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the heroes and the villains are being held to ransom. slink into the dark and hide who they are... or risk having their darkest secrets exposed. but will working together help them to defeat this threat? or will it tear them apart for good?

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Character Portrait: Dhani Batra

I know, better than anyone else, that there are no heroes coming to save us.

Character Portrait: Michael Bennett

Freedom or Order? Pick one

Character Portrait: Luciana Morrison

"Wanna see a trick? You might want to finish your food first."

Character Portrait: Aaron Langdan

"Son of Death? Maybe, but I'm so much more. Just let me show you."

Character Portrait: Lilian Anderbilt

"Turn off your cell phone and take out the battery; I have a secret to tell you"

Character Portrait: Jena Wainwright//Adrian Robles

There's always two sides to a coin.

Character Portrait: Piper Young

It's all in your head...

Character Portrait: Kieran Valanetti

"I can hurt you from inside."

Character Portrait: Atticus Hawkins

i once kneeled in shaking thrill, I chase the memory of it still.

Character Portrait: Cerys Day

I'm bursting out of myself.