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Oliver Coulais

A soft-spoken boy with a love of flowers and sunlight.

0 · 295 views · located in The Whimsical Residence for Wayward Children

a character in “The Whimsical Residence for Wayward Children”, as played by cybernekokaito



{ the green thumb }

Name: Oliver Coulais
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personality: Oliver is very shy most of the time. He is also very unaware of just how pretty he is. He doesn't talk much, and when he does, it's in short sentences. He prefers the company of flowers to people most of the time. Despite this, he is very devoted to the people he calls his friends.
Sexuality: Homosexual
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 139 lbs
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Other notable features: He has a few freckles over his nose and dusting his cheeks.
Whimsical or Wayward ability: He can grow flowers and vines from his body, usually extending from the right side of his neck, twirling down his his right arm, and extending outwards from there; whimsical. In addition to this, he seems to be able to get nutrients from the sun, as well.
Likes: Flowers, fruits, vegetables, anything coming from nature, bugs, the sun, water, the language of flowers
Dislikes: People who are cruel to nature, people who litter, rainy days, snow
Bio: For as long as Oliver can remember, he's been ostracized for his powers. As a young child, he was kept indoors by his parents so he wouldn't be seen by the outside world. This wasn't good for someone who gets a lot of nutrients from the sun, such as Oliver. In addition, whenever he would use his ability—albeit even accidentally—his parents would cut the vines with plant cutters, which would hurt him immensely. He was also made fun of by his siblings, who did not have gifts. Eventually fed up with this, he decided he would run away into the stormy night when he was 13. He's been at the Residence ever since, and is likely the reason the outside of the Residence is covered in beautiful and colorful flowers.
Face: Jinguji Ren (Uta No Prince-sama)

So begins...

Oliver Coulais's Story

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  1. Sapphire is glad that Jaz will be alright and accepts the macaron pieces from Dennis, eating on and giving the other to Willow. He is about to see what Cecil wants to eat when the door opens.

    by AlexusRaevynn
  2. Corvus gains a tag-along in the form of the fox he fed previously and arrives at the residence, but perhaps not at the best of times.

    by AlexusRaevynn

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Willow || Sapphire Wynters

At the twins' announcement that the kid would be fine, Sapphire slumped slightly in relief, leaning ever so slightly on Cecil. "I'm glad..." He smiled as Lucy dragged over a younger boy, tilting his head back to look upwards as he listened to the exchange between Cecil and the girl.

It wasn't until he felt something being put into his hand that he looked down again, noticing Dennis in front of him. Looking at what he was given he noticed two small piece of macron. "Thank you Dennis." Sapphire smiled warmly at the boy as he then went on to pass a piece over to Cecil as well. Straightening up, he ate his piece before gently nudging Willow awake so that the cat could eat hers too.

That done, Sapphire turned to ask Cecil if there was anything in particular that he wanted to eat but the door opened and from the corner of his eye he could see as a small figure with bright orange hair peered through the opening.



Thankfully by this point the blizzard seemed to be dying down a little, but Corvus knew better than to trust that it would stay that way. Predicting the weather was something he had never been good at, thus he had been caught out in his fair share of miserable weather during his travels.

He had stopped his complaining a few minutes previously, and had now settled for glaring at the snowflakes as they melted on his clothes. Shivering slightly, the ginger knew that if he didn't get to where he was going soon he might end up freezing. Rubbing his gloved hands together to create a little more warmth, he then shoved them into the pockets of his trousers, losing himself in thought as he forced himself to move forwards.

A short while later a familiar fox appeared before him, making the teen pause and blink a couple of times at the creature. "I don't have anything else for you." The small thing continued to stare up at him and he sighed a little. "I see, you want to stick around then, huh?" At the affirmative bark from the fox, Corvus rolled his eyes somewhat. "Very well then, come along. I can probably find something for you to eat when we get to where I'm heading."

The pair traveled through the snow in silence and about ten minutes later Corvus could see the residence up ahead. It looked just the same as the last time he was there, except that there seemed to be more flowers than before. The building seemed a little quieter than usual, though everyone was probably inside because of the weather so that was no cause for concern.

Cosmo had never seemed to have a problem with the ginger just waltzing into the building before, so that's what Corvus did. After closing the front door behind him, he could hear people talking in the living room and he headed in that direction, maybe Cosmo was in there? He did need to talk to the man to see if he didn't mind having the orange-haired teen stay for a few months.

Reaching the living room, he pushed open the door and peered through before stepping into the room fully. Corvus had to resist the urge to scowl when his scan of the people in the room showed that most of them were taller than himself. He also noted a slight level of tension in the air, and was that someone ill on the couch?

"So... I suppose this is a bad time then?"

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  1. Corvus catches Cecil's eye. It begins.

    by cybernekokaito
  2. Oliver is just a precious little flower who wants to help no matter what.

    by cybernekokaito

0.00 INK

At the sound of a newcomer's voice, Cecil is surprised. It's rare for Cecil to be surprised, so the brunet's green-eyed gaze snaps to the doorway, squinting his eyes slightly. He pats Dennis's head in thanks and pops the macaron in his mouth, chewing on it, before his features settle into a deep frown. As the other children scramble off to do what the good doctors told them—like change him into new clothes, move him closer to the furnace, and such, Cecil pats Sapphire's shoulder before he steps off over to Corvus, expression and tone blank.

"Who are you?"

Of course, he's seen this face before. He's always coming to visit Cosmo, but he never stays. He's always in and out of here, like it's nothing. Cecil wonders how someone could step into this place and not want to stay.

Lucy peers out from behind Cecil to see the redhaired boy, and blurts: "Whoa! He's really short!"
Oliver steps over to the crowd, petals falling out from his hair occasionally. He seems worried. "Ah... I w-was wondering, if there was anything I could do." He says to Dev and Gab, looking from one to the other. He presses his palms together a bit sheepishly.

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  1. I decided to just get Resi involed in all this in order to introduce her. In here we see Resi accidently mistaking Corvus for a girl (Which she finds very funny by the way). And I also went ahead and had her get the idea of everyone going to sleep out there to the children so that this day doesn't last forever. She also tells Oliver that he should be more confident, and then asks the twins if they need anything from the kitchen.

    by Anonymous Miss

0.00 INK


Resi stood up from her desk and stretched, placing a hand against her mouth as a yawn floated past her lips. Looking around her room lazily, the blonde spotted a notepad and pen that she has been using earlier. Picking it up, she examined the half finished list of vegetables that she had been making for her trip with Oliver out to the garden tomorrow morning. They were going out before breakfast in order to pick some fresh vegetables for the kitchen. Gently seating herself once again on her desk chair, Resi decided to finish up the list she had been making.

Normally at this time of day the girl would still be downstairs in the kitchen, making anybody any last minute meals they needed before they headed off to bed. But today some of the younger children and kept her busy since the morning asking her if they could help her make some meals for the other residents. Unable to deny them, Resi had been on her toes all day attempting to keep the children from burning the Residence to the ground. Needless to say, she was a bit exhausted by this point and had informed the children that she was heading to her room. Telling them that if they needed anything to just knock.

Finished with the list, Resi set it aside and rested her chin on her hand. Maybe she'd make omelets for breakfast tomorrow. Resi made a mental note to ask around a bit to see if that was ok with everyone. Deciding that it was probably time to get ready for bed, the girl began to head towards her closet when she was suddenly stopped by a noise downstairs. Straining her ears a bit, she heard what sounded like people rushing into the manor from outside. Curiosity getting the best of her, Resi decided to go check it out.

Making her way down stairs, Resi looked to see that it appeared that everyone was gathered in the living room. Walking over to the doorway, she noticed Faye and a person that she had never seen before blocking the way. The new person had fiery orange hair, and setting her hand on one of their shoulders, she softly asked, "Excuse me Miss, but may I enter the room?"

However, when she got a better look at the person's face, she could barley contain her laughter. It was a man! One of the girl's cheeks puffing out in an attempt to choke back her laughter, Resi looked at the boy with delighted eyes. "Oh dear! Do excuse my mistake! It's just that you have such lovely hair, and such an adorably petite stature!" Looking down at the boy from her elevated height, tears were beginning to form in her eyes from how hard it was becoming not to laugh.

As the girl looked over the boy's head into the living room however, her demeanor quickly turned serious once again. Carefully slipping past the two at the entrance to the room, Resi made her way over to the sick boy laying on the couch. Her eyes filtered over all of the tense looking children that were present in the room. She thought about how late it was getting and let out a tiny nod to herself. "Excuse me everybody. I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but it is getting quite late. I believe that it would be best if we all retired for the night." Looking all of the children in the eyes, Resi smiled before gesturing to the unconscious boy and continuing. "This boy isn't going to get any better with all of us just crowding around him. Lets all head to our rooms and give the doctors some room to work." Clapping her hands together in finalization before walking over to the mentioned doctors.

Resi came to a stop at Oliver's side where he stood next to the twins. Reaching out she caught one of the petals fluttering out of the boy's hair before picking it up between two of her fingers and examining it. "Oliver, there is no reason to be so timid. I've told you before that you should be more confident with yourself, haven't I?" Smiling sweetly at the older boy she then turned to look at the other two boys. "I'm sure that Devon and Gabriel would be more then happy to have your help." She said with a reassuring smile, placing the boy's petal back into his hand.

"Speaking of help, do you two think that you'll need anything from the kitchen?" She asked while tilting her head slightly, ready to lend a hand if it was needed.

#, as written by Juilii
These people...get very easily distracted... Ash raised a brow. There was so much commotion, they were amazed someone didn't fire a confetti gun every time someone walked through the main door.

Not like there was much of a difference.

Then a young lady brought to their attention that it was good to go off to bed now.

Oh. I don't have anywhere to sleep. I just got here. I guess...I just sleep here? Their eyes started scanning the room. Surely once everyone scattered, this would be much easier, so they simply went and leaned against the wall.

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  1. Not gonna make a summary this time, sorry. It's pretty late and I need to get up early tomorrow. Just know that Devon begs Oliver for a camera, Jaz will soon wish for an icepack and Gab replies to Resi and asks Corvus if he wants any food or them to look him over cause doctors, its what they do for a living. Or used to do anyway.

    by Alle9009

0.00 INK

At Oliver's question, Devon whirled around to grab at Oliver's shoulders, clutching the fabric of his shirt tightly in his hands as Gabriel continued to pack up, keeping his back faced towards the flowery boy and his face hidden from view. They ignored the sounds of Cecil talking with the Orange-headed newcomer and general commotion involving said Orange-headed newcomer, and the children surrounding Jaz.

"Yes, Oliver." Devon said gravely, an unnaturally serious look on his face, the expression in his eyes hidden behind his glasses and fringe. The air surrounding them was solemn as a grave, filled with tension. "Yes, there is something you can do for us. Immediately, and with great haste! For it is urgent indeed...

That you find us a camera!"
The tension broke as Devon looked up at Oliver with sparkly eyes, a large grin breaking out onto his lips. Behind him, Gabriel had broken out into laughter, making it evident that he had caught onto his brother's theatrical attempt at humor and went along with it. "Look at that guy! We need to take a picture of this!" Letting go of Oliver, Devon spread a hand out to reveal Jaz, Gabriel adding to the effect with jazz-hands as he knelt beside the couch with an equally large shit-eating grin on his face.

The effect was a bit like watching someone buried under a pile of cloth. Dressed in an ugly looking christmas sweater and surrounded by soft woollen toys the children had thoughtfully given him like sacrifices to the God of Sickness and Illnesses to the shrine-couch and a hot water bottle, Jaz's face was barely visible underneath all the hats jammed on his head. They were stacked on top of each other like building blocks, ending with a woollen white hat with heart designs everwhere that had a fluffy pink bobble on the top that was shaped like a heart, nearly blocking his eyes from view. This in addition with several blankets they'd placed on top of him as if they were trying to reenact a misguided version of Princess and the Pea meant that Jaz was literally covered head to toe. The girl's fire from earlier was still there, radiating heat, but they were surrounded in small bubbles that were a few feet on top of him, created by a boy who's ability could create any kind of bubbles.

It was overkill. It was also completely hilarious. They'd have to undo it later so that Jaz didn't overheat, but that could wait for after they took a picture. Clearly they weren't going to use it for blackmail - that would intend that the picture wasn't going to see the light of day, which it absolutely would.

Grinning, Devon and Gabriel looked at Oliver, making it absolutely certain that they were completely serious about taking a photo of this scene. Gabriel got distracted when Faye ran up to them, adding to the Jaz Shrine of Woollen and Cloth Goods with an item of her own.

"He'll be fine, Faye! He just needs a long rest. He'll probably wake up around the afternoon, if I'm any guess." He said cheerfully, still chuckling a bit. He smiled, patting Faye gently on the shoulder."Thanks for the offer, but I don't think we need it. Currently he's got more than enough blankets, but I think Ash could do with one. Why not try him?"

When Resi appeared and told Oliver to have more courage in himself and that they'd appreciate the help, Devon nodded. "That we would." He said merrily. "And she's right, have more courage in yourself, you're a good guy!"He said warmly, patting Oliver on the back. Then his grin grew wider, nearly maniacal. "But more importantly, camera! A camera to take a photo of this glorious scene before the time to take it is up!"

"Ah, Resi!" Gabriel turned around to face her, attracting her attention. "We don't need anything for now, but could you make something warm and liquidy for this guy in the morning? Like chicken soup or feeds or something. He won't be able to take anything truly solid for a while. Also, I think Ash needs to eat something, not too sure, haha." Gabriel shrugged, looking over at the other newcomer.

"Oi, Orange-head! Want something to eat?!" He yelled. "We could also check you over if you want!"


Dennis, meanwhile, had merely given a nod to accept Cecil's thanks after it'd registered and headed over to Rhys, joining him with the other kids. He tapped Rhys on the shoulder, tilting his head questioningly at him. What's up?

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  1. Cecil "I Don't Really Have Any Problems With You But Here's My Problems With you" Rothgar. Cecil rather rudely questions Corvus and gets nervous when Resi comes in when his stomach growls.

    by cybernekokaito
  2. Oliver is precious! He tells the twins they're irresponsible for something like that & makes a cute flower analogy when people tell him to be more confident.

    by cybernekokaito
  3. Cosmo goes 'uwah!' & loudly announces that everyone will find their rooms with their names on them. He's theatrical as ever. Cosmo also greets Corvus & wants to see what he has to say.

    by cybernekokaito

0.00 INK

"No, I have no problems, really. But you're always in and out of here, and it drives me crazy." Cecil narrows his eyes at the other, pointedly ignoring all the commotion happening around him—from Resi asking Corvus to move, to Faye bumping into him. He doesn't seem to have a Magic Book on him, and he seems about Cecil's age... which means he'd be a Wayward Child, too, in need of a home. But he doesn't stay. It bothers Cecil.

"Don't tell me Cosmo hasn't offered you a place to stay. That's against his character. Why don't you wanna stay here?" He tilts his head to the side, pushing up the bridge of his glasses. "... Do you think you're too good for the rest of us here? And by the way, you could do to be a little nicer to Faye."

Strange coming from Cecil. After all, he unintentionally says rude things a lot, as well.

Cecil does, however, listen to one of the Zarzuelas ask Resi to make food, and in addition ask Corvus if he needs food. His stomach growls, and his face darkens slightly, his hand smacking over his stomach. He hopes Resi didn't hear that.
Oliver's face flushes red when Devon grabs his shoulders, a few more petals falling from his hair. They needed... his help? With something important...? He straightens up a little and is ready to be receptive of what they say, but what they say is the complete opposite of what he was expecting. They wanted... a camera. The plant boy's shoulders slump, and he lowers his eyelids slightly.

"You want... a camera? To take a picture of him? Isn't that... a little irresponsible? You two are doctors..." He looks away from them, though, and over to Resi. At everyone telling him to be more confident in himself, he blushes. "... I'll try. I guess you're right. The flowers that get the most out of sunlight are the ones that stand up straight, after all."
Lucy looks over to Dennis and waves enthusiastically. "Hi! Did you have fun out there? I'm kinda jealous, 'cause I wanted to go out with Cecil, but it's fine. You guys found that body right? Was it scary? I bet it was scary!" She babbles on.
"Uwaaaaaah!" Cosmo shrieks out loud, eyes widening. "You're right, you're right! I totally almost forgot! My apologies, my apologies! I apologize!" He ruffles Lisi's hair, a thanks for reminding him, before disappearing and reappearing in the middle of the room. "Listen up everyone! Give me your attention, please, and thank you!" He waits for the commotion to hush before continuing. "I'll now give the new members their rooms. The stairs over there—" He twirls around and points dramatically to a collection of winding staircases leading up into a tower in the corner of the room, wiggling his fingers. "—lead to what I call the 'Wayward Plane'! That's where all the rooms are. All rooms shall be marked with names on the outside, so you absolutely know you're going to the right room—since it may be easy (very easy indeed!) to get lost inside the Wayward Plane. Some of you as you know will have doors leading to another room, which means you have an adjoining roommate! Please do get acquainted if you find yourself with a new adjoining roommate!" At that, he claps his hands twice.

"Disperse, my children!"

At this, some of the other children and teens start to migrate towards the staircases, though a few may stay behind, one of them being Cecil. He steps over to where Cecil is and puts a hand on his shoulder, smiling at Corvus.

"Is there something you need, Corvus? It's rather late indeed, and I wouldn't want to keep you up!"

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  1. Oliver is refreshed and ready to take on the day. He's happy because the sun is shining and he's ready to pick some veggies. The glitch kinda scares him though.

    by cybernekokaito
  2. Cecil uses his super smart deduction skills to discern that there must be witches nearby. Here you see he's also very, very lazy.

    by cybernekokaito
  3. Lucy's scared! And so the reasonable thing to do would be to bang on Cecil's door loudly & incessantly until he opens up.

    by cybernekokaito
  4. Cosmo tries his best to counteract the witches' power.

    by cybernekokaito
  5. (It's to be noted that one witch would not do this. It takes a group of witches to be able to set something like this off, and Cosmo set about two wards outside, which would be enough to ward off four witches from disrupting the magic. However, that's the extent of the ward's magic. A witch, if possessing a magic book, would be able to see the Residence [though not enter without the presence of a special key], and interact with the outside of it [ie touch the door, ring the doorbell, look in through the windows, pick the flowers, etc]. Also, if there are any more than four witches, the glitching will continue the closer the witches get.)

    by cybernekokaito

0.00 INK


Oliver yawns as he makes his way down the stairs, stretching. As he stretches, a few vines slither down his arm and to his fingers, and once he finishes, the vines disappear. His power seems to react on its own to his body sometimes, and there's little he can do to control that. Once at the bottom of the stairs, he looks around. It doesn't seem like anybody is up yet... at least, nobody is downstairs yet. His blue eyes slide over to the clock above the fireplace—5:00 am. Breakfast isn't until seven, so as a routine, he wakes up extra early to collect vegetables with Resi. The dirty blonde boy walks over to the window and peeks outside. The sun is shining... that's something that hasn't happened too much these past two days. He smiles.

It seems there's a calm between the blizzard.

Pleased, Oliver steps into the kitchen, knocking on the wall before he enters. "Resi? Are you in? I'm all ready to go!"

Right after he speaks, the floor shakes a little, and the door frame he had his hand on vibrated. He widens his eyes a little, shocked. Is Cosmo's magic... glitching?
Cecil, on the other hand, is most definitely sleeping in. Yesterday was too much for one day, and he feels he's rightly deserved to sleep in. His eyes open slightly when he hears a strange noise—something like glitching almost. He sits up, rubbing his sleepy eyes, and casts his gaze upward toward a corner of the ceiling, where he sees the glitching happen. "Ah... Cosmo must be having trouble. Wait... if Cosmo's having trouble, doesn't that mean there's..." he frowns slightly, glancing toward the window in his room. All windows in every room inside of the Wayward Plane give off the same view, since there's only one window in the tower. The wannabe detective debates whether he really cares enough to figure out what's going on enough to interrupt his sleep. After a few moments of internal struggle, he sighs and rolls out of bed, shuffling over to the window.

It's a nice day today, but... something about the forest air seems off. This sort of observation, mixed with the fact that Cosmo's magic is 'glitching,' must mean one thing and one thing only.

"So the rumor about the witches was right."
Lucy, who had been snoozing away surrounded by her large and fluffy stuffed animals, had also been awoken by the glitching. She sits up abruptly, frightened. Whenever the warlock's magic 'gets sick' (as she calls it), she gets worried. The tiny girl hops out of her bed, slips into her bunny slippers, and hurries out the door, carrying a large bunny rabbit stuffed toy. Her feet take her quickly down the stairs some, to a platform, before she runs up another flight of stairs to Cecil's room. She begins knocking on the door loudly, yelling for Cecil to open up. It wouldn't be surprising if her loudness had roused Corvus from the next room
Cosmo had been noticing the glitches more than anyone. It doesn't hurt, but he does feel jolts of uncomfortable sensations every time his magic is interrupted. Seated at a window in his office, he taps the glass occasionally, and beams of something float through the window and strike the ground, as if he were putting wards up—which is exactly what he is doing. The wards are shaped like purple sticks sticking out from the ground with purple and pink cartoonish imp heads donning the top, almost like a decorative piece. But they aren't simply decorative, no.

They're mostly to guard the Residence against a barrage of witches, but he isn't quite sure how many there are. He silently hopes this number of wards will do.