Rachel Denne

A kind teacher who's too trusting for her own good.

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a character in “The Wichita Falls Murders”, as played by HumblePopinjay


Full name: Rachel Denne

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Place of origin: Wichita Falls

Occupation: Third grade teacher

Family: Her three younger brothers, and her husband.

Personality: Being the eldest of four, she's very protective, especially of those younger than her. She's generous to a fault and will do anything she can to help others. She's very friend and trusting, capable of smiling through even the worst. She tends to get nervous easily and can hastily jump to conclusions.

Romance: Her husband. They've been married for four years.

Skills: Child care, math, singing, dancing, playing piano

A Bit of History: Rachel was born and raised in Wichita Falls. The only time she's left the town was to visit her siblings in Michigan during Christmas. She met her husband at a diner, and they got hitched after two years of dating. Though she loves children, she's never really considered having any.

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