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Karma Logan

Local Librarian And Tutor

0 · 448 views · located in Shermen Refrigeration Plant

a character in “The Wichita Falls Murders”, as played by ShykKedid



Full Name: Karma August Logan

Nicknames: Karma

Age: 25 years

Height: 5'3"

Hair: Dark Brown/Black

Eyes: Blue-Green

Place Of Origin: Ashford, UK

Occupation/Role: Local Liberian/Tutor

Family: Fathers live back in the UK, other than them has an aunt that's local and is an only child.

Personality: Skeptical, sarcastic, and a bit cold for certain people at first. She's the type that judges people by their appearance and the way they carry themselves. For certain people, especially those that seem naive and/or innocent, she'll have a sense of authority or concern about her, wanting to instinctively protect them for whatever reason. But, especially in passing, she'll have a sense of "I don't give a fuck," and/or "I really don't want to talk," this is most evident when she's reading one of her many books.

Romance: Beside from the "boyfriend" she had back in Junior High, Karma has never had a boyfriend since, but she's had more than the occasional girlfriend and is rather open about her sexuality, though that doesn't mean she goes around yelling "I'm homosexual!" or anything of the sort.

Writing; She plans to one day write a book. She's rather good at pool. Plus she has the natural ability to remember in detail things she's read not to mention she is a rather organized person.

History: Born and raised most of her life in the UK by her fathers, Karma has had a rather easy life. She was adopted at a very young age and didn't care that she was adopted. Her fathers were her fathers and that was that. At the age of 17, Karma moved to the states to live with her aunt for the school year, since she was having an awfully hard time making friends in the schools back in the UK. She ended up moving back and forth until she settled down in Wichita Falls around 20 years old. From there, she got a job as the library since she had a love for books, and she even tutored occasionally. Not much has changed except that she's practically a local now and can almost always be found in the library.

So begins...

Karma Logan's Story