Evan Denne

A quiet man with a few secrets.

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a character in “The Wichita Falls Murders”, as played by HumblePopinjay


Name: Evan Denne

Age: 34

Origin: Manhatten, New York

Occupation: Waiter

Family: His wife, Rachel. He has no siblings.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Personality: His tall height combined with his usually calm demeanor makes him a gentle giant. He enjoys quietness, often avoiding large gatherings. That isn't to say that he hates the company of people in general. He enjoys meeting new people, though Evan will usually refrain from really talking with them. He's more of a listener, nodding and saying the occasional, "Of course" here and there. Evan is very patient, though a bit of a push-over. He's too kind to say no to most things, and is willing to help out anyone. He's very private and even a bit secretive.

Skills: Strong, cooking, good listener, boxing

Romance: His wife, Rachel

History: Evan was born and raised in New York at a young age. His parents soon moved to Wichita when he was five. During Evan's teenage years, he was into boxing and would frequently practice in his school's gym. He met Rachel during work, and proposed to her after two years of dating. They've been married for four years ever since.

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