✿
Of course, that's when the majority of bugs and insects thrive!
✿ Adventuring ✿
She can't standing being cooped up inside all day. The outdoors
is just begging to be explored, and being in nature in general
gives Loddy a sense of security.
✿ Learning New Things ✿
Loddy is a naturally curious girl and takes any opportunity
to gain knowledge about something she's unfamiliar with.

❀ Humans ❀
Bugs and insects are helpless against the strength and size of a
human, yet humans fear and hate them and kill them without a
second thought for no reason. Even if a human treats and insect or
bug withkindness, it's very difficult for Loddy to trust that a human
would be kind to a bug without having bad intentions.
❀ Loddy ❀
Her nickname was not of her choice. "Loddy" was simply what
everyone, including guardians, teachers, and classmates have called
her ever since she was a toddler. She still isn't super fond of it, but
has gotten used to it over the years and doesn't bother using her
actual first name anymore.
❀ Winter ❀
The cold weather is often the death of many bugs and insects
who can't find shelter in homes or are merely meant to live only
in the summer. Winters are very quiet, and Loddy always misses
the sound of the bugs when the ground is covered in snow.

✿ Adults ✿
More specifically when an adult raises their voice at Loddy. When
this happens she immediately shuts her mouth and tenses up, ready
to do what she's told without question.

✿ Becoming Stressed or Afraid ✿
Loddy's body involuntarily releases a pheromone that can cause
insects and/or bugs to become aggressive when she's very afraid
or under a lot of stress. This can create a dangerous situation for
anyone nearby her at the time, especially if it's someone who is
directly responsible for her negative emotions, as the aggressive
insects and bugs may attack those around her in an attempt to
protect her.




Face Claim: Aoi Yusa || boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai
Dialogue ~ #FF5100


So begins...

Loddy Raver's Story

#, as written by Gatan
Even if Rhys hates being among a lot of people, he loves hearing the older ones talking, so that's why he heard everything from the tale Cosmos spoke. Things that seemed like fiction, but he actually knew they were not. Magical and adventures stories were always his favorite ones.
He even clapped loudly when Cosmos had finished the tale, and his hand directly got to where he laid his pocket videogame. Rhys only has two games to play, and won the second in an internal contest with another child, but he played and played then for years. But the pocket videogame wasn't where it would be supposed to be.
"Where is it... where is it?" He was worrying in murmurings, the thinking speaking louder than he wanted to. The pocket videogame already were his best friend in the worse moments, like when he couldn't sleep, afraid of the storms and the strong thunderbolts.
"Where did I lose it..." he was even starting to cry.

Faye Chalmers

Faye sat quietly towards the back of the room as Cosmo told his story in the main room by the fire. The children gathered there had been listening intently. Faye had leant her head on her hands enjoying the tale. She loved stories of all kinds, she loved to read new tales in the many books that resided in this house. She especially adored the romance novels.
Her heart thumped for a moment as she thought of the stories she had read, all the main characters had a close companion, a lover, a mother, a father even a friend.

She sighed. She was too nervous to make any friends. Her books were her friends.

She brightened as Cosmo directed his attention towards Cecil. Sitting up a little bit Faye looked towards the boy as he sat comfortable with a younger girl on his lap. Lucy.

All this talk of witches made her a little uneasy.

She watched quietly as Cecil began to gather companions to his detective regime, Sapphire and Willow stood to follow. Seeing Sapphire's red cheeks made her smile. She wondered if she turned as red as that when embarrassed. It seemed like fun

Listening to the chatter around her Faye heard a slight tapping in the distance. It sounded almost like a knock at the door? Looking back at the group before her no one else seemed to have noticed it...

Oh no, I'm going to have to talk.

She gulped at the thought.

"Um.." she raised her hand to grab someone's attention. However as her hand lifted into the air it struck a nearby pot that had been sitting on a side cabinet. Before she could react it crashed with a loud shatter causing her to flinch and suddenly freeze her eyes quickly looking towards the floor.

Oh god are they looking at me? she wondered not daring to look up her hand still in the air afraid to move it back.

With another gulp she pulled her arm down and spoke "I - I think there's someone at the door." She said quietly tugging at the sleeves of her jumper embarrassed by her own clumsiness. A small shard had cut her hand as she pulled her jumper over it. She didn't want any more attention. It didn't hurt very much, not compared to... she pushed her memories away not wanting to remember.

Cecil, contrary to the notion the other members expected of him (that is, to throw Willow off of his arm), makes no movement to do so. He smirks slightly, but other than that, there's not much of an indication of a reaction. In truth, he does like Willow a great deal. For one thing, she acts so childish that she reminds him of a child, and he certainly has a sweet spot for those. For another, she turns into a cat, and he absolutely loves those.

Lucy, on the other hand, had ditched Cecil's side at the moment in search of someone better to spend her time with. She comes across Rhys, who she had noticed had almost started crying, and she ducks down slightly to be in his line of sight as he's looking down for his game. "Hey, what's wrong? You look really sad! What's wrong, what's wrong?"

When Sapphire steps over to the two of them, Cecil smiles, uttering some things along the lines of 'that's a good boy!' and 'you'll do just fine' before opening his mouth again to ask again if any others were willing to join him. It's then that Faye makes the comment about someone being there, and he looks toward her. The pot that crashes doesn't faze him in the slightest—rather, as soon as she opened her mouth, he expected something like this to happen. He looks down at the shattered pot briefly before his green-eyed gaze rests back on Faye, as some of the other residents were also doing.

"Someone? At the door? You think it could be a witch?" He shakes his head. "No. Unless a witch were pretending to be a wayward child—which I doubt they'd try to do in the first place—they would've tried to break in through the windows. That one'd be the easiest one to break through." He points towards the kitchen, and since that one seems to be the biggest, he'd be correct. He lowers his arm a bit to set Willow on her feet and he carefully untangles her arms from his. After about a half a minute of looking at the door, he says:

"Must be a wayward kid. And I don't think you talking was just a coincidence, either." The brunet casts a sideways glance at Faye, giving her a smile. "While your voice is lovely, you don't do that much, do you? Talk, I mean." His babbling probably doesn't make much sense, but he's using his ability. Assessing the situation. He tilts his head at the door. "Whimsical, maybe?"


Loddy sat on the floor behind the group with her back against the wall. She pulled her knees closer to her chest as the red-haired man continued on with his nightly story telling. Cosmo was what he had introduced himself as the night Loddy had found herself at the doorstep of a suspicious "Home for Wayward Children" in the middle of a forest she swore she'd never explored before, despite the fact that she hadn't even gone far from her home before finding it. It was if the odd house had suddenly appeared before her when she felt she had no where else to go.

Resting her chin on her knees, she began to recall that night as she had a number of times since she'd arrived only a few days ago. Once again, she'd injured one of her classmates at school. They had it coming, anyway. A few students had been taking care of an ant nest at school as a science project. The glass containment the ants were being kept in had fallen and shattered on the floor, allowing the ants in captivity to escape. How did they decide to solve their mistake? Instead of catching the ants and safely moving them to a new home, they decided it would be less of a hassle to just spray the ants with poison and start a new nest. Naturally, Loddy having been on cleaning duty that afternoon when the incident occurred, she defended the helpless bugs by giving the students involved some nasty bruises.

It seemed this was the last straw for her distant relative that she had been living with for the past five months. The lady refused to come to the school when the principal called and when Loddy, having had to walk home in the middle of winter, returned to the house that night the doors were locked and she woman came to the conclusion that a proper punishment would be to force Loddy to sleep in the shed in the back. This was also Loddy's last straw, and after hearing her so-called relative laughing with her hundredth boyfriend over Loddy's pleas to let her inside, she simply took off. The forest near her "home" was where she spent a lot of her time and she practically knew it like the back of her hand, yet somehow she found herself in an unfamiliar area. This is where she discovered the Home for Wayward Children, and with no other options for her to find shelter on a winter night, naturally she agreed to stay there for a while.

As Cosmo's story came to an end, Loddy let out a small sigh and rose to her feet. She really had no interest in searching for witches. She'd only recently discovered that there were other people with abilities like her. It was weird enough that the wayward house seemed to be a lot larger on the inside than what the outside gave off. The idea of witches existing who wanted to take advantage of some children's abilities was a little far-fetched for her. She made her way upstairs as Mr. Wannabe Detective started picking people to go with him outside, not wanting to be any part of it. She needed to make sure the bugs that she was sheltering in her room from the winter cold were still feeling okay, anyway, so she headed down the hallway towards her room.

- - -










- - -











Without a grand outdoor garden to occupy his time winter was always the season for private study, when Artistotle could be found in the library during the evenings, often scribbling notes and equations and theories in magic into the early morning. Today was a return to observing star charts and the patterns in which planets spun in space, his ink pen plotting predictions for Venus and Castor, and his pencil sketching equations to predict the lives of stars. The tattoos on his back helped with that, the foretold ends of each star a permanent fixture to his shoulder blades and vertebrae. Periodically he would run his hands through his thick, unruly locks of albino hair. Each thread was completely drained of all pigment, and they settled together in neigh translucent wisps, to the extent that they would gain a pink tint during sunsets and sunrises.

His fingers were streaked with ink by the time he felt the urge to leave the library. Usually he made his presence scarce during the nights, leaving it to Cosmo to take care of the residents with fantastic stories and the other tricks he kept up his sleeves, but tonight he wandered towards the grand foyer, navigating the manor with seamless ease. To many the manor was an eternal maze of perplexing passages and dead-ends, but for him it was like taking a stroll in an open field – he knew every part of this house like it was a part of him, and it took only a few minutes for him to walk into the main room, taking in the night’s shenanigans with one curiously raised brow.

Cosmo vanished (and he silently wondered if he was trying to show off to the unfamiliar face in the foyer) only seconds after he stepped through the threshold, and figuring that the situation was being managed he kept his distance. It was stressful enough for children to find a magic house in the middle of the woods, and he could only image how overwhelming it was to be surrounded by unfamiliar and extremely unique people.

However, Ari had lived here his whole life and made a point to know every resident, so when he sees a new face he can’t help but reach out, lest they become lost in the eccentricity of the manor. So was the case when he noticed a tiny, red haired girl leaving the room – her expression seeming focused, as if she had something important to do, but seeing as how he didn’t know her name he couldn’t believe that she could get through the manor without becoming lost. “Excuse me – ” He calls out to her carefully and turns to walk beside her, and he’s like a giant in comparison to her petite stature, his legs and arms long and sturdy. From the corner of his eye he watches as a butterfly begins to fade into existence on his inner arm, right beside the phases of the moon.

He had a tattoo for everyone that lived in the manor, their futures lying against his skin, waiting to be seen. He doesn’t bother hiding them, and the sleeves of his sweater and button down are rolled to his elbows, revealing the illustrated future without shame.

“If you’re not careful you’ll become lost.” Aristotle explains, gazing down to the stranger, his expression wavering between concern and amusement (though it really wasn’t the time to be funny). “And I can tell you’re new around here – I don’t even know your name. So, to save you from getting a headache, let me help you out.” It’s less of an offer and more of a fact, and he continues to walk with easy strides, only to stop where the hallways splits into threes, with only one of the corridors leading to the bedrooms. “I’m Aristotle, though most people call me Ari. Are you going to your room?”

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  1. If I happened to forget anyone, sorry!

    by °ẞ0llisīic°

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Elise listened intently at Cosmo's story, and smiled when Cecil was mentioned. But, when witches came up, she began to feel uncomfortable. She was happy that Willow, Cecil, and Sapphire decided to investigate the area. It made her feel safer. Then, when everyone gathered to see the person at the door, she simply stayed seated in her chair. She didn't want to see this person, nor did she care. She actually was still getting used to having some of the newer children around, much less a new one.

While all of this continued to happen, Elise pondered on if she should talk to the newer children more. She knew for a fact that she was slightly scared. She began to think they would say she's crazy for her telekenetic abilities. Even so, she knew better than that. She set the thoughts aside.

Suddenly, she saw Dev and Gab walk into the room and sit at a table with a deck of cards. She watched them curiously as they began to play with them. After awhile, Lisi suddenly burst into the room with someone else beside her. Surely, Elise was startled by the noise Lisi suddenly made, but she recovered quickly. As Lisi explained what Dev and Gab's powers were in a very subtle way, Elise listened closely with interest. She loved using her powers, and she also wanted to demonstrate for the new kid, even if she wouldn't interact much with them after. She walked over to them and smiled, "May I demonstrate as well, Lisi? I'd love the new kid to see a variety of things that we can do." Elise silently waited for an answer.

(OOC: So I'm guessing the living room is the same as the main room? If not, just act as if she moved into the living room to get more comfortable or something.)